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People Guess The Prices Of Pokemon Cards

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Text Comments (2419)
Ang Li (2 hours ago)
They should look at the bottom right, it says how rare they are
NerdDoesStuff (3 hours ago)
bulbasaur da best
Tommy Brixton (4 hours ago)
I have all
Matthew Kresge (10 hours ago)
Wow i was so upset when they always guessed over 1000
Marshall Grimmett (17 hours ago)
Time to find my Pokémon collection...
Shiela Villegas (2 days ago)
That shadow charizard is probably The Pokemon Evolutionaries’ card.
Muffinman Wolfe (2 days ago)
Had to watch this because of the Pokemon, had to dislike because BuzzFeed. This is the only watch I think you'll ever get from me again.
Wrenz Ocinar (4 days ago)
Am i the only one who dont like charizard that much
Dark Cavalier (4 days ago)
5:06 genius
PLO Narco Caliph (4 days ago)
I’m so happy right now. I have so many and all sleeved from day one. Well 1996 so close enough ayyyy
The artistic Potato (4 days ago)
Omg I just realized I have like half of these
Alex w (4 days ago)
my mans expertise boy lookin like Stunfisk
hermit_with_friends (4 days ago)
ive kept my cards just to make sure i could pay off my tuition lol
Special Tof (5 days ago)
Wheres the illustrator its *THE MOST EXPENSIVE PACK IN THE WORLD*
Raul Marinescu (5 days ago)
3:36-3:46 "Charizard is lame" "I picked bulbasaur" This guy got a sad life
Old Gregg (6 days ago)
I remember going to an Asian wedding & stealing this kids Pokemon cards.
Don Kun (6 days ago)
that woman is autistic
RickTheFlame (6 days ago)
UnlistedLeaf baby
Bxrsxrks (6 days ago)
Me at 13 : Mom! Don't throw my pokemon and yu gi oh cards away, I'm gonna make some money later off of them! My mom : *proceed to give them to some random kids * Me after this video : Well you owe me a lot mother. A LOT. 😢
Robert Painter (6 days ago)
why in the heck guesses 500 for a dam pokemon card, who in the hell guess 5 grand for a pokemon card....
Peterkaboomi Train (6 days ago)
Happy Cat (7 days ago)
CaptainNugget (7 days ago)
Little did I know I have 250$ worth of Pokemon
Cacti Koi (7 days ago)
Um my friend gave me the card in the thumbnail.... :/
Mario Mario (8 days ago)
People buy them for sentimental value
XxChrisxX (8 days ago)
Mewtwo GX!!
COLTON (8 days ago)
Same jordan, same hahahahaha I collect Pokemon cards because it's look beautiful
Cory Batterson (8 days ago)
Could you find anybody more clueless? Why don’t you go bring the bums in out back for a video next time , it probably would make better content than these assholes!
DeathlikeCoast2 (8 days ago)
3:55 saying the evolutions charizard most expensive, that hurt me
curtis bostick (8 days ago)
Having been a player when it was on top, seeing Mewtwo EX at $2 is painful. That thing was going for like 80-120 back in the day.
ItsTotallyCoconut (9 days ago)
i remember trading a box of cookies for a mew two gx
Neko™ (9 days ago)
Tbh I'm quite surprised the most expensive pokemon card they hard was only 7k to 8k, there r many virtual items worth more than that like the most expensive csgo knife or the burning team captain from tf2 (About 10k+)
deysi gonzalez (9 days ago)
Almost all 90s kids had Pokémon cards
TheInfiniteLoop - (9 days ago)
WHere is da pikachu illustrator card?
Alvaro Diaz-Thompson (10 days ago)
not everything in this video was right, the pikachu with red cheeks is actually like $500-$700
holyvlogger (10 days ago)
I have a like 10 pound pokemon cards
BradHeas (11 days ago)
I sold the middle Mewtwo for £40 on Ebay.
Diana Draws (11 days ago)
ever heard of illustrator pikachu?
Isaac Ezac (11 days ago)
3:03 Wrong order?
The Man Himself (11 days ago)
4:54 anyone flinch when she whipped the card like that
raymond hui (11 days ago)
I don't like pokemon card like buddyfight
nicoli342 (11 days ago)
The pikachu card reveal he showed them in the wrong order :P
rio (12 days ago)
MAXMOEFOE WYA show these pesky peasants how it’s done 😩
Weston B. (12 days ago)
the gril:s like omg i have this card after they say its 2 grand
Tepig Blue (13 days ago)
I don’t know the prices but I did know which one was more rarer then one other so it hurts when they mis order the cards
Matthew L (13 days ago)
i trader my cards away stupidly i wish i still had my 25 exs
Keyblader001 (14 days ago)
I have 8 of those $50 pikachu cards in my old binder..... o.O
youknowitis (14 days ago)
This was made on birthday😄
Saptain Cpock (15 days ago)
I wonder If any of the unopened boxes I have are worth much, they are from late 90's? that is when dad had the gift store. they have been in storage since. Might have to look em up now, there may be good ones.
