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TUTORIAL: IC2 HOT COOLANT CHILLERS! Nuclear, Kinetic and Steam Power!

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This is an in-depth tutorial that explains everything you need to know how to generate power (EU) from Steam and Kinetic Power by utilizing your Industrial Craft 2 Experimental (IC2) Hot Coolant generated from: IC2 Nuclear Fluid Reactor IC2 Radioisotope Heat Generator IC2 Electric Heat Generator IC2 Solid Heat Generator IC2 Fluid Heat Generator In this video you will learn to build an efficient, sustainable and maintenance free "CHILLER" Stack that will turn all your hot coolant into EU Power! Industrial Craft 2 Experimental Mod Items explained in this video: IC2 Nuclear Fluid Reactor IC2 Kinetic Steam Turbine IC2 Kinetic Generator IC2 Condenser IC2 Fluid Distributor IC2 Steam Generator IC2 Liquid Heat Exchanger Other Mods Discussed and Featured: Pressure Pipes Mod EnderIO Mod Mekanism Extra Utilities OpenBlocks Gregtech 5 Nuclear Control 2 ProjectRed AFSU Mod - Power storage, larger version of the MFSU. Railcraft
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Text Comments (177)
Shàydo Rahl (29 days ago)
Hey, how did you get Nuclear Control 2 to work on the Pessure Pipe Tanks?
Adolfo Moro (2 months ago)
World Download??
Grant Mayberry (5 months ago)
i love your videos but they are way too long
Corwell (9 months ago)
I know this video is old, but how do you add ic2 textures to microblocks? EDIT: I figured it out, great video!
lesdmark (10 months ago)
I am still playing infinity evolved expert mode skyblock and your tutorial is the best for explaining a good setup for extracting power from hot coolant in a reactor. I hope you can get back to minecraft and make videos again at some point as you are pretty much the only person I have seen who does pretty and functional. You even go so far as to make something make sense as if it were a real life structure.
ji ribu (10 months ago)
volume zero ? cant hear anything
Blaze Softfeather (1 year ago)
I feel those pipes are the lazy man's way out, Gonna try doing this with Mek Pipes instead By the way 22:50 ish, you can Shift Left Click to put all of the Heat Conductors into it instantly Tried building it the first time block for block, got about 35 mins in realized i needed to flip this thing around and now it feels like this tutorial is waaaay too long
comic sans (1 year ago)
it's a shame mystery dump hasn't uploaded in a long time :(
MysteryDump (1 year ago)
I'm sorry - I have been in College. I would like to get back into MC soon though. Thanks!
Gavin VandenBroeder (1 year ago)
Pressure Pipes mod no longer interacts with Mekanism, while it may not look as cool, I was forced to use Ender IO Pressurized fluid conduit.
.SpiinDeX (1 year ago)
World Download?
Sylvainjkd (1 year ago)
The most accurate, effective and truly functional tutorial ! Great thank you Chloé, I do not understand English well, but in 1 time I could understand and reproduce the "Chloé Chiller"
문준영 (1 year ago)
Nice guide! i got some question how to show panel on your chiller which is black and showing coolant amount ?
13Lives1 (1 year ago)
Can u upload that map?
VexMex Industries (1 year ago)
ok your voice is a littlebit silent, but the tutorial is really damn nice, Great thing you made there! actually also the only documentation on how to F**** build this thing xD
Pilad Tanatovich (1 year ago)
221 bar and 1mB for 200HU . 221 bar and 2mB for 400HU - needs fours Heat exch-rs. More 2x eu from turbines -300eu .
LoL4.20 (1 year ago)
Can you explain me how to make covers out of items like your reactor chambre cover?
