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SSundee and Crainer find a new ore, GOLD!! Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/Thanks4Subbing Watch more Videos ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tjA8zKdp2w If you enjoyed the video, drop a quick like! It means a ton! Crainers's Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MisterCrainer NEW EDITOR(Russel)!! https://mixer.com/snakefistexplosion Try Farming Valley! https://mods.curse.com/modpacks/minecraft/254202-farming-valley Kehaan(Made this modpack!) https://www.youtube.com/user/Kehaan https://twitter.com/kehaandk -=Follow the Links=- http://www.twitter.com/SSundee http://instagram.com/ssundeeyt http://www.facebook.com/pages/SSundee/200010033358843 --------------------------- Music by Ninety9Lives Tobu - Such Fun Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3Oc26AFDdU Channel: http://99l.tv/Subscribe Album Download Link: http://99l.tv/Levelup-i ---------------------------
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Text Comments (10391)
Aasiyah Rose (5 hours ago)
NickytheNinja (4 days ago)
the cauk is a liye
Jose Zzamora (8 days ago)
Wer is tha whater :!
Julia Wallace (10 days ago)
SSundee just use the item hopper to sel!!! TRUST ME!!!! like if its 2018
Julia Wallace (10 days ago)
osama hassan Ale (14 days ago)
with an emty hand
osama hassan Ale (14 days ago)
maybe you left click and shift
Chat lunaire (15 days ago)
The weeds you need to right click the weeds in the mine with the hoe
Liam Watson (19 days ago)
The leaves are green
Liam Watson (19 days ago)
That tree is brown
muhja Gadour Gadour (20 days ago)
SSUNDEE maybe the dark sheep and the chicken are demons when they died😰
Corbin Macik (25 days ago)
One reason that they didnt make as much gold is cause last time he sold (copper,sugercane,and he had 45k) so before was more.
09 Beast Boii (25 days ago)
Omg Theres a freaking Comment saying to put a hopper
RILEY MADSEN (25 days ago)
YOU shift right cklicke
mahirsaadable (28 days ago)
Here's slack 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🐽🤤💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🥒😛🥒😛🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒
BriGuyMan02 (30 days ago)
When ssundee wanted his hammer it reminded me of thor
RanaPlayz -Games (1 month ago)
Ssundee, please don't hate us. We make mistakes! Also, YOUR AWESOME! BEST YOUTUBER EVER! Your videos are the ones that I most anticipate for. Love <3 Rana
Clefano Widjaja (1 month ago)
All of the comment is lying
Miguel Medina (1 month ago)
Aaaaaa lava
NoahNickFortnite 423 (1 month ago)
Jenny Ridler (1 month ago)
Trolled by kehaan
Sylveon Cookie (1 month ago)
Call the goddess you hadn't did it for a couple of days
Jamaica Garcia (1 month ago)
Conner Peterson (2 months ago)
No you have to poop and the n rc
thatbobguy JM (2 months ago)
supply and demand
Syed Kazmi (2 months ago)
10,000 COMMENTS well 10,090
DucDuyGaming (2 months ago)
U need hopper
todd odebrecht (2 months ago)
My real name is Brandon!!!! 😂
ismael bowrin (2 months ago)
Use a hopper
Sence Kite (2 months ago)
Kehaannnnnnn's doing it for daneiru because you exploited and kehhhaaannnnnnn doesnt like exploits
Adam Dirani (2 months ago)
Grayson Chizik (2 months ago)
You started with less money then last time
Stephon Gothard (2 months ago)
The bushis
AAG360 (2 months ago)
you got less money from selling the crops because the crops have different values at different times
MasterSwag_ (2 months ago)
Use a damn hopper..
Crisanto Gato (3 months ago)
What the heck
Fernando Jara (3 months ago)
Use hoppers
Lewis Winnett (3 months ago)
They have to right click. They were left clicking
OPRevenger (3 months ago)
Rajaram Sahu (3 months ago)
maybe you hafto hav just a hoe in your hot bar
Nicole Tapia (3 months ago)
i like the derp ssundee
WR2412 B (3 months ago)
i hit dat button cuz DA TREE IS GREN MEH FAV CULUR
Justin Lolerz (3 months ago)
kehaan is the new illuminati
FusionXM (3 months ago)
He made 3000 more actually....
