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TERRIBLE Minecraft Advice.... That WORKS

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Bad Advice that actuaFor Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One & Minecraft Wii U! As well as Minecraft PS3, Minecraft PS4 & Minecraft PS Vita - Previous Video(Are 4J Doing A Good Job?): https://youtu.be/zZKVcVlvKyM - Learn More About TU46 Features: http://goo.gl/x2l3Eb - Think you've missed a video? You can check my most recent uploads here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ibxtoycat/videos - My Twitter: http://twitter.com/ibxtoycat - Follow for video updates and personal news - Recorded With an Elgato HD60: Buy in US - http://amzn.to/1DcpKgv Buy in UK - http://amzn.to/1KAjBwY - Music By Bulby: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBulbamike - Minecraft Console Edition Seed Sunday Playlist: https://goo.gl/rDqf8D - Minecraft Xbox - Update Adventures Lets Play Playlist: http://goo.gl/MKvYLj
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Text Comments (1139)
Jayne Singleton (3 days ago)
I got so board he talks to much
Peter Smythe (6 days ago)
Always bring a bed when you go to the Nether on a server.
Peter Smythe (6 days ago)
Boats work better on ice than water.
Peter Smythe (6 days ago)
Mine straight down at the start of every world.
Senior Legend (8 days ago)
There used to be a glitch if you landed on the pig when off you would take all the damegd
Carani von Bianthia (1 month ago)
Did you ever think about making a rap album? You're so fast at speaking.
Kydis Zellinger (1 month ago)
Ibx I love these videos, I really love your content and it's consistently amazing <3 However; please please PLEASE try to slow down a little when you talk! Sometimes I really can't work out what you're saying because it seems like you're talking as fast as possible!
Seth L. (1 month ago)
The word you are looking for on the tree glowstone one is translucent. can't see through it but light passes through
Sasuke Uchiha (2 months ago)
can you please stop saying "which sounds ridiculous on the surface"
Cat Loving Trio (2 months ago)
If it looks stupid but it works, it's not stupid.
Cat Loving Trio (2 months ago)
Seems legit.
Alex Miller (2 months ago)
What’s more ridiculous than landing on a pig with a saddle to nullify your fall? Having a pig with a saddle beneath you in the first place...
Darth Ender (2 months ago)
I knew all of these because I’ve been playing for 5 years now
SomeoneSneaky (2 months ago)
*you can land on a SADDLED pig (or horse)
K9Kat (4 months ago)
how many statues do u make xD
The Ciclyst (4 months ago)
If it works in minecraft It probably explodes in real life
Tex Arcana (4 months ago)
Dude, SLOW DOWN!! You talk too fast!
FellSans (4 months ago)
Why the Undertale music at the end?
UncomfortablyClose (5 months ago)
A lot of people use cacti in their parkour maps for those jumps
Toy Sapphire (5 months ago)
hi whoever is reading this or if you can read this I dont know but if you can read this copy this with spaces in a reply there is a 1/25 chance to gain a sub
Logan Boxy (5 months ago)
there is a thing called potion of leaping ever head of it?
Lynne Howarth (6 months ago)
I new all of them
guns up or die (7 months ago)
You should be rich 🤑🤑
Hey Buddy (7 months ago)
Lol I like the pig one I keep them around my world for the sake of it now XD don’t worry I have seperate ones for pork lol
Beatup667 (7 months ago)
leman frye (7 months ago)
I knew all of this and toycat was wrong. I actually stumbles across the glowstone trick in a treehouse build looking for a way to dim them from the outside.
Used Rainbows (7 months ago)
I love the use of undertale music at the end :3
Leo Drews (7 months ago)
well, most
Leo Drews (7 months ago)
I new all of these
Abyssal (7 months ago)
*Tries so hard to get onto the pig. Me : Gets a boat , goes in and falls down and exits it at the last moment
nyk31 (7 months ago)
Your Minecraft world looks like the world I was trying to escape in the first place by playing Minecraft. Looks like a suburban American commercial district... Also another good high jumping trick that's hard to pull off is landing next to a wall and quickly placing a ladder before you hit the ground
Alex Pearce (7 months ago)
You know you could've just made a group of pigs instead of failing a few times,lol.
when green met blu (7 months ago)
You used each flint and steel 34 times, added them together and only got 64. Anyone else see the problem?
BranBoss24 (7 months ago)
Nice map. Kind of silly how pigs can save you if you click them at the right time. Cool video
Muffin Shorts (7 months ago)
Its Alpine (7 months ago)
Doodoo maaan
Logan .lambert (7 months ago)
Dude calm down geez
GhoulMadeThatShit boi (7 months ago)
how many addys did you take before recording this?
Azorok_KL (7 months ago)
You talk so fast and the video can't even catch up
Azorok_KL (7 months ago)
Are you hungry? kill yourself Are you lost? kill yourself Are you trapped? kill yourself Do you want to be in Logan Paul's video?
NoBeRoger (7 months ago)
Your Worst Meowmare (7 months ago)
So... two tools are better than one. ( ͡͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
NOOB YOUTUBE (7 months ago)
Juniper The Fox (7 months ago)
at the end who else got super hype because UNDERTALE MUSICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCcccccccccccccccccccccc
Evans L (7 months ago)
Quick question for a Minecraft Xbox One expert: Will the Ocean Aquatic update update oceans on my old worlds, and if not is there any way to update my oceans when the update comes out???
Karl Mcconnell (7 months ago)
Wow I didn't know it was that easy to make a tree invisible! XD
What is this an Xbox 360/1 ps3/4
Yamoshi (7 months ago)
H-how do you speak t-that fast?
looksintolasers (7 months ago)
So much rambling, how do you have 800 thousand subscribers??
