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LEGO MINECRAFT - The Herobrine

2839 ratings | 636009 views
Short lego story about HEROBRINE. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/forcestudiosatb Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/forcestudiosatb Animation Google+ : http://plus.google.com/+ANIMAForce Game Google+: http://plus.google.com/+TheForceStudiosATB Films Google+: http://plus.google.com/+ForceStudiosATBFilms Web: http://www.forcestudiosatb.com Our game channel: http://www.youtube.com/TheForceStudiosATB Our animation channel: http://www.youtube.com/ANIMAForce Our films channel: http://www.youtube.com/ForceStudiosATBFilms Music: sound effects and music from the game Minecraft from youtube music library - "Thinking_Back" Outro music made by our member "Zealot11"
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Text Comments (172)
black jacketboy 5000 (4 months ago)
Everyone know who i am
NicNac LP (7 months ago)
The Bomb Animations (10 months ago)
Synobyte Idiot Gamer (1 year ago)
Lego Minecraft 2 (1 year ago)
Mega lup
adorei muito bom
ZAP (1 year ago)
skvele video :) až teraz som zistil že ste češi:)
un. no😭😨😱😿🙍👎👎👎👎👎
GreySlayer (1 year ago)
how did you make herobrine in lego
steve dead?
SW PL (10 months ago)
Propably yes, but he can respawn
twoMİLK Studios (2 years ago)
BrothersWaughStudios (2 years ago)
Storm Forgiven (2 years ago)
No problem
luna vega (2 years ago)
KalachiBass (2 years ago)
It actually scared me at the end
A Normal Ragdoll (2 years ago)
is there an actual minifigure for Herobrine? please don't hurt me
A Normal Ragdoll (2 years ago)
+Celldrom OK thank you
Celldrom (2 years ago)
HeyItsAman (2 years ago)
Guys is this 240p30!
JACEE Productions (2 years ago)
the end was a tiny creepy... but i love your videos and, i subscribed! : ]
Tuan Thach (1 year ago)
are u pink sheep? why u name is ActionJackson O
Nathaniel Rascon (2 years ago)
Rayane Sophia (2 years ago)
HO GOD Herobrine skare me but i like this video👍
herobrine nooooo
Thaispino Animations (2 years ago)
A part 2 what happened to steve!?
SW PL (7 months ago)
He died but respawned or quited the game
Zeno Ketterer (2 years ago)
Hirobrane Ferreira (2 years ago)
anyone see herobrine in the left window at 1:47
mghashtag (2 years ago)
me gustan tus videos fantasticos ♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆
alice montano (2 years ago)
it was bad
Andréia Borges (2 years ago)
qui vídeo cemgrasa
Sea Mixie 90 (2 years ago)
his pig was dead by lightning
Moncef Aidani (2 years ago)
Larry Holland (2 years ago)
good for a horror seen
Bruno Silva (2 years ago)
ANIMAForce (2 years ago)
Thank you guys for 500k views!!!! :)
stev dead?
steve dead,
tortoiseur (2 years ago)
Luz Olmedo (2 years ago)
At 00:66 you see a dead pig under his house.
im scarred now!!!
Mane Valente (2 years ago)
Termination Games (2 years ago)
With what do you edit?
Spongeycraft (2 years ago)
The animation is so friggen smooth!!! ermerged
Joy Quijano (2 years ago)
herobrine gave me a big scared!
Gibbs Productions (2 years ago)
this is actually one of the best lego minecraft film i have seen Good Job! =]
Awful Walful (2 years ago)
myrakal salters (2 years ago)
this looks real
Christy Sandoval (2 years ago)
How'd you make herobrine
gerard (2 years ago)
Paint Steve's blue part of his eyes white GENTLY NOT WITH BRUSHES
Butter Zack (2 years ago)
very fluent
Commanderblox123 (2 years ago)
Lil Dew (2 years ago)
líbí se mito dávám like
Stoisin Marko (2 years ago)
please try my channel
nyan CAT (2 years ago)
OK but make the video longer
NelsBrickfilms (2 years ago)
This brickfilm is awesome! It ran so smoothly!!
Kauã Marques (2 years ago)
Muito legaaaaaaaaaaalllllll cara
Tetsuo Arakawa (2 years ago)
best stop motion animation evah.
Gu!do (3 years ago)
Geez, that fps tho!! Really cool video!!
Thelucasfire Films (3 years ago)
Skott Kofhton (3 years ago)
hey a lego minekraft
Brickcraft productions (3 years ago)
I miss minecraft
Om Om (3 years ago)
wow dude nice stop motion, 1 sub
Angel Barranco (3 years ago)
I love this video
Beatriz Mazariego (2 years ago)
Mr. Epic Face (2 years ago)
+ANIMAForce this is soooo awesome! Thankfully herobrine doesn't exist.