Cross wiffles (4 months ago)
I think the leaves on the tree is green
knight gaming (4 months ago)
What if your neighbor is the bank
Z Rivive (4 months ago)
Hit the like button ... IF YOUR ALIVE!!!!!!!!!
Hanne fornitz (4 months ago)
Darren Eggington (4 months ago)
wut is 9+10 lol
Otter Gaming (5 months ago)
Shift right-Click NOT SHIFT CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pewdiepie auahs (5 months ago)
It's A Turd On A Stick
Will Ray Low (5 months ago)
shift right click the ground
karingarzo (5 months ago)
You forgot to do the sugarcane
js (5 months ago)
i think kian made it half a year cause he mad bro from exploits
Drvinegroovshin the 3rd (5 months ago)
Fact baby zombies sometimes rides on a chicken
Junior Delgadillo (5 months ago)
love your vids 😁
tekeshiajones (5 months ago)
shift right click with an empty hand
Jeff Gordon (5 months ago)
I thought that you had 47000 last time and 38000 this time so you got about the same. ???
Aiden Solinski (5 months ago)
You forgot to sell your sugar cane
Borutoda Boss (5 months ago)
It's because of the sugar cane
DoubleJz Gaming (5 months ago)
Why no winter
L8terz (5 months ago)
Good video
Jayda Riley (5 months ago)
keecan punished yall again i bet
Jayda Riley (5 months ago)
dang i forgot about wheat so 90k
Jayda Riley (5 months ago)
i think
Jayda Riley (5 months ago)
Leo Tan (5 months ago)
Its because you didnt sell Sugar canes
Pixella Pixel (5 months ago)
BUMBUMBADUMMMMM....Wha-Wh that doesn't seem right!?!?!
Venessa Gamboa (5 months ago)
If you shift click the cafe you can fly
Sarah Phillips (5 months ago)
The creeper is a hero it saved cranier
shadow fight gaming (6 months ago)
Ssundee you forgot that you sold the copper ore
Audio Osborne (6 months ago)
He was not lying
I Conlee (6 months ago)
Barney is a poltergist
Jose Huerta (6 months ago)
i love your videos and i will never lie
Jose Huerta (6 months ago)
ssundee and crainer if you shift right click on the sheep with a stick it should give you milk
Glitter Slime (6 months ago)
they are lying
unclejasonguthrie (6 months ago)
Shift left click
Liam Hunter (6 months ago)
Kittycrafter365 (6 months ago)
Lovin' the series :3
Willowfur (6 months ago)
"The wheat is a lie" I guess that explains why cake is a lie!
Awesome Guy Master (6 months ago)
if u waste all your gold on seeds, a glitch will happen and you will get infinite amounts of gold
Preston Likes YouTube (6 months ago)
It works it is just a punish for exploiting
Laura Ghahreman (6 months ago)
Hi I just wanted let you gunslinger is your birthday 🎁 I was a
CyberZero Maxxout (7 months ago)
Shaun the sheep R.I.P.
Maximum (7 months ago)
Do GRASS!!!!!
Regina Hamdan (7 months ago)
Kien stop smoking weat
Regina Hamdan (7 months ago)
ssundee when you got your hammer back it sound like you said nooooo
Sally Mo (7 months ago)
my name is brandon
Brooks Vlogs (7 months ago)
Get rekt Joe
Kaleb Rempel (7 months ago)
Gary Bunch (7 months ago)
you were sopost to hold both of them i just tryed
Bilguun B (7 months ago)
Lucky block war
Bilguun B (7 months ago)
Crainer the uudd poop
Bilguun B (7 months ago)
Ssundee moro morder run crainer love cobblustohe
Luigi cool4 (7 months ago)
ulif is goku he did a instint transmition
Demonic Pikmin (7 months ago)
welp they didn't learn there lesson from the hammer looks like kehaan needs to a worse punishment xD
Kye Kye (7 months ago)
Shift click and hold
Fabian Morales (7 months ago)
I need some ice for that burn baby burn I'm sorry Sunday Crainer is Bernie Barney is my best friend
Joseph Harris (7 months ago)
English please?
Fabian Morales (7 months ago)
what's a big burn!!!
Fabian Morales (7 months ago)
don't trust some people they can be lying to you okay Ssundee and Crainer by the way Ssundee Crainer is a better YouTuber than you don't be sad
Dawson Caouette (7 months ago)
the glass is twice as big as it needs to be

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