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Quicksand in Vanilla Minecraft - Snapshot 1.7 - CrushedPixel

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A very simple and cool concept on Quicksand in Vanilla Minecraft! Remember to leave a like if you enjoyed the video, it makes me feel good :* No homo
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Loukas arts (4 years ago)
Nobody wants to sink and die. Seriously. 21sec-22
Howzieky (4 years ago)
+CrushedPixel I made this a while ago, What do you think? :) www . youtube . com/watch?v=CYk0yhtnusQ
Tristan Scott (4 years ago)
That can be simpified by placing block 34 were the sand is then let sans fall into the block
Devin Clark (4 years ago)
The sand dissappers for me. sorry
Jonerico (4 years ago)
lol love that rly fast text xD
CrushedPixel (4 years ago)
That's actually a good idea, should work!
Menawir (4 years ago)
Nice, but would it be posible to replace the cobbel-slabbs with cobwebs to make it more realistic? Or would the webs render through the sand?
Pedro Cardoso (4 years ago)
Nobody wants to sink and die. Seriously.
RedstoneCracked (4 years ago)
Oh cool! It's great to see people getting inspiration from my videos, because Dinnebone/Mojang are adding so many things, that it can be made better a lot of ways!
CrushedPixel (4 years ago)
To be honest, I had a look at your video and thought to myself "I bet I could do this better..." I didn't expect you being one of my subscribers, thank you!
Wie immer geil was ist mit LoM?
RedstoneCracked (4 years ago)
I did something like this a while ago, but instead of wither, it just suffocates you. Anyway, great video! /watch?v=FgIkboSbJ9M <----- There's the link to my video!

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