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Nvidia Shield - Playing PC Games 120 Miles from home! - Remote Gamestream in Action!

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Text Comments (376)
Sherlyn Lyv (1 month ago)
2018 person here... I still want to buy that
Any App Any Game (1 month ago)
Me too
Weedlord Bonerhitler (6 months ago)
I really liked the outro song. The melody and distorted rhythm are very similar to Cloud by Fischerspooner. Could you tell me the name of the song?
Finn Witton (8 months ago)
I live in Nottingham
So Ur saying I have to pay for a PC that has games and viruses first and waste another couple or few hundreds of dollars on this portable device well Killmyself........
Ashmeed Ali (10 months ago)
What about input lag since you are streaming?
ZeoWorks (11 months ago)
The biggest question is what is your upload speed?
D Carefree (1 year ago)
Do you pay £7.50 per month to stream your own games?.... seems a lot of money and electricity. If I go abroad then I'm there for the holiday... if I go on business I am there for work not for shield. Did think about getting one and thought of when I would use it. Just my thinking on it. Seems pointless but good bit of tech!
skylar15123 (1 year ago)
GameStream doesn't cost money on its own. The only cost to worry about would likely be electricity, and you can put the computer to sleep, and even put it back to sleep using the shield if you set it up to be able to access the desktop. Alternatively, you could set up some sort of system for turning your computer on and off remotely. Don't know how possible this is yet, but I'd like to be able to do it with an outlet I can control remotely. And I want to use the shutdown function in the OS to avoid cutting the power abruptly. So I would hope that maybe turning it on after a "power outage" would work if it was already off.
Jesus saved (1 year ago)
You can play ps1
L (1 year ago)
does this work for the k1 tablet to?
calantheshaman (1 year ago)
yes it does thats what i have is the shield k1 tablet and just yesterday i finished my new desktop because my old one couldn't stream games you need a decent computer to be able to stream stuff. it is really easy though just have the game stream turn on through geforce experience on your computer go to game streaming on your tablet and games show up nothing to really set up or do your computer and tablet do it thanks to geforce experience. i tested out a few games and i'm not sure if its cause i have a 4gb gtx 1050 ti in my desktop but most games are on ultra setting and work flawless on my tablet.
Justin's Beaver (1 year ago)
It's very lush
Ali Hassain (1 year ago)
Can you make this console play PC Steam games without a PC?
skylar15123 (1 year ago)
There is GeForce Now, but you have to pay for a subscription, and you have to buy the games.
Keiler (1 year ago)
You are very intelligent.
MK starstorm (1 year ago)
Can you stream that for with the console style shield or is it restricted to the tablet?
calantheshaman (1 year ago)
the shield tablet, shield portable, and shield tv pretty much all the shield devices can use the game stream function if your computer is good enough you need a decent cpu and gpu for the geforce experience on your pc to let you stream the games to your shield device
MeowMyDick (1 year ago)
I saw a video where someone was streaming over 100 miles away and had input lag like V-Sync on Skyrim, was it the same for you?
Roblox Sanchez (1 year ago)
Cant any pc game or pc cant be remoted???
DragoniX (1 year ago)
but you cant play without pc?
NukedSledge (1 year ago)
DragonicaLetsPlays you can you need to pay for GeForce now tho
Ben Dammers (1 year ago)
are those games off steam?
skylar15123 (1 year ago)
You can add games from your computer that are not on Steam.
GREEVZ (1 year ago)
Was there much input lag?
looser (1 year ago)
From what I hear these things have little input lag
TheLegendOfEric (2 years ago)
can I stream games on my PC even if it has AMD graphics card??
