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STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - Timeline - The Mandalorian Wars

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The Mandalorian Wars included some of the bloodiest battles in the Republic's history. Mandalore the Ultimate's relentless campaign to goad the Jedi into open conflict cost the lives of millions. Though the entrance of a Jedi splinter faction into the war is perceived as the factor that turned the tide against the Mandalorians, the perseverance of Republic soldiers and pilots like Carth Onasi cannot be underestimated. Jedi Master Gnost-Dural's historical investigation analyzes the conflict with the perspective of modern events, highlighting the implications for the war against the Sith Empire. BTC 311 -- Too often, the Mandalorian Wars are characterized solely as a prelude to the Jedi Civil War, but the events surrounding the conflict itself bear close examination. When Mandalore the Ultimate called together the clans and began augmenting his armies further with Neo-Crusaders, his intention was to pull the Jedi Order into open conflict. As is the tradition in their culture, the Mandalorians sought to establish themselves as the most powerful faction in the galaxy by defeating the faction they considered to be their greatest rivals. Though the Jedi Council resisted the Mandalorian challenge, the splinter group led by Revan and Malak eventually joined the fray and won the war. Though there has never been a hint that the Sith were involved in the Mandalorian Wars, new analysis from Jedi Master Gnost-Dural suggests that the influence of the dark side was involved. The bittersweet victory in the Mandalorian Wars took a toll on the Republic for which the price is still being paid to this day... Watch the latest Timeline holorecord, The Mandalorian Wars narrated by actor Lance Henriksen. You can download this video from the official STAR WARS: The Old Republic website: http://www.swtor.com/media/clips/mandalorian-wars ESRB Rating: RATING PENDING. May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit esrb.org for rating information. http://www.esrb.org/index-js.jsp
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Text Comments (330)
Marka Ragnos (1 month ago)
What song starts at 1:50?
Wilfri Castillo (2 months ago)
Somebody send this to George Lucas
Jack Secper (7 months ago)
So Revan sent off the mass shadow Generator?
vats1955 (9 months ago)
It was the exile who activated the superweapon during the battle of Malachor V
ZeroHxC07 (9 months ago)
This shit is better than anything Lucas or Disney have ever produced. The last Jedi is probably going to be another cliche crappy story.
Great Jamie (10 months ago)
The Jedi Council was right to avoid conflict.
Derek Bates (10 months ago)
Exar Kun had nothing to do with the Mandalorian Wars; he was mostly a late comer in the war that preceded it!
Revan (11 months ago)
I had showed the Mandalorians the Power of the Force In Balance.
- (11 months ago)
Revan and Malak did the right thing. The Jedi Council of that era were idiots, entire systems were being conquered by the Mandalorians yet they chose to sit back and debate rather than help. The near genocide of the Cathar people was all the proof they needed to know that the Mandalorians had to be stopped.
Great Jamie (5 months ago)
- and the aftermath went well didn’t it
Anna Sumner (1 year ago)
Didn't say the word Exile once...the mass Shadow generator was activated by the exile, the exile was a major part of the group of rebel Jedi, she bore the consequences of the mass Shadow generator and consequently became practically a black hole for the force.You know, minor details like that. I know KOTOR 2 wasn't important, but you can't just make Revan and Carth (ugh he was a whiner in KOTOR) replace/outshine her. She was nearly equal to Revan. Sorry for my rant, but you can't just ignore that.
Riki Kage (1 year ago)
Disney Logic Hey let's do you like Revan? WELL FUCK YOU heres Jen Urso
Patrick Yost (1 year ago)
I want ea to make a battlefront game set during the mandalorian wars
dan reviewss (1 year ago)
Why doesn't Lucasfilm make a spin-off movie about this instead of a rumored Yoda movie.
Avalanche (1 year ago)
Even if its not canon anymore, it can still be refined, improved and then re-introduced into canon like Thrawn was. That, IMO, would be even better. The old EU was a mess (amazing, but a mess) so if the major parts of the EU can be brought back into canon, but in a clear and structured way, then it would be absolutely amazing.
slade tuner (1 year ago)
Biggie and Tupac's decent to their doom did not begin in a second, but years spent in raping and rivalry and defiance of the east and west coast hip hop
SchueyFTW (1 year ago)
slade tuner I know
slade tuner (1 year ago)
It's a joke
SchueyFTW (1 year ago)
slade tuner what
First Last (1 year ago)
Ok this sounds really similar to the Star Wars Prequels It's like everything good about the Prequels minus the crap like Jar Jar Binks
First Last (1 year ago)
Somebody should make a Mandalorian Wars video game
Matthew Forbes (10 months ago)
First Last f that, we need a movie about this
Derek Bates (1 year ago)
how ironic that Ashoka would meet her end on that very same planet, years into the future.
