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Spinning Platforms in Minecraft 1.8 - Redstone Creation

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Using the new /tp Command, I created some very simple Spinning Platforms in Vanilla Minecraft. Support me on PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=B8XRXQNP5QW7J Leave some Comments down below, and if you want, leave a Like!
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Text Comments (155)
jason matejcek (2 years ago)
I am sorry pleas forgive me fore my bad comment and please do not take it to hart
HeiTo Ng (2 years ago)
what are the two commands crushed pixel?
Jeremy Bergen (2 years ago)
You sound like a german (du idiot xD)
Stephen Entwistle (2 years ago)
romela casas (2 years ago)
Put the commands in the description
Atreyu Lannom (2 years ago)
command blocks suck make a video of a redstone creation with no stupid command block. then I will subscribe.
Nawibo (1 year ago)
Command blocks make nearly all good custom maps we play to this date.
Cody - (2 years ago)
can you please put the command in the discription thanks.
Tamara Alexander (2 years ago)
Your stupid
Nerds Galore (2 years ago)
Look in a mirror someday.
theremixer9000 (2 years ago)
it doesent work 4 me, pliz help!!!! the minecart rotates and everything but I dont :/ what have I done wrong??????
Senpai Kun (2 years ago)
the secret message is *sigh* I should've tested that BEFORE the video '----'
JayThe MobileGamer (2 years ago)
Status X (3 years ago)
The zombie is turning in ur direction
First Last (3 years ago)
My eyes hurt from the lag
lexsayshi (3 years ago)
Using the NEW tp command? NEW?!?
LEGEND (3 years ago)
Thank You Body,You The Best For Tutorials !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steven Hichelkoff (3 years ago)
we cant see whats in the 1st command block?
Hurricanes (3 years ago)
+Nexus Minecraft Using someone else's logo as profile pic?
Lufu (3 years ago)
Bist du Deutscher? Are you german? Hört sich iwie so an D:
Dice 0ne (3 years ago)
minecraft wipeout incoming! :D
Golden Minecraft (3 years ago)
fuck off bitch
Thrott13Burn 55 (3 years ago)
\/\/\/\/\/\/\//\/\/\/\/\/\\/\/\\//\/\/\/\/\/\/\VIRUS/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\READMORE\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ HAHAHA! YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD A VIRUS!!!
4424dev (2 years ago)
No I didnt
CaptainCreeper 12 (3 years ago)
Cool, that looks epic
A old Channel (3 years ago)
lel copyed it :( ima loser
A old Channel (3 years ago)
heres what happenes when it is touching -Lol
SundayNick (3 years ago)
CryEye (3 years ago)
Gavin Attala Hadiyan (3 years ago)
Gavin Attala Hadiyan (3 years ago)
Uh..You make a wipeout parkour? Man that's crazy
UnknownEvil (3 years ago)
UnknownEvil (3 years ago)
UnknownEvil (3 years ago)
Awesome Guy (3 years ago)
Awesome Guy (3 years ago)
Awesome Guy (3 years ago)
-hello- ______ like that?
Hysix (3 years ago)
y is it not working
Sanb Bans (3 years ago)
2:17, *Sigh* I shoud've tested that BEFORE the video ._________.
The Creeper Realm (3 years ago)
Wow! I am using this is a parkour map I am making! thanks for making this! i will credit you for those. 
limydread (3 years ago)
2:17 spotted it! 
013Games (3 years ago)
+FallingDMG thx
xXTheZombieShooterXx (3 years ago)
What does it say?
Animenatik Bob (3 years ago)
 I have a problem. I can not move on the platform as it is in fact all commands entered correctly. I come not even to jump whom I stand on the block. Why is that? Why can not he go on the platform without re ported to be in the middle? Sorry für shit english. This text is Google translator. Deutsch -> english.
TOXIC GAMES (3 years ago)
if this comment take 100 likes, i will cry ;)
Sofie Rouse (3 years ago)
don't cry... CRAFT. xp
TOXIC GAMES (3 years ago)
+Abbzemmoot ik
Abigail_snail2 (3 years ago)
The video doesn't even have 1000 likes...
