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best stuttering scene ever

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Gary Rodrigue (10 days ago)
Jeremy Thompson (12 days ago)
I stutter irl, but this is still funny:)
ZenithRadio (1 month ago)
James Earl Jones had an issue with stuttering, in his early years. A Michigan alumni.
Aleksa Mrkela (1 month ago)
"The Genie gets roasted by Mufasa" should be an alternate title.
African Kings (1 month ago)
Corey Campbell (1 month ago)
Lia Tube (2 months ago)
The ending was unexpected
Jon clark (2 months ago)
what film is this from?
Darth Vader (2 months ago)
Luis Suarez (3 months ago)
People who stutter accualy do this it's not funny in the slight est
Gary Rodrigue (10 days ago)
Luis Suarez now th th th th th th th th th th th th that was fufufufufufufufufufufufufufufunny
ZedNinetySix (18 days ago)
not funny in the slight est? what about a major est?
Autistic Albatross (1 month ago)
Luis Suarez go away
Antonio Spears (4 months ago)
Lord keep me near the cross. LMAO... I still got some growing up to do it seems....
DPWDPWDPW (5 months ago)
Dddddddddddddddarth Vader
trool hp (6 months ago)
sounds like a helicopter btw the best part is 1:36

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