ANIMAForce (3 years ago)
+Angel Barranco I am glad to hear that :) New lego minecraft video will be finished soon :)
Breexy Edit (3 years ago)
You are fcking awesome :O ... Better than lego movie
Laine Gauer (3 years ago)
Herobrine Jumpscare!
Kaleb Olson (3 years ago)
jhon cena972 (3 years ago)
Su fuck
Aventurine CZ (3 years ago)
mohl bys udělat příběh iron golema
Morgan McKenna (3 years ago)
when the door opened and Steve turned away i thought. "No Steve, the doors to your right." X) This is really cool anyways~
Julian (3 years ago)
yesica hernandez (3 years ago)
You know that herobrine is notchs brother
notch and herobrine brothers yes
gerard (2 years ago)
+Jaylin Nowlin Yup! Such as:He's A Glitch,Always Watching No eyes and trollolololol
Jaylin Nowlin (3 years ago)
there are many different versions of herobrines back story and that's just one of them.
Ivan Zarate (3 years ago)
That's a theory
Weasel Fighter (3 years ago)
LOL 2:07 Herobrine hugging Steve and Steve srceams.
A Domicolo (3 years ago)
Minecraft five nights at freddys
Jaylin Nowlin (3 years ago)
Can u make a mob story about entity 303 or isephreal? I hope I spelled his name right...
Sebastian Wood (3 years ago)
The end scared me half to death!!
jade. (3 years ago)
Oh my God, perfect animation!
ANIMAForce (3 years ago)
https://instagram.com/tomas_triska/ just in case you want to meet me in person. :)
Shadow Darkness (3 years ago)
+ANIMAForce Nice stop motion
not bad (3 years ago)
*herobrine jumpscares* GET THE GUN! GET THE GUN!!!
Adovy (3 years ago)
A little bit scary i like it
Nora Zendejas (3 years ago)
TheNoahGW (3 years ago)
wonderful video and animation. :)
Jaylin Nowlin (3 years ago)
At 02:05 turn your computer volume all the way up and wear headphones.
Chillx (3 years ago)
Poor piggy:(
Smithbuilder (3 years ago)
Scared me
Smithbuilder (2 years ago)
+Willy Brickz Just in time for Halloween
theWiyum (2 years ago)
+Lego Smith BOO IM HERE
Tara Monroe (3 years ago)
Fire Lizard (3 years ago)
COOL!!!! Can you make a behind the scene?    :-)
Maia Sarapson (3 years ago)
RaSeL .. (3 years ago)
dude!! you are making good things in here ! keep it up! loved your video!
CeeJeeBee (3 years ago)
That was AWESOME!!!! +Morgan Gore
Azdrawee (3 years ago)
0:50 to je děsivý... :D
Azdrawee (3 years ago)
+Rocky CZ Official Ahoj ;) pročpak mě zdravíš? Já tě vůbec neznám :D (teda pokud jsme se někdy viděli tak sorry ;) )
Rocky CZ Official (3 years ago)
Anonymous (3 years ago)
he gave up in real minecraft because entity303 has taken over so why not be in the real world... uh oh
Deisi Lazaro (3 years ago)
Deisi Lazaro (3 years ago)
You have awsome videos by the way im a 16 year old boy
Ve3. (3 years ago)
ANIMAForce (3 years ago)
Thanks for 100k views guys! You are awesome :)
HACKER KING 3542 (7 months ago)
ANIMAForce you should have a million subs but how to Lego Herobrine
HACKER KING 3542 (7 months ago)
ANIMAForce I like the smooth animation
Beatriz Mazariego (2 years ago)
MarkA Mcgowan (2 years ago)
+Mr. Epic Face ok
Mr. Epic Face (2 years ago)
Unfortunately *cough couch* I mean fortunately herobrine does not exist... He has never legit been in the game. First time he appeared was in a live stream and he was photoshopped in. And notch (creator of minecraft) has said he doesn't exist. Unless you have mods
kevin legobrick master (3 years ago)
Very nice new sub bro
RUMBLEMON TCG (3 years ago)
This is awesome
Guizoc (3 years ago)
nice jumpscare!
LOL THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
English viking kaden (3 years ago)
what a happy ending!
Cuby Chris (3 years ago)
WOW! Good story, and is that 60 FPS or something?! And god dammit I got a shock when Herobrine just flies into your head XD
Regswidergren (3 years ago)
The illusion was so real!
Fíkusák (3 years ago)
hezký video
Rasya RS (3 years ago)
This is bad video ever
Steveplayzz YT (3 years ago)
You must be very stupid to say that
Master_ Blocks (3 years ago)
Que susto!
Did you animate the eyes if herobrine or did you paint them

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