KordanIm (1 year ago)
Jindřich Dolejš (2 years ago)
Hackett out
Wyatt Tyson (2 years ago)
But... Revan didn't activate the Mass Shadow Generator. The Exile did.
Mizuno The Wanderer (2 years ago)
He gave the order of activation, Exile obeyed.
Darth Neo (2 years ago)
They should make a movie about The Mandaloian War
Badgaldinger (2 years ago)
There needs to be an actual game set in the Mandalorian Wars.
Patrick Yost (1 year ago)
I hope, just imagine if snoke is the sith emperor from swtor
Callumlawrenson (1 year ago)
In the most recent episode of "Star Wars:Rebels" Kanan says "history lesson: the jedi won the war with Mandalore." The door into the old republic has been opened a lot by this show, first by showing Malachor and now saying this, i think something old republic related is coming soon.
First Last (1 year ago)
I was about to say the same thing
Nefarias Bredd (1 year ago)
...and they are awesome. If you guys like the lore of SWOTR you should check it out. The protagonist is the jedi the Republic's space station was named after!
Antoine Bandele (2 years ago)
There are the KOTOR comics which partially cover them.
MrBranagain (2 years ago)
Of course they leave out the mass butchery of the Cathar, can't go offending Mando fanboys with inconvenient truths.
Knower of truth (1 year ago)
+MrBranagain ah I see none the less I'm still impressed with the fact they nearly beat the republic. Then I take great pleasure in watching the republic getting beat.
MrBranagain (1 year ago)
Because they're basically space ISIS, trying to goad the Republic into war. When Revan found a Mando helmet at the site of the Cathar massacre, that was when he decided the Jedi and Republic needed to take the kid gloves off.
Knower of truth (1 year ago)
MrBranagain That reminds me but why did they do that anyways.
jamondshadow (2 years ago)
Honestly, the jedi order of this era needed to be wiped out. Too much corruption, the Jedi Covenant for example, the high council was unsure what to do, the Jedi civil war, so many dark siders. Remember when the surviving members of the council nearly killed Meetra? This order needed a "cleansing," and while I am no supporter of the sith, the Jedi order had it coming really. The Era between 3996 Aby - 3954 is some of the most dark lore in Star Wars history imo, and some of the best lore I have ever learned about in any sci-fi series.
STARCOM CLAN (2 years ago)
favorite mandalorian would have to be kelborn or candorus ordo
ThEiCoreS (10 months ago)
STARCOM CLAN Canderous Ordo wasn't a real Mandalorian ( for me )
STARCOM CLAN (2 years ago)
I Fucking love it subbed!!!
Mar Wolfking (2 years ago)
All of this is non canon thanks disney
Addicted ToBands101 (6 months ago)
No. Thanks George Lucas for selling it for the sequels. The sequel trilogy books were trash. This is still canon but the story that The Force Awakens replaced isn't.
Devin Tariel (9 months ago)
Lamar saberwolf this will be what the new to trilogy will be
Derek Bates (9 months ago)
+Rusty Yeah, I think most ppl know that, this is just wut trolls do by making up fake stories about some new film just to turn fans off of them.
Rusty Blade (9 months ago)
Lamar saberwolf the mandelorian wars are canon, confirmed in season 3 (?) of Star Wars: Rebels
Token Black (10 months ago)
Lamar saberwolf I still don't understand how this story needs to be made as legends, it's not like this "legends" could ruin the "canon" story, especially all the legends that are set pre clone wars.
True YC99 (2 years ago)
What if Rovio knew The Old Republic? ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS III
Zap_OP (2 years ago)
N Edward (2 years ago)
the Mandalorians are probably my favourite faction in Star Wars. They're like a mix between Vikings and samurai, but with interstellar technology
Devin Tariel (9 months ago)
Cossacks too
ThEiCoreS (10 months ago)
Mandalorian Patriot No i didn't think the "modern" ones are closer to the Marines. But yeah. The mandalorians in the old republic era were more powerful Warriors. Really warriors with a great culture. Crusaders, neo crusaders, mandalorian mercenarys.