Andy Doan (3 years ago)
This is not survival friendly ur using commands block u can't get command blocks
tissueturtle (3 years ago)
this dude sounds asian
TheSniper (3 years ago)
Jads Gamings (3 years ago)
it made me sick dizy
EnergizedKitten (3 years ago)
But is there any x/y/z coordinates that i will have to type in? or any special things i must set up? i'm a noob at redstone. ._.
Da Domo (3 years ago)
+Bharat Gupta I feel ya bro, I feel ya. Command Blocks are hard to get the hang of at the start and most tutorials just confuses you with them
Bharat Gupta (3 years ago)
Im a pro at redstone but noob at command blocks
Isaac Wong (3 years ago)
Has anyone seen the troll face at 1:60?
BoxBeaTZ (4 years ago)
Heekoo (4 years ago)
-Does this work-
J. (4 years ago)
DEAD (3 years ago)
Maagnatism (3 years ago)
Ion (4 years ago)
HendiMLGXX (4 years ago)
 /imaFag (Hello)
HendiMLGXX (4 years ago)
/imaFag Using the new /tp Command, I created some very simple Spinning Platforms in Vanilla Minecraft.
Jaysada Huy-Chheang (4 years ago)
JohnGold (4 years ago)
Heres the commands you just have to replace the coordinates and the minecart you have to figure out how to place it yourself using command block. But even without it when you stand on the block it will make you spin. When you look at the command blocks the one on the left on the redstone block is 1. On the right 2. The one connected with redstone 3 and the last one 4  1 - /setblock ~-1 ~ ~ minecraft:redstone_block 2 - /setblock ~1 ~ ~ minecraft:air 3 - /tp @e[x=156,y=7,z=390,r=1,type=MinecartFurnace] 156 7 390 ~10 ~ 4 - /tp @e[x=156,y=7,z=390,r=1,type=!MinecartFurnace]~ ~ ~ ~5 ~
Demon (3 years ago)
thanks for the commands
ParodieHecker (4 years ago)
Du hörst dich ziemlich Deutsch an :D you sound very german :D
Macin toshiba (4 years ago)
Are You German?  You have an german accent... :)
MsDrTurtle (4 years ago)
Yes he is.. I think :D
ProRed (4 years ago)
Are you German?
CreativelyJake (4 years ago)
Please put the commands in the description :(
system_update (4 years ago)
BTW at 2:17 it said *sigh* should of tested it before the video. That's for all the people that where spamming the pause button like me
Drew (3 years ago)
+Mr. no same
Matthew Speidel (3 years ago)
I did that too
Mr. no (3 years ago)
Adam Yarris (4 years ago)
Y didnt i c ur comment 5 minutes ago?! fyi i like to use *BOLD* too!
system_update (4 years ago)
see :)
Paste the command in the description
Mandogy - Games (4 years ago)
add the moving boat
Noah (4 years ago)
jesus christ the subliminal message or something along those lines around 2:17 at the upper left corner. i just wasted 30 minutes of my life for no reason, i didnt even catch it.
Noah (4 years ago)
oh, reduce the speed to 0.25 then spam your space bar two clicks at a time, then it says, *clears throat* "*sigh* I should've tested that BEFORE the video  ``-___________-"
The MrGong (4 years ago)
*sigh* I should've tested that BEFORE the video .______. Is the secret message. LOL. Speed 0.25 and spamming space.
Shamie Emerson (4 years ago)
it did not work for me:(
Tom K (4 years ago)
Germans and their techno music in the background. You guys love it :-P (Assuming you're German, of course)
MarioKart7z (4 years ago)
Jorden Bales (4 years ago)
2:17 *sigh* I should've tested that before the video .___.
Jorden Bales (4 years ago)
Mix this and  jump pads togehter
Stefan Branescu (4 years ago)
Command plz?
