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Text Comments (554)
Faiza Ali (2 days ago)
This not are race
edoardo borsarelli (3 days ago)
Like il u watch this in 2018 .-.
aabyss gaming (3 days ago)
yehh i saw it
Nana Gacha (6 days ago)
I don like you harry
Luke Moonshine (18 days ago)
Whoever is watching, watch 3:19 - 3:34 with 0.25 speed. 👍
Ralph Lloren (22 days ago)
So this is why it took for 12 minutes if your so good at this it will take 10 minutes
afif fans (1 month ago)
you are the best youtuber minecraft ever so many troll😂
domance coprada (1 month ago)
Do wipeout
BearLove3 (1 month ago)
Aj lov Jeri and hari
gijs leest (1 month ago)
hoi ik ben nederlands
Bomber RobloxGamerTH (1 month ago)
It american ninja warrior
Aiscelle Lee (1 month ago)
jerry is more better at parkour
Gaming Overstar (1 month ago)
Ok ima build a remake good I’m not Minecraft But Ima Build Les goo
Dylan Le (2 months ago)
Old skool
Alina Scarlat (2 months ago)
1nsaneCha0s F1th3r (2 months ago)
I saw it
Baderx (2 months ago)
jerry is a best ninja xd
the Scrub of the day is (3 months ago)
I saw the shortcut.
Ice Aiden Khi [Mii Form] (3 months ago)
4:38 Ohhhhhhhh,BABY!
TECH (3 months ago)
Amazing short cut👌
Roger Lucero (3 months ago)
I always watch American Ninja warrior
The Epic Noobster (3 months ago)
New Challenge!!! Play Fortnite Battle Royale! With Ninja...
Daan Leeraar (3 months ago)
I LOVE THAT INTRO!!!! <33333333
Swampert Youtube (3 months ago)
8:00 "WAT!!! WAT!!!! WAT!!!!"😂😉
Bert Arceo (4 months ago)
i subcibed
Leonarda Gonzales (5 months ago)
I saw that
Primusox Zyill (5 months ago)
Sometimes I don’t even know who of them are talking.
Calvin Gallo (5 months ago)
I'm your biggest fan! I watch your vide every day!
*because if you walk over it makes you AHHHHHH*
Karlos Karlsepticeye (5 months ago)
Harry:AAAHHH I FELL Jerry:You fell? Rewind
Jerry Wang (5 months ago)
I a fan of Jerry since my name is the same'nn
[GD] Levizu (5 months ago)
i cryed like little baby in this video!
TheDiamond Offcial (5 months ago)
Ur laugh is like Lucas and Marcus laugh 😵
John Papadomichelakis (5 months ago)
i saw dat shortcut
Abi Wira (6 months ago)
Simba Lion-K (6 months ago)
Willy Wonka (6 months ago)
I saw it.
Johan Sebastian Chavez (6 months ago)
Team jerry
parveen haroon (7 months ago)
Harry smell like poop and Jarry. Is great😁😁😁😁🌝🌹
Mike Chooi (7 months ago)
Docker 911 (7 months ago)
Do another ninja warrior map with smart moving mod👍
SkoleBruk (7 months ago)
I saw it
nigel schoonenberg (7 months ago)
I have a joke Vwiew more...
lilswag_28 lilswag28 (8 months ago)
I saw it
infinityGtd (8 months ago)
Harry sucks
Yi Leng Vang (8 months ago)
jerry is epic harry is ok
Anonymous Sandwich (8 months ago)
Finally the channel name makes sence
Wes Yang (8 months ago)
I saw that 😀😀
krypto lu (8 months ago)
lol hoo yes, hoo yes, hoo..yes
MLG Hog rider (8 months ago)
See it
Wolf Gaming (8 months ago)
there are so bad at parkour XD
Blue Plays (8 months ago)
7:23 I Laughed When he said WHAT!!!! 😂😂
fullgaming (8 months ago)
14:00 its not sasuke final its naruto final
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
jerry: excellent 3 fail 1 that's very very good
Phantom (8 months ago)
Shut up XD you have like 20 Comments! XDD
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
jerry: excellent 3 fail 1 that's very
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
harry: excellent 1 fail 3 that's very bad
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
jerry won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
jerry won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
jerry won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
jerry won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
nooooooo harry won
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
jumping on the mobs head
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
jerry won again!
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
jerry won again!
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
jerry won again!
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
jerry won!
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
jerry won!
Victor Ng (9 months ago)
jerry won!
david sellers (9 months ago)
It is wipe out all over again
Mimoza225 (9 months ago)
When facecam
NATHAN (9 months ago)
2:21 jerry sounds like waluigi
Landen Paul (9 months ago)
I blame it on Jerry for pushing Harry so Harry eon
TronicLighting (5 months ago)
Jerry waited for Harry so u didn't watch the whole video ass
karalhagen (9 months ago)
Never chet
Rowan Parker (9 months ago)
I saw that!
Rowan Parker (9 months ago)
Dato Dato (10 months ago)
Good vidio
Daris Dragovic (10 months ago)
You are cheater Harry
Magic Sklár (10 months ago)
I Remember i Gotta dis nap
Izih YT (10 months ago)
Umm Where itsJerry voice they voice looks same
Ramon Carriedo (10 months ago)
Come on ItsHarry  you need to get better at parkour.
Uqglyy Msp (10 months ago)
why did i can see saying "baby" in the SUBTITLES?😂😂😂
Phantom (8 months ago)
Hahaha wow XD
Azzy Does Animations (10 months ago)
Im cheering for JERRY!!
GamingWith Jun (10 months ago)
Ninja Parkour
Seir0n Zephyr (10 months ago)
I saw the shortcut XD
Vincent Michael Comia (10 months ago)
Yes I see that I'm fan of you
Ndzbezinhle Kubelo (11 months ago)
Yes I did see
mewmew66 (11 months ago)
가시란로첼 (11 months ago)
Who is older Harry or jerry
Phantom (8 months ago)
Jerry is older than Harry for 16 minutes
Kimmi Setiawan (11 months ago)
I watch American Ninja Warrior and Team Ninja Warrior.
Fetuli Siaosi (1 year ago)
Madgames YT (1 year ago)
I love you your vids are cool
Madgames YT (1 year ago)
MagmaKiller3000 (1 year ago)
i love jerry when he scream lolol
GucciPretzels (1 year ago)
when jerry was mocking Harry at the finish I was screaming, "YOU'RE GONNA RUN OUT OF TIME THERES 40 SECONDS"
WolfERine 01 21! (1 year ago)
WolfERine 01 21! (1 year ago)
Harry's skin is from TF2 that class skin is Soldier Soldiers weapons:shotgun,RPG or Rocket launcher and shovel soldier always say MAGGOT
Tree (1 year ago)
Whoelse is a huge ANW fan?
Melio 1R.BLAZ3 (1 year ago)
Can you guys please make a build battle against each other please🗼 +😊+🚎+💒+🐍
Khim pangilinan (1 year ago)
I see it

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