Mandalorian Patriot (2 years ago)
+Ulfric Ruthgardsson true, however... what about North Korea or Iran? they both would use it on us, and are close to having the capability to have nukes. ain't worried about Russia... Putin seems to genuinely care about his nation and seems to not want a war. at least from the little info on him that's not been politicised. here's the thing... a bullet through the head of a leader is less costly, both money wise and collateral damage, than a nuke. I understand the theory of MAD, but it's, well, mad
AA H (2 years ago)
+Battletoad There's a chance that those nuclear weapons will never get used in your lifetime, or mine for that matter. It's a matter of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), and that begs the question: Would you start a war, and risk your country getting attacked? If that nation has nukes as well, then they will be asking that question. It's something that has kept peace between the First World Countries, however that peace is shedding at the edges. The people who discovered nuclear energy probably never intended for them to be used for weapons of mass destruction. Take Alfred Nobel, for instance. He designed TNT, with the hopes of it being used to make mining easier. When his brother died and the media mistook him for THE Alfred Nobel, the papers ran amok with taglines like 'The Doctor of Death', and suchlike. Alfred Nobel was so incredibly shocked by these headlines, that he created what is known as the Nobel Prize, which offers medals to outstanding feats of bravery and goodness from individual people. Another thing is to think of the people operating these weapons. They have the ability to press a button, and end millions of lives instantly, and if war is breaking out, then that option is seriously considered. Would you make that call, or want that job? I know I wouldn't.
Mandalorian Patriot (2 years ago)
+Battletoad well, I was just usin a comparison. now that I think of it, youre right about tanks... i dont know... I just know that shock and awe has always been a tactic. thanks for pointin that out. lol interestingly, there was an American general (or some high rank... cant remember for sure... been to long since i saw it.) who remembered a mountain passage in the Bible that one of ancient Israels armies used thousands of years before... they found the pass and defeated the Germans occupying Israel. I learned about this in a documentary called "Bible Battles" which was a Nat Geo, I believe, documentary. yeah, nukes also harm non combatants as well. its def the only weapon Im willin to say is cheatin
Daniel Williamson (2 years ago)
The narrator's voice sounds familiar. I believe it's Lance Henriksen.
Daniel Williamson (1 year ago)
Yes he was.
Laserbeak316 (1 year ago)
Daniel Williamson wasn't he also Bishop the Android from Aliens?
Rowell Ganancial (2 years ago)
the voice actor for Admiral Steve Hackett of Mass Effect games too?
White Fang (3 years ago)
if they made these independent movies starting fromt he great hyperspace war to atleast the jedi wars 'revan & malak' it would make so mutch money and indulge the casual fans in star wars lore
LukioAdoGaming (1 year ago)
Funny how the newest timeline is 'long ago'
Nyxato (3 years ago)
+White Fang Ive been begging forever for a movie that doesnt revolve around the newest timeline, something that takes place in the days of the old republic.
Raul Mejia (3 years ago)
I am going to play The Old Republic once I finish playing KOTOR. What class should I pick when I create my character? I love the Mandalorian culture, especially the Mandalorian Civil War and the Republic Commando heritage.
Redneck Sniper (3 years ago)
I have a mandalorian in every advanced class if you like role play and PVP join the Jung ma server and mail Sharvtravice leader of Clan Ordo we RP as clan ordo from KOTOR 2 so he is mandalore
Octa's LP (3 years ago)
+Raul Mejia when u love Mandos u should be a Bountyhunter like me :)
Redneck Sniper (3 years ago)
But nandos don't use force either :)
Nyxato (3 years ago)
+Redneck Sniper They dont need melee attacks to be a mando... Snipers dont use melee attacks but they'd make great mandos.
Redneck Sniper (3 years ago)
+Nyxato because they have to much force no melee
0IIIIII (3 years ago)
Sokami Mashibe (3 years ago)
_The second mandalorian wars - worse than all the worst past wars combined._ Malachor V looks like a water balloon fight in comparison.
