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Minecraft: MONKEY BRAWL (Survival Games)

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JOIN 3 MONKEYS AS THEY CONQUER THE NEW SURVIVAL GAMES MAPS ON OUR SERVER! Enjoyed the video? Make sure to leave a like and support us by sharing it with your friends! ►Server IP: play.itsjerryandharry.com ►Follow us: Other channel: http://youtube.com/ItsJerryAndHarry TF2 Channel: http://youtube.com/jerryharrytf2 Facebook: http://facebook.com/ItsJerryAndHarry Twitter: http://twitter.com/JerryAndHarry Twitch: http://twitch.tv/itsjerryandharry ►Saul: http://youtube.com/saul1337ftw ►Maps made by: http://youtube.com/mrdeathwilliam ►Music and sound effects from: Monstercat: Rogue - Adventure Time http://incompetech.com/ http://audiomicro.com/ ►Intro animation made by Sinabixx
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Text Comments (637)
Golden Ghost Gaming (3 months ago)
player ItsRiley44 is a showoff and an imposter of ItsJerryAndHarry!
Alkinoos pro gamer (7 months ago)
Like troll
Logang boiii Fan (8 months ago)
Noob √
King Echo101 (8 months ago)
hey let's all fart in Minecraft
Tomateos 123 (8 months ago)
fu*e BATMAN 😂😂😂
Manny Laya (9 months ago)
Gies chain is better than gold
Yjiokhi 447 (11 months ago)
if you read this you're awesome
Yjiokhi 447 (11 months ago)
noob V ItsHarry
Diamond Warrior242 (11 months ago)
Yes! So much more.
Itz_Midas (1 year ago)
Jerry&harry its leather , gold , chain , iron , diamond
rvx_wdhwan (1 year ago)
And you I like your fluffy tail you are amazing and cool even Jerry an d Harry yaw are the best
Karl Baguhin (1 year ago)
go gerrrry
Karl Baguhin (1 year ago)
go gerrre
Alex_YouTube 1 (1 year ago)
I waTcH thE HoLE VIDeO THinG
Dionis. D. NoviYT (1 year ago)
the server is with premium
mary ann Tandas (1 year ago)
MLG Mickey (1 year ago)
Cokobeanz7911 YT (1 year ago)
Harry is a noob
GG Gamer (1 year ago)
Lanz Delasalde (1 year ago)
yes yes yes
rosa maria bsung (1 year ago)
Antoinette Simonetti (1 year ago)
Once upon a time, in a Minecraft world far, far away, there lived three Boys that loved to play the game. Their names were Saul, Jerry, and Harry. One day, Jerry said "I think we can make a server so that everyone can play on it!" "Great idea!" Harry replied back. The next day, they planned to use many colorful blocks that made other players happy!
Amanda J (1 year ago)
Yes yes
Danis TheCat11 (1 year ago)
Rock Lee (1 year ago)
Yes plZ
Myosha Shorter (1 year ago)
Saul do always wear that rabbit suit?🤔😐
fakhri akbar (1 year ago)
jerryandharry what is your server playing
COOL Hung (1 year ago)
Jadon Ooi (1 year ago)
Cy gaming wong (1 year ago)
Bailey The nerdy gamer (2 years ago)
My cousin was in the video he was the guy trying to team with them :(
SteToolShed (1 year ago)
Cutie Venom which one?
gilly viantin (2 years ago)
look at jerryandharry ass hold
Rainey Iron Moccasin (2 years ago)
Saul is very lovely today
Rikman Rikma (2 years ago)
Minecraft deadrun :D
Tako Talk (2 years ago)
I like listening to y'all talk
Noob Or Pro Gamer (2 years ago)
Your awesome
Paul Dexter Cuezon (2 years ago)
yes and why you tp him to you you cheat welk ok
FPSKorea (2 years ago)
Why is his FOV so low in this episode...?
Anson Wong (2 years ago)
I want to see more survival game videos
Dave Andrey (2 years ago)
I want to see more new!