Average Noob XD (15 days ago)
Time to sell my Pokemon cards
MMULLEE (15 days ago)
i have 10 of the 50 dollar pickas
Lovely Family (15 days ago)
*sees chubby pikachu* yay!
J M D R (16 days ago)
That charizard is the rarest pokemon card
AJ Tan (17 days ago)
I’m a expert at Pokémon ♥️ I ❤️ them!
I have the card in the thumbnail
Nathan Lockhart (17 days ago)
why does chris look like an alien??
TyroPirate (17 days ago)
$2000 for that last Charizard? Is that assuming mint condition? Based on the sleeve they had it in I doubt that that particular card was still worth 2000
Kana Aloe (17 days ago)
The answers were skipped over so quickly
_ItzLachyBoi_ (18 days ago)
Do this with mtg (Throw in a fake black lotus)
CJ Artistique Dorkique (18 days ago)
wait so is the normal vintage pikachu card five dollars and then the poketours one is fifty or is it the other way around? the glare on the plastic covers for the cards made it hard to tell which was which
Sh4dowSniperGaming - (18 days ago)
Wait I think I have that 2k charizard card... Edit: Nvm lmao its the 2017 remade one
Skilled User (18 days ago)
Yu Gi Oh cards for the win.
pancho talking pancho (18 days ago)
The old mewtwo me and my friend had it
deadpool 243 (19 days ago)
How much does a 1900 pikachu worth
COB_WEB_GAMING _23 (19 days ago)
I have 389 of them my teacher got it 5 yrs ago..
Just Jake (19 days ago)
Neil Sims (19 days ago)
Yea but it ain't 2k
Gamer Boy (19 days ago)
Nathan T (19 days ago)
I have one of these! Says everyone that was alive in 1999.
Iron Bootox (20 days ago)
Please let i find my pokemon collection of 10 years ago please let it still be here
Smooth Rod Productions (20 days ago)
i mean a black lotus from magic the gathering sold for like $25,000 last year
Wunbo Galaxy (20 days ago)
I had almost all CARDS but NOPE MY MOM THREW DEN IN TRASH :(
Hydrogeddon (20 days ago)
Me and my cousin found a base set 1 charizard in my grandma's closet.... Idk where it is now
Pupsicle :3 (20 days ago)
I have some rare ones
Toxified Sushi (20 days ago)
.50 cent new to god dam how tf
Isaac Chaw Zek (21 days ago)
I have the rare charizad ex card
Alex1993 (21 days ago)
I remember the time when there were 150 Pokémons...
Pokemon Master (22 days ago)
Lucky I still have mine!
MyName_Not_Rick64 (22 days ago)
I had hella cards then I left them in my pocket one day and my dad did laundry...
Ok...this isn’t gonna work...
SkyRBX (23 days ago)
I own the 2k charizard card
Jacob Adams (24 days ago)
I use to have a print 2 Charizard and I still do
iiFrenchToast 1 (26 days ago)
I have that charzard my brother does
lois chantaux (26 days ago)
Hah how about MTG cards
the1andon1yme (26 days ago)
I have the yellow cheeked pikachu card
Veta Rah (27 days ago)
How could that charizard cost 2 million
Ryan Smith (27 days ago)
I have over 100 gx
Jonathan Wolf (28 days ago)
They want to see expensive cards try mtg.
DAN VLOGS (28 days ago)
The last charzard is worth 10k now
Meow (29 days ago)
I’m a pokemon guy and every one is sooo wrong
XGN JS (30 days ago)
Lmao i had like 10 of those picachu’s
KTUnicorn 005 (30 days ago)
My bff has 2 of the $$$ pikacus im so proud!!!! 😎😎
PianoKat (30 days ago)
Who spends 2k dollars on a pokemon card that you can find in a 10 dollar deck?
Zain Harditsingh (30 days ago)
Lmao, did she say lesser at 3:54
PianoKat (30 days ago)
I clicked on this to hate and say how they have no more ideas, so bye I'm not even watching it lol
WILLIAM RAY (1 month ago)
Looooooooooooooooove Charizard and the whole evolution
Dick Head (1 month ago)
You guys accidentally swaped those vintage Pikachus.
therealrealkingpotato (1 month ago)
Since they don't even know the prices This video makes me cringe
maxZ (1 month ago)
bulbasaur all the way!
I have pickachy that on the video

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