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Runescape How To Survive In The Wilderness

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Thumbs up for those butt pirate barrages and polypore noobs getting owned ==========Stay Connected========== Gaming Channel: http://www.youtube.com/jaredalecrealm Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jared_Alec Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JaredAlecRealm ==========Video Information========== Runescape how to survive in the wilderness. This video is a guide on how to survive in pvp on runescape. This guide shows how you can tank a team or clan of pkers and get away with out being pked and loosing your bank. In this guide I show you how you can tank and escape these pkers in the wilderness and not loose your bank. This is the ultimate runescape wildy survival guide showing you how to survive in the wilderness by escaping mage and team pkers by tanking them out then luring them into npcs to escape.
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Text Comments (91)
luis00277 (1 year ago)
Please come back!
Calum Lusted (4 years ago)
I played this 2 years ago
Exofley (5 years ago)
Dude your the only thing that made me not want to kill my self please hear my plead I declare this my creed but a those days of watching my heart bleed I could go on as long it was pkking and runescape I see'd I know it wont make a change wont change because you and sowrecked and all the video makers rearranged the way runescape is today come on man DONT RUN AWAY!
Dragon Bro (5 years ago)
I look at ur vids before and now... i prefer these runesscape vids bro plz goto 07scape runescape
Sir CriticizO (5 years ago)
Its a two door cinema club song
intro song please ?
SnowflakeSlayer (5 years ago)
Good idea
chris clements (5 years ago)
how do u think pvp worlds was back in the old days
NTW_Bamboozled (5 years ago)
i got 81 mage and dont have anyof the other spell books what is best xp for the normal spells so i can get 85
Takomoloko (5 years ago)
LOl? jared making a guide about survivng in wildy? lol nty haha :P
chair gaming (5 years ago)
how many accaunts you have i was like in al your vids more then 10
jalkapallo11 (5 years ago)
I tried to kill arma storm guy in wild, guess who lost?
EyePunch (5 years ago)
I'd love to see a living in the wildy series :D... NEVER LEAVE THE WILDY, KILL FOR FOOD. FISH FOR FOOD :)
MrVidsAllDay (5 years ago)
Fuck them butt pirates!
lured4life (5 years ago)
lmfao u suck so bad fite me
Martin Crow (5 years ago)
lol these guys sucks at pking. hope i meet them next time ill go to easts, would be such a free loot.
MrYIFI (5 years ago)
321 likes, who's gonna ruin it?
Redemption Z (5 years ago)
Fucking epic Jared
Solace (5 years ago)
ahahha fucking awesome
Audiix R (5 years ago)
Now buttpirates will learn this technique and ruin it...
RandomSilly (5 years ago)
Well what I division exit out of the browser lol
MotionlessinColors (5 years ago)
Could also carry 1 super energy potion and/or have high agility could be useful
zacharylisle (5 years ago)
Mario Reyes (5 years ago)
Your are the best Sir
Nick Bowden (5 years ago)
Stats don't determine a good pker...
NYKFTW2012 (5 years ago)
hey jared is/was ur father in the Military? Because i know a man from way backwith the last name neives??????
Balram Trivedi (5 years ago)
really gud vid, i didnt think about loggin out on em, lmfaooo
BADLY (5 years ago)
hhow can u not kill those kids? fucking succk
BADLY (5 years ago)
Nolan Cong (5 years ago)
What You Know (Remix) by- Two Door Cinema Club.
Dinkleberg (5 years ago)
Damn smart
Infernape (5 years ago)
Yyyaahhhhh!!!! Jared!!!! Nice :D Glad you escaped Serves them right I've been d clawed before while trying to not kill, it's not fun
efef hhfefe (5 years ago)
btw guys im making a ashe and vial collection so if u would like to donate add TOXIC_MASK all leters
efef hhfefe (5 years ago)
lol why havent i ever thought of this >=(
efef hhfefe (5 years ago)
whats name of song in the intro
Dimitri M (5 years ago)
this is actually really helpful :D I need to show this video to my friend because whenever he goes into the wilderness to botkill he always gets raped by a butt pirate and loses mills.
