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Minecraft: DAMN PRESSURE PLATES - SPRINT Race with Saul & Potato

2324 ratings | 118809 views
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Text Comments (242)
Ayxan Şükürlü (1 month ago)
PunagePotato the vvinner!
Master gamer1980 (1 month ago)
1:47 Suck it suck Wtf
Marios Aivazoglou (3 months ago)
second is jerry
ITSJ127 PH (5 months ago)
Potato is cheating
Crybaby Girl (5 months ago)
9:46 Jerry is RIGHT. Harry DID cheat!
Elizabeth Juan (6 months ago)
Why jerry not win?
eli eliserio (7 months ago)
Harry 1st and sorry jerry your fifth
michael justin g4ming (8 months ago)
harry suckssssssssssssssss
mxnxnxi (8 months ago)
Jerry or Harry can you speak German ?! Wenn ja dann wäre es echt cool
Denmark Luis Punsalan (8 months ago)
Winners 1st: Saul1337 2nd:ItsHarry 3rd:ItsJerry Cheated PwanagePotato
Justine diaz (8 months ago)
Q:why puubage potatoes lickin everything
Clash Of Clans - Wesley (9 months ago)
Am I the only one that tough Jerry was harry
Rainbow Cat (9 months ago)
Guys who notice that we more love jerry and not harry. I always scream when jerry won. i love jerry more than harry cause jerry is the recorder.
Rainbow Cat (9 months ago)
Captain Cringus (10 months ago)
How did harry get first at the start, I didn't even see him go out the starting line o.o
MFA is great (10 months ago)
Its not fair because their shorkating
Fresh Panda (11 months ago)
I am a fan. I subscribed and liked
Ice God Vegito MCPE (1 year ago)
Will you make another Fartlands? If Yes , Here is my Question :D
Ice God Vegito MCPE (1 year ago)
Q: What is the thing will they build? Pokémons or Avatar Characters ?
anony rass (1 year ago)
potato and harry is hacers
RollyDA NINJA (1 year ago)
I want more off Saul and potato with you guys
PHANTOM CODE Villa (1 year ago)
402k when its previous day now 405k congrats
HumBerkGer (1 year ago)
There is a channel called ItsJerryandHarry or whatever it is with 1 million subs. Which one is the real one ?
ZiRui Liu (6 months ago)
They are all real dude
Humongous 26 (1 year ago)
1:03 My Ears
Jada Cade (11 months ago)
Humongous 26 ACTUALLY IT'S 1:04
Wai Kang (1 year ago)
Nice job at parkour!!
Denmark Punsalan (1 year ago)
Those guys are cheating!! 😈😈😈😬😬😬
Railey Pastor BALILA (1 year ago)
fuck you harry and potato
Aidi Muhajer (1 year ago)
potato and soul are sucks
Mr Auris gt (1 year ago)
Legends Yoda (1 year ago)
harry saul and potato cheating jerry is a winner
GAMING CHANNEL 4 (1 year ago)
Piráti cheat with flying
Snax [FIN] (1 year ago)
Elvira Cruzado (1 year ago)
he cheated
Alexander liton (1 year ago)
POTATO is such a score loser ps he a bicth
Milliex Kitxx (1 year ago)
anony rass (1 year ago)
TD Gaming (1 year ago)
Weihan Untung what about saul 😐😑😐
The Puppet (1 year ago)
cool video guys
Andrej Stojanovic (1 year ago)
Potato cheated
I like your video
PeachTiger (2 years ago)
Mine brine (2 years ago)
itjerry!! you got the winner
Kitty Claw (2 years ago)
All you guys Chet
Amra Periz (2 years ago)
4512431314312fdas (2 years ago)
I do thumbnail arts
BENZYT // benzmcpe1234 (2 years ago)
Lynx (2 years ago)
Harry is a cheater
/ Young-gamer \ (2 years ago)
Potato cheated he flew to victory
jerry is acutually #3 beacuse harry cheatead and cheaters never win
Barf Studios (2 years ago)
1 saul 2 potato 3 jerry and 4 harry becus harry cheated
IB2995 (1 year ago)
Potato cheated there because Harry cheated
Iris Huisman (2 years ago)
Potato cheated as well by flying at the last sec, so its: 1: Saul1337 2: ItsJerry 3: PwnagePotato 4: ItsHarry
Angie A (2 years ago)
Patagonia so funny
Nibrasakhi (2 years ago)
do a face reveal
Sidney Bush (2 years ago)
Harry's a cheater!!!
