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RuneScape Historical Timeline 1998 - 2015

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Thanks for watching. :) The RuneScape community is by far the best community I've ever been apart of within the world of online gaming. I literally spent 12+ hours every single day for the last 4 days trying to get this ready for you guys! If you would be so kind as to spend a few seconds expressing to me what you thought of the video with either a like or a dislike, it would be much appreciated! I hope the video lived up to your expectations for those of you who knew I would be doing it, and thank you so much for 25,000 subscribers and over 2,000,000 views everyone. Play RuneScape 3 ► http://runescape.com/ Play Oldschool RuneScape ► http://oldschool.runescape.com/ Play RuneScape Classic ► http://www.runescape.com/classicapplet/playclassic.ws Follow me on Twitter ► http://bit.ly/15CIg5h SUBSCRIBE TODAY ► http://bit.ly/1oPRYT4
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Text Comments (6692)
John Doe (10 hours ago)
The cringe
comedy gold (1 day ago)
i joined somewhere in 06, left just after dungeoneering and returned for osrs. im just on nostalgia trip because osrs is doomed again lol
pertti peräreikä (2 days ago)
I used to watch my dad play runescape
Brandon Vasser (2 days ago)
One of my favorite videos on all of youtube
marlenejojo1 (2 days ago)
You brought me back to the game. I first found and fell in love with the game back in around 2001-2. I played for years but never did max out all my skills. I enjoyed poking around, killing stuff for clues, free trade made me a ton of money when barrows armor was brand new, used to spend all day in the fally garden just trading away watching my coin stack grow. I lost interest when free trade was gone, that alone took me away from the game. I didn't even get to see the evolution of combat happen or how hated that was lol. Anyway, I didn't know they brought it back to the way I loved and remembered the game til I found your vids, and now I am merrily poking around again. Free trade isn't the same with the GE, but I have found an interest in flipping items to earn money. It doesn't make me as much but it is enough to get me by. Thank you for the vids!
Dylan Brenton (4 days ago)
RuneScape is my childhood. And Zezima is a legend.
adrian lozano (12 days ago)
Runescape die on eoc piece of shit worst day ever
Blue Wanderer (12 days ago)
This literally was my childhood. Runescape, Zelda, Final Fantasy and Diablo 2. I worry for the future generations.
Tea Tea (15 days ago)
goes to show you lots of mmo players are just cheaters using bots and macros. god that nuke bomb was a god send indeed
Clorox Bleach (15 days ago)
10:32 "july of this month"
MRBOOOYA MrGamer (15 days ago)
Omar SM (15 days ago)
played from 2008 to 2011
T S (15 days ago)
Your mic is penetrating my freaking ears
Muchilis K (15 days ago)
0:06 the catholic church
Half BakedRS (16 days ago)
love rs,but u got a dislike for so much false info and claiming ge as worst update ever,any real rs player knows that was amazing(just not the trade limit,which u never mentioned)
Half BakedRS (16 days ago)
the grand exchange was the worst update in history? u obviously didnt playu much back then,the ge was the whole reason i evenm kept playing the game,made trading items and finding resources 1000000x easier,u jkust couldnt scam as easy or lie bout prices like everyone did
AirMover49 (17 days ago)
If you haven’t yet, make an updated version
Alex Zenndarr (17 days ago)
''what up it's ya boy rune scape legend here''
MysteriousGamerLegend (17 days ago)
Hardcore Ironman, not Ultimate Ironman. Still got mine, though i realised i had years of work left on main and barely put any time into it
Josh Black (18 days ago)
lol i left as soon as the exchange opened, i just found a way to earn money and rank skills at the same time and then the exchange came out which lowered the price of yews by alot raised the prices of strings and just reversed what i learnt which i had leveled up multiply skills to 70+ to achieve but no thanks to the exchange ay... good for noobs i gues but i was a noob and i had to grind alot!!
