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Minecraft ComputerCraft Tutorial 3 - Floppy Disks

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FunshineX does ComputerCraft! Tutorial on disk drives and floppies, and how to make a boot disk
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Phelo Saad (27 days ago)
SnarkyGarthok (2 months ago)
Cool story: I accidentally smashed a turtle without saving my code while I was working on saving it to a floppy. To my complete surprise, said code was saved in the world save > computer folder!!! So I made a disk, but instead of making a startUp file, I just copied the old code from the folder it was in to the disk folder and it worked. Like 80+ lines of code I thought were lost! Not only that, but it also had every bit of code I'd written for other turtles I'd picked up before I knew about saving to disk. Computercraft automatically backed up literally every instance of a turtle I'd ever used on any save. Today was a good day :D.
LinusSexTips (3 years ago)
How can I run a disk I found from a dungeon?
twink (2 years ago)
cd disk (that's for entering disk mode) then: dir (for finding out what your disk contanis <program for the disk here> (for running disk's program)
jacob powell (3 years ago)
zaku2100 (3 years ago)
i need some help. when i code my floppy disks. i use this code: print("welcome, sir.")   OR LEFT    redstone.setOutput("right",true)   sleep(2) os.shutdown()  and when i do that. it works. but the same code can be used on all doors so i used the same code for a floppy disk to my friend and he can access my door with it how do i make a specific floppy disk for a specific door? please help.
lapsile11 - HUN (2 years ago)
+Kristian Folke use this code: print ("welcome, sir.")    redstone.setOutput("right",true)   sleep(5) os.shutdown()
William Wheaton (3 years ago)
making startup affect your computer(real life, not in-game computer)
PinkPanda2000 (3 years ago)
Direwolf20 9x9
Nicholas Bennett (3 years ago)
+PinkPanda2000 thats what i was thinking!
austin braesch (3 years ago)
found alongtimeago and its a starwars thing on the game lol
Wa Full (4 years ago)
I don't care how old this video is. How the fuck do I display whats going on on a floppy disk onto a monitor? I have the "alongtimeago" floppy disk, which plays star wars, but it does not fit onto my screen so I need to display it on a monitor.
Gustav Levander (3 years ago)
Make a program like this: while true do shell.run("monitor", "right", "secret/alongtimeago") end
Quinn Spitzer (4 years ago)
i think the tutorial 2 button is broken
Hayden A (4 years ago)
8:41 You know you could just type in 'label set [label name]' to set a label on the computer/turtle so when you break it, all the programs stay on it.
Cake Plex (4 years ago)
wtf...i got battleship but i'm on singleplyer
Toddman Leokid (4 years ago)
How do I do the startup without using a file? I cant change my txt document to a file
Toddman Leokid (4 years ago)
IM TODDMAN!!!!!!!!!!!
Sir. Wellington (4 years ago)
Wait so how do i move a program from a turtle to a disk and copy that and move that to a other turtle?
Nicholas Berrill-Doran (4 years ago)
can you copy code from one floppy to another?
Nicholas Berrill-Doran (4 years ago)
Without using the folders in .minecraft it doesn't show up from tekkitmain :L
supermain vs notch (4 years ago)
Почему все на британском?
Ian Jordon (1 year ago)
Void Craft (3 years ago)
Потому-что это британский задание!
S. Rule (4 years ago)
Thanks man. Still helping us ComputerCraft noobs. :P
Andoxico (4 years ago)
can you copy a program from the computer onto a disk?
Henrik Olsen (4 years ago)
copy disk/[program on disk] [name of program u what it to be in computer]
Mike Knight (4 years ago)
Does anyone know how to run the games made on floppy disks in the newer version?
Hayden A (4 years ago)
Open up the disk with 'cd disk' then type in the game's name.
Sora Nekohime (4 years ago)
+1 sub for you for this.
GreenLeafArmy (4 years ago)
Best computer person ever
asdikfjsgoi;lsdldfkjsd (4 years ago)
when I type cd disk it says "Not a directory"
Supersmurf (4 years ago)
if you're trying to watch star wars, I was too and had the same problem with the disk.
Andoxico (4 years ago)
make sure you have a floppy disk in
Sora Nekohime (4 years ago)
+Edward Hamawy type cd disk
asdikfjsgoi;lsdldfkjsd (4 years ago)
plz help
Igon (4 years ago)
@sherman sebastian if you're trying to see what programs are on it you can do cd disk and then dir to see the programs on it
Mete Sakallı (4 years ago)
Thanks bro you helped me how to program some floppy disks :D (also working for minecraft 1.6.4)
HashSlingingSlasher (5 years ago)
Make them....