Johannes K (1 year ago)
Lt.LockNLoad no actually not with gamestream you'll have to use splashtop or something similar which is significantly worse
TheLegendOfEric (1 year ago)
Izuyu thanks
Izuyu (1 year ago)
Lt.LockNLoad ofcourse, just have a graphics card that's pretty good
HECTIC (2 years ago)
in order for it to connect to my pc
HECTIC (2 years ago)
so let's say my computer is at my house and I'm I'm in my car traveling with no wifi but my PC is connected to wifi does the shield also have to be connected to wifi
Baby Zetas (1 year ago)
+Fred McFegget no u
Juke Plays (1 year ago)
HECTIC you can use a 4G LTE connection and it work's well
wffls (2 years ago)
HECTIC it scares me that these peoples pcs can run game stream and are on this level of intelligence
Baby Zetas (2 years ago)
aw he's wetarded
HECTIC (2 years ago)
so let's say my computer is at my house and I'm I'm in my car traveling with no wifi but my PC is connected to wifi does the shield also have to be connected to wifi
Bork (1 year ago)
yes it does you can still use 4g
Gur Brar (2 years ago)
Can it play games installed on pc but pc is not playing beacause of low compatibility🤒like my laptop😭...and what minimum net connection it require
Izuyu (1 year ago)
Gur Brar not sure if ur question has been answered yet but no it can't, unless ur pc has an excellent graphics card that supports nvidia
mak1060 (2 years ago)
While u r streaming do u hav to keep ur computer on?
mak1060 (2 years ago)
+Mrwhosetheboss wow. That is so cool thanks for letting me know☺😊😀
Mrwhosetheboss (2 years ago)
+mak1060 yes you do, but the screen can be off
An pham viet (2 years ago)
I can't do it outside network, can you help me out. when i connect to different wifi, it's basicly don't let me stream
Gautamsingh chauhan (2 years ago)
Andrew McCarthy (2 years ago)
Two questions. One, can you download games onto it and two, if you have 2 devices with steam (i.e. a laptop and desktop) can you choose which one you want to stream from?
HACKERMAN (1 year ago)
NotaHipster that sucks
MidnightPikachu (2 years ago)
No you cant download pc games onto the sheild
Lewis Sinclair (2 years ago)
does it work the same way with the nvidia shield tablet
Sineth Perera (2 years ago)
did u have to keep your computer turned on...????
Mindaugas (2 years ago)
Watch the video.
Second Son (2 years ago)
would this game streaming still be that same with the Nvidia Shield tablet?? would love to have my tablet and play games if i am somewhere else
hao chen (2 years ago)
It seems every video  is about testing after you have paired you PC and shield under two seperate network, but We actually want to know process how you do the pairing before play and test games!
calantheshaman (1 year ago)
yea the gefore experience auto syncs to your tablet i didn't even have to do anything it was just there after i signed in i just needed a new desktop because my old one wasn't good enough for my tablet now with my 6 core and a 4 gb gtx 1050 ti games stream so nice i was amazed how well it looked on my nvidia shield tablet tbh. google play store games, geforece now games, and pc streaming games nothing on the market can do what it does. i wouldn't get what the guy in the video has unless you don't mind a super small screen the shield tablet is the smallest i'll go lol. in my opinion shield tablet is the best mobile gaming device out there period and was the best $200 electronic investment i ever made.
TheSniperJobTV (2 years ago)
I have a 58mb/s download speed, and an upload speed of 71mb/s. Do you think that would work good if I were to get a Shield Portable.
TheSniperJobTV (2 years ago)
+Fox hound thank you my good sir.
Fox hound (2 years ago)
People don't cease to amaze me on how stupid they can be
Sam Septiceye (2 years ago)
what if you don't have a computer but you have a steam account on your phone
Classier (2 years ago)
+Kewl Dude kewl dude more like unkewl dude hhhahahahahaha .... no mmmk
Ren (2 years ago)
+ClassierVassals you're*
Classier (2 years ago)
nice comeback im hurt
Sam Septiceye (2 years ago)
Classier (2 years ago)
+Sam Septiceye ummm your dumb
kimmy101 (2 years ago)
please provide instructions!!!
Noneya Bidniz (2 years ago)
so hoe do you get it to play games remotely outside your network? do i need a data plan on the portable or hows it work?
Filip Lusth (2 years ago)
Dont buy this if you wanna play far away from home a friend just told me alot of information why its so bad to do that!!!!