ProjectBrony (2 years ago)
My Chiller filled up with steam and water after the MFSU and the MFE's got full of energy. How do i get the water and steam out? How should i store the energy? (should i use energy cubes? or ender io and how would i get it hooked up to ender io capacity banks?) P.S. After I figured out how to bail out the steam and water, the Condensers and the Fluid Distributor quit doing their job for some reason and the water doesn't return to the barrel anymore, wtf is going on? lol
MysteryDump (2 years ago)
You can see Direwolf20 and Rorax show off these Chillers in a Forgecraft Episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb6UogPOQaA&t=0s SEE 6:20mins... Nice!
Eltodofull (2 years ago)
I guess the pressure pipes can be replaced by the enderio's ender fluid conduit which allows to instantly transport multiple liquids at once in different directions.
Pigatto17 (2 years ago)
In this video by Direwolf20, one of his server mates uses your design for these chillers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb6UogPOQaA
iRaje The Machine (2 years ago)
I love your builds...I'm into multiple mod multi block structures and you just hit the jackpot with this one and the uranium refinery...I'm trying to start a mod pack and would love it if you want to help...
921HUNTER129 (2 years ago)
Your really awesome!! :O I wish I could create something like this on a server thats soon coming up..But they didnt add in enderIO or mekanism and neither pressurized tanks :/
Thomas Malfilâtre (2 years ago)
Texture pack please ? :)
Eugene bodnarchuk (2 years ago)
Why dont you layer some more?
Y0UGUR7 (2 years ago)
Any updated modpack link?
MIGHTY (2 years ago)
before i watch the whole 1 hour: does she demonstrate anywhere how she built the reactor itself? :3
MIGHTY (2 years ago)
thanks for the quick answer also good work on the chillers - btw is there any good alternative to the Mechanical Pipes? I don't think that I'm able to install Mekanism in Infinity Evolved
MysteryDump (2 years ago)
no - this video is only for the chillers.
Breet65 (2 years ago)
Thank you sooooooooooooo much for this build. There is literally ZERO documentation on how to build these damn things. ^^
Tomás Simões (2 years ago)
I love this. Please more. A full power plant maybe? I am good with IC2 and computercraft. Specially computercraft. Feel free to ask me for programs. Great vid.
Enrique Padilla (2 years ago)
Can I start my nuclear reactor with 450 buckets of ic2 coolant and 110 distilled water using 3 chillers?
Simon (2 years ago)
Can I use multiple filters on a pressure pipe input/output?
anders andersoon (2 years ago)
WTF IS THIS SHIET my ear broke
Auzze (2 years ago)
I have just started into IC2 reactors and your vid made it so much easier. BIG thanks.
Drakey Fenix (2 years ago)
is this build possible without pressure pipes? ;_:
Drakey Fenix (2 years ago)
Thanks for the reply. :)
MysteryDump (2 years ago)
+Weyland Yutani Corporation I am sure it is. But I wouldn't be interested in that - this build already lags terrible because of the inherit limitation of JAVA and Minecraft to handle so many process at once.
WalkerEMC (2 years ago)
So I was looking this up how to produce a good amount of Power with this kinda Setup. how much is 500hu in EU?
BRAZILIANCRAFT (2 years ago)
Very nice
hello how are you, I want to congratulate the video, I liked your video, but I'm in trouble, when I turn the handle of fluids are causing explosions and I saw that in his gave no explosion, what can I be doing wrong. is with God.
Edie TomPPaZ (2 years ago)
really i think IC2 Experimental is broke because making electricity is taking more efford that you get from it. Really 2 reactors, 5 of these towers and 1.4 Keu/tick and before you get replicator it is pain in the ass to make refined iron
Edie TomPPaZ (2 years ago)
and an EU reactor isnt option because i cant repair RSH or LZH condensators because of bug and making 60k coolant cells is too expensive
Edie TomPPaZ (2 years ago)
Playing on server and steam randomly gets in turbine space so turbine stops and causes loss of distilled water. Dont know if its just bug but is causes troubles since i cant leave my reactors on if i leave and i need constant supply of electricity. Modpack i use is FTB infinity 2.3.3. Just asking if someone else has same problem
Yayaya123 (2 years ago)
3 days I've been watching every video on ic2 cooling process and I was still missing something until now! Thanks MysteryDump!
tsinch31rus (2 years ago)
Я ничего не понимаю по английски, однако глядеть было весьма любопытно! Восхищает краса и сложность итого механизма! Выглядит красиво, создатель позаботился об эстетике. Так и охото повторить. Спасибо за замечательное видео!
tsinch31rus (2 years ago)
+MysteryDump Sorry, i dont speak english. I use Google translator. I really liked your video! I admired the reactor and its beauty! Thank you!
