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Minecraft Mods - SHAPE SHIFTER Mod ! Transform Into Ghast Man !

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GameChap and Bertie investigate the remarkable Animal Aspects modification! A veritable zoo of transformations! TO DOWNLOAD: Visit the Minecraft Mods section at MinecraftForum! The topic name is [1.2.3] Animal Aspects- Animal forms- With perks/abilities! Now with almost every mob!, by ruben381.
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Text Comments (230)
updownbanana (5 years ago)
Wow, I read that comment before I watched the video, then thought that exact same thing, then remembered that comment.
updownbanana (5 years ago)
:0 The mayor's house survived??? THIS IS MADNESS!!!
X McFadd (5 years ago)
Bertie must be an expert griefer
X McFadd (5 years ago)
All of there videos are hillarious
Sweetcupcake798 (5 years ago)
Deadshot330 (5 years ago)
so funny
Cr0ssley (5 years ago)
Holiday More like Explodiday
Seven And A Half (5 years ago)
Wow the youtube page has changed in appearance ALOT
StarMario1997 (5 years ago)
this mod has evolved ALOT
Cyan snivy (5 years ago)
du nu nu nu nu GHAST MAN HAST MAN du nu nu nu nu
SIR LANCEALOT (5 years ago)
i like the freeze mode
Sparrow (5 years ago)
HALARIUS VID but very sucky mod.
TheCarrotBush (5 years ago)
Bean soup.
Bianca 1er (5 years ago)
Way mod is that
lacey tomlinson (5 years ago)
i have the mod but your the ghast not a human a reguler ghast
alan13gzz (5 years ago)
wolfie (5 years ago)
whatever key you use to crouch or sneak.
nicky dunn (5 years ago)
how do you go down in water when you are a fish?
Jayzette Fernandez (5 years ago)
mellon + every thing that has boom = Bertie
Shadow Quill (5 years ago)
Bertie the creeper.
srgbladeofthunder (5 years ago)
im transman i can transform ok i cant i dont have the mod
WolfGamer (5 years ago)
A NATION HOLIDAY! (BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!) ] me:yup there go the fireworks
mrpedrit01 (5 years ago)
any one got a 1.3 server?
mellotroniac (5 years ago)
I loe to play as a giant.
Razer Fazer (5 years ago)
wasup55rocks (5 years ago)
thats beecause they did thats not the way that meme works
Gresh Lebron (5 years ago)
mob disguise taken into the next level
Kelvin Zhang (6 years ago)
Looks like they just shot... ( • _ •) ¬■-■ (¬■-■) Fire balls! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!
superdimentiobrolyX (6 years ago)
you forgot a punchline
tobyhymok (6 years ago)
Looks like this episode was... (•_•) ( •_)>ರೃ ( •_ರೃ) I SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!­!!
torini rexia (6 years ago)
if berties mayor, the entire village will become a crater in a matter of seconds.
josh (6 years ago)
bertie mayor hes the tnt master bad idea!
Eindreex (6 years ago)
fucking graphics nerd, your not a real gamer if all you care about is graphics
ShapeShifter (6 years ago)
This game has way better graphics than Skyrim.
doom ba (6 years ago)
manly ghast is manly
Mr Wednesday (6 years ago)
what the beef
HeavyHauler426 (6 years ago)
fireworks are balistic in the hands or under the control of bertie
PhoenixFighter (6 years ago)
well im happy that in the new version you actually turn into the mob not the skin! :D
TrayvonDe`mon (6 years ago)
Bertire + herobrine= end of minecraft
TrayvonDe`mon (6 years ago)
James Nail (6 years ago)
Bertie+TNT+Redstone+Wireless Redstone Mod+Lever=Destruction on a MASSIVE scale! Also, Minecraft updates: +Removed Herobrine -Added Bertie the Griefing NPC =(
JonnyTheWizard (6 years ago)
:( creeper. Plus skyblock I totally failed haha
deathdude2021 (6 years ago)
i want bertie's tnt skills
VesicalEar (6 years ago)
from smosh
Alkuf100 (6 years ago)
What is name of mod where you can transform into any mob?
ThatNoodle (6 years ago)
made before edd gould died?! i didnt think they had that village before then
josh (6 years ago)
impossible villages cant explode!
JesusTheCookie (6 years ago)
no than minecraft will be impossible
The_Alpha_Unleashed (6 years ago)
notice at 2:52 that villager herd bertie would be the mayor so he ran away from the town
Robert Hardeman (6 years ago)
you mean spiderman??