David Garcia (2 years ago)
+Filip Lusth why
Filip Lusth (2 years ago)
+Filip Lusth I changed my mind dont buy it at all!
kimmy101 (2 years ago)
So would I be able to play my emulators on steam and my steam games far away from home?
GREEVZ (1 year ago)
kimmy101 Yes you can stream anything like dolphin and pcsx2
Raven (2 years ago)
Since it runs on android, you don't even need to steeam it. just download your emulators from the app store!
Luke Lehn (2 years ago)
He said it looks lush. It looks terrible.
GREEVZ (1 year ago)
Luke Lehn that's because he was using a bad camera
AKA0723 (2 years ago)
Do i need to keep my pc on all the time
Duel_Anthony (2 years ago)
no. just sleep mode.
keven boucher (2 years ago)
Bacon676 (2 years ago)
Watching him drive, right in the beginning, shows the serious problems with the concept. The input lag is HORRIBLE. Try to competently play anything. I dare you.
FoxTwoX (2 years ago)
how much did Nvidia pay you to blow them and not mention the input lag time?
Bailey Adams (2 years ago)
can you also stream pc games to the nvidia shield tablet far from home? or is it only on the shield portable
Henry Fisher (2 years ago)
Tbh, this looks like more trouble than it's worth
skylar15123 (1 year ago)
Something worth adding is that you can also use a keyboard and mouse.
calantheshaman (1 year ago)
it can play most steam games and non steam games like diablo 3 and world of warcraft for example of those are games you are into
keven boucher (2 years ago)
nope you can play all your steam Library but at least have a controler (from nvidia because without that you can't play game actually yes but i recommend to have one) and a medium/good internet connection oh and that demand a high download storage (just played 1 hours and i already reached 4 GO wicth my internet) so i suggest you to have internet unlimited to not blow your bill the next month
kimmy101 (2 years ago)
+Trevor Foulks I can only play a few games i guess ? Not my entire steam library....
very educational pug (2 years ago)
well, first your computer must (as far as i know) have an Nvidia Geforce graphics card thingy, then just press the middle button on your Nvidia shield, when your on steam and it will search for the computer, thats  pretty much it, if you need a more in depth tutorial just look it up online, Nvidia them selves already made a few tutorial video on youtube :P
Grimlocks 844 (2 years ago)
why does this look like a company thats trying to rip off someone else. when i clicked on it, it looked like a fake system.
Papyrus (2 years ago)
Are you new lol? Nvidia is a legit company lmao. They make graphics card and more and the shield portable is actually legit i own one lol.
lord storm (2 years ago)
i hope nvidia releases a new shield portable with 4k res i really love the PC streaming support but res is outdated. Still waiting for Need For Speed 2015
Bence Tóth (3 years ago)
For this my PC should be on all the time?
Melkiah34 (3 years ago)
how do you do this? I can only get it to work over my home network. I have it set to do both in the settings.
Khalid ashraf (3 years ago)
How does it work ? How to connect nvidia shield to PC games?
Khalid ashraf (2 years ago)
Can you make me a video that show us how to connect to PC games
M'Lady (3 years ago)
(I know ur gonna say of course, duh) but can this play games from steam like hl2, gmod, tf2, gta, ect.
M'Lady (3 years ago)
+Philip Clyde thx
Philip Clyde (3 years ago)
+charlezard4 signorelli as far as i know, any game that you add to your steam library, it can stream if it has controller support. Also you can connect a keyboard and mouse to your shield but that isnt that convenient.
manuel matamala (3 years ago)
oh well , just kill the nintendo ds and all competition.
calantheshaman (1 year ago)
honestly i don't know why more people don't have shield tablets and stuff they are way better than any ipad, iphone, nintendo, or other android devices for mobile gaming. how well the games look is amazing i have the shield k1 tablet and i couldn't be happier it can even display up to 4k through its mini hdmi i don't have a 4k tv but it can lol. it can even double as a home gaming console i just built my new desktop with a 4gb gtx 1050 ti my old desktop wasn't good enough to stream stuff to my tablet i couldn't believe it when i was playing diablo 3, resident evil, ect on my tablet with my shield controller. my next step is to get a bluetooth keyboard and mouse so games like diablo and other games are easier to play. best $200 electronic i ever bought in my life was the nvidia tablet.