MysteryDump (2 years ago)
English Please
interface212 (3 years ago)
Can't hear you unless i turn my volume right up! Check your videos before you upload them.
interface212 (3 years ago)
+MysteryDump Sorry ^^ Did read any of the others! Fast reply tho.
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
+InterCo - interface212 Read the other comments, I ALREADY KNOW - I Made this video nearly 1 year ago, and I already fixed it.
Markus Herrmann (3 years ago)
definitely the coolest & most realistic looking build of a nuclear reactor that ive ever seen :)
Gears Of Inspiration (3 years ago)
those reactors taking the coolant in look amazing
cistano (3 years ago)
how do you make those lights pulse?
cistano (3 years ago)
+MysteryDump ok, thanks
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
+cistano I staged them using a redstone repeater from ProjectRed, and adjusted the delay between sections by a few milliseconds.
Glitch erro (3 years ago)
please next time turn your mic on its really REALLY hard to hear what you're saying , i had to just look at what you are doing and trying to figure it out but thanks for the video
nicholas scott (3 years ago)
can you have a world download
Mr. Hymn (3 years ago)
Can you tell me how to build a sequence light in a nuclear reactor like that. I am using repeater and it's giving me a different result.
NerdgineerTV (3 years ago)
+Mr. Hymn just use repeater and delay it one by one and drive it with timer
Mr. Hymn (3 years ago)
I can't find forge microblocks in my minecraft 1.7.10 even I installed the forge multipart. In the mod option I saw the forge microblocks available but I can't see it through TMI or vanilla search. I can't even find the handsaw. I did use mimbis microblocks to substitute the forge microblocks instead BUT it doesn't work the same way as forge microblocks did.
Mr. Hymn (3 years ago)
I like this video very much but can you amplify your voice in this video? I turned my volume to max but still a bit low for me though. just +3 or +6 db that would be enough
gijs baker (3 years ago)
could you plz make a tutorial about how to download this mod, I tried it several times on different websites and different versions. but it still doesn't work. plz can you help me. (i also used the bdlib mod)
ItzkdogeYT (3 years ago)
I Can't Find AFSU Mod
TheRainbowLaunchpadder (3 years ago)
Hey i was wondering if you had a map download for this map that you were working on. I LOVE your mod pack its awesome!
Bill Marlow (3 years ago)
pomoroz (3 years ago)
i have problems with this chiller. It's generating electricity, no water in turbine. All set up, i look this video 10 times but it's explode. It's possible that mod was updated and now it's have some lags? Thx for answer, and soory for my eng. :D Help me please
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
YOU CAN NOW DOWNLOAD MY MODPACK AND MY SERVER'S WORLD FILE AND ENJOY!  You will need to set the world up using my "Server ModPack". I have complete downloads. The world file can not be run in Single Player Mode - It must be set up as a server.  I have a Mod Pack for both a Sever Version and a Client Version.  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q2SP6gKr2BV8xyWUOPcAdo6ogpNpiLCyMQjZM0Va4vo/edit?usp=sharing
Liam438 (2 years ago)
what is the seed 4 that world?