MrLegoclone8 (5 years ago)
intro music?
Kaila Ashlee (5 years ago)
He has one bro
BungholeScape (5 years ago)
cant wait for that bot skulling vid
Mathias Jansson (5 years ago)
Very Good video!!! But i quited rs becuse i got scammed on my Cash:( I really enjoy playing rs before i got scammed..... My rs name was Sweden King...
Silasmack 3 (5 years ago)
Nice video! You should make a guide on how to become a good low level pker. (30s-50s)
eliasapina (5 years ago)
eliasapina (5 years ago)
lol pro guide... u didnt even have turmoil on....
Silasmack 3 (5 years ago)
What what in the butt by Oliver Closeoff
Mitch Waldron (5 years ago)
Quick tip use turmoil for more defense
SteroidsRS (5 years ago)
That actually would be a first.
Ismaeil Jarral (5 years ago)
Dude can I add you or email yu plz Bro
brett beardsley (5 years ago)
that doesnt work at all.......
heroic smiley (5 years ago)
spank me and call me the tomato seed
Destabilising (5 years ago)
How has this been classed as spam yet 'first!' hasn't?
Cinyk (5 years ago)
Not bad cap'n
LoganRS Videos (5 years ago)
DaProPker (5 years ago)
Then log in get rushed gf claws
Kevin C (5 years ago)
Haha good vid bro
yolo scaping (5 years ago)
Thats was sick:D
Mike (5 years ago)
lol Jared, if those guys were smart, one would have followed you and the other barraging :P
Steven Flores (5 years ago)
Epic escape
AsYouShouldMyGuy (5 years ago)
Lol glad you guys enjoyed this :P
f2pbhclan (5 years ago)
outro sons name/remix?
iBridz01 (5 years ago)
have you ever got a bot 2 skull?
Jael Meier (5 years ago)
Omg tyvm
MartinFugg League (5 years ago)
lol seriously the funniest guide ever xD
TheCarhart4 (5 years ago)
aynuhley* L2spell
Vinko Žakelj (5 years ago)
I think its great thinking on your part great vid aswell :)
Lures Rus (5 years ago)
to be fondled by your uncle in a shed
MrJoekool76 (5 years ago)
Christopher Wilby (5 years ago)
to get waterboarded by satan's ballsack and anal seepage
VERBMASTER (5 years ago)
Fuckin genius!
Faxi1337 (5 years ago)
hahahahah most epic "how to" i ever have seen! :D
Andrew Lazore (5 years ago)
You gotta go Sparc Mac style and ninja turtle there ass >:D
Avenger (5 years ago)
How to survive in the wildy tip 1: Don't be Silentc0re.
Tyler B (5 years ago)
better idea. die to them, log out, get on your main with gano and tb and arma storm. kill them both.
homixxide (5 years ago)
ryan gallant (5 years ago)
good idea :P
imSaZzie (5 years ago)
Rezz (5 years ago)
Seems legit
godless heathen (5 years ago)
Bwuhzizi (5 years ago)
do the bot skulling guide with 2 people
Hi it's Sam (5 years ago)
To suck a chode in the party zone!
pp (5 years ago)
Damn you!!
pp (5 years ago)
nordin vis (5 years ago)
First dislike
Bouff Daddy (5 years ago)
To take a blue whales cock in the arse.
Phoenixfeatherful (5 years ago)
kumatora0203 (5 years ago)
kumatora0203 (5 years ago)
Xpoisionz rally
34Leafs34 (5 years ago)
koo (5 years ago)
I find poop funny and I'm 19 :)
HiddenFearsRS (5 years ago)
kumatora0203 (5 years ago)
SupahMan (5 years ago)

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