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Social Media Games - Worldwide Gamification Is The New Paradigm for Life and Business

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Russell Brumfield of Wizard University http://wizarduniversity.biz describes the new worldwide phenomenon of gamification. Discover the how organization are using this latest innovation to facilitate change and communicate their message with Influential Game Strategies. The Internet, Google and Facebook have paved the way for a society in which games will soon be the number one platform of choice for branding & marketing, sales, communication, training, education, and the primary platform used to influence and modify behaviors. Who could have predicted just 5 years ago that over 500 million people would tune into the same place everyday and spend more than 500 billion minutes a month on a website called Facebook? Or that almost 100 million people could be trained to communicate in less than 140 characters on Twitter. Or that World of Warcraft could have our next generation of consumers and leaders playing online for over 3 billion hours a month? And now with location-based elements like Facebook Places, we'll be checking into places, doing challenges and getting points and rewards all around the world. Because of rapidly growing technology and a public that's quickly and constantly adapting to a new past times and lifestyles, we now have over a quarter billion people playing social media games online; games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, Second Life, Café World, Petville, and World of Warcraft. Wizard University specializes in transformational games for every area of life and business. We marry entertainment and fun with multi-sensory science, NLP, and various forms of behavior modification. We design Influential Game strategies for banding, marketing, orientation, training, product awareness, policies, causes, and any environment that involves engagement and communication. And now YOU can jump into this brand new game ahead of your competitors and establish an influential position in the mind of your customers and your employees, with a well-designed Influential Game Strategy.
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