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Minecraft Mod Review: TIME CONTROL REMOTE! (Slow, Fast & Matrix Mode)

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Mod Review Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3E5DE2965FEE6087 Download the Time Control Remote Mod: http://bit.ly/OSaD1s General Mod Installation Guide: http://bit.ly/Ve4ixX Merchandise Store: http://antvenom.spreadshirt.com Secondary Channel: http://youtube.com/AntVenom2 Twitter: http://twitter.com/AntVenom Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/AntVenomFB Twitch.TV: http://twitch.tv/AntVenom The music comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft playing, you can download it here: http://c418.bandcamp.com/album/minecraft-volume-alpha
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Text Comments (2173)
does the matrix remote work for other people in a multiplaeyr server?
TheSpecialOne484 (3 years ago)
Thumbs up if watching in 2015!
MazCrafter12 (3 years ago)
yeah you posted this in 2015 so any like would be in that year or after
Mr. Golden Guy (4 years ago)
are chicken
UBER (4 years ago)
+Chares Conn, Clever
Matthew Waldrep (4 years ago)
On a server, it is like the admins are the agents.
KingPiggles (4 years ago)
mario3214rAJ (4 years ago)
ant is awesome ya
Terrarialord9013 (4 years ago)
I hate cows!!!!
TheBadDogs (4 years ago)
dat is true
TheBadDogs (4 years ago)
lol i didnt even know there was a slow-motion mod i was planning on making a video and this is 100% what i wanted thank you!
Julian (4 years ago)
dude, your a disgrace to the sky army
Jon Storm (4 years ago)
fail he did
MaTrix (4 years ago)
Lol my names MaTrix
ᔕᗩᐯᗩǤ€ (4 years ago)
i see what you did there...
KayleighD100 (4 years ago)
Jimmy Booden (4 years ago)
Sky has the same amulet and shose
HunterKillerONE (5 years ago)
How are they gay you don't have a reason to say that
LoonyTiK (5 years ago)
Can u make everything slow and u normal speed that well be awesome
Tec_NoLoGY (5 years ago)
Its RUDE To Type Like This And How Old ARE YOU? And If You Think AntVenom Sucks, Why Are You Watching Him In HIS Video Here? YOU Suck, you don't EVEN have 1 million+ Subs
Kudo M. (5 years ago)
Guy below is dumbasfuq.
TheTehMe Borgen (5 years ago)
JorjD8 (5 years ago)
Matrix remote should be renamed speedforce remote :3
Yo Im Hunter (5 years ago)
Na MandzioCraft.pl macie możliwość dostania darmowego serwera Minecraft za darmo! Oferta promocyjna jest tylko do 2013-07-31. Mój numer klienta youtube: 1oX0pAj8zZ
Alex Evans (5 years ago)
this mod could be used for minecraft movies
Will Stevens (5 years ago)
Dose it work on redstone?
kelfran13 (5 years ago)
give your self a jumpboost go to the end slow down time=moon
Lee Hogan (5 years ago)
It would be awsome is he used a potion of swiftness with the fast clock
BeezBeez UntUnt (5 years ago)
Jet Ray (5 years ago)
this is cool!!!
Kana Designs (5 years ago)
This mod + Animated player mod = <33
Craig Mucci (5 years ago)
Elise Lacey (5 years ago)
No Im watching in 1231 BC on my iStone
lunchbox0924 (5 years ago)
Hey they both are just as awesome go budder king and the ant of venom
Manny Vee (5 years ago)
HA!!! Nice one
Point and Laugh (5 years ago)
Thumbs up if you're watching this in (insert current year here).
Kfdr (5 years ago)
T4mago (5 years ago)
you can't even spell dumber, that makes YOU "A LOT" dumber than him.
Jill Pearson (5 years ago)
cool mod love it
karen wells (5 years ago)
vinicius domingues (5 years ago)
you are actually A LOT dummer than him
Geoff Masters (5 years ago)
I love it when he does mods
ExplodingTacodoesMC (5 years ago)
4:33 *chariots of fire begins playing*
ExplodingTacodoesMC (5 years ago)
Brigitte Bennett (5 years ago)
No, I'm watching this in 7018...
rainy_ (5 years ago)
*video ended* Totally getting it.