Hugh Rackley (3 years ago)
Do you need a pc to play games like farcry 4 and other pc games or can you just directly buy steam games of a mac or something and play non mac games?
Hugh Rackley (3 years ago)
ok Thank you so much really appreciate keep up the good work with the you tube channel
Mrwhosetheboss (3 years ago)
+Hugh Rackley Yes it is, not sure about the legality of the whole thing though
Hugh Rackley (3 years ago)
and is it also free for the emulators and easy to download
Hugh Rackley (3 years ago)
is it worth it for just emulators?
Mrwhosetheboss (3 years ago)
+Hugh Rackley No pc needed for that :)
kenneth anyaehie (3 years ago)
Is the stripes a customized version cause i want to get the stripes on mines
Chad Finzel (3 years ago)
Oh baby I can't wait for this to come in the mail
WeeDBoy (3 years ago)
fkn sick
Kendrick Llama (3 years ago)
So if I have an AMD card, am I fucked? Can I not stream games to the shield? I have a 280x Tri-x OC so it's not a bad card at all. I'm guessing you need a GTX card tho
Bork (1 year ago)
And after one year, I bestow upon you a magical thing called remotr! (http://remotrapp.com/) (its some magical thing that lets you stream your pc onto your phone)
Kendrick Llama (3 years ago)
*sad trombone*
Robert Rosenberg (3 years ago)
Yes, that's correct. You need a nvidia game stream enabled card.
joseph mendoza (3 years ago)
i have a quistion here... if like an example far cry 3 is lagging on my PC cuz of my low graphics card... will it also lag on the nvidia shield ? PLZ ANSWER
Dandy (3 years ago)
+GAMERZ MASTERS Sorry to say, it will. But if you have a low graphics card you shouldnt be able to stream in the first place
Roman Kozlovskiy (3 years ago)
For a second there I was like oh shit that's powerful besides do you have to have nvidia graphics card to play on the nvidia sheild?
Mrwhosetheboss (3 years ago)
+Don't race me I'm to fast Yes, you do! :)
Roman Kozlovskiy (3 years ago)
Are you using nvidia sheild hardware to play?
Mrwhosetheboss (3 years ago)
+Don't race me I'm to fast Nope, uses the PC Hardware :)
Roman Kozlovskiy (3 years ago)
That's not hard but try 5,000miles away from home
Flaming Gorilla (3 years ago)
Ya know iv always feared this sort of thing as the cuter of gaming. I don't  think it is ideal but as long as it becomes a bit better and maybe the capability to play powerful games offline i think id be alright.
Andrzej (3 years ago)
+Mrwhosetheboss whats your internet connection on pc side ? Download and upload. Also does streaming take a lot of mb/s ?
Asif Khan (2 years ago)
Can u tell me what u need to pc stream anywhere?
Mrwhosetheboss (3 years ago)
+Derek Shane It wont be optimal, but will be playable :)
Derek Shane (3 years ago)
+Mrwhosetheboss my upload speed is 1.8, is that enough to play remotely?
Mrwhosetheboss (3 years ago)
mine is 30 down and 2.5 up, streaming is pretty heavy on the internet connection, yes :)
HotNitrogen (3 years ago)
Arma 3 work?
Oliver Branson (3 years ago)
your name should be Mrwho'stheboss because whose is ownership, eg "whose shoe is this?"
Limitless (3 years ago)
So when I sync my PC once with the shield is that it like so say that I turned my PC off Am I still going to be able to play it? Please answer I plan on getting one
Charlie Shakur (3 years ago)
dont say lush you faggot 
skylar15123 (1 year ago)
You'll come back in a few more years and see how dumb you made your self look.
BABYEATER (1 year ago)
Don't watch his video and tell him how to talk
Spellforceplayer (3 years ago)
Was muss man einstellen damit das geht ?
