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Minecraft Teams Randomizer - Mapmaking Tutorial

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In this video I show you how to set up an unlimited Teams Randomizer using only a few Command Blocks! All Commands: http://pastebin.com/z3vdmaFX Donate here: http://bit.ly/DonorCP | http://patreon.com/CrushedPixel ==============================­======== As always, leaving a like makes me happy :) Server IP: crushedpixel.eu TeamSpeak IP: ts.crushedpixel.eu Website: http://crushedpixel.eu Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrushedPixel MCEdit Filter Subreddit: http://reddit.com/r/MCEditFilters Intro by AimeranFX: https://www.youtube.com/user/AimeranFX
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Text Comments (54)
MasterOwl (2 years ago)
Redstone>command blocks, just my opinion command blocks are awesome!
Marcus Rokatis (3 years ago)
It do not work
Alfie Edwards (3 years ago)
I activated it and it put RandomTeams armorstand into the teams xD
Cleb (3 years ago)
Hey man can you make flying piggys?
Zebrouse (3 years ago)
How do i activate thi machine? I mean, you pressed a button in the example and then you all went into random teams. And also what is doing the redstoneblock clock? i just don't get it. Is there any hiden redstone that drives the redstoneblocks? :P
No, as he showed at the begin of the command block explaination, it's controlled by 2 commandblocks, one to fill a row with command blocks, and one to fill the row with air.
Swiggity (3 years ago)
wow ... your creations are making me want to make a TF2 in MINECRAFT map .... too bad i suck at redstone
Jeffrey Bediako (3 years ago)
challenge make ki energy bar
operation guard (3 years ago)
How do you actually activate it then? When you press the button, what commands are you running?
Dodisturbedtv (2 years ago)
/scoreboard players set @e[type=ArmorStand] sort 1 it says it in the pastebin.
D3monPixel (3 years ago)
More like: Complicated automatic Teams. You only need a fast "fill replace Clock" (fill ~-3 ~-1 ~ ~ ~-1 ~ redstone_block 0 replace stone 0 & fill ~-3 ~1 ~ ~ ~1 ~ stone 0 replace redstone_block), a "setblock" and as Many "Team joins" as you have teams
Shane Stone (3 years ago)
This is over-complicated.
ReddehWow (3 years ago)
Welcome to redstone.
ReduxRedstone (3 years ago)
Ardit Bijwaard (3 years ago)
What mod do you use for the commandblock interface?
ReduxRedstone (3 years ago)
It's his custom coded mod.mou can download it for yourself, he made a video on it
xxmln (3 years ago)
Kannst du vielleicht mal das tutorial auf deutsch machen Bitte💻💻
KurtSm (3 years ago)
I what did u say
Peter Müller (3 years ago)
Sorry forr critizising you, but its way easier using @a(if you want to [r=20]) and a comperator for counting and then @r[c=]
+KidDiePie The YouTuber the first command from the comparator is one team, then second is the other, etc
Peter Müller (3 years ago)
+KidDiePie The YouTuber i dont select everyone. With @[r=10] one only selects the nearest 10 players not all.
KidDiePie (3 years ago)
@a is everyone, we don't want every single player on the server to be on the same team
KHGERG3 (3 years ago)
I don't really understand what you mean by @a here because you talk after this about @r. And I think the way he showed it is more efficient, because with your idea you would have to know how large the teams are and it would be slower, because a comparator needs one tick to update :)
Mathias Traberg (3 years ago)
I Will make a minigame in my server and i Will say THANKS this is a Big help 😄 :)
Couch Camping (3 years ago)
I like how most of the comments are about optimizing your command blocks. I'm like hey, if there's less than 50 it's good! :)
Posh C*** (2 years ago)
+Red Nomster No no no and no.
mekko (3 years ago)
Korko (3 years ago)
Why using the armor stand to initiate the randomizer? You can just setblock redstone to initiate the clock and immediately have 2 commands (join red/join blue).
NOPEname (3 years ago)
I didn't know yet that [team=] works xD
NOPEname (3 years ago)
+Wilker Santana I think we are all misunderstanding each other ^^ I mean exactly the same as you do. The way to say it was different.
Wilker (3 years ago)
the [team=!] will obviously not work
NOPEname (3 years ago)
+Wilker Santana The wiki sayes: [team=] selects all players that aren't at any team. [team=!example] selects all players that are not in team "example". [team=!] (without team name) seems not to work.
Wilker (3 years ago)
read the wiki for more details
Wilker (3 years ago)
this selection only select the players that is not on a certain team. For example, if i type _/tp @a[team=!Green] 0 64 0_ , i will teleport everyone that is _not_ on the Green team at x0 y64 z0
Trin (3 years ago)
I don't understand why u don't just leave a shematic
nyuppo (3 years ago)
+Korko Not everyone, a lot of people host servers from their computer, like me.
Korko (3 years ago)
Becaure everyone don't just copy paste a schematic to use it. Some people want to know the commands to understand them and use them to build their own system. And BTW everyone who use a multiplayer server can't use MCEdit as the server is not their own computer so they need to copy paste each command one by one.
Inactive My Dudes (3 years ago)
Aargard (3 years ago)
Why so complicated with an armor stand ? Except the redstoneclock you only need one command block per team with: /scoreboard teams join <teamname>@r[team=] I would add a scoreboard objective searchingforteam and give it to players who should be selected. So you start the selection with the command: /scoreboard players set @a searchingforteam 1
e (3 years ago)
Thank you for this tutorial.
e (3 years ago)
DJSG (3 years ago)
We meet again! XD
GeorgePorridge (3 years ago)
Loving that Intro!
Crundee Is Real (3 years ago)
Hey crushed pixel! How why did you change your name? Oh and I'm a huge fan!
Symix (3 years ago)
U can change your minecraft name from your mojang account options.
Sibsib92 (3 years ago)
Very Nice ;)
operation guard (3 years ago)
Compact! Very easy design to!
Treefork (3 years ago)
This is really simple, yet effective ;) I'll definitely try to use this somewhere! You could save on 1 command block though. /stats isn't all too necessary here. You can have each player add a score of 1 to the armour stand if they are not on a team and then have a separate command setting the scores back of the armour stand back to 0. Then again, it's just 1 command block so it wouldn't matter at all.
TheDestruc7i0n (3 years ago)
Nice :)
MartijnXD (3 years ago)
Thats so cool! Good job, crushedpixel! :-)

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