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California Trains! 1 Hour, 150+ Trains!

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All aboard! Let's look at trains from all over the state of California! It's California Trains! You will see just about every different train in California - steam, diesel, passenger, and freight - it's all here! A wide variety of some of my best shots of trains running in California in all different climates: sunny beaches, shady redwood forests, dry deserts, and even snowy mountains. Trains and railroads featured include Amtrak, Coaster, BNSF, Union Pacific, Metrolink, Caltrain, ACE, Pacific Sun, Fillmore and Western, Skunk Train, California State Railroad Museum, Niles Canyon Railway, Orange Empire Railway Museum, and many more! This is by far the longest video I have ever released, so be sure to let me know if you like these longer videos! Thanks! Intro music courtesy of The Mysterious Mr. Shoe. CoasterFan2105 is a channel dedicated to providing you with some of the best videos of trains and railroads on the web. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss weekly uploads every Friday! (and soon to be Monday too!) CoasterFan2105 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CoasterFan2105 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoasterFan2105 ©2016 Mike Armstrong Video
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Rikki Esquivel (8 hours ago)
Rikki Esquivel
Rikki Esquivel (8 hours ago)
The Link
Allawi Alsabbar (2 days ago)
Very good job i like it 👌👉😚
Alexander Altamira (4 days ago)
wow i like train
Ayşe Akyol (12 days ago)
AlohaMilton (14 days ago)
29:30 where is that? I thought I pretty much knew the California coast having surfed most of it and walked nearly all the rest looking for surf spots. Tripping out that I can't place that location. Edit: Never mind, its Torrey Pines just at angle that confused me for a sec
Andrew Zilla (16 days ago)
Kevin Smith (16 days ago)
May 11 1966
Jennifer Ochoa (17 days ago)
My 2 year old loves this and it's got me dreaming of train vacations!
monsword (18 days ago)
My kids can watch this all day everyday:D:D
Cassidy West (18 days ago)
There's just something about trains. I have no idea what that is but I've always found it alluring and fascinating.
Brett Flores (19 days ago)
Mansi Kumari (19 days ago)
thíѕ íѕ vєrч nícє vídєσ αnd vєrч fun
ayo and teo !!!!!! (21 days ago)
Gabriel Johnson (23 days ago)
Thx I love these kind of vids when I am bored I watch this and some of your other vids u the best
JoeysWorldTour (23 days ago)
All we had to do...
TBO Vlogs og mere (23 days ago)
I know im 10 years old but i still like trains
Maryan Gay Carbonel (24 days ago)
Maryan Gay Carbonel (18 days ago)
D Banks (24 days ago)
Foamers 💭
Marziya Akter (25 days ago)
I love watching these videos so much thanks for showing such a beautiful video
victor sales da silva (25 days ago)
I like trains
hh0116thedog (25 days ago)
This is an awesome channel. My son is three years old, has autism and loves trains. These videos are a so soothing and can calm him in an instant. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.
giddaluru veerendra (26 days ago)
my favourite train is steam train
Devraj Dasgupta (2 days ago)
giddaluru veerendra ....
Amerikan Templar (27 days ago)
all we had to do, was follow the damn train cj!
9:06 Nice horn
Diana Ross (30 days ago)
mine and gods
That Nathan M5 sounded great same type of horn the Clinch field 800 has :)
liltons 1731 (1 month ago)
16:55 I skipped there and I found dis 18:50 is that a mix up?
Joshua Teoz (1 month ago)
Great video !
M. Arba'i Vajar (1 month ago)
Greating from surabaya-indonesia broo.....nice video,awesome 👍
Amaanat Jolly (1 month ago)
California Trains! 1 Hour, 150+Trains!
Ayşe Akyol (1 month ago)
Goldenfire Fox (1 month ago)
The ferris wheel one at 41:50 was so pretty!
Goldenfire Fox (1 month ago)
The steam train emerging from the forest at 19:46 was very pretty! And so was 26:10
Goldenfire Fox (1 month ago)
Steam trains are my favorite!
Goldenfire Fox (1 month ago)
You got a new subscriber!
Goldenfire Fox (1 month ago)
Beautiful I love trains! Sometimes I wish i lived near one, I like the sound they make
As the beginning song is called, please answer 😁😍💖
Timosha21 (1 month ago)
I am a train and I approve this message
Renaud Pierrelouis (1 month ago)
Pak Raillion (1 month ago)
Wow i. Love GE locos so much
Alicia R. D'Anna (1 month ago)
OMG cool
Dareis Nogod (1 month ago)
Too much to watch.
Enita Mufidah (1 month ago)
You make my child like some trains😠
093nnj (1 month ago)
Oh, she's beautiful. Wow.
Hi, excellent videos my 2,8 years old son really love your work. I would like to know what's the intro's song name? Thank!!
Emil Wallin (1 month ago)
Thanks for putting your time in to this. My kid love these videos and could watch for hours :)
yali rosenfeld (1 month ago)
I like trains
ALFA Erick (1 month ago)
Why is this in my recommendations
Miriam Groff (1 month ago)
Joey Jamison (1 month ago)
Not much of a plot, but the special effects were pretty good. "WARNING: Railroad trains have been known in the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm."
