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Minecraft: Fully functional Guided Missile Destroyer

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After almost an hour of trial and error, I somehow got vertically launched missiles to work somewhat well in minecraft flans mod. With this technology, I am able to config guided missile destroyers like the KDX-III properly for minecraft flans mod. http://www.minecraft-smp.de/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?45050.740 http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/fleet-pack---flans-mod-content-pack-wip/ It's complete now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hafBgAaex0
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Text Comments (67)
cutemon cutemon (1 year ago)
why is my minecraft keep crashing when fleetpack is installed but my pc is a good performance one??
Ael Pann (2 years ago)
Tobias Kranke (2 years ago)
mal mit saund Bitte :)
Jose Farfan (2 years ago)
El video estuvo genial este padre y el video me dio mucha importancia yaque el video se trata de guerra hace el año pasado y sigan haciendo +vídeos sigan asi mas videos.
Elena Albotra (2 years ago)
g haj2
Elena Albotra (2 years ago)
bagjakxjajskv zbjs
Elena Albotra (2 years ago)
StastThe Pal (2 years ago)
so laggy
ZenDoX 9134 (2 years ago)
why do not you do a military base with a sea port and camps
barry milholland (2 years ago)
stickwithstar (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms why is your minecraft so laggy
king gamer (2 years ago)
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
legendary noob (2 years ago)
윤병훈 (2 years ago)
Sumayyah Azhar (3 years ago)
did heli pad working?
Crimson Phoenix YT (3 years ago)
Is it just me or the ship is the 1 that is glitchy
MazzeratiMike21 (3 years ago)
I thought that was a us destroyer
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+futurenavyseal No, but it uses similar technology to the Arleigh burke.
Sara Green (3 years ago)
Michał Koziak Koziak (3 years ago)
jak statek morze być na londzie!!!!!!!!!!??????????
Denis Nanev (3 years ago)
조선선비 (3 years ago)
Is it Korea battle ship?
Erdem Yigit (2 years ago)
Monorisu (2 years ago)
Good, but either way, "Heybela" is not in this video.
Erdem Yigit (2 years ago)
Turkish warship name heybela
Erdem Yigit (2 years ago)
0. 11 
Monorisu (2 years ago)
Good, but I'm very sure Turkish warships do not include this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sejong_the_Great-class_destroyer
Rene (3 years ago)
rohan9para (3 years ago)
make ural 320
rohan9para (3 years ago)
make m203
Fanci (3 years ago)
Fanci (3 years ago)
can someone help me when i downloaded flans mod for 1.8 the controls changet like the shoot button was RIGHT abd the ai button was the left click help plz
ThePilot4ever (3 years ago)
All that flans really missing now is nukes and submarines. sweet
Jack Radi (3 years ago)
Plz nu, what if this became a battle on the server?
something someone (3 years ago)
a destroyer with missle cool but i wonder what ship is it in the video photo its looks like an arleigh burke but then its not but then cool flans mod boat
Izack (3 years ago)
Just imagine your in a water base then you fucking hear those loud ass hornes then you know your fuked
Giovani Barcarolo (3 years ago)
+Izack yeah man :D
Izack (3 years ago)
That explains the enthusiasm xD
Giovani Barcarolo (3 years ago)
+Izack 11 years old man PS : AND BRAZILIAN !!
Izack (3 years ago)
Giovanni, how old are zu?
Giovani Barcarolo (3 years ago)
Charlie 118 (3 years ago)
hey you know of servers with no premium mod flans
Charlie 118 (3 years ago)
| Shadow Soldier | (3 years ago)
was it at gamestop/walmart/target
Monorisu (3 years ago)
Microsoft owns minecraft now, if you bought it officially and legally but was scammed then you can chew off Microsoft's ass in court. That is, given you did buy it correctly...
Charlie 118 (3 years ago)
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+hayabusa 117 Scammed? Did you try to buy an account off the streets or something?
Cow of the West (3 years ago)
Mhmm, I sense greatness.
Kuroyuki-okami (3 years ago)
Submarines? And maybe aircraft carriers.
Lebakir (3 years ago)
Wish the submarine comes out
blackknight krieger (3 years ago)
Der monsirus why Do you dont speak at the viedeos?
AtomicDerp (3 years ago)
Duude!!! I can't join your server... Keep getting mod rejection thingy.
tiger tank 2000 (3 years ago)
Razer _10 (3 years ago)
Noice noice
Huey Freeman (3 years ago)

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