Gaming Hawk (5 years ago)
I am running tekkit so were do i find my floppydisks in there hope u can help..... thanks
VillainOfSociety (5 years ago)
You don't say?
IAmPhoenix M (5 years ago)
ur minecraft lags :\
minecraftkiller1997 (5 years ago)
im german... u explain very good and i understand what u mean :D thansk for this video
Plat Crab (5 years ago)
it means there is an error on the first line of your program, it is expecting you to put the operation = somewhere on that line. i.e. you may have put "3 4" when you should have put "3 = 4"
Noscire Nozie (5 years ago)
put the monitor on: top, left side, right side, bottom. then on computer type: monitor [where] [program] an example is: monitor top adventure this would run adventure on the top monitor or else...
Annalise Cook (5 years ago)
This is fun ^^
blupilot1 (5 years ago)
lowercase startup
Klirkatinjsh (5 years ago)
make one?
Klirkatinjsh (5 years ago)
2:19 It was pretty painful to watch.. But good video overall
Jordan Ford (5 years ago)
Just use pastebin if the server has htt p api enabled. to find out if it does just go to a computer and type pastebin
Daamodar Charioteer (5 years ago)
So i'm guessing you can't edit floppy from you computer on servers. Or is you can please tell me i'll love to do this from my computer instead on minecraft. it's ALOT easier from your PC. Please Tell Me You Can Do This. :D
LuthienLucero (5 years ago)
You could also simply add a while(//yourredstonesignal//) with no instructions inside the loop. That way, you get two loops, one does the workload, one stucks as long as your estimated redstonesignal is sent into itself, just checking at every iteration, if the signal is still given. It may be not the most elegant or most performant method, but it will do what you want with very little code. (if have not misunderstood you). Sorry for the bad english. i did not get my coffe yet.
LeonInHD (5 years ago)
cant you use: while redstone.getOutput("back") do end ? :P
xUG-GIBBZYx (5 years ago)
theres 2 floppys try the other one
the11382 (5 years ago)
i already wrote a program on the turtle, but how do i copy/move it to the floppy disk?
LeonKerensky (5 years ago)
okay, I have a floppy, i have it attached to my computer, how do I simply run the floppy?
tsbubba1999 (5 years ago)
When i type "cd disk" it says "not a directory"
aarlien (5 years ago)
it it possible to copy paste something from the disk to the computer? example: in disk(hello hello) and ctrl+c (hello hello) and ctrl+v in the computer?
SchlotyGaming (5 years ago)
Direwolf20 w00t!
FerventBlack (5 years ago)
thumbs up if you can hear the xylophone in the background
jeffrey lane (5 years ago)
if it says [string "Startup"] :1: '=' expected there is misspelling in the program
Osla (5 years ago)
AAAAGHH Ffs all i want to do is put star wars on a fucking disk but there isnt a tutorial anywhere someone please help me?
Azadan Hormuz. (5 years ago)
Sorry but I got it. It is cd /
Azadan Hormuz. (5 years ago)
How do you leave a directory? Like when it appears >rom instead of just >
Kaine Crooks (5 years ago)
Every time I write on the floppy disk When I take it out and put it back in it wipes the disk help please
uncledrunky (5 years ago)
is it possible to copy a program from a floppy to different computers? (what I'm trying to do is write a simple door lock program, then copy it to a few other computers, is this possible?)
GaMeOvErRules (5 years ago)
I really appreciate your responds.. but psudocode doesnt help because I have the psudocode in my head... but its writing the actual lua code that idk lol.
sharperguy (5 years ago)
youd want something like (this is psudocode not lua) while(true): if(running): --- output logic for circuit --- if signalA then running = false else: --- if not signalA then running = True
FunshineX (5 years ago)
You'll wand to look at the os.pullEvent() to detect when a redstone state changes
GaMeOvErRules (5 years ago)
I have written repeat program that i will output a red stone single at certain intervals and what not but do you know how to have it so maybe I can use a while or if statement to check if a active red stone single is coming in the back and if there is then it will stop the program but then when its turned off then the programming will resume...
