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Embarrassing Common Things We All Do!

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Ju ju (5 days ago)
Whenever I hide my coughs my face turns red and I cry and HAVE to cough, it's so embarrassing!!!! :(
minyoongiii_x (8 days ago)
The most scary thing for me is when I’m at the corner shop and the dude is like to me: “that’ll be £4.50” and it takes me long to get my money out, and when I finally give it to him, I fumble grabbing my stuff and putting the change in my purse, holding up he queue further. I seriously hate it.
Hannah Finch (10 days ago)
Fear: Social Interaction Pet Peeve: When people interrupt you during a presentation, so you wait and stare into their soul until they stop. Pet Peeve 2: When you awkwardly laugh at what someone said, hoping it was a joke. Pet Peeve 3: DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!
Sevyn G (13 days ago)
You know how when someone is being stupid and you laugh at and expect them to be pleased in pleasing you? Yeah well when I was in 4th grade there was this this where two classes mixed and we did social studies or something like that and there was this 'popular' kid who was being an idiot and I laughed and said "haha, you're hilarious....." Let's just call him Billy " you're hilarious Billy hehe" and then he was like "WHAT DO U WANT?" Because all he heard was " billy" Every body turned and looked at me in the room I was in the back. MOST.EMBARRASING.DAY.OF.THAT.YEARS
ÑonaJM_ JK (16 days ago)
*cries while relating*
Signe Morrow (18 days ago)
The trash can one some of my classmates did that years ago once
Amory Cherfils (18 days ago)
Did no one else notice she said Cajun wrong
Valteena Wolf (18 days ago)
The computer one is soooo true!
Rosey TDM (19 days ago)
racoon (19 days ago)
Hi I’m just here :D
AbbiCat (19 days ago)
My worst video is when somebody asks why my shirt is wet (for example) and you don't want to explain so you say it's a long story and they're like nah don't worry I have time like dude just get the hint
Breanna Bryant (19 days ago)
Can you do a lyric prank on your crush and then ask them out
Kate Escamilla (19 days ago)
''When your talking to your crush but then someone else interrupts and takes him away"
sammylil bear (19 days ago)
Im actully early
Rosemary Gomez (19 days ago)
2:05 omg, I thought It was just me, but I do it because what if someone is stalking
Slime & Stuff (20 days ago)
I need a collection of your hats ❤️ Also, I've just been exposed
siyuri villalba (20 days ago)
Haha lolol so true
Annie music LOVER (20 days ago)
When u sneeze and no one says bless u
Mylani Latson (20 days ago)
once i accidentally thought my friend out of the corner of my eye was a grim reaper!
Tina Dana (21 days ago)
Yesterday there was picture of a cake in one of my neighbors Snapchat and I thought it was her birthday so I Said "Happy birthday"hope u have a great birthday and stuff. After a while a reply she said that it wasn't her birthday it was just an old birthday cake picture from last year.... and what is so embarrassing is that I made a big deal and was happy and I thought her birthday was in June....I actually did but it was July
I am A Person (21 days ago)
Yay! That is all I can say when kyutie posts!
twin tv (21 days ago)
·Tabbycat· :D (21 days ago)
Hello Ellen I was really anxious...so I watched this bc I feel a bit better but this helps more 😊
Alae Duktig (21 days ago)
Slimes Galorr (21 days ago)
This has NOTHING to do with the video but Is it just me or does your phone % match the time? Also R.I.P Xxxtentacion
Hajirah Noor (22 days ago)
West road. That is in Newcastle. I live in Newcastle. I have a takeaway on the west road
Disha (22 days ago)
once i started coughing in english class, and my teacher looked at me like she wanted to kill me...
Naomi Yuki (22 days ago)
marble fox (22 days ago)
Thinking of something funny and laughing at the worst momment
Kayla Stokes (22 days ago)
At 2:04 I don't cover it with my finger I cover it with tape so yeah
Creating with Kaitlyn (22 days ago)
U said Cajun wrong! It was soooo cute!