Beautiful Abundis (2 years ago)
next time can you play hide an seek
zaynah _ (2 years ago)
When it said Censored my mom vomited LOL
TheWF Invasion23 (2 years ago)
I wish I can find you from your server
Ninja doge the 1st (2 years ago)
Ninjacreeper225 (2 years ago)
4:44 jerrymonkey and harrymonkey let one bloon to pass...
Webber YT (2 years ago)
splegg and harry is bad at parkour
ThePaxMan 570Pro (2 years ago)
Jerry what plugins that use for herobrine chamber
Dimitrij Garifulin (3 years ago)
Jose Morales (3 years ago)
sauls tail looks realy funny and small
Roka Seducol (3 years ago)
jerry win
thevenialwave [NOBED] (3 years ago)
Play SKY WARS!!!!!! Thumbs up if you agree! =D
Josh online gaming (3 years ago)
Crystal Lawson (3 years ago)
Can you make more animations
Andie O'Connor (3 years ago)
Ya ya I did!!
Pixel Roblox & More (3 years ago)
Naomi Pham (3 years ago)
Fighter1256 here
Janice Stevenson (3 years ago)
Jim Pan/los (3 years ago)
J&H do i have to buy mc to join the server?plz answer because i have download mc:P
Tyson Lu (3 years ago)
PotpecGaming (3 years ago)
If you read this your awesome so SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON!!
DucksCanRuleTheWorld (2 years ago)
Lightbringer09 AJ™ (3 years ago)
what does "yolo" mean?
Lightbringer09 AJ™ (3 years ago)
+Anna Baca okay, thx ;)
Arisara Phumphung (3 years ago)
You what they say.. Teaming is shit... 😛😛😛
Legendary Legacy (3 years ago)
Hello Jerry and Harry i really lover your sever and i hope you come on the sever more becouse its my dream to do a plot whit you 2 Guys :) And i hope you make more survival videos its awesome.
Andrew Crenshaw (3 years ago)
JenS (3 years ago)
Loshmore Geometry dash (3 years ago)
I play survale games ii
ShawnFlynn (3 years ago)
the movie was cool
Chavi de Gier (3 years ago)
I love survivalgames❤️
Loli exterminator (3 years ago)
god someone said in the survival games omg that sexy bunny
Chen Chao (3 years ago)
merry chrismas!
Blitzerr Gaming (3 years ago)
Mariqueta Perez (3 years ago)
Please do a custom map.
Nico (3 years ago)
Nico (3 years ago)
Not kidding at all
Nico (3 years ago)
I swear i got
Nico (3 years ago)
Guys guys chain armors has half fire resistance its cool i was trying to test out it works it really have fire resistance if u guys dont belive go to the youtube and search (does chain armors has fire resistance) and thats all
Claire Elliott (3 years ago)
I thought you can do it by your self!!!
Marius (3 years ago)
You're cool especcialy when you are farting
xLydia (3 years ago)
Do you guys have a vid where you speak dutch? I would love to see that, x
Dadio Sysing (3 years ago)
Its Max (3 years ago)
MORE HUNGER GAMES i like Saul's tail
Orhan Bey (3 years ago)
what means "1337" on sauls name? :D
Natalie Butler (3 years ago)
Oh my god you guys should go on mineplex and play sheep quest XD I can just imagine the screams! Also what editing program do you use?
Pokèmon4 Life (3 years ago)
Gg 8-D
Jakob Jaltsén (4 years ago)
More sg
InfernoGaming (4 years ago)
Fuck yea
john mcilrick (4 years ago)
itsharry is a noob itsjerry is awesome Saul is is Saul I couldn't think of anything for Saul
PurpHerp (4 years ago)
What version is your server?
Ebbesen FS (4 years ago)
I am awsome =D
yahongtan (4 years ago)
Is Saul also Dutch?
Jamieandrachelle McCue (4 years ago)
jerry and harry are the best
Noah Jørgensen (4 years ago)
chain is better than gold!
Ronaldo Fan 24 (4 years ago)
Andy .Cabrera (4 years ago)
Med it to they eawnd
Arielle (4 years ago)
I'm awesome because I red it :D
Jaymie Concepcion (4 years ago)
Harry doesnt record?
Abril Perez Sagaon (4 years ago)
can u play and team with me???

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