Brite Gunner (2 years ago)
potato just cheated
thai thai (2 years ago)
Lou Lou (2 years ago)
Harry come on you Cheated thats not fair!
Giancarlo avalos (2 years ago)
are you sure jerry?
Chris Weems (2 years ago)
All y'all cool 😎😎😎
Thaqif Tube HD (2 years ago)
ok jerry, here's a thing...if you are last you can just fly there ooooooooooooh!!!!!
Giles Gabon (2 years ago)
All of you cheat!!!!!!!!!,
CancerAlertNation (2 years ago)
Jerry got second because Harry and Potato cheated
Ethan ChongYT (2 years ago)
Hey all of you I good at parkour in minecraft I'm Ethan Chong
szajlenT (2 years ago)
Fair rank: 1. saul 2. Potato 3. Jerry 1681685552380844. Harry aka. Chiter xd
Bono Ferrer (2 years ago)
At least the two cheated so Jerry is the winner
Just A Kid On YouTube (2 years ago)
Whers hai?
Marielle Magramo (2 years ago)
I said o my gwad!!!!!
pich vannara (2 years ago)
we use <labber>
RHA (2 years ago)
I disliked this because Jerry lost.
IB2995 (1 year ago)
The Animator Minh6969 k
l Minh6969 l (2 years ago)
no, he actually got 2nd place. Potato and Harry cheated so they won't be counted.
Murilo Zaina (2 years ago)
epic parkour!
_eXiLe (2 years ago)
If you can throw Potatoes, PwnagePotato will rekt you.
Why is the subcribers in +JerryVsHarry lower in +ItsJerryandHarry
Javier MENDOZA QUISPE (2 years ago)
My son says that the server is at a premium and is crying
Misfortune Cookie (2 years ago)
why teh m00zick doesnt change e.e it was made 3 years ago...
J_fam0us (2 years ago)
ItsHarry CHEATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zoiave (2 years ago)
Gotta stay on rythim. What is rythim Haha
Benibom (2 years ago)
KUT PHIL (2 years ago)
potato sucks said no cheating and shortcut
JebsteriOW (2 years ago)
Im 999 liker. Im illuminati
TheWF Invasion23 (2 years ago)
No is not damn pressure plates IS DAMN SON
_ (2 years ago)
potato sounds so different.
Andrew Koh (2 years ago)
Harry cheater
Sansan Lim (2 years ago)
The "damn pressure plates"parkour,Itsharry is cheating.
Elisabeth Zagar (2 years ago)
Potato ceheted
Redgreen Lego (2 years ago)
Harry is cheater
SrJavierHD De Corazón (2 years ago)
WHAT VERSION 1.7.2   OR 1.8
Deniz Tunç (2 years ago)
Use your goddamn brain
Deniz Tunç (2 years ago)
Let's think about this....famous Youtubers where there are new blocks that aren't in 1.7.2. Some people these days....
Yin Tsz Chan (2 years ago)
Just completed the map by defeating the dragon(there's a button spawning it). First time seeing a credits long as shit lol.
+JerryVSHarry I like you're parkour map videos keep making parkour maps!!!!! :D
Mrcake mai (2 years ago)
Anass Ajarmay (2 years ago)
So many videos? You drunk Jerry and Herry?
Razaqa Syafaat (2 years ago)
Facecam Plsss
Sade N. (2 years ago)
Your voicessss!!! better keep that shit comin cuz i ain't missing one video
Schaf (2 years ago)
The Thumbnail is so damn sexy *grin*
fuxsicy (2 years ago)
play adventure escape map by bodil40
Deniz Tunç (2 years ago)
I don't think adventure maps are there thing it takes long and there is reading. Jerry and Harry are intense so parkour is there ting
TheMarbleousMarbler (2 years ago)
3:17: No, it's actually 19 and the vine is HORRIBLE (no offence).
Just1nK (2 years ago)
do u play team fortress 2
A.D. Harmuth (2 years ago)
stupid potato cheated, and so did harry. :(
CrazyGirlEspeon (2 years ago)
I don't know how to clap a button, so I clicked it instead.
MagmaCaliburX (2 years ago)
1:Saul(no cheats) 2:Jerry(no cheats) 3:Potato(flying without parkour at end) 4:Harry(flying to end)
Quaza OLD CHANNEL (2 years ago)
Q: Would you kill all your friends, family, or pets?
DopeeGD (2 years ago)
Why does Harry never record his point of view
alecool34 (2 years ago)
q: what is the name of Harry's curse?
Hamster Bear (6 months ago)
Carissa Smith (11 months ago)
The name of the curse is the "winless curse" :)
wrijo (2 years ago)

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