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Counter-Strike: Source Hitbox Error Fixed

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This video shows that the CSS hitbox error has either been fixed or has never been real. And YES friendly fire is on! And secondly, i am a playing as a terrorist in the second demonstration inside the office. Song - Interface by E-Sassin
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Kr4zyAc3 (5 years ago)
Been playing Source for years, never had any problems with hitboxes....
DocCovington (6 years ago)
Maybe not as many as you, but let's take "Left 4 Dead" as an example: Same engine, does NOT have this issue.
DocCovington (6 years ago)
Heh heh, but you replied to the wrong person's comment, because it wasn't me who mentioned CoD. ;-)
prox40 (6 years ago)
Call of Du...wait that game sucks in everything
SuperMakee (6 years ago)
@JMExtinction "you can't hit hitbox because you don't lag enough" WTF am I reading?
dexaxx (6 years ago)
@JMExtinction <----FAIL!
JMExtinction (7 years ago)
dude you cant hit the hitbox cause you are offline and not in a server!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your ping is 0 noob
k1ngrocc (7 years ago)
@baggedyman i know it has bullet drop, but even @ spraying in someones head - if you are standing right in front of him - you can't be sure to have a kill. And that's not because the weapon is inaccurate, it's because of the bad hitbox. beta field bad code 2 :)
baggedyman (7 years ago)
@Macbookproize Oh my God. It says "You Killed a Teammate."
baggedyman (7 years ago)
@k1ngrocc Are you sniping? Because it has bullet drop. Also, you shouldn't hipfire in BC2 either.
m4r1o148 (7 years ago)
@Macbookproize If friendly fire was off his teammates wouldn't die so friendly fire is ON
shaneme3 (7 years ago)
@DocCovington Call of duty?
Pusteblume0707 (7 years ago)
@DocCovington i know
k1ngrocc (7 years ago)
@DocCovington wtf? ever played BFBC2? this has the worst hitbox i've ever seen. faaaaar away from "accurate".
Onyx (7 years ago)
you dont have priendly fire on thats way..
Alexis (7 years ago)
My Theory: The updating of the hitboxes constantly would lag the game normally. When your shots are taken, the hitboxes update. It's a good system, and it does not affect the game.
emplexityy (7 years ago)
@DocCovington The hit boxing in CS:S is fine.
DocCovington (7 years ago)
@emplexityy Hahaha! If that was the case, I wouldn't have such good aim in LAN games. ^-^ But hey, if insulting other people is all you can do, then I'm sorry for you. This comment of yours wasn't helpful at all, that's for sure (d'uh!). ;-)
emplexityy (7 years ago)
@DocCovington No, Your just shit and cant aim.
nobble (7 years ago)
@malmobarn sry but bfbc2 isnt worse. they want the hitboxes like this because of gravity and speed of the bullets and stuff. i would say bfbc2 has the most realistic hitboxes in a game ever
Il Cielo (7 years ago)
@kimoalako they are something like scripts that decide how much damage you take from a bullet depending on whichever area you are hit at.
Sam Ajami (7 years ago)
@DocCovington in that case you have'nt played many FPS. BF:BC2 is far worse than CS:S, and you can't even start to compare CS:S with CoD:MW2. There you have serious problems with them damn hitbox m8.
Konstantin (7 years ago)
Counter-Strike: Source Hitbox Error Fixed? CSS V56: dl.dropbox.com/u/3870737/T4T_.jpg
DocCovington (8 years ago)
@dudeness3 No, it wasn't. I said *I* didn't know any other shooter with this issue, as in: None of the other shooters I've played (F.E.A.R., L4D, L4D2, and some others) has this issue, or at least not nearly as severe. It doesn't mean I know every shooter out there and can testify that no other shooter ever released didn't have this issue. ;-)
stevenviper (8 years ago)
@NinjaCrumpet2 i havent seen it
BboySudden (8 years ago)
Should of fixed this instead of making them die soo cheesy
mozlin (8 years ago)
@DocCovington mw2
DocCovington (8 years ago)
The problem still exists. It might not occur as often as when CS:S came out, but often enough to be annoying. You would empty a whole magazine into an opponent's head, and they take little to no damage and then kill you in return. Pathetic, VALVe, seriously pathetic. I don't know ANY other shooter game that has this issue. ^-^
Christopher Wiley (8 years ago)
That's still beyond fixed.
Renato Almeida (8 years ago)
is that what you called fixed? please, noob, learn cs before try to get soluctions to the troblems!!
xXiNexusXx (8 years ago)
nur bei bf 2 so ansonsten sind nirwo die hitbox en so scheisse auffealig schlecht wie bei bf2
Grunzky (8 years ago)
dir is aber schon klar, dass man beim laufen immer hinter die person zielen muss, damit man die hitbox vor ihm trifft
danightpisser (8 years ago)
Oh and I'd like to know how that music track is called if you don't mind.
danightpisser (8 years ago)
Yea i noticed that too but it seems to be different if you host the server and try that on bots that if you try that with real players...