Trev (3 years ago)
I wish they made the Mando Wars its own game. Choosing which to play as.
Christopher Neil (10 months ago)
Fuck that i rather have game where Revan takes the mask of Mandalorian leader for himself and attack the republic
Stormeth (3 years ago)
+TBL-TTB That'd be great, that or have Kotor 3 take place when Meetra Surik (The exile from Kotor 2) saves Revan and tries to overthrow the emperor with him. Then you could swap between the two main characters of each game lol.
lukeom (3 years ago)
I think that would be a good idea
Tryste (3 years ago)
I wonder how much captain Hackett charge for each sentence he says 
Ya I forgot about blowing that planet up. I thought there was just Mandalorian murderers on it if I only knew about the Republic Troops and my Jedi brothers and sisters.
+Expressionless The Jedi way is peace but my Jedi way is bring it and you will not survive..
JAZZYLEE RACER (3 years ago)
So, your saying that your a jedi, if so then you killed my mandalorian brothers and now I'm go in to take what's yours, and crush it.
Hyjinki (3 years ago)
This would be a fantastic movie or series
whiteboiwyatt (3 years ago)
I still believe that Revan and Malak were in the right when they went against the jedi council to fight the mandalorians. But then again that's probably why i like the dark side/sith so much :D
Marco Gabriel Silva (8 months ago)
The jedi in general are idiots they fail to see past there judgment that's why they always fail and Die. they are cut off from the universe entirely.just old fools watching the world burn
- (11 months ago)
whiteboiwyatt Well the Galaxy would be speaking Mandalorian if Revan and Malak didn't show up to help the Republic. The Jedi Council of that era were idiots lol.
Dainel Jean-Baptiste (3 years ago)
Lance Henriksen is the voice if anyone was wondering 
Christian Hushaw (3 years ago)
It sounds like Alec Baldwin lll
Vanguard Veteran (3 years ago)
"I came to tell you that your people can expect to be busy in the next few months. A war is coming." "You must be new in this galaxy. There's always a war going on somewhere, always has been, always will be. It's why Mandalorians have never gone out of business." Nom Anor and Boba Fett
jamondshadow (2 years ago)
+Scarecrow I know this old but those are some fantastic quotes.
Revan (4 years ago)
2:13 that looks like yoda and windu which is impossible
LukioAdoGaming (1 year ago)
Yoda is old, but not that old
Cold Flame (2 years ago)
I wouldn't be surprised if that was yoda. He's older than you expect.
Pavel (3 years ago)
I mean that those jedi who are we talking about are from SW KOTOR where you play as Revan and meet them in the game. And yes they very look like Yoda and Windu but it is just coincidence. 
Revan (3 years ago)
No who are they the people i mean not KOTOR
Pavel (3 years ago)
Did not play in SW KOTOR?
some ranD Gaming (4 years ago)
Boba fett was a mandolorian right?
Mr. Fahrenheit (3 months ago)
Not anymore
Candles & Ponies (3 years ago)
His dad Jango was a true Mandalorian commando. Boba was a clone who later embraced his heritage and became the new Mandalore.
Comiclove5 (4 years ago)
Pascal Kretschmann (4 years ago)
josh darko (4 years ago)
All hail Revan, the true dark lord of the Sith!
τнє gяєγ ςяοω (8 months ago)
AJ Rice lmao revan would force the emperor to be his apprentice
The Prodigal Knight (1 year ago)
How so?
LukioAdoGaming (1 year ago)
then you didn't read his story good enough
The Prodigal Knight (1 year ago)
LukioAdoGaming Lol, what?? The Emperor wrecked his shit easily in every encounter they had.
LukioAdoGaming (1 year ago)
All hail Revan, the true master of the Jedi. The only one strong enough to defeat the Sith Emperor
Darth Vitiate (4 years ago)
mandalore the ultimate wasn't human he was a Taung who evolved on Coruscant. for century's they fought humans. but thanks to a volcano most of Coruscant was covered in ash. the humans drove the Taung from their home world and they became mandalorans though the fighting at Malachor V spelled the end of the race when the war ended to day the species is extinct  http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Taung
Sokami Mashibe (3 years ago)
The taung was the founding race, but the mandalorians have many species.
