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Minecraft: POPULARMMOS VS POPULARMMOS CHALLENGE GAMES - Lucky Block Mod - Modded Mini-Game

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The Youtuber Challenge Games begin and it is Popularmmos against.... Popularmmos lol. Jen's Channel http://youtube.com/gamingwithjen Don't forget to subscribe for epic Minecraft content! Shirts! https://represent.com/store/popularmmos/ Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/PopularMMOs/327498010669475 Twitter! https://twitter.com/popularmmos Download Youtubers Lucky Block Mod http://popularmmos.com/youtubersluckyblock/ RULES - Start with 25 Lucky Blocks, , 10 apples, Iron Pickaxe, 10 Egg Scoopers, & Crafting Table - Open all of them and trade for the best items you can - Do not take items or blocks from the world unless they came from your block - You may ONLY craft gear up to IRON, everything else must be traded - 1 Hit Kill Swords can only be used once per battle - No Penalty for dying before the battle begins - You may give items to the other player - Beacons from Wells not allowed even if they are not wet - The loser from last time chooses which blocks they want - The loser is the one who dies in the battle first - Rounds go best out of 5 matches, meaning 3 wins is all you need - Use the Arena to your advantage, but no placing blocks except TNT In this Popularmmos Vs Popularmmos Challenge Games Modded Mini-Game: We fight it out with Popularmmos Lucky Blocks against Popularmmos Lucky Blocks! Who has the best blocks!? Intro by: https://www.youtube.com/calzone442 Intro song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: https://www.youtube.com/user/playmerecords https://www.facebook.com/playmerecords Follow Spag Heddy: https://www.facebook.com/SpagHeddy http://soundcloud.com/spagheddy Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music Music: Arcade from machinimasound.com
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Text Comments (41248)
PopularMMOs (1 year ago)
You guys asked for it, so here I am...fighting myself haha! I hope you all enjoy :)
alex mehraban (23 hours ago)
PopularMMOs you rock
krista rakela (1 day ago)
I love you Pat
Lu Gee (22 days ago)
You are the first YouTuber I ever watched and that I ever subscribed to. You are the best YouTuber ever! Jen I also am subscribed to you I give you a 100 on gaming! Pat I give you a 100 as well!
My Mom (2 months ago)
PopularMMOs was a good guy But he is not that nice
Luigi and Minecraft boy (2 months ago)
I’m going to be your friend 😂 I love your videos 👍😎👍😎👍👍😎👍😎👍❕❕❕❕❕❕
Rohit Visa (5 hours ago)
Wassssss uppp
Brandon (6 hours ago)
DanTDM vs DanTDM
Jack Redmond (7 hours ago)
ali a vs sùpergirly gamer
JVFurious Gaming (8 hours ago)
prestonplayz vs pat
Jen is a 🖕and pat is god
Elliot David (11 hours ago)
Jen v jen
slimey time (13 hours ago)
You should do trumoo and a antvenom
Regina Grubbs (18 hours ago)
J en jen
pat did you remember porky 🐖🐷
John Jacob (19 hours ago)
Lucky Block lucky pig and porchop
mahesh magadum (19 hours ago)
preston vs dimondmincart
R.I.P Porky 🐖🐷🐽😭😢
Sarah Boltzen (21 hours ago)
Jen vs jen
TDM blox (22 hours ago)
dantdm v.s. dantdm
K Simons (1 day ago)
why you say it in Slow mo/
I want you jam will be the new and you patch will be the pro and whoever make the best house and the noob gets to build the grossest house that is really gross and it's supposed to be really gross and the expert needs to put a beautiful house
Nathan h (1 day ago)
What does mmo mean
goteta the boss (1 day ago)
17:55 is that a command block at the top
Melissa Wright (1 day ago)
Lyuda Ryabkova (1 day ago)
Pink sheep vs pink sheep pls!!!
