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Minecraft: Voids Wrath - Screw The Nether - Part 3!

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Today we venture off into the nether and die an extreme amount of times due to the hellish creatures that live there and occasionally venture into the over world to cause havoc to people like me! The VoidsWrath is a mod pack made by AtlanticCraft (Joe and Cody) and is based around DivineRPG whilst including many other epic mods! •Download it here: http://voidswrath.com •Subscribe to AtlanticCraft: http://bit.ly/14hCgeJ •Follow me on ze twitterz: https://twitter.com/bazillau People involved in the series: TheAtlanticCraft Mr360Games SkyDoesMinecraft MinecraftUniverse Deadlox Setosorcerer MrGibbsPowerOn HuskyMudkipz GizzyGazza DawnDigsMinecraft TCTNGaming NoahCraftFTW TheCampingRusher Bazillau - ME •Music By Approaching Nirvanna •Intro By TacoBite
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Text Comments (77)
Ali Asim (4 years ago)
It looks cool
Deathkill3456 (4 years ago)
For your enchantment room make it a secret room
mikeyMike (4 years ago)
Sol The Porcupine (4 years ago)
Death the Kid: it is symmetrical :D
V1KRAM m (4 years ago)
you look rich on the server
Taylor White (4 years ago)
Why are you so fucking retarded? You should have just gotten a weapon instead of trying to fight that thing with your fist. Really you should think before you act like a shit head.
Brother Apple (4 years ago)
Brother Apple (4 years ago)
Well then can I join? because I am a new youtuber but I already have 6 subs!
Loethalion (4 years ago)
Man you are a godly home / base builder
Noah Vander Weerd (4 years ago)
The entrance is awesome.
TheOutback101 (4 years ago)
how do you get the mold?
George Hafner (4 years ago)
Make a cool bedroom !
Brandon Carter (4 years ago)
=-D wild fires!
Dinand Beuving (4 years ago)
Your underground house looks really nice :-D
johnny sara (4 years ago)
sick bro =)
Nic Kaufmann (5 years ago)
But I mean like 800 hp and in the water, plus if you touch them you get 2-shotted
Bazillau (5 years ago)
just by killing them
Nic Kaufmann (5 years ago)
How did you farm.the whales? Plz reply... I find it very hard
Sam Smith (5 years ago)
Well sorry, I didn't realise it was a private server!
Rune Westengen (5 years ago)
Really? Really?
Rune Westengen (5 years ago)
Hi, Patrick
Rune Westengen (5 years ago)
Screw the nether, thats a parody lolol!
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Its an invite only server for youtubers only
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Fraps for video, Audacity for audio :-)
GlitchReaper (5 years ago)
That Bowhead Anchor could have really helped against the Nether mobs. In DivineRPG the best defense is often a good offense. Maybe you'd like to cool off in Iceika for a while? After the next major DivineRPG update you'll be able to get a lot more from Iceika than before.
swegg (5 years ago)
biuld a penis penetrating a vagina it will look boss
Colin Nigh (5 years ago)
Datschwecken (5 years ago)
With the Nether there are 9 Dimensions and two Portals don't have the normal shape :C
Billyomfg (5 years ago)
What screen recorder do u use?
NETO Inc. (5 years ago)
I like it
Tammy Lanham Gibson (5 years ago)
Some of the portals are like ender portals
Kevin Babayan (5 years ago)
Keep the bruing stands
Big Smoke (5 years ago)
Wild fires are so op that there remeoving them in 1.5 version
I like Kids (5 years ago)
that is a sexy house
Jerry Toh (5 years ago)
I want to see codys face after all those deaths
TheXG4MeS (5 years ago)
Make A Base In The Nether So WildCrap Dont Gets To Your World , Funny Episode btw :D I Like It , 2 Of The Portals Have Different Shapes , One Like A Star And One Like The End , Type Bloodgem for the purple Ore . Your House Has Good Beginning
Pugeranian (5 years ago)
Why does he skip so much
Olivia Canaway (5 years ago)
I think it's a whitelist server idk
Sam Smith (5 years ago)
Um, btw what is the server ip?
Foxam Lincoln (5 years ago)
Make the water flow through the entrance and make the boat parking inside
Highlight Moment (5 years ago)
Wildfires is the hardest creatures
Fox (5 years ago)
Sam Smith (5 years ago)
With the leaves you could use different types of leaves for each area, I.e redwood for resource area, oak for lab etc.
Caleb Goodings (5 years ago)
i bet cody did it
amanda parker (5 years ago)
make enchanting room with a lever where you can choose difrent levels of enchanting
Robert Craig (5 years ago)
block off the portals when not used maybe? i think its only in the neither that the mobs cancome to the overworld oh and by the way nice house.
Bowslinger (5 years ago)
Wildfires are hardest
mpena4181 (5 years ago)
You earned a subscriber
Leo Lite (5 years ago)
Please record more frequently
Richinardo Gaming (5 years ago)
thats not how the nether portals work silly bazillau
MrWilliamo (5 years ago)
Holy mother of god that thing is evil! Your house looks really awesome baz and I love the idea of putting the corresponding blocks behind each portal :D
Nicholas Litardi (5 years ago)
I love the entrance! You should also add some kind of magic/redstone door! (do what you can manage!)
Trinitruth (5 years ago)
lol i feel sorry for you keep up the good work love the vids
Brendan Sinclair (5 years ago)
Watch Cody and joes prospective!
disabledmosquito (5 years ago)
You could have grabbed the sword to kill it
xFoxGamingx (5 years ago)
how'd you get sky on? :3
David Castro (5 years ago)
Dude next time build a protection in the nether... =D
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Really? Damn, i'll have to re-think the room design
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Its only just begun but thank you :-)
U should make a lava piston door
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Knowing that makes me feel like Chuck Norris, killing it with my bare hands xD Good, another one got through my portal after recording and killed me about 20+ times
Supe (5 years ago)
Your house is amazing
Trinitruth (5 years ago)
Baz the wildfire is the hardest mob in the game so you should feel good that you killed it with a pickaxe and your hands ps. it is gonna be removed soon
justin tran (5 years ago)
They were trying to help you
samturato (5 years ago)
Make a water entrance
Bazillau (5 years ago)
I was being invaded by an angry wildfire haha!
Mr.Gibbs (5 years ago)
Thanks bromosapien! :D
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Hahaha so thats what you were doing in the nether we were trying to save you!
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Congrats on 5000 subscribers broskie! :P
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Sorry bud, I forgot. I fell in lava whilst exploring the nether shortly after this video and lost it all :-(
TCTNGaming (5 years ago)
You didn't say that I was helping you make the shithead anchor ;( and I put so much work into it.
Sam Kidd (5 years ago)
One of the portals is the same shape as the end portal so it messes up your rooms :/
Jonatan Juslin (5 years ago)
Mr.Gibbs (5 years ago)
Love it bro! :D
Simon Götz (5 years ago)
Nice video guys! keepe em up! love all of u thats on ze atlantic craft server! Btw u should sneak atk them ;) <3
Bazillau (5 years ago)
Hope you enjoy this episode! Whoever can guess how many times I died first gets a virtual cookie :D

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