Kaiser soze (3 years ago)
stop saying "you know" dude.
apuzeus (3 years ago)
I'm trying to stream, The PC is on, but the Shield tells me my PC is offline? What should I do to fix the problem
Rafael Antonialli O (3 years ago)
NT CrAzY (3 years ago)
ps vita started the steaming
jonathan s (3 years ago)
Nvidia perfected it.
petercastricum20 (3 years ago)
Its still 350$ in my country ;(
MagnumNitro (3 years ago)
Just an FYI if you a a Potato crappy computer that can't even run minecraft on the lowest graphical setting you can't play far cry 3 on the shield without Low Frame rate. since the shield is only for STREAMING the game from your PC basically like recording so if your computer has crappy fps the shield won't make it any better.
_moreno source_ (3 years ago)
It wouldn't even connect to begin with. Streaming with the Nvidia Shield Portable only works if you have a modern gaming PC with a GTX 650 or higher. Even for streaming from laptops with Nvidia cards you'll need a GTX 660m AT LEAST. The GTX 660m is only present in laptops over $1000 dollars and as for the GTX 650, your gaming build would end up around $500-600 if you want to avoid bottlenecking. So really your FYI was useless. Because 1: You didn't do your research before posting and though you could stream on any PC. Stupid. Because 2: You are trying to help people with false info. And Because 3: You used Minecraft as an example. As if Minecraft graphics are comparable with Far Cry 3.
Runaway (3 years ago)
Any help would be appreciated. First, does gamestream work better on the shield tablet over portable in its current state? Second, how does gamestream work over like a hotel wifi? If not good should I use 4G hotspot? Thanks in advance. 
Duel_Anthony (2 years ago)
frostybe3r (3 years ago)
It's so small.
Madmitchell34 (3 years ago)
We're did you get your skin from
Mrwhosetheboss (3 years ago)
bobdabildr12345 (3 years ago)
Is this compatible with a 750ti?
Br00dje (3 years ago)
i think i don't need to get this thing. i have a perfectly functional potato
Jared Romy (3 years ago)
I have a pretty crappy laptop and being the sucker i am i bought batman:arkaham city and i can't run on my laptop if i connected nivida shield to it will it play better than on my laptop? THX
★Random_Hobo★ (1 year ago)
luis chelsea (3 years ago)
so you left your pc on ? what if someone turns off your power supply ? how are you going to stream your games, do you give the keys to someone to go inside your house and turn on your pc again ?
Ivansky1 (3 years ago)
Shut The Fuck Up!!!!! How Old Are You!?!???!?!?
luis chelsea (3 years ago)
+Abram Carroll Splashtop works great, but I get what your saying thanks
Abram Carroll (3 years ago)
+luis chelsea There are lots of tutorials.  They very by what version of windows you have and what hardware you have.   https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/764435/tips-and-tricks/tnt-shield-gamestream-on-the-go-guide/ If you Internet is out it doesn't work.  My modem will come back on if there is a power interruption.   Correct wake on lan will not work if the PC is off.  Mine is always on.  When it is sleeping the power light flashes.  I set the power button to put it to sleep and it will go to sleep if I'm not using it for 30 minuets.
luis chelsea (3 years ago)
Can the bios magically turn on your PC, wake up lan wont work if the PC is completely off
luis chelsea (3 years ago)
What if there is not internet in your home pc ? If the modem is off for some reason
knuckle draggers (3 years ago)
+Mrwhosetheboss does it play with cracked games?
Mrwhosetheboss (3 years ago)
I would think so, you would just have to add them to your steam library :)
Joonas Näykki (3 years ago)
Do I need to buy a router if I want to stream games to the Shield portable?
luis chelsea (3 years ago)
No just plug in a ethernet cable using otg cable then usb ethernet
Mrwhosetheboss (3 years ago)
yes :)
Skullbasher Gaming (3 years ago)
I like the shield portable and the shield tablet. There both great devices. I have a few vids on both devices. I also plan to upload a full review on both devices.