Derek JCG (18 days ago)
“Zezma.” Dude.
spartan73145 (18 days ago)
Oh Zezima... haha what a legend. Anyone else remember blocking for people in Barrows?
spartan73145 (18 days ago)
Wow I remember the beta. The biggest thing you left out about the introduction of membership was the addition of in-game sound. I remember buying my first membership and hearing a door swoop open had me so giddy! Haha good times. I still play Runescape to this day.
Sin Slayer (20 days ago)
Axel Rojas (23 days ago)
Now, we can play on our phones. :D osrs runescape, never ends...
Fly9 (23 days ago)
I am watching it in 2018 i still hope u still like the game tho
I agree (26 days ago)
4:28 May 29th 2002 I was born
Toby dog (27 days ago)
ok so so more storytelling. So me and my cousins used to play this game A LOT like . I think starting from 2003ish. Anyways Fight pits was my favorite activity. One of my cousins was REALLY rich those red phats and stuff lol, He got it through a mixture of pking and staking. (he was an ABSOLUTE BEAST, and would get pk STACKS of briding/tribriding gear/Dh sets every single day effortlessly, and i'd watch him do it on his laptop lol) Pretty much I would join his clan (he was really popular and had LOTS of freinds with msn messaging group chats and voice and stuff and the clan was HUGE ) every night fight pits (well not every night, only when his clan goes) was like "INSANE"........... IT WAS SOOOOOO MUCH FUN LOL. Sometimes me and him would fool around go duo- no armor dds in deep wildy around mage bank. And it was really funny lol. I only got to around like lvl 80ish (was my highest) but another one of my cousin was lvl 102 and he gave me his account and it got some money so that was nice.............. The one cousin that was a professional only got to 122 kept defense at around 80 for pking i think. He also gave me his account when he quit (around the time they took pking out) (and i played on it for around a year then quit, and somehow got back to it in 2009ish, and finally quit in like 2010 i think) Oh, and i STILL remember that one time! When i got "instantly rich!" LMAO. Ok, so i was cutting magic logs in the Seer's bank area. And someone died with a "red mask" and i was the one that picked out up! out of like 15-20 people there (yeah i got so lucky lol!) And around that time (i forgot when exactly) (red mask was like............heck....... like bank i think lol) But uhhh..... yeah. And also, my 2nd favorite activity was "house parties"!. My favorite house parties were like huge......... They were the best lol. Back then it was awesome................... Oh and also, this is a lot more recent but i remember in 2010ish i think, people in house parties started to rag and shit. It was toxic but absolutely hilarious. But yeah i enjoyed the heck out of it. With people in like full Nex gear in the prayer alters and always killing you and stuff lol. THEY FUCKING HATED ME LOL (well TJ's pretty much hate everyone who dont kiss their ass) (And "nobody fucking tells me what to do" so yeah, they'd obviously hate me) (well to be fair, ugly no life toxic gamer TJ's, ) (real life mature TJ's are actually pretty legit and cool people tbh ngl) (well, not "cool" as in a P, but just a legit person) (someone that you wouldn't have any problems with liking) So i also made a lot of void pures, too and d bowing combo pjing was a fun thing to do with other people............. That's all for storytelling today i guess..... lol Hope you enjoyed it lol.
Sam MooRe (27 days ago)
666 was attually 7/6/2006 in the Uk
John Cena (27 days ago)
Osrs gets too much hate
Vincent Thibault (27 days ago)
If only I could spend 1 single hour with all the friends I got when I was a young noob, I would tell them so much even those who I barely known. This is vt99 and if you ever read those lines, I miss you all.
keep da Glock koked (29 days ago)
damn cant believe i played this since 2004 thats mental....
pewue (1 month ago)
i still do enjoy the osrs 2007 it was the best for me and now it still is the best. and sins 2015 nothing really big has changed. thank god xD. looking foward to still play osrs 2007 after many years
tonels ponto (1 month ago)
This video make me sad
Tejas (1 month ago)
RS3 isnt bad. I jumped on for the first time in over 11 years and I cant get off. Its like seeing my childhood, everything is so familiar, but it looks so different. The graphics are significantly differnent, but the witty charm is there more than ever it seems. I appreciate it way more now as an adult. I was mid level all those years ago, now to continue the journey.
