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Build My Life - 8 Million Subscribers Special

88789 ratings | 5529310 views
To celebrate reaching 8 million subscribers on my channel I decided to make a build my life video. I take a trip starting from my childhood and leading up to the moment I reached 8 million subscribers. Thank you for watching and being part of my life.
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Text Comments (20968)
thet was so so SO cool
J U L 999 (1 hour ago)
Sophie Trivett (5 hours ago)
carlos noel (6 hours ago)
Who is watching 2018?
SlimeMaker 165 (9 hours ago)
Your about to hit 9 million
Reema Mathur (12 hours ago)
I love your videos and builds
Jennifer Snyder (20 hours ago)
Bethany Beach
Jennifer Snyder (20 hours ago)
Married to Bethany
Charles plays (23 hours ago)
SABZeN Barrozo (1 day ago)
Youngest of family of pumkins 😂😂😂 LoL
Boo doggy (1 day ago)
Omg, they are dating!
Baby unicorn Plays (2 days ago)
Let’s help stampy get to 9MILLION 🎉
JD Kasper (2 days ago)
Who's watching in 150 BC?
Arnuld Payud (3 days ago)
English Madden (3 days ago)
i got your stick with stampy book today at my book fair
Mr Slime (4 days ago)
On the road to 10 million!! Stampy u da best.
The gaming channel (4 days ago)
Brayden Lewis (4 days ago)
we have the same favorite subjects
Your Worst nitemare (4 days ago)
I love u
Ed Entertaining daily (5 days ago)
This was awesome
Ramya N (5 days ago)
Nice 🧡 yay! Ori and Aylx
I needed that (6 days ago)
0:08 is me everyday
Ethan Moore (6 days ago)
please put me in your love garden stamp xxxxx
Youtube Life (19 hours ago)
Ethan Moore Number one rule of getting into the love garden: not allowed to ask
luigidevon72 (6 days ago)
whos watching 5/14/18
Angel Soh (6 days ago)
This is so cool!
team bueza (6 days ago)
pin me
Tristan’s Looms M (6 days ago)
Nettys the older one i thought she was the younger one
Maggy Garces (7 days ago)
I love him!
Lizzie’s World (7 days ago)
I loved your videos when I was little I was a mine craft kid and still love your videos thank you for inspiring me to be a mine craft kid and A Youtuber
o to the w to the end (7 days ago)
9 million
Playful Panda (7 days ago)
Good job Stampy! Nearly at 9 million! :)
Noah Raney (7 days ago)
Help our remaining 18 million subscribers.
c'mon mr. stampy cat. you can do it to reach a 9 million subscribers
KeXZ COAST (8 days ago)
You should end it
Pixelfish. M (8 days ago)
Awww are sqaishy and Stampy dating?
Todd Cotterill (8 days ago)
I was going to do a Draw My Life but then I realized I was bad at drawing -Stampy--2018-
Todd Cotterill (8 days ago)
I lived in a family of pumpkins i mean people lol
Pete123 Hodgetts (8 days ago)
Pete123 Hodgetts (8 days ago)
Pete123 Hodgetts (8 days ago)
im a big fan of you your cool and my name is jimmi
Danjdixon73 (9 days ago)
Can’t believe u swore I’m 73 and I don't even say that
Lizzy Such Game (9 days ago)
So special
Ella Sophia (9 days ago)
I rememmber when i used to watch you i would spam the comment section with requeats of a draw my life
Hows It brackin (9 days ago)
I remember I used to watch Stampy when I was younger but for some reason I stopped ... How old is Stampy
Lauri Muhonen (10 days ago)
Hi stampy
DadBodGaming (11 days ago)
"the family of punpkins" ... what?
Radiation Z (11 days ago)
Hello this is stampy no not the stampys u put on your for head
pro the gamer (13 days ago)
Random Person (11 days ago)
pro the gamer why?
So this is the sugar gang nation
CRISTINA FULOP (13 days ago)
Stampy you didit agein
Stephanie Beal (13 days ago)
“And I was the smallest of the pumpkins- I mean people..”