Nicbobo (8 years ago)
O.o You killed Wally!
darkside935 (8 years ago)
my hitboxes seem to work just fine =S but sometimes i shot a guy in the head and he gets a bloody shot mark but no dmg... help???
hiPeeks (9 years ago)
bots are handled by the server, therefore making them not subject to the hit-box problem that we suffer from @ lans and online.
trojan577588 (9 years ago)
why does evry1 test it with a bot, I play on GotGames FFA server where the players have noticably different hitboxes than the players
NinjaMcWaffles (9 years ago)
@ o0LuxuX if its a bot how does it talk ?
combo821 (9 years ago)
its called recoil
Yoshiki03 (9 years ago)
You really think you need to lead a target that is about 6 feet infront of you? Seriously, the older I get the more I realize nobody has a clue about physics and time-space theory.
zverrok (9 years ago)
fuck source. fucking hitbox!!
666LordVile666 (9 years ago)
Awesome F**king SONG!!!
Amit Mirchandani (9 years ago)
Cheaaa :P
Xav R (9 years ago)
Doesn't friendly fire do less damage though? They're both CTs.
ebs28 (9 years ago)
1:04 is funny, he is aiming at the head perfectly yet no head shot that's saying sumthing...
György Antal (9 years ago)
why are so many ppl such a lame? :O the hitbox "warps" back everytime you shoot, cuz these are bots.. if there's a regular player you shootin the hitbox would be before him, as he's running and that's the way it is, because there's no internet connection, what could make a 0 ms latency, that's why it's practical to bring the hitbox a little forward, and if that was calculated from latency, it would be work perfect ;) So stfu 4 every DUMB455 :P
Malunat13 (9 years ago)
if the hitboxes suck why not just aim at the person?
Dean Taylor (9 years ago)
like some other people have pointed out its your teammates, friendly fire must be disabled!
k.hack (9 years ago)
the hitboxes are off place on purpose, the game creators were trying to make an appropriate lag time for bullets to hit the body, like in Halo 3, you gotta lead your shots to make them hit right. its not a matter of connection lag, thats how the game was created
shortizahn (9 years ago)
in this video there are bots and the bots are lagfre...
Tim L (9 years ago)
its cause of lag maybe?
Daniel Johansson (9 years ago)
warjanitor (9 years ago)
it depends on wat version of CS ur playing like if ur playing CS:S, theres a physics system so the bullets will fly slightly off if ur moving,jumping etc. or because u hit where the guy was previously at causing the bullet to hit where u aim. maybe its nothing, but ur skill no offense
Amere Abastillas (9 years ago)
Thank you very much... Godbless man..
Jin Tran (9 years ago)
The hit box error is real, whether i has been fixed or not i do not know.
Censored Bits (9 years ago)
client side checks don't match with server side = false hit and does not register.
Amere Abastillas (10 years ago)
hey, how do you activate this Hitbox thing? pls tell me
Elektribe (10 years ago)
The leading the hit boxes is not fixed. Interpolate on still does it, and I still have to lead shots to land shots.
Kristoffer470 (10 years ago)
Shooting bots is completely different to shooting other players...
Alex Hepburn (10 years ago)
pharoah246 (10 years ago)
They dont dissapear they go back into the ragdoll.
Dragos Costea (10 years ago)
man this is a very stupid thing to shoot in front of a player... the speed of a bullet compared to the speed of a snowball is very big! This is not realism , CS:S is like shooting with water guns!
chrisGSR (10 years ago)
look at shadowwarrior's video on the hitboxes he had bots. so its fixed.
Aaron Barlow (10 years ago)
fucking idiot its a bot! from your server it wont have htit box lag... tard
Mitchell Robertson (10 years ago)
yeah i know, i kinda posted that comment halfway through the video. Just seems that my second post didnt come through saying my first post was a mistake
Mitchell Robertson (10 years ago)
put friendly fire on then you idiot
PhantomNovelist (10 years ago)
but its idiotic when you 5m near target. I shoot in head but wtf? i dont hit him cause his hitbox is near him not "on" him! Weapon recoil at 5m distance isnt that big to "suprisingly" hit in the hitbox :)
Mont Poindexter (10 years ago)
Well, that's just an example. You have to take distance of target into the equation. The guy in this video is only a few feet from who he's shooting, at that distance you don't need to lead your target much. If he were further away then you would see what was really going on.
Mont Poindexter (10 years ago)
No.. Steam won't ban you :)
Mont Poindexter (10 years ago)
Example: Your going to throw a snowball at someone who's 20 feet away running horizontal to you. You would not aim where you saw them right as you were going to throw the snowball, you would aim in front, twards where they were heading. If you aimed at where you saw them, the snowball would hit behind them. That's what the Source/Havoc Engine is going for. Realism.
Mont Poindexter (10 years ago)
It's more like a developer deal. See, source is supposed to be more realistic. So.. You have to 'lead' your target, and the sv_showhitbox 1 just shows you where you have to shoot to hit your target. I don't know what homeboy who made this video did, but doesn't matter. I play Half-Life Deathmatch Source, and when you shoot the hitbox, you hit the player. It's not a bug. It's going for realism.
