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Refined Storage Tutorial - FTB Beyond - Mods A to Z

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In this episode we cover a mod similar to the original Applied Energistics that provides great options for both storage and automation. Mods A to Z is a series that will hopefully make you an expert in every mod included in FTB Beyond
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HeadHunter (2 months ago)
This is the most thorough RS mod tutorial I have seen. I've been slowly switching over from Simple Storage but there's a lot of functionality I did not try yet.
TwstedTV (10 months ago)
Im on MC-1.12.2 and Refined Storage: 1.5.21 - it seems that the 'Processing Pattern Encoder' no longer exist.
Adam Shirley (1 year ago)
Very well done... ty
Tobias Ahlin (1 year ago)
Something you forgot to mention is that it can craft necasry components for a craft so for exmple you want to make a alloy smelter but have no iron bars if both are learnt by the system and you request that alloy smeter it will auto craft the iron bars for you
NoBodyPlayz (1 year ago)
Tbh i didnt understand anything XD
summit the meme man (1 year ago)
I'm sorry but you sound SO SIMILAR to Direwolf and I'm tripping balls
Jeroen Werckx (1 year ago)
what about the reader and writer? was looking forward for some tutorial for that part. seeing that there isn't mutch explanation about that part.
Dizz L (1 year ago)
Is there no interdimentional upgrade for the handheld wireless grid?
Jeremy Hicks (1 year ago)
Thanks for the help getting started! :)
Brandon Smith (1 year ago)
Hey, this mod also isn't in the play list
FunshineX (1 year ago)
thanks, the auto-add feature doesn't seem to be grabbing them
Bernarden Vander (1 year ago)
love the video and can't wait to see more mods would like a bees tutorial. Also I don't have tons of free time so if you could make them a little bit shorter that would be great!
Robert Sandell (1 year ago)
FYI Regarding the fluid grid; If there are no buckets Un the system but it knows how to craft one it will do that automatically for you when you click the grid which is pretty nifty 😎
Robert Sandell (1 year ago)
Someone must have made a DW20 tutorial drinking game already. One shot for neat, cool or sweet. Double shot for jump cuts and triple shot when leaving something in that should have been cut out 😀 A shot of espresso or tea of course is what I mean 😉
FunshineX (1 year ago)
or as DW20 would say, NEAT
Killpopers (1 year ago)
A staple of a mod should be in almost every mod pack and turning the storage blocks off with redstone could be grate for an adventre map like this so the player only gets access to items or liquides as a specific point

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