Makelia Russelll (1 day ago)
Jen is crazy
EPIC WILL (1 day ago)
pat VS littke kelly
Deviese Jay (2 days ago)
Can you please share with jen :(
Brianna Price (2 days ago)
Pink sheep vs. Dan ttm
kelly perkins (2 days ago)
plz do itsfunneh vs aphmau like if you agree
kelly perkins (2 days ago)
plz do itsfunneh vs aphmau
Connie Warrick (2 days ago)
Jenn vs jenn
Steve. Hansen (2 days ago)
I subscribed
heather mcdowall (2 days ago)
iBallisticSquid vs ashdubh
Prince Gaming (2 days ago)
#rekt pig #rip pig #reuben #sad life pig/reuben
Ishyaboisavage (3 days ago)
I subbed
Temiloluwa Okosi (3 days ago)
I love you And jen
Jen vs evil jen hahaha
Brian Ramsey (3 days ago)
I subed
Brian Ramsey (3 days ago)
#cool love
Iain Mitchell (3 days ago)
Jen vs Jen Like if you agree
Harry Foster (3 days ago)
I subbed
Lightning Squad Bolt (3 days ago)
R.I.P porkie he was a good friend 😖😔😌 *sings song* he will be in gods home he will be home and my bro
Tyem Hamza (3 days ago)
I sub :)
Cyrus Ivan Baguinang (3 days ago)
R.I.P Porky he is so Lucky he luck for pat we love you Porky we miss you
Sara&Friends (3 days ago)
I think porky didn’t work anymore cos you threw away his special saddle
Arnulfo Capili Jr. (3 days ago)
Can you do mr crainer and exploding tnt
KB65 YT (3 days ago)
13:00 Pat: I'm gonna put porky in the lucky block Jen: *What?! NO!* Pat: * breaks block * *A DRAGON EGG!!* Jen: *WHAT?!* Me: I need to have a pig when I install Lucky block mods XD
goodboys gaming (3 days ago)
i was little boy im only 9 years old
goodboys gaming (3 days ago)
i wont pat vs jen
goodboys gaming (3 days ago)
plzz im cryying for real play minecraft for real
Aden wong (4 days ago)
no the pig
I 💟💟💟 you both
Dominic Montgomery (4 days ago)
Spiral vs astral
Yousef Elghareeb (4 days ago)
Dantdm vs dantdm
David Dolphin (4 days ago)
I subscribe
Isidra Ponce (4 days ago)
Plz comment down below
Rhonrhan Lanap (4 days ago)
Jen won the pidi round🤣🤣🤣
Rhonrhan Lanap (4 days ago)
R.I.P porky😭😭😭😭
Karma Gurung (4 days ago)
I liked and subscribed
elijah donohue (5 days ago)
I'm your biggest fan
Nhi Ho (5 days ago)
One of the things chuck noris said was he’s beard grew back
Star Nexus (5 days ago)
Jan vs Jan
J and B TV (5 days ago)
Love u guys
Khloe dox (5 days ago)
Jen stole two of the golden apple
Miguel Lozano (5 days ago)
R.I.P Porcky
Audrey McCallion (6 days ago)
JEN VS DANTDM PLEASE!!!!!!!!‼‼‼‼❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕
Mark Silva (6 days ago)
I submitted
fnaf channel (6 days ago)
Pat try ld shadow lady vs ld shadow lady pls pat it's ganna be epic
Albert Ramirez (7 days ago)
XxOps Rage (7 days ago)
Do pat vs preston
Battle man (7 days ago)
I love this you are my favret you tubers ever!
Ne san (7 days ago)
jen stole pat golden apple
DuJuan Sylvester (7 days ago)
Why do they call ochother babe
Christy Kendrick (7 days ago)
Cristen Melo (7 days ago)
I will
Virjilio Bravo (7 days ago)
Jen v.s jen
The Destroyer (8 days ago)
I I love y'all so much if y'all can send me talk to me back please now go on and yes
Tyson Riedel (8 days ago)
Aalesandro Pinduisaca (8 days ago)
24:13 omg omg omg omg
Mangle Smith (8 days ago)
Jen vs Jen
changotolá Omoshango (8 days ago)
Jen and jen
Dawn Yurske (8 days ago)
Pat said he likes bacon not Beacon bacon # bacon. WAZZUP?!?!
Dawn Yurske (8 days ago)
actually the block looks kinda of handsome a face only a mother could love lol #Jen is the Killer
Jittimas Yamsukhon (8 days ago)
you have more Iron
missing angel (8 days ago)
Pat vs jen
Tamo (8 days ago)
Go to the forsest
Tony Flamingo (8 days ago)
Well right now you have.....14M Subscribers.
Kian Biff (9 days ago)
113 gapples
Foxy game Goodling (9 days ago)
Pat vs pat
Luna Re (9 days ago)
Tiny turtle vs popularmmis
Gospel Power (9 days ago)
Your so hot I wish I could have sex with you
Gospel Power (9 days ago)
Ahhhhh love you pat
Joachim Tuclaud (9 days ago)
Peyton Shields (10 days ago)
I subscribed
deadcupcake 123 (10 days ago)
jen vs jen do it please
Diane Thompson (10 days ago)
Gaming with jen
Cailin Andrews (10 days ago)
I subscribed I wuv you pat Bai Bai :3
Alyssa Cosby (10 days ago)
UnspeakableGaming vs ItsMooseCraft & 09Sharkboy vs ItsMeCyclone
Phineus Matthews (10 days ago)
Bad anvil
Natalie's Amazing Life (10 days ago)
i meant 11:56

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