Gold Trousers (5 years ago)
no shit
Brook Tree (5 years ago)
you buildz that house
EyesAreSquare (5 years ago)
Hey, can I save files on my floppy to the turtle itself? So that when I move it it retains the file
The235Anil (5 years ago)
well it is a programming luacomputercraft tutorial, but jsut not actual stuff outside from the mod
Kronos Kinslayer (5 years ago)
I run minecraft on a Mac and on tekkit so what should I do to write the floppy disk?
Knighthood (5 years ago)
Really wish you would say what things sand for and mean E.G a shell command... What is it!? But I'm guessing it basically enables the startup function..
Rallemuuss (5 years ago)
What does shell do?
mikirapsable (5 years ago)
Really useful!
mikirapsable (5 years ago)
Axelios (5 years ago)
Rondouglas, the button in this video to go to "tutorial 2" just goes to the start of this video. Also, good tutorials.
tron cat (5 years ago)
yes, but when i reboot the computer, it says that line in red (its an advanced computer) When i did the PASSWORD program, i just typed in the program name. I treid that with the Startup program, and it says that line. But when i do Edit Startup, it goes to the program.
FunshineX (5 years ago)
Can you copy the entire line that you are trying to run to start the program? The startup program should just run automatically when the computer reboots
tron cat (5 years ago)
Hey, why when i try to run a program from the floppy, it says, bios:338: [string "Startup"] :1: '=' expected
ObeyPenguin (5 years ago)
How could I do this in multiplayer?
TheSkildScope (5 years ago)
How do i get programs off my Floppy drive and put them on my turtle?
Zanda Games (5 years ago)
wow your better than DW20
vacer25 (5 years ago)
@ 7:25, I think the computer will check it's rom directory for a startup file first right ?
AwesomePower1234 (5 years ago)
dont copy that floppy lol
is there any way to create a text file with computercraft? I was thinking of making txt files with lua for a notepad like application on a server
that's an opinion
maybe your an absolute moron who doesn't know how to use a computer
Niels Kersic (5 years ago)
That's just the name of the world he is playing in. So if you called your world ''STUFF'', it would be in: .minecraft --> saves --> STUFF --> computer --> disk.
Lyra125 (5 years ago)
How can I copy a program written on a turtle and put it on a disk and vise-versa?
Intelligar Makier (5 years ago)
I type in dir and it doesn't show directory
Reconzile (5 years ago)
The sound on the prvious ones was so low. WHen this suddenly came on, I almost ended up with my head through the roof.
deezebee2 (5 years ago)
You sir, are a dumbass. This is a tutorial for a minecraft mod, not for programming.
jakerman416 (5 years ago)
When I add a program to a floppy disk and try to run it on a different computer, it doesn't show the new program on that computer, but when I put it back in the computer i made it on, it shows up.
TotalMinecrafter38 (5 years ago)
9x9 FTW
Hughsie28 (5 years ago)
You know theres a thing called "google" or if your still stubborn I'm fluent in 11 programming languages including LUA featured in this video - Shell.Run("programnamehere") runs anything thats in your base directory or in adjacent directory's that it finds, shell means the block or "frame" in which the directory is housed and run is execute the program and this is a computercraft tutorial not a programming tutorial
FunshineX (5 years ago)
this is a computercraft tutorial, not a lua or programming tutorial
Flashfoxpro (5 years ago)
lol 9x9 dire must live there :P
Carl Mulvaney (5 years ago)
thanks man! your tutorials are awesome by the way
FunshineX (5 years ago)
separate addon. go check out the cmputercraft forums the tutorial program is easy to find.
Carl Mulvaney (5 years ago)
Hey, I use ComputerCraft in tekkit and I can't seem to find the ComputerCraft Tutorial Series folder. Any ideas?
Filipe Rodrigues (5 years ago)
its a 9by9
JonE999 (5 years ago)
How do i copy things from a turtle to a floppy disk?
Cancerous Memer (5 years ago)
dude your build that house...
Adam Isenberg (5 years ago)
Adam Isenberg (5 years ago)
startup:2: attempt to index ? (a nil value)
Garad Watkins (5 years ago)
my floppy disks aren't naming them selves after i use label set left (name)
minecraftkid309 (5 years ago)
well, a griefer would just break the door, thinking how much iron they saved :P
FunshineX (5 years ago)
RedPower2 also has floppies. Make sure you crafted the correct one for ComputerCraft

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