The KAZ Show (22 days ago)
I was in a dance recital and I was supposed to do a Ariel and I saw my cousin and I waved and I ran off the stage and went to my cousi
Mrs. Namjoon (22 days ago)
2:51 I saw a picture of lil can and so I trued typing “Aw it’s lil xan” but my phone autocorrected it to Aw it’s lol Can
Gaming withmelon (22 days ago)
I almost died watching 1:32 LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️ and 2:16 I'm ded and 2:23 I'm almost crying lmao
Gaming withmelon (22 days ago)
Accidentally spitting food on someone's back while ur trying to talk to them from behind (happened today ;-;)
Cloud Kingdom (22 days ago)
My auto correct is annoying I was calling my friend stupid (in a joking way) but it corrected it to "I am stupid" it changed the u to an I
Izzy Seavey (23 days ago)
One time I was reading a book 4 a few ppl cause I was the best reader, but I didn’t want to say the words out loud in front of boys, cause I just feel weird saying them, they were words like wham, boom,phew, those types of things, so I just showed my friend and asked her what the word was
Alexis S (23 days ago)
I don’t really get embarrassed by half these stuff but I guess that’s just because I’m really outgoing
keep calm and love on (23 days ago)
The emerassing thun that happened 2 me at school and fell down 4 stairs but luckily no when laughed but i cried because i was embarrassed
Tristan olivier (23 days ago)
I haet u
Kitten Binder (23 days ago)
My coach said "Paris isn't playing today" but i thought he asked so i was like "Oh yeah i don't think she's coming". And he responds "No, i know i was just telling you." and i was so embarrassed . Like i forgot they were neighbors.
2:06 SHANE
Natalia Herdez (23 days ago)
What about when someone tells you something but you can't hear and it's like the 5th time you said "What"
Jessica Thiel (24 days ago)
The 2nd one. *EVERY TIME MAN*
Me CJ (24 days ago)
With the 'hot' one it was the opposite for me. I said "I'm hot" to my friend talking about temperature hot then a bitch in my class (who no one likes and tries to involve herself in peoples conversations because she has no friends and gives her opinion even though no one asks for it.) said "no you're not". 1. i didn't talk to her 2. I didn't mean that and 3. thankfully she is moving schools next week. Bitch will never be forgiven.
Cutie Claire (24 days ago)
This is the best Ellen
MAGDA AKUS (24 days ago)
Another embarrassing moment: sending a screen shot to the person you screen shotted
Slushie Popsie (24 days ago)
that moment when you and your friends does stupid things and you both started laughing when your voice suddenly cracks😐😐
Nyla Jasmine (24 days ago)
CARDI B (24 days ago)
I'm always embarssing lol
AngelYT (24 days ago)
When Your Typing Something Embarrassing To Ur Friend, But Your Accidentally Saying It Outloud, Am I The Only One?
The Incredible Squeak (24 days ago)
I hate choking in class on water
Kean Cantos (24 days ago)
K Ky Kyu Kyut Kyuti Kyutie Kyutie i Kyutie is Kyutie is t Kyutie is th Kyutie is the Kyutie is the b Kyutie is the be Kyutie is the bes Kyutie is the best Kyutie is the bes Kyutie is the be Kyutie is the b Kyutie is the Kyutie is th Kyutie is t Kyutie is Kyutie i Kyutie Kyuti Kyut Kyu Ky K
That last one though...SO TRUE!!!
Zoey Chen (24 days ago)
*Me: *Takes a Selfie* **Someone Opens the door* *Me: ..*Heart Beat level 99999999999999999999999* 😂😂😂
Salce & Figgs (24 days ago)
The second one has happened to me and I just said that it was too complicated to explain😂
Ayana - Chan (24 days ago)
The way she pronounced Cajun was so cute~
AbbiCat (24 days ago)
This video is like directed at me lol😂👌👍
AbbiCat (24 days ago)
Random Stuff (24 days ago)
2:45 when your crush tells a joke
Random Stuff (24 days ago)
Hey hi
Random Stuff (24 days ago)
Hi me
alphabear abc (24 days ago)
Emiko Fujimoto (24 days ago)
Who else liked the video without even watching it?
Fatima Ghori (24 days ago)
In my class we were state testing and I was sick coughing and then all of the sudden most of the kids started coughing I think my germs spreded.