Trace da yoshi (6 years ago)
•joosh• (6 years ago)
The Undead (6 years ago)
This vid is on mah bday :)
Mordak T. Supirior (6 years ago)
Berdie: im the mayor! npc: im not living whit this! BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!
Battlecruiser12 (6 years ago)
Ozelot transformation + Potion of swiftness II + Run = Super fast!
adam (6 years ago)
sack bertie as the mayor
Queen_Zelda (6 years ago)
Double tap space.
John (6 years ago)
hey can i get that seed it looks cool
Rachel Custer (6 years ago)
what button do you need to press to fly in creative mode?
zacpower114 (6 years ago)
@Donutboy1276 Me :P
Herkumer521 (6 years ago)
push button... turn into bacon!
oasviking1 (6 years ago)
I say
Zenon (6 years ago)
The makr should add them
Zenon (6 years ago)
What about skeleton or enderman or blaze pigman or slime
Silver™ (6 years ago)
whats the seed
BunnyBot (6 years ago)
Minecraft 1.5 +Added Herobrine +Added Bertie tnt +Added Bertie
SandSharkShow (6 years ago)
Jokesley (6 years ago)
1.8 Notch started to think that Bertie should be a mayor. Luckily that will NEVER Happen.
waterdragons21 (6 years ago)
The testifics started a riot becouse they don't want Bertie to be mayor
VIIIAxel (6 years ago)
@eddyshunfriend No, he'd be a new mob that griefs everything. You'd be walking through your castle that you spent months on, and then, the whole thing explodes. You'd see Bertie running away with a melon, of course. He'd be like Herobrine, but real.
Dominator_217 (6 years ago)
Can you fly when your a ghast????
Mellatine (6 years ago)
"WE'D RATHER DIE THAN HAVE YOU AS MAYOR!!!!!!!!!'from the testificats, not me
Waleed (6 years ago)
@matthew07072001 *Saving Chunks*
RekkerZz GK (6 years ago)
@Kitrolet what's the link for the mod i like to use it
I was born to shitpost (6 years ago)
Spider man!
Fadedgogeta (6 years ago)
Bertie+TNT=The End
TheGothyguy (6 years ago)
How to celebrate Bertie-day: Blow up the village!
Senior Pasquel (6 years ago)
creeper v.s the mayor! plase your bets chaps and chapettes
Steven Shady (6 years ago)
Its THe Human Chicken I See What You Did There ;D
Digia (6 years ago)
@matthew07072001 DUN DUN DUN *faints*
TheBuenoBear (6 years ago)
What..... The....... Fuck........ AWESOMENESS
DarkDragon214 (6 years ago)
DivineRose0 (6 years ago)
skamnatron5000 (6 years ago)
I think the is super awsome, but could be cooler if you turned into the actual creatures like in the "you are the ____ mods"
RCeus255 (6 years ago)
bug: works when you go on server, but is client side.
Sparta (6 years ago)
new minecraft comes out what happend "Removed creeper, added Bertie
Derp Squishy (6 years ago)
@Nlei1996 -facepalms-
Chee Kibreeki (6 years ago)
TRANSFORMERS! Gamechaps in disguise!
gunter quints (6 years ago)
i blame gamechap on this one he was still a creeper
minecraft1.3 added Bertie. Before install this version please, make copy of your save. (Bertie destroy everything with TNT and Glistering Melon, I say!)
Demondragon789 (6 years ago)
This + freezing snowballs mod = ultimate flamefreeze ghast slayer
Quartz (6 years ago)
Awsome Mod literal Spiderman XD
Picklei Volcof (6 years ago)
Do you have another guy on the server who sets off the TNT
AquazenAqua (6 years ago)
Minecraft 1.3 = Bertie Mayor of Village
Lord Slapaman (6 years ago)
the glistening melon of justice
Physco BoomLord (6 years ago)
Use speed 3 potion with the ocelot form!
Cole Wilds (6 years ago)
@matthew07072001 if so we're all fucked
manmandude9 (6 years ago)
Minecraft 1.3 +Improved Bertie AI
Talos (6 years ago)
Bertie day = TNT EXPLODE
AidedStunBreak (6 years ago)
10 Step Plan to Happiness 1. GameChap Intro 2. Mod 3. Potentially Deadly Weapon/Tool 4. Bertie Joins in 5. Something Goes Horrible Wrong 6. GameChap yells 7. GameChap blames Bertie 8. Berties Lame Excuse 9. Out-tro 10. Bertie's Last Joke

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