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Build My Life - 8 Million Subscribers Special

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To celebrate reaching 8 million subscribers on my channel I decided to make a build my life video. I take a trip starting from my childhood and leading up to the moment I reached 8 million subscribers. Thank you for watching and being part of my life.
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Text Comments (21222)
luminox the plasma pirate (29 minutes ago)
now it is 9 million!
Hey_ GalaxyGirl (2 hours ago)
I don’t really know you but cool vid my cousin knows you
Samantha Grace (5 hours ago)
Here U Go Stampy!!!🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰
Ready berg Studios (22 hours ago)
It was amazing :-)
Ready berg Studios (22 hours ago)
Whoa nice
Rachel Sim (23 hours ago)
Stampy!!! I think your laugh is really uniq and so r u!!!
cbns fan 777 (1 day ago)
Are you in the states
Elizabeth Trejo (1 day ago)
. . , , _
Matt Reppa (1 day ago)
PS I don't live in england if you saw my profile photo
Matt Reppa (1 day ago)
yo da best i hate hit the target >=)
Omid Eftekhari (2 days ago)
You are terrible. U suck
Omid Eftekhari (2 days ago)
I hate you stampy
Long story or not (2 days ago)
How long did this take to make the world?
Creekband FM (3 days ago)
firefairyzk 744 (3 days ago)
Queen B (4 days ago)
Is it okay to say that I cried over this video?
dawn prendes (4 days ago)
Your life is awesome you're awesome Stampy Cat
In a nutshell, I was born in a town I went to school and became a YouTuber
Lorraine Hoswell (5 days ago)
3:04. Partner on and OFF YouTube ;)
Arjun Panchagatti (5 days ago)
How long did those builds take?
Brian Garcia (6 days ago)
Not long head
Brian Garcia (6 days ago)
Wasn't it longnose
glenda moncayo (6 days ago)
who's waching this in 2018?
Ellie the elephant (7 days ago)
Darkcraft 55 (7 days ago)
Good job
PaigeKat Tube (8 days ago)
This is my second comment I have ever done on your video
pete bac (8 days ago)
, did you know that Stampy's world used to be in Minecraft 360 edition
Zutech (8 days ago)
I'm sorry but no one can sound this happy all of the time
Luke Smelser (8 days ago)
Eyebrawl2014 Rahman (8 days ago)
Other people: he worked in a pub! Me: meh... I already knew
Son Goku and joaquin (9 days ago)
I I subbed :)
VlogsWithCael (9 days ago)
Tbone_conootyy (9 days ago)
where is squid... havent watched in a while..
Sports Action (9 days ago)
Camden Plarner (5 days ago)
Sports Action yup
Mi Samsung (9 days ago)
Magda Lopez (9 days ago)
I watched your channel for so many years i started watching you and you minecraft friends but then i remember your channel i sorry i did not watch 3 years of you and your cannel.😊
Calorious (10 days ago)
I can see the huge effort that went into this and how the timing matched up perfectly due to redstone and your speaking.
Pegasusgirl (10 days ago)
*internally screaming because squampy is confirmed*
Storm Gatcha (10 days ago)
2018 *9 million*
Riki Merasty (10 days ago)
I wonder how long it took to make that
Iann Quizas (11 days ago)
Now ur going to get 10M!
youbick YT (11 days ago)
so motivational
The warp master (12 days ago)
I thought squaishie (melanie) was with you since the beginning of your minecraft career
Person People (13 days ago)
3:04 sqaishey are confirmed
blue sky P4 (13 days ago)
This is pretty dumb gunna be honest
Deeply cookie (13 days ago)
Well that will be forever burned in my head😑🔫
Good job now you have 9 million subscribers
Ian GeoFS (14 days ago)
I love making video games and websites
Jennifer Whitlow (14 days ago)
Stamps vs dan I cant decide
Annemarie Pure Romance (15 days ago)
It,s my birth day
Thomas Pianta (15 days ago)
Inhaler Man 1:35
Team ThunderBlox (15 days ago)
wisejohn10 (15 days ago)
I am watching when he as 9,000
Kayleigh Bridson (16 days ago)
pixelated gal (16 days ago)
1:42 is not what I think
مشعفل تيوب (16 days ago)
وش اسم العبه؟
Shurman (17 days ago)
Allofus Walsh (17 days ago)
Do a add on build my life video pls pls
EpisodePubgSpecailist (17 days ago)
George Felin (17 days ago)
Gg on that was a good video :)
Thalia Gardner (17 days ago)
Stamps thank you u have helped me manigd my dreams thank u sooo muck I am now a youtoebr bc of u so thank u r so awesomeeeee and cep up on ur dreams
Deborah Maria Randisi (17 days ago)
Your life is so cool
SiLLyLowgawn (18 days ago)
I love the building 11/10👍🏻
E you
Jakemr stampy (19 days ago)
Omg ily stampy
Mereia Rokotunidau (19 days ago)
Brandy Schmidt (19 days ago)
Every 8 million subscribers you should do a bit my life video
Trent Sims (20 days ago)
Good job you are now region 10 petroleum
ecogreen 123 (21 days ago)
i haven't been to this channel in a while, and this was posted around 2 years ago! :(
E G G S (18 days ago)
ecogreen 123 ikr, the nostalgia of stampy. he was my favorite when I was in first or second grade
Me Dork (21 days ago)
Josh Grace (21 days ago)
Why is your real name Joseph
Adam Rainbird (22 days ago)
From 8M to 9M it was only a year to succeed
Maeghan Eliza (22 days ago)
I haven't watched stampy in almost 5 years! Ah the memories.
Sushii (22 days ago)
Stampy your so amazing! Your so so soooo close to 10 million subscribers!!
FromTheAbyss (22 days ago)
I’ve been watching you for years. Ever since episode 50 of your Wonderful World series. My little sister now watches you too! I’m proud of you for reaching your goal, good luck in the future, I can’t wait for you to hit 10 mil
Pikku Täydellinen (23 days ago)
Katy The cat (23 days ago)
In law Animation (23 days ago)
LaLi Gaming (24 days ago)
9 mil now
Michael Heys (25 days ago)
you are from the other side of the world my kids watch you and they love you
Cortney Goodfellow (25 days ago)
I subbed
Phantom Nightcore (26 days ago)
Yay good job stamps
Mandy Eldridge (26 days ago)
9milion congrats
Jay Feather (26 days ago)
Stampy amazing video ! Keep up the good work!
LOUIE HANSEN (26 days ago)
stampy you are the best youtuber but what is your phone number and house number because my sister Hanna and me Louie want's to join your lovely world
21natgeo (26 days ago)
Thank you so much Stampy!!! you have been a huge positive influence in mine and my sister's lives. WE LOVE YOU!!!! my sister is currently building an adventure map and planning on sending to you to play!!!!
Jose Vasquez (26 days ago)
Stampy and Squishy your wife?
games mini (27 days ago)
Clive Savage (27 days ago)
Machaela Robertson (27 days ago)
Devin Riffey (27 days ago)
squampy confirmed
Diane Pieper (27 days ago)
renata (27 days ago)
as soon as I saw this video you had 9 mil
Salim Kushom (28 days ago)
Can you find with me please stampy
Jaryd Harold (28 days ago)
I took ur skin a long time ago before the aquatic updates on minecraft.
Now it 9 million now you know I'm knew
Spacecat9 Sworrab (28 days ago)
Good job satmpy
Vs123 Gamer (28 days ago)
How about squid
LionJP (29 days ago)

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