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Minecraft has a HIDDEN Achievement?!

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» My Discord Server - http://discord.gg/AntVenom Today we check out Minecraft's hidden Advancement / Achievement! » Facts & Lists Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZUjf6oq6l9DOOhkUMc3DBIO » Subscribe - http://bit.ly/AntVenomSubscribe SOCIAL MEDIA » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom MUSIC » YouTube Audio Library (HTML, So Far Away, Cloud Wheels Castle Builder)
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Text Comments (1393)
WhatsYourNameAJ (1 month ago)
Savage Eevee (10 days ago)
Fraser Gaming Tv (17 days ago)
WhatsYourNameAJ hahahahhahaha
Tinbacon 101 (18 days ago)
Pizza Man (26 days ago)
AJWasHere nice
Jezilas (1 month ago)
haha good joke edit : yeah
Ali TZ (1 day ago)
How did you understand that there is an achivment like this? lol
Owen Geever (2 days ago)
What about hunger?
Holden Miller (2 days ago)
Screw the update aquatic because they're could have been more fish items and way more life variety such as octopuses, crabs, otters, seals, seals horses etc and even sea shells .
Tao Alexander (2 days ago)
Why not use Creative mode?
W Game (3 days ago)
That 0opsplays (3 days ago)
TITAN Theshadow (4 days ago)
*gets all the achievements* Achievement!: Why r u still here?.... Just to suffer
Joseph Taylor (5 days ago)
if there was an even harder advancement, it would be the hardest advancement, it can only be earned in a server, the advancment is "why am i here to get hit?" there are 2 ways to get it. the hardest way? oh, you want to spend your time forever on a server! which is excactly what you need to do to get hit by every single player on mincraft in a single server!, but the easiest way is to get hit 5 times by a mob or their projectile!
Mikey Sheep (5 days ago)
0.06 remember that scene from portal 2
*the thumbnail said how did we get her and I said How did I get here?*
Ultra Zolly power (6 days ago)
What is your texture pack?
Jalvin Gaming (7 days ago)
You Just Need Tons Of Command Blocks.
botito nos2 (8 days ago)
Slow falling turtle thing?
LavaDestroyer (8 days ago)
True most Difficult achievement in Minecraft: Circles.
On xbox it was a little bit easier to go to all biomes for me
Liam Levesque (10 days ago)
Wow 😇
IronCreeper21 (10 days ago)
there are a few... weird ones. they require serious dedication and maybe an uneasy alliance.
TheTrueBrawler (10 days ago)
What about the eat all foods advancement? That seems rather hard as well.
Cmaster (11 days ago)
Remember when we didn’t have a carrot on a stick so you just had to have a friend push you off Don’t have a friend well tough luck
XxPandaAgentxX Faris (11 days ago)
This is Vsauce level
Sanwich Tenzi (12 days ago)
Oh, golly. If that’s hard, imagine it in “Terraria” with its more than 20 buffs and de-buffs.
Khôi Nguyễn Đình (13 days ago)
I try to get this achiment for 1 millions time now .-.
error sans (14 days ago)
I got it to AND IT WAS SO HARD
minecraft pe (14 days ago)
I play minecraft java edition
Mariano Antolin (15 days ago)
I got adventure time on complete accident, I was just trying to find my house
Mariano Antolin (15 days ago)
I did it on complete accident, I was just trying to find my house
Anonymous Muffin (16 days ago)
I think it is Taking Inventory.
Calous 43 (17 days ago)
I remember doing the when pigs fly achievement on xbox 360...if i remember correctly carrot on a stick had yet to be added so it was pretty dern hard dude.
Fraser Gaming Tv (17 days ago)
You say ant venom fast😌fart💨
Portal2Fan125 (18 days ago)
Did you use Portal 2 footage in 2018? Yay!