Tap pp (4 years ago)
About that clock.. How many ticks per second? :p
Maverick Sabinada (4 years ago)
John Rivera (4 years ago)
Awesome vid dude
CJ Burkey (4 years ago)
"*sigh*I should have tested that before the vidoe .______." lol
Roy Ben Bassat (4 years ago)
Can you give me the commeands??
Roy Ben Bassat (4 years ago)
Hey, You gave me an idea for a map! il give you a credit ;)
CRAZY 5 (4 years ago)
where you download mc 1.8
First Surname (4 years ago)
'tis a snapshot :P
Peter Phan (4 years ago)
2:18 *sigh* I should've tested that BEFORE the video
OfficialSqored (4 years ago)
Hey crushed pixel im german too and im making concepts too please look at my channel and critic my channel!
Justin Fung (4 years ago)
jump and run = parkour
codety (4 years ago)
Hi crushed i was playing your server with my friends 2 days ago and it was empty so i invited my friends we played it alot and met raffesor and our group plays when ever we can but sometimes without raffesor and he talks about how they work, Great server :D
Roland Gell (4 years ago)
What's the ip
Boggy San (4 years ago)
The hided text is: **sigh** I should've tested that BEFORE the video ._____.
Boggy San (4 years ago)
Cool idea :)
Mage Enderman (4 years ago)
make the range r=0 not r=1
Roland Gell (4 years ago)
+Q Faulkner i think he put that so you would spin even if you were on the cobblestone walls around it
wessltov (4 years ago)
Thanks, but I don't think I'll need it for long
MegaXLR (4 years ago)
I know this is just necrocommenting but for 1.7 and below there is a integeroverflow with the radius tag that actually acts as 0 i dont know the exact number but SethBling mentioned it in an older video of his about ?-boxes from the NES game Super Mario Brothers
Mage Enderman (4 years ago)
yea i did it in the snapshot i saw it on a failboat video
wessltov (4 years ago)
Oh wait did you do it in the snapshot? Because I thought you meant 1.7
Sam Carey (4 years ago)
can somebody please put the commands as a reply to this comment 
Agustin (4 years ago)
Inspiration, I'm on MC now! :D
Qirky ninenine (4 years ago)
your voice sounded kind of corny
Posh C*** (3 years ago)
+Qirky ninenine that's his normal voice.
With butter.
CrushedPixel (4 years ago)
How should I understand that?
Reo Reyes (4 years ago)
Command Block Clock one block command block, command /summon FallingSand ~ ~1 ~ {TileID:152} if you summon the entity one block up, power it with a redstone block one block up and it works all the same, but it saves some room
Lily Metcalfe (4 years ago)
you should use the setblock to make the platform spin as well
Lily Metcalfe (4 years ago)
so... I've just realized that it won't work for this platform.  But for different platforms it would work
Lily Metcalfe (4 years ago)
yes I know
Lily Metcalfe (4 years ago)
Dominic11121 (4 years ago)
+Samuel Metcalfe Well, no, blocks can't rotate, entities can, however.
Lily Metcalfe (4 years ago)
It would work
fdagpigj E (4 years ago)
Would it be smoother if you used more command blocks with a smaller turn each?
CrushedPixel (4 years ago)
No, since the Cmd Blocks already get activated each tick.
fdagpigj E (4 years ago)
2:17 *sigh* I should've tested that BEFORE the video .____.
Saw the flash test but too lazy to try to catch him.
ArtisticPixel (4 years ago)
People who do parkour will now be 100 times more mad because of this, haha! Great invention/video!
Nope. (4 years ago)
Uhmm you inspired me a bit with this :)
CitrioN (4 years ago)
Interesting use for the rotation tag :)
Rafessor (4 years ago)
I don't know how to use this, but its epic
Cade Griffin (4 years ago)
Schmego (4 years ago)
Awesome as always CrushedPixel.
João Cabral Pinto (4 years ago)
pretty cool! :-)
Koray C (4 years ago)
Nice !

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