Stephanie Beal (13 days ago)
The Gaming Eevee (13 days ago)
My friend in school watches you are the same type of people C:
Md cool guy (14 days ago)
your life is cool
Sparkle Shine 5975 (14 days ago)
Random Things (14 days ago)
U have a annoying voice kys
Caggy Mack (14 days ago)
Please do a hit the target video
Catie Low (14 days ago)
I’m very proud and happy for you stamps!
TommyLikesPower (14 days ago)
Confirmed: Sqaishey and Stamps are dating. He said my partner on and off camera.
Goji 74 (15 days ago)
Your almost at 9 million,keep up the good work
callum logan (15 days ago)
*gets a degree in cinematography* *does minecraft videos*
Mr. Dario (15 days ago)
I hate you your a idiout
Angellique Nichols (15 days ago)
Man I missed you it's been soo long Sence I was 2
Angellique Nichols (15 days ago)
Btw I'm 9
Abigail Burde (15 days ago)
Melanie Gomez Jones (15 days ago)
Very creative! Very great! I’m 15 and I STILLLLL WATCH YOU AND LOVE MINECRAFT. Hello from California
Chocolate Cookie (16 days ago)
Wait are you and squashi married
Rodrigo Martinez (16 days ago)
Talia Maroun (16 days ago)
I bet it took a long time o build anyway did you build it?
Teh Yu Xing ChannelTM (17 days ago)
Don’t forget when you started minecraft you swear
George Paora (17 days ago)
This is so amazing this was very smart
4 KIDS By KIDS (17 days ago)
Good work buddy
4 KIDS By KIDS (17 days ago)
Tiger 73 (17 days ago)
what if that world gets corrupted e-e
Ivan Kolarić (17 days ago)
Can you again play terraria?
Chua Bro (18 days ago)
almost 9 mil congratz if you reaches 9 mil
Savage Bill (18 days ago)
Good job
FireGuy306 (18 days ago)
your the first youtuber i've ever watched
Great Mehaan (18 days ago)
0:27 Bit Spacious
Madster Madster (19 days ago)
Jhed Niño Bucad (19 days ago)
I hate school
Jackson (19 days ago)
hey your almost at 9M
TheMightyMinstrel (20 days ago)
I hope your world explodes and you die in it 😉
Alaura Ramos (20 days ago)
You have so many subscribers... I'M... SO... HAPPY... *CRYSTAL TEARS OF JOY*😂😂😂😭😭😭
Roza Ibraham (20 days ago)
Jack Johnston (20 days ago)
Ur a grown man playing minecraft on x box 360 get a real job
Mars Bars (19 days ago)
Jack Johnston well he doesn't have a bead soooo he's not a man.
Tiffany Duvall (20 days ago)
I love you
Hiroki M (21 days ago)
Soo close to 9 million subscribers
Wobbly Gaming (21 days ago)
make a 9 million subscribers video when you hit 9 million subscribers (i thought it was 9 billion; the population in 2050)
Aaron O'Rourke (21 days ago)
ALMOST 9,000,000,000
lion gaming -minecraft (21 days ago)
Bagel The best Beagle (21 days ago)
👏👏👏👏 good job
Imran Rahimi (22 days ago)
paul mcewan (22 days ago)
I am totally proud of you
KALEB PIERRE (23 days ago)
good job plz respond and i will join you and make me this comment on video pls or else...
Adrien Moko (23 days ago)
Congrats stamps! You really have made it soo far from the start!
SpinyCacti69 (23 days ago)
Who is his other sister?🤔
LpsTealQuoise (23 days ago)
Stampy to 9 million!
Puggle studios (23 days ago)
I remember when you had one hundred and still I was so proud back then and I am now still 😺
Philipp Eda (23 days ago)
I luv u
Tardisepic 12 (23 days ago)
Amazing how you built all of that stampy! You really are amazing!
Goofy Gamer Kids (24 days ago)
Shawn Horner (25 days ago)
hope you get more spries

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