Fatih Yilmaz (3 years ago)
+MysteryDump first of all awesome vid man i never saw someone who build such things with so much love.. i have a question for ur modpack. isnt it too much for a server to manage mods with a size of 150mb for example? i mean i love the mods in ur pack but im realy scared that i put too much in my server so i cant even play lagless anymore
Tao Masaki (3 years ago)
Enjoyed the video, nice set up shall be using this soon :) If you havent already done and would mind doing so could you either make a video about how to do the microblocks or pm me how to, eitherway works for me :) Thanks Also looked at some of your other videos around GregTech and I agree with you its a brilliant mod
Tao Masaki (3 years ago)
+Tao MasakiFound a way around it to get the reactor chamber skin as a block using the ender io facades, but would still be nice to know how to do the microblocks in case I need to do some covers :P
Levi Toomsen (3 years ago)
Thank you! This is so much help to me! The techniques an mods you showed me really benifited my playing experience.
Alex Tarbox (3 years ago)
this is hands down the best tutorial video i have found so far (and the best looking setup too, similar taste in the way id prefer things to look), but even with checking out all your newer videos, this is the only one ive found that explains step by step, how to build something. the other videos briefly covered bits and pieces of things you already built and that's it. is there any way you could make even a some what simple (if possible to make anything simple) tutorial explaining the workings of the fluid nuclear reactor and how to build it and link it to the cooling towers properly, and what to do to build the refinery too, what not to do, what is needed, a general concept of what is supposed to be doing what, etc, just like you did in this video. im entirely new to using IC2 and got a lot of ideas, but i have no clue how things are supposed to work or what i do and dont need so i dont go overboard with building, or so i dont leave important things out and have a meltdown in the reactor. i know its asking a lot but i would love such a tutorial and im sure others would love it too. so many videos explain how people make things but no one ever really gives details, they just show off the finished product and expect you to understand
Leo Maxwell (3 years ago)
I let out a big sigh when i saw an hour long video, but over 95% of that was educational and this points out alot of new information with the fluid reactors, kinetic and heat energy blocks. Ended up being worth every minute, thank you.
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
+Leo Maxwell Thank you very much :) Be sure to check out the update to this Power Plant, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROkx6EsMhm4
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
813 (3 years ago)
Plz turn up da sound i can't hear :-(
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
You can find micro blocks, by installing Forge Multipart.   http://files.minecraftforge.net/ForgeMultipart/
Hunter Pope (3 years ago)
How do i find the micro blocks mod its not on the list anywhere?
Retro Rick (3 years ago)
really cool
Fureiman (3 years ago)
Oooh great! You earned yeself a sub!
Jonathan Arcieri (3 years ago)
I love your video, can you show or type the recipes for the copper boiler and the steam turbine, i cant find it anywhere
Massey Ferguson (3 years ago)
try this setup with MOX fuel rods i have a stable reactor that puts out 900 Hu/s hasent gone over temp yet link:http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/v3/reactorplanner.html?21p7h4j1p31v8i3knsl54k07dqo8do8ia3v3lhmnen8qphow2vbz36w549leokjo6vugzfk0dkt5vk0
Richard Bays (3 years ago)
Love what you've done here.  I enjoy Minecraft for the same reason you do.  Engineering field and building is a great entertainment for me.  I know these are custom mods, but what did you use for the Hot Coolant tanks.  I tried Dynamic tanks, but just doesn't quite do  what I want.  Again, love what you've done to the place!
Richard Bays (3 years ago)
+Richard Bays Never mind, found the tanks. The filter feature doesn't work, but they work.
Pete Rosenberg (3 years ago)
Sound is VERY quiet.  Had to turn off my game sound off, and turn my speakers to max in order to hear you.
Alex Barker (3 years ago)
how do you get the reactor chamber cover for forge microblocks?  
Daan Vos (3 years ago)
Can someone explain hoe to make superheated coolant? Please
MrPhilips :P (3 years ago)
hi whats mods are you using?
austin schlegel (3 years ago)
how do make the fluid reacters i have not played since 1.4.6 when you only had basic reacters i need some help
a001tom (3 years ago)
is this in ftb?
a001tom (3 years ago)
oh cool
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
No - this is my own custom pack.