TheAshleyGamer (3 years ago)
Does this work with limelight for Android?
matthew johnston (3 years ago)
some one give me a dam tutorial on how to set this up Itsays no aviable GeForce gtx pcs found but I have one
Sean Hupin (3 years ago)
+knuckle draggers as long as you can add them to your steam library it works. source : I did it yesterday.
CubeSicle (3 years ago)
+knuckle draggers NO
matthew johnston (3 years ago)
+Federico Astica well if your renting a game from lets say gamestop then its not hurting the company because  the company and made a deal with gamestop for them to allow renting and the company gets some money renting is a way for players to try the game to see if they like it like playing a demo but you paying to rent the full game. this also works out well for short games people can rent the game finish it and then return it and both the gamestop and the game company got paid  
Federico Astica (3 years ago)
+matthew johnston What about renting a game? To me that is as harmful to a company as piracy.
knuckle draggers (3 years ago)
true ok thanks for your time
Rhys D (3 years ago)
must be laggy, u zoomed in cant see lag between movin analog and movin player
Abram Carroll (3 years ago)
+Derek Shane 50 Mbps, and I has 20 down where I was.  Latency is key.  Have you tested it at collage?  You need a min of 5 mbps for 720p/30FPS.
Derek Shane (3 years ago)
+Abram Carroll what is the speed of your internet both host and shield? because I tried playing from my college and it lagged alot.
Abram Carroll (3 years ago)
I've done it from 3000 miles away without lag.
Matrix (3 years ago)
Hey two Questions 1. Do you need 4g to steam around the world? 2.How do you do this
Matrix (3 years ago)
alrighty then thx
FATAL INSIGHTZ (3 years ago)
Well, first its better to have wifi, and when youre traveling make sure your PC is on and running, then set your geforce settings to on my network and on internet. Just search it up!!!
YourClosetLlama (3 years ago)
would it be possible to optimize controls for something like league of legends? 
Abram Carroll (3 years ago)
It works with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard though.  Although that would be better with the tablet if the controller isn't for you.
YourClosetLlama (3 years ago)
That's a bummer. I play a lot of games but if the shield can't support most of the ones I play on a day to day basis,  then I don't see a reason to purchase it.
Mrwhosetheboss (3 years ago)
I doubt it haha
Ofir Bitton (3 years ago)
sonicblast19 (3 years ago)
I think it's safer to unplug your electrical things when travelling.But nice feature though..somewhat.
Abram Carroll (3 years ago)
+sonicblast19 What's your latency when you test it?  Also grid beta only had a cali and France server so not everybody can ping low enough to one of those servers.  I'm in NY on the other side of the country and ping 71-78ms to Cali.  At about 80ms durring net congestion street fighter was getting noticeable.  That was the only time it wasn't like I was playing it on the device. I definitely like this form factor better.  It has active cooling so it never throttles and has a very big battery.  If you really pus a tablet they die within 1-2 hours. This one can handle 6 hours easy.   I think they didn't want people buying it a week before a new one launched.  Many people said they should have made a tablet.  It wasn't until they made the tablet that more people complained that they like this form factor.  Also the bigger battery and controller do add to the cost.  This launched at $349 I think. They have a curated store without all the crapware.  It still takes you to googleplay to buy them, but there is a central place to find games.   http://www.tegrazone.com
sonicblast19 (3 years ago)
+Abram Carroll Yeah but it is situational,GRiD is a nice thing,however where I am from there isn't much of a wi-fi signal wherever I go,sure I haveat college but I can barely load webpages let alone stream games so I'll end up using it mostly at home where I'd rather play on my PC or Vita for a portable experience.The internet,here where I live,is not that stable,sure we have huge download speeds compared to US but it has big latency so streaming ain't really the best thing for me. The other thing I have with the Shield is the K1 model and possibly the X1,why a tablet?I use a controller on my tablet sometimes and it sucks,the position I am forced to stay is not healthy for my back so I'd much rather have the original formfactor of the Tegra 4 Shield,taht thing was cool in design.The Android market has quanitity over quallity and that is not really a good thing,a lot of good games are burried between shitty-ass clones and below average movie- cash-in shit and I don't have the patience nor the time to search for the best games especially now with the new interface Google Play has where you cannot find shit unless you specifically look for something in the search bar.
