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It's good to meditate beforehand and always keep a calm, cool and collected mind. I love my teammates! Make sure to like and subscribe for more videos! ►Come chat with me! - https://discordapp.com/invite/imaqtpie Follow me! ►TWITCH - http://www.twitch.tv/imaqtpie ►TWITTER - https://www.twitter.com/Imaqtpielol ►FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/imaqtpielol ►INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/imaqtpielol Edited By: ► TWITTER - https://twitter.com/2ndSequence ► CONTACT - [email protected] Artwork By: ► Twitter - https://twitter.com/lilyloo ► CONTACT - [email protected] MUSIC: ►OUTRO: Ephixa & Stephen Walking - Matches (Subtact Remix) [feat. Aaron Richards] http://bit.ly/2fscGPw
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Text Comments (798)
DividiaProductions (2 days ago)
Like the KH soundtrack lol. Super chill
Kipxx (4 days ago)
Editor you're awesome! I just noticed all of the music on this video :D Pokemon,Kingdom Hearts,Final Fantasy & BoTW. Keep up the good work!
Gisica Vnogance (8 days ago)
Commodore Sorenn (8 days ago)
Dem Kingdom Hearts soundtracks feels good man
Blopa Blop (8 days ago)
7:28 *adjusting for final fight* : "ok we're 12/1, secured Baron, carrying the team super hard, what about missing every ability an being fucking useless right now ?" That's the QT special. Doesn't work so well when I try it myself in silver :P
TheWryCry (9 days ago)
The Nostalgia I'm getting everytime I watch your videos cause of those songs, Good job Editor.
AbelxP YouMadBro (9 days ago)
please stop playing lee sin my face hurts by facepalm .... fml
Rosen Kostov (9 days ago)
"I can't play top so carry me" => *pings you when you get some CS after gank* Logic.
Christine Joy E (9 days ago)
Im silver 5 and adc main. Qt made this game look ez and here i am struggling
Paul Steve (9 days ago)
Love the KH music this game!!!! <333333333 More KH and FF music in the backround!!!! huehuehue :DDD <333
OfDaSouth (10 days ago)
"Stop eating fast food" lol 2nd
Average Players (10 days ago)
What was up with the “remember this” on his blue steal?
Wolfganks (11 days ago)
the kingdom hearts music is giving me nostalgia boner for daysssssss
Kyle Villacorta (11 days ago)
That song reminds me of dragon quest
IFUM SRY (11 days ago)
Stop with the Kingdom Hearts music, too nostalgic
pure 3iv1 (11 days ago)
watching this while playing Kingdom hearts and its messing me up props for the soundtrack
Walrider Iris (11 days ago)
8:11 those fucking "YES" are so hilarious xD
Hunter Smith (12 days ago)
I hear random dragon quest music all the time here I like
FearDoesGaming (12 days ago)
I know that music....Dragon Quest....
Lenta (12 days ago)
QT's lee is actually clean as fuck...
Nail (12 days ago)
Number 15 Burger King Foot Lettuce
Rùa con (12 days ago)
Best fam
Tman the Trap Man (12 days ago)
The traverse town theme tho
Marko (12 days ago)
@7:35 he has 12/1/5 with 121 CS and 21:25 in game
Louis Buray (12 days ago)
A new clean gameplay from the pie.
Chakuro (13 days ago)
The BOTW music....good sheeeeeeet
abdul1678 (13 days ago)
oh boy is that kingdom hears, alice in wonderland music lol
Clayton Young (13 days ago)
Dat kingdom hearts music <3
Patrik Vida (13 days ago)
ohh my god the thumbnail
Doxy Proxy (13 days ago)
QT the funkiest ape on the rift
Toan Le (13 days ago)
Wellplay levi!
PolitikZ (13 days ago)
I stopped getting notifs for some reason.. ???????????????????????? youtube
Enes Üzel (13 days ago)
that has mentally healed me, ahhhhh
Night Owl (13 days ago)
Just got perma banned because i went 5/12 top trynd, my team flamed be all game telling me to kill myself and all that, not once did i say anything back.....but IM the one that gets perma banned.....thank you riot you do such an amazing job at keeping your game in the gutter, any thoughts on the discipline system in league QT?
Daniel Lee (13 days ago)
How far my favorite monkey has fallen....