Cryanda (3 years ago)
This might've already been answered, but would you mind including this exact setup with the Pressure Pipes Tanks? Or perhaps a video on your Nuclear Reactor in general? I want to get those tanks to work correctly. (I saw your other video on them, still confused. xD) Thank you, and this is an AWESOME tutorial. ^-^
George Cristodoulou (3 years ago)
Please fix the sound ... This video is awesome
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
This was one of my first recordings. I have since fixed the issue. This was a derp on my part. Glad you like the video content atleast :)
GaudyMarrko (3 years ago)
feed the beast is making me feel like a minecraft noob all over again, thanks for the vid
Shane Carroll (3 years ago)
xD why ru using a voice changer? It sounds retarded
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
I'm not using a voice changer. I have a problem with my vocal cords from an injury. Sorry :(
E.Hellbrand (3 years ago)
dosent sound like one >_> I've heard more than a few as well.
Martin Rojo (3 years ago)
How did you do the light pulsers? they look great
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
I'll demonstrate this in a future video.
Matt Johnson (3 years ago)
Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed watching this, I'll be downloading all of the mods you've mentioned(especially enderIO and pressure pipes), and you certainly have a new sub :). Also, I am very curious as to how you made the IC2 blocks into forge microblocks as you mentioned. 
Giancarlo De Nisi (3 years ago)
Great build, today i start to create ic2 coolant, but when i finish i see the empty barel refiling with ic2 coolant but the hot get down. How to create an infinite loop? I'm italian and your explanation is very easy to understanding
Timothy Scott (3 years ago)
tried to do this and the steam gen explode, they can;t get distilled water
Timothy Scott (3 years ago)
nvm i was a retard i did the enderio pipes backwards lol
yspotua (3 years ago)
I really appreciate this vid.  Hard to find ANY documentation on the new IC2 stuff.  I just wanted to add that ejector upgrades can be configured to only eject in a certain direction, by shift right click them on a block/machine while facing the direction to eject.  You can see which direction it is set to eject by the arrows.
Winters (3 years ago)
It's a clever set up but I can't help feeling that that pipe mod is a little lame. Anything connects to anything through a single pipe, with instant transfers? Seems to me that it takes something away from the game play, making it a bit of a cheat.
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
Yes, and no. There comes a point when too many pipes make it impossible to keep server lag down, or the size of a build. Yes, It is a "magical thing" I will agree, but then again, Minecraft isn't exactly reality. I do my very best to build a set up that requires other machines and infrastructure to support and run it, but at some point, the build becomes too big and Minecraft simply can not support it. The Pressure pipes mod earns its name, because it take the pressure off the server. lol
CraftCity (3 years ago)
mann ich brauch die  mod Nuclear Control  1.7.2  das es auf mein srevr lauft  und bei  mir -.-  bitte  helfe  mir ein bitte  
CraftCity (3 years ago)
und kann mann das schafen  für  1.7.2? will .1.7.10 will nicht  laufen  im mein hoster leider  -.- darum muss ich  1.7.2 nehmen  würde  mich gantz doll  freuhen wenn du  mir da helfen kann  
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
Update to 1.7.10 - Problem solved. Seriously - why not just update? 
Zincz124 (3 years ago)
texture pack always ruins tutorials
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
I'm not actually running a texture pack. But I agree with you.
Ryan Moore (3 years ago)
I must agree with John Lvey, Simply brilliant!.....  Grade = A*
Lee2dee2 (3 years ago)
you can make the facades transparent for working on stuff if you hold a yeta wrench in your hand and scrol up or down.. you can also select individual ender io pipes/tubes the same way.
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
Thanks for commenting. I was aware of that, and, sometimes I like to make the entire floor our of the EnderIO Facades so I can make it disappear to work on / view.
John Ivey (3 years ago)
This was a brilliant set up I love your attention to detail. Very, very cool stuff! Your Defiantly getting my sub Great work!
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
Thank you!
