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Jzboy vs JZ boy 2!!!

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Text Comments (32)
Bio Studio (1 month ago)
Why you so หน้า*ี?
BoomBiBi CH (1 month ago)
Go to burn in hell you idiot kid
trevo kjs world (2 months ago)
Go kill yourself you white cracker
Reynard Wallace (3 months ago)
an copyrighted._.
Mr W.D Gaster (6 months ago)
lol u dont even make your own animation
Mister Kaboom (6 months ago)
Jzboy is better
BsBoy (6 months ago)
Jzboy is winner and you are loser
LegendPyro Gaming (6 months ago)
LegendPyro Gaming (4 months ago)
Your the one😎
plate mate game (4 months ago)
No you are gay
LunarPawz (7 months ago)
When is part 3?
this bomb (7 months ago)
you lost
this bomb (4 months ago)
plate mate game how bout no
plate mate game (4 months ago)
Fuck you!
Mr Rulet (7 months ago)
the best part is when your mom yells at something
Rustuble (7 months ago)
Wat is this some kind of fight between the real one 😕
JZ boy (7 months ago)
I told you don't comments down below something stupid
YochPH (4 months ago)
Mister Kaboom (6 months ago)
JZ boy your stupid
I’m Gay (6 months ago)
Fuck off
the crazy sick man wom (7 months ago)
Fuck you all
RRiol Lyrus (7 months ago)
You dont like your life?
JzBoy (7 months ago)
3 when?
owowowow UWU (6 months ago)
Multi Game true
Mister Kaboom (6 months ago)
Krit Panitchapongmongkol so this kid is racist
I’m Gay (6 months ago)
Can’t wait
owowowow UWU (7 months ago)
iiiHateZombieDude jzboy write comments in thai so he angry about it i’m thai tho
this bomb (7 months ago)
+iiiHateZombieDude this kid is cringey

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