ツDoggi (19 days ago)
I've gotten the one with the diamond boots, I was livestreaming when I got it :P
Solesteam (19 days ago)
Now that you did that insane task now make a slowfall potion place a conduit and run to your dolphin farm and hope you were fast enough
Solesteam (19 days ago)
And dont forget your tasty potion of the turtlemaster (if its still called that)
Does exploring to the farlands gives you achievement
deathsign092 (12 days ago)
spotted... 👀
grumpychris (18 days ago)
Kyle Thach (20 days ago)
its 2018
Ahmad Nabeel (20 days ago)
The how did we get here achievement which u cam get AT THE JACKSEPTICEYE HOW DID WE GET HERE TOUR
ramcess the bird (20 days ago)
I actually did the hardest one in under 10 minutes by changing the files so I'd get achievements in creative mode
grumpychris (18 days ago)
I don't think that was necessary. You can already get advancements in creative mode in Java Edition without having to modify anything.
Alex Reshaev (22 days ago)
Wow, the most interesting minecraft chanel! IN WORLD!!
Bradley Atchley (22 days ago)
Most Difficult? You Mean Most *LEGENDARY?*
Bradley Atchley (22 days ago)
my bro has adventring at 93%
Danielle Consolvo (22 days ago)
Matt Damon!
Michael Schlaht (23 days ago)
A furious cocktail? Easy. Command: /give @p potion 1 8204 {CustomPotionEffects:[{Id:1,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:2,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:3,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:4,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:5,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:6,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:7,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:8,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:9,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:10,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:11,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:12,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:13,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:14,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:15,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:16,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:17,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:18,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:19,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:20,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:21,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:22,Amplifier:3,Duration:600},{Id:23,Amplifier:3,Duration:600}],display:{Name:"Odd",Lore:["What?","Thats weird."]}} tip: use command blocks to make it work. Use it to get the furious cocktail. See? Easy!
Trenton S. (23 days ago)
Yay I already got a new achievement at the start of the vid😄😄😄😄😄
ImFromTheMeta T (23 days ago)
And terraria’s achievements are even harder
Well I can say that I went to all 40 biomes on my Xbox....it was hard.
Bill8 Baby9 (23 days ago)
Have you heard of the treasure map in v1.4.3
George Cowsert (23 days ago)
If you have NEI, you can cheat in a super potion with every effect, making that challenge fairly easy.
DJ Zedaywhy (24 days ago)
Can someone tell me when the aquatic update for ps4 is coming out
Poidachi (24 days ago)
the hardest advancement in minecraft is getting a PC
derpatron 888 (24 days ago)
Is there not a levitation potion
grumpychris (24 days ago)
There is no levitation potion. It can only be obtained from getting hit by shulkers.
Hank (24 days ago)
I get the "How did we get here" sequence.
Adam Krause (24 days ago)
Thank god these achievments aren't in pocket edition.
Umm Minecraft (24 days ago)
Easily done: die
YaBoySouljaBoy (25 days ago)
I got the adventure time achievement by accident lol
Jacob Carter (25 days ago)
the potion effect u can do commands i can do it
Zackery Strauss (25 days ago)
*ad appears* "Watch AntVemon!" 'Anyways,back to your AntVemon Video'
Sheenah Tan (25 days ago)
Roses are red Violet are blue The subscribe button is red So subscribe to him
Royal Phoenix Dragon (25 days ago)
Hardest achiment (sorry don't know how to spell it) Head
Block Playz Roblox (25 days ago)
the thing u will fly LIKE AJWasHere said
Smart Name (26 days ago)
With 1.13 this will be harder
derp33squid (26 days ago)
Wow... This is cool! I've heard of all of these, but not done them. I did get the one with the diamond hoe...
CiRdy34 (26 days ago)
grumpychris (26 days ago)
Blindness isn't required for the advancement as it's not possible to obtain legitimately in survival or hardcore mode.
Amanda Younger (26 days ago)
hygtrf5caqASXf vn"?| nnnnnvbgn';/[] |?ngtfrstyhu 7jki va
Rene Rivera Jr (26 days ago)
I am your discord my username is lllGamerGodlll
Ander Cade Gaming (26 days ago)
i got every acheivement in mincraft... then i got bored and moved on to beating all the mods (that i can find). but as for beating every acheivement... that was one of the most difficult things i've done, and i had to get pretty creative for a few of em.