R I P K e r m i t (1 month ago)
Joey Jamison I think this is a joke but k
Cailyn Crannell (2 months ago)
New Milford RAIL FAN (2 months ago)
When hauling passenger loads, do freight engines have to worry about the speed alerter?
ASIF SAXXAD (2 months ago)
The other one would not be very patient with patient. No idea where she was she but whoever is there? Long day of work to go and patient with her mother she had a great day
Prashant Rawat (2 months ago)
My two year neice is watching this video .. he's hooked ... 😁
SPCStudios 2017 (24 days ago)
I think your niece is your nephew......
Hockey Zombie (24 days ago)
Prashant Rawat “neice”... “he’s”...
Santiago Uprimny (27 days ago)
And my two years old sonn too :D
Nguyen Va Do (29 days ago)
Prashant Rawat r
Nguyen Va Do (29 days ago)
Prashant Rawat 💛💚💟💚💛💛😂
Fred Eisen (2 months ago)
y u gotta be tootin so much??
Ranks Productions (2 months ago)
Love train 👍great video
Melissa Clavinger (2 months ago)
Z.d .! Vhte zhññkpoizz bi,
Melissa Clavinger (2 months ago)
Melissa Clavinger (2 months ago)
Ranks Productions hgk
Melissa Clavinger (2 months ago)
Ranks Productions l
Austin Sollers (2 months ago)
Great video my son loves trains he enjoyed this thank you!
Forrest Haggerty (2 months ago)
What camera are you using?
R S (2 months ago)
I like train it authority news
Locker 186 (2 months ago)
Sylvia Mayo (2 months ago)
Liam Craine (2 months ago)
My 2yr old son absolutely loves this video!!!! Guaranteed to keep him quiet when required. Thank you!!
Brian (2 months ago)
Brian (2 months ago)
Share IT EN AND IN (2 months ago)
mantab jaya. im live indonesia
maria april tolosa (2 months ago)
my 4 year-old son liked this video :)
Bleach Valuepack (2 months ago)
The new ACe units have some nice sounding horns.
Thanks so much for making this I love trains and this is perfect for me
Benjamín Díaz Riveros (2 months ago)
these are all trains you can see everyday?
ASIF SAXXAD (2 months ago)
B.B. was the what?🛎
Thomas1980 (2 months ago)
Amazing video!
braceboy tv (2 months ago)
I like music like this
Ganesan Kuppusamy (2 months ago)
Nice videos. with variety of trains. I like this videos. Long live California people with good health and with needy wealth. Respect your parents, elders and females.
Freight locomotive on a passenger train. They don't care about what kind of locomotive,they just care if it has wheels so it can roll.
Max Bird (3 months ago)
Hi Mike. I have several comments if that's ok. 1. Do you mind making a movie on the Osceola and St. Croix valley railway in Osceola, WI. I'd love to see it. 2. What's your favorite paint scheme on BNSF freight engines? Bluebonnets or Warbonnets? I love the Warbonnet scheme. 3. Would you like to see trains in Ohio in cities such as Berea, Sandusky, Fostoria, and Bryan? I'd love to see you do that. 4. Perhaps you can return to Fillmore in California if you don't mind and see the Fillmore and Western Railway to make a compilation for that. 5. I'd love to see you do a compilation on Capitol Corridor and San Joaquin Amtrak trains. Do you mind returning to Bakersfield anytime soon? Thanks.
Nguyễn Duy (3 months ago)
Đây là thiên đường , chúng tôi chán ngán cộng sản Việt Nam lắm rồi 🇻🇳
Forest Surfer (3 months ago)
The steam trains with their bells are amazing
Twenty Øne Meeps (3 months ago)
I wish I lived in CA
Stephen Spilker (3 months ago)
good video
Stephanie Roell (3 months ago)
Rachel Leon (3 months ago)
My little 2 year old cousin 24\7watch's this,he would say choo chain and that means choo choo train in his way,he loves this video so much!
Eko LondoHD (3 months ago)
Gail Weinstein (3 months ago)
Awesome Nonsense (3 months ago)
Love California and Trains! Perfect video, i try to make my own, but not as good.
Boris Lu (3 months ago)
Nice video!
VINTklg (3 months ago)
РЖД счастливого пути)
Michael Norris (3 months ago)
I like trains
BUBBLE TV (3 months ago)
Wonderful video!
060 DA Trainspotter (3 months ago)
Very Nice .
Emma Olsson (3 months ago)
I love the americkan train
Laura De Iesu (3 months ago)
Bonny Luigi (3 months ago)
I Like Trains
Cool_Eli_Nypd (3 months ago)
Oh my god someone was lying steam trains still runs now him said steam trains 1950-1959 not true
TimRichmondFan 25 (3 months ago)
Could you do videos on model railroad clubs. First one to do should be the Caldwell Model Railroad and Historical Society
Leslie Realrider (3 months ago)
Marco Antônio Longo (3 months ago)
Excelente qualidade de imagem.
Joey Williamson (3 months ago)
Which one state or a place Northern California or Southern California
Joey Williamson (3 months ago)
For all trains

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