Le' ColoredLetters (4 years ago)
Mandalorians are not the spartans of SW they are the MANDALORIANS of SW NO-ONE DARES TO TOUCH THEM!  Unleash gra'tua cuun for all who challenge us!
DarthBricksEmpire (1 year ago)
Le' ColoredLetters the spartans, are the mandalorians of our world lol
Derek Bates (4 years ago)
am I the only one who thinks Carth Onassi looks like Tony Stark in this?
Derek Bates (3 years ago)
+Gruntasor Aww, like there might be some ancestral connection?
Gruntasor (3 years ago)
Or Tony stark looks like Carth Onassi.
XEvilCookiesX (4 years ago)
Thanks Admiral Hackett.
Comiclove5 (4 years ago)
This actually Raiden fro the first mortal Kombat movie aka Harry Morgan.
Thrydwulf (4 years ago)
Elaborate propaganda twist there, but who can trust cheap holovid documentaries these days? I've read the account of a Talortai who supposedly lived during those times and she paints a very different picture of them. But who knows, right? After all, what is history but a fable agreed upon?
kapitan19969838 (1 year ago)
+Torsvård I'm taking a wild guess that you used to play Star Wars The Old Republic
Thrydwulf (1 year ago)
LOL, I don't even remember writing this...
kapitan19969838 (1 year ago)
Torsvård Any proof? That Talortai, where is he?
Beau Gordon (4 years ago)
If you played star wars knights of the old republic for XBOX or PC you should understand some back ground of Reaven and Malak, and Carth. sick twist near the end of the game too
Derek Bates (4 years ago)
Carth Onassi looked like Tony Stark in this one.
f3rfra (5 years ago)
Is Revan dead?
LukioAdoGaming (1 year ago)
Eventually he died, but it took that emperor a hell of a long time
Gthang213 (5 years ago)
You don't understand. They can't or EA will sue them. EA has exclusive rights to Star Wars games, thanks to their deal with Disney
oh! so you think that Revan is the important of the whole game?? i understand that they don't have the rights, kotor is still kotor with or without revan
Gthang213 (5 years ago)
They can't. Bioware and EA control the rights of the KOTOR series. And it's pointless because of the Revan book which already explains what happens to Revan
Goran1138 (5 years ago)
Mandalorians is the best in SW. The Revan though, that he destroyed their nation, and that their time is over, but trough thouthand years the Kassus Fett creation is live.Darasuum kote, ner vode
AndromanceR (5 years ago)
There was also a release of KotOR1 on iPad.
ChaosActual (5 years ago)
Thanks Optimus
Zaibusa (5 years ago)
sadly the only interesting parts about Kotor2 was, when they talked about what happened to Revan.
Beau Solovi (5 years ago)
Juan Laise (1 year ago)
TakasiTamaFutuna It screws them like hell. Revan character is butchered and the Exile is nothing like any of the possibilites of Kotor 2. For me, Kotor 2 was the end, the story of the Exile and Revan remains incomplete.
Jake Hill (5 years ago)
Kotor 2 is superior to Kotor 1.
atenneso (5 years ago)
KOTOR 1 was great, while KOTOR 2 was rushed. I say play them, as you can get them at a low price or free if you are creative/cheap.
Armoured Productions (5 years ago)
Vode an
Maxy Aedo (5 years ago)
Don't worry they say there will be a kotor 3, i know swtor was made instead but that doesn't mean it's kotor 3, swtor isn't even in the kotor series :D
Juan Laise (1 year ago)
LukioAdoGaming Doesn't matter. An HD fan remake for Kotor is happening. And when EA and Disney get their heads off their asses, they will realize than a real Kotor 3 would give them lots of money. And hopefully it will ignore TOR and finish the story of Revan and the Exile properly.
LukioAdoGaming (1 year ago)
3 years later and still nothing
Ivan Georgiev (5 years ago)
Kotor 3 was cancelled and SWTOR mmo was made instead...
bojans88 (5 years ago)
Who is the narrator?
Obsidian is already planning for a kotor 3 well at least the say that they would love to do a kotor 3 which makes hope :D
Aaron O'Regan (5 years ago)
i agree. they ruined kotor ever since they went all mmo on us
Cave Johnson Prime (5 years ago)
Amen to that. In fact, A GAME...wait, Lucas Arts was shut down by DISNEY! GODDAMMIT LUCAS, YOU SOLD US ALL OUT!! WHY!!?
bendarkstarkiller75 (5 years ago)
it is malachor that was destroyed but by the shadow generators??