TheGamingHero 346 (7 months ago)
So I already had a PS4 and I bought a new one and I'm gonna sell the old one. I transferred my data from the old one to the new and I got all my old digital games back. I got all my old Minecraft worlds back but I only got the demo and not the full game. Please could someone help me.
Dan M (7 months ago)
Why does he talk soooo fast, I can’t even understand him, like dude slow down
Dylan Olone (7 months ago)
talk slowly
AssassinCraft7 -A.D. (7 months ago)
I was pleasantly surprised by the outro XD
Toxic Toast (7 months ago)
Jan 18 2017 ? In December Illuminati confirmed
Ryan Toomey (7 months ago)
Beds can be used as TNT in the Nether.
gastly gamer (7 months ago)
slow down
Princess Seashell (7 months ago)
Love the music at the end
The Destroyer (7 months ago)
All I heard was Dkfxskddidhffmdkzixhcwkaosuchrsiaoauadhcnrwmsizjcfjfmckzishdnfm izuashxnxjxiduahwjdmcofpdlsiskdmxkzxjxnxjxicjzmskdidjzskdixnxkzjdcnlxjcmckzidcmxlzjdmxkzodjcmzldjdmzlrjxmkKsjxmzlaismxkKwjxmzosidmzksiid
The Destroyer (7 months ago)
Dude, you talk wayyyyyyyyyyyy too fast for me ( Maybe you should shut up some)!!!!!!!!
TOXIC WAST (7 months ago)
Jesus slow down man............are you on moly????
DOG WHO NEEDS 1,000 subs (7 months ago)
Talk to fast
Saging (7 months ago)
Land on a pig and survive? *Goes on top of building* *sees barn* *sees many pigs* *Jumps*
ee eee (7 months ago)
The beginning was hard to understand, but it's a trend with minecraft youtubers. They talk fast to hide their depression.
Vic TET (7 months ago)
How is he not lagging??
Blizzard Rock (7 months ago)
Man you rap soooooo fast
Scorpion Knife (7 months ago)
did you drink coffee before this video?
RagnaRox (7 months ago)
What does 'On the serfice' mean
yusuf sallam (7 months ago)
Where can i download this map?
UnlawfulSpoon (7 months ago)
This is 100% legit. There is actually a easier way for escaping death all you have to do is jump from a high cliff then as soon as your about to hit the ground press pause and then unpause and there you go you just escaped death👍
Movaixs (7 months ago)
Minecraft advice Dig STRAIGHT down 👌
Jesus Christ (7 months ago)
DrianLord (7 months ago)
You try wayyyy too hard to be entertaining and joyful
KaiDaCanadian (7 months ago)
#6 Not playing Minecraft will save your life
Honuru kintiata 7348 (7 months ago)
Why am I here?
Flophawk (7 months ago)
Trust me, my uncle actually does work at Nintendo
HowTo Soccer (7 months ago)
I knew all of these toy cat was wrong and everything
Iftobu (7 months ago)
If it works, then it aint bad advice
TheGr8Villager (7 months ago)
[tbnr]AlphaWolf (7 months ago)
i knew all of them
Dream Cini (7 months ago)
Why does this kid talk like his life depends on it wtf I can’t even understand him...
XxxJeffyxxX (7 months ago)
for the first one, there is a thing called a water bucket
Shoelatte Nolastname (7 months ago)
The glowstone one was really useful, thanks for that tip
[KC] Kirby 18 (7 months ago)
Is this a video I would watch at 3 am? Maybe
SNickΣR BibBLΣ (7 months ago)
Its not called Parkour... If you are just jumping. I do Parkour so dont argue.
Ultimate Bling Bling (7 months ago)
TERRIBLE Minecraft Advice.... That WORKS But everytime he says "On the surface" It speeds up by 10%
Mushiebug (7 months ago)
this dude was 2 seconds away from being able to have the video at the 10 minute mark (which if you don't know, means the person can get money from the video)... well this would most definitely confirm that he does it for entertainment and not money(i wasn't suspicious at all anyways)
Thi-Antra Chirasarn (10 days ago)
Mushiebug yeah. He tries to show what he wants to show as quickly as possible, talking so fast unlike other YouTubers who are trying to stretch the video
Bryson Petterborg (7 months ago)
Mushiebug you still get money, you just can't put a midroll ad. Any yter that has no midroll ad is also not in it for the money using your logic.
XyeetsquadmlgX (7 months ago)
Where is the advice we’re we all *D I E* Yes
Crispy Sylveon (7 months ago)
u can avoid fall damage if you are on offline mode just press the start button b4 hitting the ground and no fall damage
BL3ND3RMAN (7 months ago)
This looks like stampy's lovely world
luc4sBR2320 (7 months ago)
You know it's gonna be a great video when even the title contradict itself
red rum666 (7 months ago)
Calm down mate... Ur talking 80 mph
Captain Lolburgers (7 months ago)
1: Oh yeah im always stuck on a tiny island with a pig wearing a saddle conveniently located below me 2: It also cancels out your jumps about 3/4 of the time 3: K 4: K 5: I like to cut down my trees...
Rainbow Cat (7 months ago)
How fast do you talk XD
On the surface
TheKubeMaster (7 months ago)
man this guy specks really fast
NinjaMaster3000 X (7 months ago)
'I knew all of these and toycat was wrong' end quote
Mister (7 months ago)
Hey i subscribed. Nice videos :D
Alexander Assenberg (7 months ago)
Apparently pigs are invincible
JdPlayss (7 months ago)
If your trapped on a floating island how can you tame a pig 🤔

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