Spencer (26 days ago)
So has AntVenom's viewer base become new kids finding minecraft?
Young Cabbage (26 days ago)
How did we get here? Red vs blue like
Zakeru Minecraft (26 days ago)
just use hack client Wurst and do troll potions , well it does the achievments rofl
EnderBoy 2101 (27 days ago)
I complete all of this achievement in survival... except the How did we get here
Nicky Nicky (27 days ago)
Ive made that " How did we get here " achievement, The you need is every effect at same time!
Gamer X255 (27 days ago)
I did adventure time
Ecto (27 days ago)
why is this in my recommended i havent played minecraft in like 4 years
Trevor Strobaugh (27 days ago)
Hey anybody else remember cops n robbers with ant, sky, and the minecraft crew? Ahh those were the days
asd dsa (27 days ago)
eeem maybe i brake in regular minecrafts bedrac with bare hand i made the imbossible thing i don't how did it no glitches or sımthing i boraked it
Yoan C.L (27 days ago)
grumpychris (27 days ago)
Blindness isn't required for the advancement as it cannot be obtained legitimately in survival/hardcore mode.
kolosalny46 (27 days ago)
yea problem is you did not have burning and drowning effects so you dont have every possible status effects :D
Thomas Conley (22 days ago)
kolosalny46 those are states not status effects
TheCoffee Cup (27 days ago)
Hi Antvenom! Meet Scorpoison
Steven Kallestad (28 days ago)
Why was this on my recommendation list
Bubba Gomez (28 days ago)
Simmons: Hey. Grif: Yeah? Simmons: You ever wonder why we are here? Grif: It's one of life's great mysteries isn't it. Why ARE we here... I mean, are we all just some product of... sume Cosmic coincidence... Or is there really a god, watching everything. Y'now, With a plan for us, and stuff. I donno, man. But it keeps me up at night. *Long pause* Simmons: What?
Darkcelestrian (28 days ago)
No the hardest achievement is restoring minecrafts glory lol.
Mr Potato (28 days ago)
richard nick salazar (28 days ago)
I got it on my first time using spawn eggs and other stuff
Jolie Tyler (28 days ago)
I have every ingredients to the on how to get here but I didn't know it was an achievement cuz I put them all in my basement
James Tan (28 days ago)
Dolphins grace effect
Juan Martín Ferreira (28 days ago)
I read "Advertisement" in the title...
ShadowCreations Mc (28 days ago)
That last achievement is easy, when you have one certain potion. I have it! : D
TomboyWolfy Gaming (28 days ago)
*how did we get here jacksepticeye world tour*
The-Anh Pham (28 days ago)
Antvenom i’m sorry the say this but can you just use comand to get all the potion effects?
grumpychris (27 days ago)
Yes, but he wants to showcase how you would go about getting the advancement if you were doing a pure survival/hardcore playthrough.
秋Eerie (28 days ago)
"Advancements"? Wtf is this crap? Good video, though.
Channel Cancelled (29 days ago)
What about blindness and nausea? Also forgot health boost
grumpychris (28 days ago)
Blindness and Health Boost are not required for the advancement as they cannot be legitimately obtained in survival or hardcore mode. Nausea is part of the advancement and was shown being obtained in this video by eating a pufferfish.
Dakota M (29 days ago)
The hardest achievement is drugging yourself to the max
The Uncommon n00b (29 days ago)
This is litteraly how to be the legendary lone adventurer lol
Erika Gipe (29 days ago)
once part of my minecraft world dissappered and i quit without saving and i was still there
Justin Park (29 days ago)
Stop pronouncing xusumavoids name wrong pls
Justin Park (29 days ago)
U didnt know?
Marie A.K.A agent 2 (29 days ago)
Oyun Diyarı (29 days ago)
Textures pack link ????
RED BEAR (29 days ago)
I got the achievement when pigs fly when I was riding at night and discovered a ravine the hard way lol.
Lukey Ashton (29 days ago)
Lol. I've done this way earlier in legit survival. Not that easy though.

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