Juan Laise (1 year ago)
bendarkstarkiller75 The Generator amplified the gravity of Malachor V, crushing the ships against the planet. Malachor V became rubble, a planet barely hold together.
Thomas C (5 years ago)
jamondshadow (5 years ago)
What happened was the weapon drew upon the gravity of malachor and its planets. Almost every ship in both fleets was drawn in to the planet or vaporized by the intensive heat. Those on foot were also vaporized. The planet was rendered completely uninhabitable those being labeled as destroyed basically. Bao-dur made the weapon but wasn't killed in the blast nor in kotor 2 because you have the choice of making him a jedi. But anyway thousands died in the end.
jamondshadow (5 years ago)
The same guy from the current mmo. He's over 1300 years old
Liam (5 years ago)
The Exile is dead.
Nelcomarproductions (5 years ago)
now that the crapy colne wars tv show ended they should do a tv show about the mandalorian wars.
VodeAnKandosii (5 years ago)
only just started playing SWTOR, i loved KOTOR 1 and 2, have always wanted to see the trilogy ended. We see the legacy of Revan, why not the Exile's as well? And for the love of Kad'Harangir, GIVE US MORE MANDOS!
Issaquan5 (5 years ago)
Why 2012?
Issaquan5 (5 years ago)
I wouldn't mind finishing the series off with a trilogy.
MrFamegrunt (5 years ago)
only if its on the xbox 360 and pc before microsoft make the new xbox
Capt Oddball (5 years ago)
KOTOR 3 anyone else want it?
Liam Sakata (5 years ago)
Hopefully Bioware gets some Defibs and revives Kotor3
thehaywiregamer (5 years ago)
the same emperor as in the old republic mmo
thehaywiregamer (5 years ago)
kotor 3 should be a prequil during the mandolorian wars
Dragonbane7771 (5 years ago)
Who was the sith emperor when reven and Malak fell to the dark side?
D K9 (5 years ago)
Mandalorians are too often over-look as a warrior clan. More than a match for the Jedi.
Gordonkris (5 years ago)
2:48 "He then activated a super weapon which destroyed an entire planet" This is exactly what it is said, and we also see an image of said planet afterward. But indeed, it also says that it destroyed the mandalorian armies and thousands or Republic troops.
Tom Firth (5 years ago)
don't know if you still care, as it has been 2 months, but it did not destroy a planet it destroyed most of the Republic and Mandalorian Fleet. It was made by a Scientist named Bao-Dur and was used instantly, I think Bao-Dur was killed in the blast but I am not certain.
Gordonkris (5 years ago)
2:48 A weapon which destroyed an entire planet? Thousands of years before the Death Star? Well, it seems like that when you reach intergalactic travel, technology just doesn't progress anymore.
Andy Heath (5 years ago)
Yea I know I was just kidding though, I doubt Vandar was Yoda's grandfather considering he was killed by Nihlius on Kattarr.
R1k0Ch3T (5 years ago)
It's a possibility. There's not a lot of info on Yoda's race, just examples of them existing. Very, very little in terms of their lore and history. Mysterious species indeed.
Andy Heath (5 years ago)
lol well sense they live for like a thousand years it could simply be Yoda's Great Great Grand Father xD
R1k0Ch3T (6 years ago)
SilverClips (6 years ago)
the black guy near him looks like mace windu
theprinceofdarkness4 (6 years ago)
There was alot of KOTOR reffrences in SWTOR like when carlo nord county 1 2 3 in the cantina theres a part when your bounty hunter your charcter says all that..
catalan ally (6 years ago)
I'm a great KotOR fan, but i must disagree with tbose people that hate KotOR 2 only because Obsidian entertainmemt did it, and not Bioware. But I find excessiv that even Bioware "discriminates" the sequel not even saying Malachor V was destroyed by the mass shadow generator but it doesn't even mention th Jedi Exile (Meetra Surik)! I think it's really embarassing.
Jonathan (6 years ago)
KoTOR Will never die, it's timeless story that Star Wars fans will cherish forever.
SuperKuntpuncher (6 years ago)
Mandalorians are such badasses..

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