Caleb Thompson (1 month ago)
First viewing of this video, loved it. How do you feel about where the game is now (if you still play)?
Lemon cake (1 month ago)
Its updating too fast in my eyes.
Abal Neto (1 month ago)
2006 was a blast. Thank you for making this video, I rewatch it every year.
badri (1 month ago)
this makes me want to play again
Isidro Lopez (1 month ago)
I know I'm late, but great vid!
Marcela Hernandez (1 month ago)
RIP Fat Wrecked
Need Me A Name (1 month ago)
You seriously never see videos like this about World Of Warcraft. Just goes to show you, Runescape has had a greater impact than WoW on the youth of the world
Happy Fun Time (1 month ago)
He said "Zezma". Lmao.
Gold justice (1 month ago)
If I was one of the iron man: Can I get my armor yet????? Iron man guide: yep Me: YEET *Gives mark V* Me: what, the, Heck, THIS IS SO AWESOME
Soul Kraves (1 month ago)
never thought i would cry over a runescape vid :/
Reinhart Arts (1 month ago)
Golden joystick, ahahahaha. More like the golden dildo. Nobody, ok I go now :c
Phoenix (1 month ago)
Oh shit whats the name of the song at 15:48???
YceBox (1 month ago)
Here’s an old memory for you all: Anyone recall when Adamantite was the strongest armor/weapon type? (Back in RS classic).
Lemon cake (1 month ago)
Just a bit too early for me that :(
Alucard (1 month ago)
Oh god even though I can't get into Runescape anymore I still love watching these videos. If you logged in with a username instead of an email, you are truly OG
spawnova (1 month ago)
25:25 What? Having the ge makes trading a tad bit easier? Do you not remember having to travel to fally or camelot and standing around for hours typing to sell shit. I think you meant to say it makes trading a metric fuck ton easier.
marliz. (1 month ago)
Good old times.. I started playing in 2005, as a 10 year old who barely knew English. I remember 2 friends who were in my elementary class were talking about RuneScape, I was curious to know what it was and so one of them showed it to me after school, right when summer break started. I immediately fell in love with the game. It seemed like such a big new world to explore. So much to do and such little knowledge about the game and it’s endless limits. I remember one guy giving me 1k free cash and my heart dropped. I thought I just became one of the richest people of RuneScape. I remember being so proud that I could finally make full bronze armour myself, and gave a full set away to another noob in need. I remember going into the deep wilderness with my friends at level 40 combat and hunting down other people with our noob stats and gear, only to be killed by my friend’s brother who was watching her screen to see where we were :’). I remember getting lured into the wildy when there was no border or scammed for my money when there was no second trade confirm screen. It was sad, but part of the game and you learned from it. I remember getting my first membership and buying full H.A.M. outfit with some other ‘cool’ looking stuff for way more money than it was worth, then going to f2p worlds and walking around like I was the shit. And a lot of people actually followed and talked to me because of the gear hah. I miss those days so much. Some updates that jagex did were for the better, but they took it too far and ruined the game for me at one point. OSRS is fun, but not the same. Nowadays it’s all about efficiency and having the best of the best. I used to love Castle Wars but no one is there to play it anymore, because it’s ‘useless to play’. I miss the genuine fun that people had playing this game. Sorry for the rant hahaha.