John Doe (3 years ago)
Lol you have the coolest username of all time. :D
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
Thank you
alessandro bonera (3 years ago)
Hey... is it possible to download this reactor... it would be amazing... if there is someway please let me know... i would be very thankful with you...  
alessandro bonera (3 years ago)
if you can send me a copy of the savegame it would be amazing... this is my email adress if you or others that read this post can manage to send me a savegame of a interesting reactor... [email protected]
Tyriael Soban (3 years ago)
+MysteryDump  I must say that this, looks awesome. Though, like a few guys on the InfiTech2 pack - were a little disappointed with the output of a substantially more expensive setup compared to straight MoX. Its not going to deter me though, i actually want to take a look at it either way - towards that end, our pack dosnt use Mekanism or Pressure Pipes Mod, What can you recommend to do the jobs of the items that you have used from the aforementioned mods? (the full mod list for InfiTech 2 can be found on the FTB/3rd party packs list)
Andreas .gynning (3 years ago)
+Tyriael Soban i don't know but it can ekstrakt 200mb/t and can send 800mb/t truh each Conduits
Tyriael Soban (3 years ago)
Infitech2 modifies alot of the standard bits and pieces, im not sure if the conduit throughput is the same on E/IO.
Andreas .gynning (3 years ago)
No all normal ftb Direwolw 1.7.10 I do have to youse more than 1 to and from the reaktor
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
Did you have to adjust EnderIO's conduit thru-put in the Config?
Andreas .gynning (3 years ago)
+Tyriael Soban hey i have made the eksat same set up and just subed the pp for Ender IO - Ender Fluid Conduits and it works perfekt
Robert Culver (3 years ago)
awsome video. could be a little louder. 
Aron Gordon (3 years ago)
Wow this is awsome!!! Thank your this tutorial! You def got me intrested in your videos
brad wasson (3 years ago)
I think I have watched this about 5 times in the past 3 days and I really like this and how in depth you went with everything and I have built this right along with the video. I don't have the barrels so I am using portable water Tanks from thermal expansion that seem to work. I think I have figured out where everything was going wrong and now all I have to do is hook it up to my reactor.
Aron Gordon (3 years ago)
I'm guessing you have a good ME system going and there should be some liquid storage there I use to have  4x64 liquid storage Before our server did update to 1.7
Ninja Wizard (3 years ago)
jesus christ its so confusin all those tutorials... i just want to learn 1 system first, 1 of each machine not crazy ones, there i sno tutorial for basics
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
I understand. In fairness though, I did put "Pro Series Tutorial" on the description of the Into Thumbnail.  *grin*  I'll try to work on some basics in the future. Hang in there!
Jack Harding (3 years ago)
I think the reason that the heat exchanger can accept item upgrades may be to give the option of using cells. I don't know though; I haven't played much with the new IC2, and also I don't see why someone would want to use cells as opposed to pipes for liquid transport.
Bartosz C. (3 years ago)
Great video, very useful. Try this design http://imgur.com/xhm4DKX It's perfectly balanced. 230 EU/t in EU mode, no excess heating or cooling and efficiency 3,83 ;)
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
Wow, thank you... thats a nice setup. For anyone that wants to see how Bartosz's Reactor Setup compares using the IC2 Simulator, check it out here:  http://tinyurl.com/k9anhda Also here is a list of proven GOOD designs: http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=2963
Bartosz C. (3 years ago)
Nice design, but I've got another one http://imgur.com/BIpamKt Still stable and 1192 Hu/s
MysteryDump (3 years ago)
I've got a Stable 1120 HU Output. http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q121/chloeprince/Minecraft/MysteryDumpsIC2FluidNuclearReactor1120Stable.png
Plazma lasrer (3 years ago)
Awesome.  Finally ic2 is becoming more realistic and adds PWR reactors.  Can't wait to see if they add BWR reactors and fusion reactors.  I'm guessing that's coming soon because of the addition of deuterium and lithium for tritium breeding.    

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