CreamCorn69 (13 days ago)
Not the craziest Lee sin gameplay I've seen, but damn does he make it look effortless
eruidfhjcvbn (14 days ago)
God Of (14 days ago)
The kingdom of hearts intro ❤️
Im Your Kryptonite (14 days ago)
I watch u while i shit
M W (14 days ago)
Your editor is garbage anyway dude
Fede Aragon (14 days ago)
im lee sin main but idk how to kick people
Venox (14 days ago)
What’s the name of that song when Michael is inting. @Eugeune
Death Lotus (14 days ago)
mark my words...diamond soon no Kappa
John Napz (14 days ago)
*YES* YES yes
ExoAddict (14 days ago)
Steve Ng (14 days ago)
the three "YES"s at 8:03 fking killed me
Danky (14 days ago)
Fire this editor
FIVE MELTO (14 days ago)
The Blind Ape is coming..
Chedli Rahoui (14 days ago)
League of legends/ STPeach vs Pettans / THICC battle https://youtu.be/K577wix40K4 😍😂
XowntXihqX (14 days ago)
the editing is horseshit.
TheLaminator (14 days ago)
Kingdom Hearts music lmao
Jaci Lyn (14 days ago)
i love the youtube thumbnail graphic drawing. can see his butt crack haha editor is brilliant
Wayside Down (14 days ago)
That kingdom hearts music made my heart happy
Franjo Fj (14 days ago)
The music is... unsettling.
Bryan Nguyen (14 days ago)
The kh1-kh2 soundtrack in the background 😩
Kristian Zapien (14 days ago)
Plz stop with the Zelda music. Shit gets old mannn
Romney JASTONE (14 days ago)
YES!...... Y E S....... Y E S .......
The Doctor (14 days ago)
That kingdom hearts OST <3
Infamous (14 days ago)
rip editor
Filip Bečák (14 days ago)
0:54 YOINKS TriHard
Raydioactive (14 days ago)
I can hear the kingdom hearts bgm :)
Will Donaldson (14 days ago)
Masters player lol
Victor Corral (14 days ago)
I'm digging the Dragon Warriors Monsters music !!! nostalgia !! 3:30
Bernabe De La Cruz (14 days ago)
Dardoch just came in his pants somewhere
Caveman Salty (14 days ago)
best thumbnail
TheLeandro322 (14 days ago)
brand T.R (14 days ago)
Gripex Are You!???
James Phan (14 days ago)
ooh the kingdom hearts music in the video- spicy :p
Jaagg (14 days ago)
Got permabanned for telling the enemy team to report an inter. GG
Cellus5000 (14 days ago)
I love the mood of this video's editing, it matches the chill mood I get from watching early mornin qt
thebossofhalo (14 days ago)
Think u slick putting in all those kingdom hearts soundtracks XD
Read One (14 days ago)
08:03 yeaaaas
Zdravko Bekriev (14 days ago)
An ad 1 sec before the video ends
TheFlyKai (14 days ago)
Fucking LOVE the Kingdom Hearts music
DatOneNamedKirby (14 days ago)
Kingdom hearts wonder land theme I love it
Adam Gomes (14 days ago)
No ones going to recognize his clean af lee?
Lelekos (14 days ago)
yes Yes YES
Vox (14 days ago)
The homeless man found his home in the mighty jungle.
diegojose341 (14 days ago)
King_Etokura (14 days ago)
pokemon song at the beginning btw this is bait its kingdom hearts on the ds Edit: is actually from a broad variety of kingdom hearts games
what's going on with this new musicalization?
Alex Wakefield (14 days ago)
We all love u editor!
Matthew Alcide (14 days ago)
Qt poping off on Lee yup this meta is garbage
Darin brown (14 days ago)
damn didnt know aris started playing league
Santiago Garcia (14 days ago)
Kingdom Hearts, Golden Sun, Pokemon, Banjo Kazooie, Breath of the Wild... Trying too hard in my opinion.
Ian Salsich (14 days ago)
liquidKi (15 days ago)
I love the peaceful farming music.
Kingdom Hearts songs .... <3
Linker Hoek (15 days ago)
You should play often leesin it suits you !
Kyler Windhorst (15 days ago)
Knockout > God Fist
Master of Zed (15 days ago)
I thought he is going to play Wukong..
Fd God (15 days ago)
EDITOR?! KNOWS METAL SLUG!!!! (and pls someone know the name of the song in 0:59 pls? >_<
Jamie Jeffrey (15 days ago)
Every tax had me. Every one
Carebu (15 days ago)
the kingdom hearts ost is strong editor. (Ornayda?)
Beauverre Prive (15 days ago)
hmm that zelda music feels good af
cswag mcswaggins (15 days ago)
i came here for the Yamcha thumbnail...
Vikke95 (15 days ago)
6:18 kiwikid lul
gutomnko anime1432 (15 days ago)
olaf is op top change my mind
Cloud (15 days ago)
[JU]Rock Leon (15 days ago)
It looks like you got yamcha'd

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