Nein Nein (1 month ago)
This game is 20 year olds now
Matthias Berube (1 month ago)
Those were the days for sure. Most of my childhood revolves around runescape. I was so mad when RS3 came out. Now that old-school is back I've started playing again. And I love it. Lv 30 already only been playing for a few days on and off. Looking to go all the way this time. Hello RS fam this is where we came from. Were home
Gonças NS (1 month ago)
best childhood game, by far
ATB (1 month ago)
What you have achieved in 30 minutes with this video is bringing back a flood of memories from some of the happiest times in my life. Liked and subscribed. You did a fantastic job putting this video together and educated me on things I never knew or had forgotten. Thank you!
Rachelle McLeod (1 month ago)
When my boyfriend and i started dating he left me for a drop party, i had to see what the fuss was about.
Is there any private servers of runescape from the late 90s?
Juul Marteau (1 month ago)
Thanks for making this video. Really enjoyed this. JAGEX NEVER TOUCH RS 07 AGAIN!
Deadmau5 Gurl23 (2 months ago)
i don't like the new runescape!!!
Kimmo Simonaho (2 months ago)
Looks like I'm the only one who prefers RS3
Roni (2 months ago)
Today checked from hans @ lummy, my accounts age, i was amazed for 5,190 days old, thats over 14 years.. Quitted when rs3 appears, and ruined skilling career.
Lord Adz (2 months ago)
why these idiots defend elvemage is beyond me. sounds like the worst scum you can meet
iunnor (2 months ago)
Remember refreshing the browser so world 2 wasn’t full so you can log in and sell what you need to sell?😭
iunnor (2 months ago)
Is it weird that i even miss the people standing next to varrock bank trimming rune armour?
Penguiino (2 months ago)
RSHD was the best era and always will be..
Tha Joka (2 months ago)
I played from 05' till the release of EOC. EOC f'kin ruined it. Then 2 years ago I found the best RSC private server, rscrevolution and played avidly till just recently when osrs went mobile I bought a membership and play every Chance I get, it's more quiet now, but the games worth it
503 Service Unavailable (2 months ago)
This game helped me survive my teen years. Some of the best friends I ever made in those days, I never met in person. And thanks to adding my rs-gf to msn chat and webcaming I got to see my first pair of ( . Y . ) even though they were way across the country.. Maybe it's dumb to say this, but runescape helped me deal with my social awkwardness, experience love, and when I felt lost and scared in real life; my rs family was always there with true emotion and advice to help guide me through my problems and stay strong.. A safe haven that helped me solve tons of real world teen problems lmao.. It was more than just a game. I dont care what anyone says.
HungLow Merrick (2 months ago)
made me cry <3
Seyed Mehdi Mousavi (2 months ago)
The G.O.A.T
99rofl (2 months ago)
my favorite time was beginning of 2011. with the new combat system i quitted. damn... i wish it was again like that when HD was released. i could cry. i miss my childhood. fuck we´re all gettin old here xD
jacob green (2 months ago)
I played this game from pretty much the start of runescape 2 and quit when limited trades and wilderness left I seen it was on mobile for old-school on fb and instantly dove right back In completely addicted all over again from lvl 3 I love this game i do wish the he went away I miss spaming world two also P hats and such being worthless just takes a certain uniqueness out of the game that I don't like but either way still the best game ever
Pip Boy (2 months ago)
rip classic :(
Old Saintanick Clause (2 months ago)
this was wholesome
Gerald Toaster (2 months ago)
great video, but your english is awful
I wish I was a player in the year of Santa Claus suit all I have is the suit In osrs
30 BOIS Squad (2 months ago)
That’s my childhood So Old
Katie Elizabeth - (2 months ago)
god runescape was my life back in 2002-2008. i actually downloaded the oldschool version a year or so back and still play! i love it so much 😭😭
Jason Tanios (2 months ago)
Longgrunt where you at
KurizuKurizu (2 months ago)
I joined in 2007 because of a RuneScape book on the classroom bookshelf.