Tyler L (5 years ago)
Look at the gunpowder in matrix
DehDerp (5 years ago)
Jump off a mountain in super slow mo
Big Man Ornstein (5 years ago)
No shit lol
Codeman Gaming (5 years ago)
I downloaded the mod on Jun 15 2012 and now im in 2013!!!!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!!
stillmillionair (5 years ago)
what is it gonna be next -.- thumbs up if you think you shouldnt thumbs up
MegaPixlz (5 years ago)
is this possible in multiplayer? if so, how would it work?
Evan W (5 years ago)
Not glitchy. When you use the matrix remote you go normal speed and mobs are slow, and when you add the fast remote mobs and you speed up one.
OfficialAlphaGaming (5 years ago)
thumbs up for thumbs up
Mini Put (5 years ago)
The matrix remote plus smart moveing mod would be awsome
Darko Mind (5 years ago)
smart movies dislike
Lilliana Rose (5 years ago)
make a lets play
Joemanator (5 years ago)
I watched matrix its awsome
Dorno (5 years ago)
matrix mode + smart movement :O amazing :D
The Great Wooly (5 years ago)
Wow. Crack on steroids...
Adam Marshall (5 years ago)
wildgamer360 (5 years ago)
troll you are saying that ant sucks but you know whats funny is that sky and ant are friends so you are saying sky suck too XD
markymax2012 (5 years ago)
I'm in 2033.
Mine King (5 years ago)
antvenom is a partner of sky
Andrew Taylor (5 years ago)
There's a glitch in the Matrix remote.
Kimi Tomasello (5 years ago)
Toby Tobison (5 years ago)
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justin lee (5 years ago)
It crashes wen
Andy Striker (5 years ago)
Holly Cummings (5 years ago)
Matrix is awesome
DootDoot (5 years ago)
Ant isnt a retard..hes awesome.stop being haterz...\{⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙}/
FlYiNg TyLeR (5 years ago)
Thumps up if you dont like his picture.
Sensei Lobster (5 years ago)
-_- thats exactly what the matrix mode does :P
SmoothVoiceGuy (5 years ago)
There should be a remote that allows you to move normal speed but everything else (creepers, skeleton arrows, arrows, COWS, etc.) moves in slow motion, making them easier to dodge, kill, etc.
SmoothVoiceGuy (5 years ago)
too late
Ian Brassard (5 years ago)
I want this in 1.5.1, cause man, that would be so cool, matrix time!
Gary Johnson (5 years ago)
can u mention me
Niko Vorzaliki (5 years ago)
It's 2013 you fucking hobo! :D
Walid Ghaziri (5 years ago)
uploaded the same day as gangnam style.
mrkrackerkracken (5 years ago)
haha there should be something where you can eat sugar and you have a sugar rush and you go heaps fast
Nic West (5 years ago)
i used the matrix remote and it crashed my game
Lazer Break (5 years ago)
Say You Don't :youdontsay:
One Fist Man (5 years ago)
No. I'm watching this in 2000 BC on my iStone
ForckySpoon ! (5 years ago)
YES! Finally gonna increase my frame rate ! :D
Jellyfist (5 years ago)
didgeridoo (5 years ago)
Carole Renze (5 years ago)
For the fast motion clock crafting recipe, sugar probably for a sugar rush like thing
Nicolas Barhite (5 years ago)
You could set up a minecart track through a cave and rig up some tnt and detector rails and when you go over the detector rail you can go into slow motion and then fly out of the cave in slow motion with tnt blowing everything up behind you and launching you even further >:3
jenferg02 (5 years ago)
yay antvenom
CHICKOW01 (5 years ago)
im in 9999999 i wasnt even alive 2013
CHICKOW01 (5 years ago)
im watching this 0n my istone (-1bc lol)
Jacob Ethridge (5 years ago)
I see this WAY too many times
Spidder (5 years ago)
ForwardMedia (5 years ago)
I'm on the year 2015 and I have the iMat
Sky Trainer Toilet (5 years ago)
No I'm in 9999 watching this on my iGlassPad.
Hotdog718 (5 years ago)
my computer is so so slow it took me a whole day to post this comment
George Pierowski (5 years ago)
What are u talking about of course that was normal speed! cant bielive u don't think that that's normal speed!
Daniel Hanson (5 years ago)
Imagine if you had fast motion remote, time remote, a speed 2 potion and the fast matrix mode active, it would be epic
Zach Randall (5 years ago)
you're messing with time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zach Randall (5 years ago)
you're messing with time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SeanieStarMC (5 years ago)
Johnsulik35 has his own appinion. But at the same time do not be a debby downer.

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