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Sega Genesis - Duke Nukem 3D (1 Minute Review)

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Released in 1998 - Developed by Tec Toy (Brazil Only)
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Loco Shinobi (2 years ago)
My favorite shooter on the (SG). [SEGA GENESIS]
Dad1972hthorn (3 years ago)
Well that's cool I would like to go to check that out.
Dad1972hthorn (4 years ago)
Yes I think it looks a lot better. Doom on snes looked decent, and had great music, but lacked the look of this one. This one seems better, I don't know if it is because I've never played it, but it is visually more impressive.
JAGUARCD32X (4 years ago)
Get this , the Super Nintendo version of Doom and Wolfenstein  didn't run on the SNES stock hardware, as you know it used the SuperFX 3D accelerator in the actual cartridge as the SNES was really poor at 3D. This game is running off just the Megadrive/Genesis hardware. Yes the SNES had better colours and sounds than Megadrive/Genesis but the Sega system had a far, far better CPU and higher resolution. The faster CPU though meant that developers could make 3D games like this without any extra hardware like SuperFX chip. The Megadrive or Genesis if you are American was also able to use it's faster more powerful CPU to do sprite scaling which meant it could do games like Road Rash3. The developers of the game said in GamesTM magazine that it wasn't ported to SNES because of the weaker CPU Of course when the Megadrive/Genesis did use a 3D accelerator chip in its cartridge like SuperFX chip in SNES it managed to run Virtua Racing with higher frame rate than SNES StarFox So yeah , I do think the SNES was a little over hyped. I mean it launched 3 years after the Megadrive/Genesis so should have been better in every area because 5 years is the average life span of a console, so SNES should have been nearly a generation ahead. Yet it had better colours , sound and fixed function sprite scaling While the Megadrive/Genesis had a far better CPU, higher resolution and the CPU could be used to run a sprite scaling programme and even increase the on screen colours. I mean look at Sonic 1 Green Hill Zone, it doesn't look dull or limited in colour right?. The only difference was that sprite scaling and increased colour count via HAM mode had to be programmed on Megadrive/Genesis while SNES used specialised hardware just for these effects, There is lots of games that look better on SNES but on the other hand there is lots of games that ran and looked better on the Megadrive/Genesis because of the far better CPU so I do think people over hype SNES as it should have blown Megadrive/Genesis away in every area as 3 years is a LONG time in console years, I mean we went from XBOX to XBOX360 in 4 years
Marty Moose (4 years ago)
I'd like to have this game as a tech demo more then to actually play it.
Jon Stridr (4 years ago)
Okay, i am brazilian and i have one copy this game, is a piece of crap, but is playable!
floony floon (2 years ago)
+Classic Game Bits the only 16 bit port. meh I just play the PC version.
Pacheko (4 years ago)
+Classic Game Bits  Sega does what nintendon't
Jon Stridr (4 years ago)
+kinsmarts O foda foi que o jogo não precisou de chip especial pra rodar no console, mas no SNES o Doom precisou... Só digo isso: blast processing!
kinsmarts (4 years ago)
é mas voce tem que adimitir tem graficos relativamente bons pro mega drive embora o resto seja um lixo
Jon Stridr (4 years ago)
this game is so difficult that sometimes I stop playing, poor sounds and music, graphics "granulates", this is worst port of duke nukem for consoles Sorry for my bad english
Dad1972hthorn (4 years ago)
I can't help but wonder what other 3d games would have looked like. I think it looked almost good as some Saturn 3d shooters. Definitely better than SNES.
johnhasaguitar (4 years ago)
seriously? this looks like wolfenstein 3d but with duke characters
Vampire Squid (4 years ago)
Remember this is stock hardware. No Super FX, no SVP.
hitek9wittafulclip (4 years ago)
Graphics look absolutely fantastic for a 16bit console. Doom for Super Nintendo didn't even look this good.
hitek9wittafulclip (4 years ago)
Graphics look absolutely fantastic for a 16bit console. Doom for Super Nintendo didn't even look this good.
MrDmoney156 (4 years ago)
This game proves that the SNES is a overhyped piece of crap compared to the Sega Genesis! Take that Nintendo Fanboys! :)
GregzVR (4 years ago)
By 1998, the Genesis was being maxed-out, with devs knowing how to draw every KB of performance from it. I doubt if this would've been possible even in 1993.
Dad1972hthorn (4 years ago)
Looks more impressive than Doom on the snes.
johnhasaguitar (4 years ago)
really? this is the wolfenstein engine with duke characters.. no floor heights, only 90 degree angle walls. Of course the frame rate is better when you remove all of the geometry
Gaming Palooza Empire (4 years ago)
Ya, the Genesis is truly a beast.. I was amazed on how well it ran
Dad1972hthorn (4 years ago)
Wow! I didn't know the Genesis could do 3d that well. Im impressed ...REALLY! Like to own.
Ennui Go Jarred (4 years ago)
It's available on eBay now for $20
Gaming Palooza Empire (4 years ago)
you might be able to find it on ebay someplace, maybe import it from brazil

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