wood wink (2 months ago)
so bias...about eoc which killed RUNESCAPE WHICH LEAD THEM to MAKE OLD RS!!! LOL you suck
Andrew Signorino (2 months ago)
4:13 spot the Zezima great vid btw
Derek Troxel (3 months ago)
I disagree about 2007. The Grand Exchange is the single most important update to Runescape besides the introduction of RS2 or the reintroduction of RS2 as Old School Runescape and has done more for the longevity of the game than anything else. I remember trying to buy anything from another player pre-GE. What a nightmare. People just standing around spamming sell offers in Varrock square, Falador Park, and Lumbridge courtyard, an insane amount of scamming and price manipulation, much slower skilling and general progress, having to spend ten minutes just to buy an overpriced rune kiteshield. The Wilderness update was rough, but there are plenty of people, myself included, who didn't care. The "death" of the wilderness was more than made up for by GWD and the GE. After playing a long time, I'm glad it's no longer dead in OSRS, but if I had to choose between the wilderness dying and losing the GE, I would kill the wilderness in a heartbeat.
Alejandro Castro (3 months ago)
Dude i know right! Everyone freaking out over wilderness like there weren't PvP worlds... Even with the drops being nerfed pking was still fun af. The GE was a gift from god bro i feel you on that. Idk why all the og players cry about that too. Like did you really enjoy sitting in falador garden trying to buy a bunch of lobster? like cmon lmao
pixels n pixels (3 months ago)
Memeulous sent me
Torn Undead (3 months ago)
Such nostalgia! I started runescape for the first time at 7 years old, during runescape 1 (classic). Runescape has been such a huge part of my childhood. Of course me and my old runescape buddies all moved on ages ago and are now boring adults. Haha
Max Campo (3 months ago)
Rittmer (3 months ago)
Riots lmao? I understand being mad but honestly going into your chat to spam @@@ is honestly goofy as fuck
Rômulo Barbosa (3 months ago)
i started runescape on 2001 and still have my acc today ... xD
Joni Juutalainen (3 months ago)
This video was the reason i started playing osrs
Jwjsudksj Idksjhdjjdj (3 months ago)
Does Mote the lipstick gay virgin still play
Jonas Schoenmakers (3 months ago)
Damn i love watching this, i feel old watching this while i'm only 22 yet... I remember times from 2006, nostalgic, and so awesome to watch all of this. It's like i'm reliving all the moments.
Lynn Roberts (3 months ago)
Love osrs I can’t truly place why I stopped playing Rs so many years ago but I am back now for good I don’t understand rs3 yet but go there some to try to get my bearings so am member in both games in rs3 I maintained lvl115 and didn’t want to lose all I had worked for as I understand it I can’t take my stats over to osrs sheeze I feel Like a noob lol But I am here to stay ty for the info vid ur awesome
odtuhan (3 months ago)
I miss 2006
Dio (3 months ago)
Whats the song in the beginning?
Jerry Hicks (3 months ago)
Good review bud
Nitaa Ayanna (3 months ago)
😍 nobody knows this..but I'm secretly waiting for runescape mobile😅life was so easy back then🙄😓imiss runescape SOOO Much😣
odtuhan (3 months ago)
Nitaa Ayanna Yes! We are old now abd doesnt have time to sit down and play runescape all the time like before.
Silas Zindel (3 months ago)
This video is really touching (-,:
HotScottGG (3 months ago)
@4:17 you can spot Zezima at #34
Torn Undead (3 months ago)
HotScottGG Lots of players these days don't even know who Zezima is.
zg32e9 (3 months ago)
if i could go back in time
Tito Titoburg (3 months ago)
Shout out to this game for teaching me typing. XD Still a skill that I use throughout life.
Revolutionz FOR Tomorrow (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmcEzrvsxYE Went To Heaven And Hell
Jordan Richardson (4 months ago)
so i watched your new vids after you being away for sooooooo long. so i thought lets check out the old ones. god damn i forget how good you are. you have a talent. dont know quite what to call it, but its there. you break down information and present in a way that resonates with your audience, speaks honesty, and is entertaining too. good luck out there and hope to see more soon

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