Mont Poindexter (10 years ago)
Have to enable cheats sv_cheats 1, be running a non dedicated server, 2 people, and the server side is the only one that can see the hitbox by typing sv_showhitboxes 1
halcncod (10 years ago)
you fucking noobs commenting on this video. To the video maker, cheers mate, nice vid :)
darkshage (10 years ago)
how do u get to c the hitboxes?
TheBeasty11 (10 years ago)
Counter Strike is verry buggy^^
Bruno Negri (10 years ago)
Do i care if you play 1.6 ? if You like 1.6 its your problem .... i Like Source.... my Problem.... That`s it....Period.
Dick Swett (10 years ago)
because your a complete moron. I play source now and I'm still surprised by the shittiness of the hitboxes. 1.6 was so much better in that aspect. Video doesnt prove much, hes strafing and shooting which causes off bullets anyways.
Bruno Negri (10 years ago)
yeah i also thought it didnt apply for bots.. but another guy here added a movie with Bots... and the hitboxes were really messed.... ShadowWarrior is the guy`s nick if i`m not wrong...
Bruno Negri (10 years ago)
dont mind him... probably he likes the inaccurate shots from CS 1.5 and 1.6.... source is way better... it has more accuracy ... more clean...... wayyy better... in my opnion
MGlBlaze (10 years ago)
Hell no. Every even half-decent FPS uses hitboxes. Whoever says that 1.6 doesn't use hitboxes has no idea what they're talking about.
Demeter Andrei Răzvan (10 years ago)
fuck u both are ct motta fuker \
Conor Phillips (10 years ago)
I'm quite sure the hitboxes don't apply for bots unless your server is laggy as shit. However, being a longtime player of CS I know that the hitboxes are messed up bigtime when facing other people. It has to do with the fact that since some of these people are across the world, the delays of movement are messed up. Biggest example is dying when you're already around the corner. Lame.
Jerry Wong (10 years ago)
Where did you get the song?
Erik Söderström (10 years ago)
Tom Gibbs (10 years ago)
it's common knowledge that cs 1.6 does not use hitboxes? i've never heard of an fps in my entire life that does not use hitboxes, aka, collision detection... how exactly does cs1.6 not use hitboxes, how else are you supposed to hit someone? i think what you mean is, the hitboxes are smaller and more close to the models. designating a headshot from a regular shot indicates that there is indeed a "hitbox" for your head, and your torso, etc. am i wrong?
PulletSurprise (10 years ago)
As for the rest of the CS playing world, the WCG, ESCW, WSVG, and ESL can't be wrong. I would say the same about the CPL, but they are out the window now. There are at least 6 major CS 1.6 leagues in Europe and Asia, as well as the ACNC in Australia. If anything, CS 1.6 competition is on the rise, and if there is something killing CS 1.6, it's Valve. =/
PulletSurprise (10 years ago)
Quite the contrary. Valve wouldn't allow the CGS to use CS 1.6, but instead forced them to sign for rights to use CS: Source on TV. CGS so far as been rather boring and unflattering to the game. They only use thrid person spectator cameras instead of POV's, and the MR9, 1:20 Round time with $16,000 Starting money makes for some extremely fast, Deathmatch like gameplay, which the majority of CS players do on their own time anyway, so why watch it?
wildfiretgh (10 years ago)
I know.. I'll admit, I have no idea how cs is in Europe but in America, CGS is it. You can be cal-i cevo p w/e.. you'll get your name out there but that's about it. CGS is pretty much saving the competitiveness of cs and pro gaming. Hence why source is hosted at CGS, and not 1.6.. b/c 1.6 is dead.
PulletSurprise (10 years ago)
You mean the 6 teams there were selected for the CGS? What about Europe? It's not all about CAL and CEVO, you know.
wildfiretgh (10 years ago)
1.6 is dead. Why do you think everyone is coming to source and all the cal-i teams are playing source now? 1.6 is dead, get over it. Source>1.6.
Tom Keller (10 years ago)
man.. i must be blind then x_x heres for the next lazy blind man, Song - Interface by E-Sassin
Relinquish (10 years ago)
lol but he says the song name in the comments too... but hope you found it.
Tom Keller (10 years ago)
sorry flectz, i spent all day yesturday looking through comments and i did look in the side description just didnt see it. sorry if you though i was "so lazy" but im not. thanks though for making me look "harder" this time =)
Relinquish (10 years ago)
you know what, im not even going to tell you if youre so lazy to look.....
Tom Keller (10 years ago)
whats the name of the music??? nice video too.
Tom Keller (10 years ago)
*flexes e-muscles* me>you
Tom Keller (10 years ago)
are you retarded?!?!?! seriously ask yourself that. dur he was shooting his teammate, did you not see it hit his helmet? oh and TEAMKILLED him?!?!? moron...
Relinquish (10 years ago)
Hey. Shut the fuck up. Haven't you noticed that its been a few weeks since we both said anything? Clearly, its been settled and no one cares anymore. So please, just mind your own business.
criminalzerg (10 years ago)
You both need to grow the fuck up, holy shit ladies. Take your cat fight off the internet, and save it for the streets. Thank you.

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