Abram Carroll (3 years ago)
+sonicblast19 This is really only a concern with the generic PSU's many OEM's use.  There have been cases of fires from them under high loads.  So long as you have a working ground and the PSU isn't some generic $4.99 PSU it should be 100% fine.  Even a sub par PSU should have over volt and thermal protections to prevent such an issue.  They will power off if there is a failure and if you have such a concern make sure the bios turns the PC off on a power failure.  This would prevent the PC from continually trying to start if there was a problem.  This is what they generally do on a power failure.   My PC has been on for about 4 years now. There is also Grid.  It comes with Shield and you can use their game servers.
sonicblast19 (3 years ago)
+Abram Carroll Not power usage is my concern but rather a shortcircuit and stuff like that.
Abram Carroll (3 years ago)
They also use about the same amount of power in sleep vs. off, but still plugged in.  That is just having things plugged in uses power even if they are off.  Sleep only adds a few watts to that.  Much less than a night light actually.  A night light can use 4 watts.
ray windhelm (3 years ago)
how to show keyboard i need to type
Abram Carroll (3 years ago)
You can use a bluetooth key board or pop one up on screen and touch type like on a phone/tablet.
Oscar Martinez (3 years ago)
Show us how you set up the shield,, no one cares how you play
Some Virtual Guy (3 years ago)
Ps vita or shield?
mv23 (3 years ago)
If you have a good pc shield
moo (3 years ago)
Does this work with the tablet as well?
kimmy101 (2 years ago)
yea but it only works for a few games
sundhaug92 (3 years ago)
Paul Seghers (3 years ago)
I already have my shield tablet, But I still need to do the initial setup with my computer, I've been in training for the past 3 months and can't exactly enter in the 4 digit code on my computer a thousand miles away lol.
TheYear 1913 (3 years ago)
how the fuck.
TheCookieCrusader (3 years ago)
Philip Clyde (3 years ago)
+Astronut LOL
Astronut (3 years ago)
What is the fuck?
Meghan Casey (3 years ago)
Is this still playable even if you dont have a nvidia pc?
Abram Carroll (3 years ago)
Without it you can use Grid beta for free.  There are games on there to play. http://cdn.slashgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/hwwslashgear-600x335.jpg
sundhaug92 (3 years ago)
You need a recent NVidia Geforce GTXto stream pc-games, but its still a great tablet without
andrew2343 (3 years ago)
you need a gtx gpu, and a specific one. just google nvidia shield gpu compatibility.
STVB1295 (3 years ago)
So how do you do that? Does the shield turn on your pc?
Abram Carroll (3 years ago)
It wakes the PC up with a magic packet.  PC's don't use much power when sleeping.  Less than a night light.
Joseph Samsor (3 years ago)
That really is awesome, however, some games can't be play as presicely because of the small screen like battlefield 4
Lil Doobie (3 years ago)
Paul Seghers (3 years ago)
I thought you had to be in the same Wi-Fi network in your house to stream games??? You mean I can stream it from anywhere??? Not just from my living room to my bedroom. Please inform me on how or prescribe me a link.
Abram Carroll (3 years ago)
+Paul Seghers You'd need a person to enter a 4 digit code on the PC.  I haven't tried it though.  
frank jaeger (3 years ago)
I dont kmow if you still dont know the answer to your question but the answer is yes if you check out the update they have release for April 5 it says you can stream your games anywhere you want as long as you have 5mbps upload speed. I have a bad upload speed and my games run great this gadget is worth having.
WindFrozer (3 years ago)
dunno abot that sry
Paul Seghers (3 years ago)
Do I have to be on the same WiFi for the initial setup. I'm in technical training for my job for at least another month and I want to stream my damn games
WindFrozer (3 years ago)
You can do it anywhere as long as you have a decent internet connection

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