Warren Robinson (24 days ago)
Who has her as there fav youtuber
Savanah Staunton (24 days ago)
I hate all of them.. *cough* oops...
yaquta hazem (24 days ago)
So can you feature james
TWIBANG Vivian (24 days ago)
Friend: *talking* Me: *Zoned out* Shit.
menna ashraf (24 days ago)
I was with my mom she had a talk in the work on something important and they said to bring your familly so i was sitting on the first row and i caught alot and i tried to stop my eye was watering up and i was empareset as they thougt i was crying after all mom talk did well
Kiriyana Chernishov (24 days ago)
*Paying a large amount with change*
Don’t Watch My Video (24 days ago)
I hate coughing in public because once a week I get a really bad thing in my throat and cough more than 5 times
Crizuloa ‘ (24 days ago)
Bruh my friend says your stupid
Sugar Cubes (24 days ago)
Me: *tells friend joke* Friend: *doesn’t laugh* Also friend: *tells my joke to their friend and laughs* Me: *StArEs InTeNsiLy* _i SeE hOw It iS_
Morgan Xx (24 days ago)
I once had a situation like the first I was in an exam and I started having a coughing fit and I was sitting at the back and everyone turned around so I had to walk past everyone still coughing to go outside to stop everyone from getting distracted 😂😂😭🤦‍♀️
Nanatje_ Queen (24 days ago)
0:32 i would be like. “I’m JUST laughing bcs everyone is laughing I don’t understand it either😂😂😂”
Pusheen girl Dogs (24 days ago)
One embarrassing thing to do is farting next to your crush
Hamster (24 days ago)
How would you get mistaken for a trash can? You’re just like “KK class what is the square root of 40238474892876347892876347893827637849?” **throws trash at student** Student: HEY WTH “Oh sorry i thought u were a trash can :c” Student: WTHHHHH
Katie B (24 days ago)
*saying you’ve seen a movie or read a book then the person ask what your favorite part is*
Trina Kaler (24 days ago)
Thumbnail me
Shania Sangha (24 days ago)
I love your channel the most as you don’t have a long ass intro and actually get straight to the point of the video. ❤️
Panic! at the Army (24 days ago)
*making a loud sound in a quiet place*
Catz 13 (24 days ago)
I'm a trashcan of *EMBARRASSMENT*
jhopes sunshine (24 days ago)
Friend:yeah i feel a little sick so can you buy me medicine Me:they dont have medicine at the place grocery store where im at Friend:...honey? Me:yes.... Friend:ummm...so can you buy me it Me:buy you what Friend:honey Me:what do you want Friend:I WANT HONEY Me:oh im sorry i thought you were calling me indirectly honey im sorry im buying it Friend: . . .
Franchezka G Bacani (24 days ago)
I love you sooooo much can you please heart ❤️ it would be a dreamm😃🐱🦄
Trinity Pham (24 days ago)
Being caught doing a musically like if not urs
xxsophiaboox (24 days ago)
my answers thumbnail or 2// in that situation, i'll continue laughing and they should know that i'm too busy laughing so i can't explain it 1// i coughed at school like 873098 in a minute once because i came to school sick 2// me at school
Jess Productions (24 days ago)
When you go to the wrong gender bathroom and the boy/girl walks in
MaLa 2007 (24 days ago)
Get caught while doing something weird ( true story )
Spawn of Death (24 days ago)
If I coughed more than four times in a public place and everyone looked at me, I'd loudly say: "Man, this body sure has terrible lungs. I gotta find a new one soon" and then just walk away looking at everyone around pretending to ponder who to possess next.
Spawn of Death (24 days ago)
It also happens alot to me because of my asthma, but I actually never got any looks.
old dayz (24 days ago)
the last one was extremely relatable...
Jujubear Plays Roblox (24 days ago)
*Going to McDonalds and ordering a Whopper*
Jujubear Plays Roblox (24 days ago)
*Going to a restaurant on your birthday and have them sing to you*
Jujubear Plays Roblox (24 days ago)
*When you ask for directions and then go the opposite way*
Jujubear Plays Roblox (24 days ago)
*Singing in public*
Jujubear Plays Roblox (24 days ago)
*Puking infront of the whole class!*
Its_ Milz (24 days ago)
Whenever I’m laughing at a joke I don’t understand and someone asks me to explain it I just say it’s soo funny that I can’t say it lol 😂 it works tho 😂
Imani Maldonado (24 days ago)
I sometimes just say the parts of an order that I know, pretend to struggle, and they will say it for me :) “I’ll have the supreme whoo- whoosh...” *“ The supreme whoosh dog double ham checkered slider?”* “Yes, that one.” 👀
toasty (24 days ago)
The most embarrassing thing is when your phone autocorrects On my way! To On my way!
Zilly Cat (25 days ago)
In class it was my turn to read and I get a itch in my throat and start coughing like crazy and say skip me and then the teacher says no and everyone is staring at me coughing for a minute...😭

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