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Brad Likes Flying Boats

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Text Comments (150)
Warholy (6 years ago)
Floating umbrella at 0:52
Ashley Wright (6 years ago)
I would love to see a boat do that. XD
TheParrott_ (7 years ago)
That's one way to get your boat in the water... O__o
Dorky&Nerdy (7 years ago)
Alma was swinging there.
BlutRoyale54 (7 years ago)
2:14 Imagine how that sounded from the ground! Fuckin' Boat flyin' over the city honking it's horn LOL
ChaosShadicWolf (7 years ago)
MagBastard42 (7 years ago)
Bond music should have played at the end of that.
Leo (7 years ago)
BOAT LAUNCHER, and it fell in the water lmao
FriskyBusiness (7 years ago)
what system
Realafah (7 years ago)
i swear, everytime you make something fly, it's always happens on a swing set
44lolzer (7 years ago)
yesterday my motor started to fly
Einvestigator96 (7 years ago)
Secret password for flying boats: Mas fuego!
TheNufinger (7 years ago)
Boating like a boss.
Thenetor47 (7 years ago)
lol at the end! epic fail for the man killed by boat^^
Alex Neff (7 years ago)
bitch ass (7 years ago)
im still not on a boat :(
migueeeelet (7 years ago)
Did I forgot to suscribe?
dracon56 (7 years ago)
That's the future of soldier deployment!
Yankeefan2000 (8 years ago)
LOL so hard at 1:25 the guy gets hit by the boat
pineapplelover 37 (8 years ago)
from swing to water in 5 seconds xD
Christopher Zeineh (8 years ago)
I guess that's why they call it a "boat landing."
TheNIEXTER (8 years ago)
Bradgasm in the end xD
Sandra Clark (8 years ago)
he went so far XD
Cipr 69 (8 years ago)
Gsaror (8 years ago)
oh it sais flying BOATS, i though it said "Brad likes flying BROADS" now that would be funny as shit i think.
D3w10n (8 years ago)
mranime8 (8 years ago)
1:12 - 1:16 lol! nobody will cause a boat just magically appeared from nowhere
CrLe (8 years ago)
lol.. U sholud make reverse vid.. so it wolud looks like you jumped out of water and fly all way to that park XD
chobitsgnarlslover (8 years ago)
Cody Lane (8 years ago)
That's my next getaway plan! >:D
Whopper (8 years ago)
OMG ITS THE FLYING DUTCHMAN!!!!!!!! oh nevermind its brad
ChiralKyle (8 years ago)
0:56 lmao he knocks a fat guy down the stairs and yet brad didn't laugh about that
qwertyqeys (8 years ago)
How touching. You forgot the part about how it's boat babies run upstream to mate then get launched back into the water
Kari166 (8 years ago)
Does Brad have his swim trunks and flippy floppys? :D
Sn1pInGmOfO (8 years ago)
That would be the most ultimate getaway ever XD
No Luls Deep Meme (8 years ago)
The boat is a curious creature that has an affinity for its natural habitat. It will sometimes enlist the help of supernatural swingsets to launch it over a few buildings and several city blocks in order to be reunited with its element.
Whopper (8 years ago)
PLZ REMAKE Dust In The Wind, but rename it! Brad In The Wind!!
mAHOGANY (8 years ago)
lol i remembered when you sometimes fall after landing that happened to me too,REPEATEDLY
brotendo912 (8 years ago)
The boat's a....boat lol
Jarek4 (8 years ago)
the boat's a spy
brotendo912 (8 years ago)
1:26 the boats a weapon lol :)
David Harrison (8 years ago)
debris in the wind
Rampid4Skin (9 years ago)
somthing weird i saw int that vid what flew across the sky at :30 sec
TheKnoppersVidz (9 years ago)
the end is epic!
Thai Barker (9 years ago)
JWBkiller5 (9 years ago)
It was a related topic to the video. So i commented
Mercury Soul (9 years ago)
there's no guys on skates but ok
JWBkiller5 (9 years ago)
No really, about a week after it came out i was beating people up in it. I was chasing some fag on roller skates when he knocked me down. I fell onto the swingset and died. I thought that he had killed me in one push but it was actually the swingset. I found out months later what the swingset glitch was.
Mercury Soul (9 years ago)
one time i landed the boat on the apartment building across the street fromn that playground
Mercury Soul (9 years ago)
yeah sure
JWBkiller5 (9 years ago)
I partially consider myself the founder of the swingset glitch. Only problem was i did'nt know it was the swingset that killed me.
TKnHappyNess (9 years ago)
I did the boat thing twice. One time, it flung us blocks away to where you get the Infernus for Stevie, the other time it barely got me over the expressway, hit the shore, and slid into the water.
Francis Ogbuzulu (9 years ago)
wtf 0:19 to 0:22
superlaugher (9 years ago)
Brad is teh escape artist xD
Christian Christiansen (9 years ago)
Offcourse you won't get banned or anything like that for using cheats in singleplayer! They're there for a reason. HAVE FUN! :D
ColdBloodedVK (9 years ago)
hey guys, just a couple questions about GTA cheats, how do i get cheats writen in a phonebook? and if i will get them, can i still be in Xbox Live? but playing single player ofc, not using in MP, like will i be banned for using cheats, even though it's single player :/
Nyerninja (9 years ago)
smileWertom12 (9 years ago)
its a magic alien phone!
The Joel (9 years ago)
That's some ring shit man!
carlos feliciano (9 years ago)
he pushed the man just to catch the boat lol
Radientgarden180 (9 years ago)
daymm thats some james bond shittt
Franky (9 years ago)
HazEd Paradox (9 years ago)
that shit flou so high in the sky that it looked like super man
strong1423 (9 years ago)
that like a giant slingshot !
GlebGuy (9 years ago)
Yeah, being shot out of the swing and flying through the city and landing with half of the body torn into pieces.
Wolvinof (9 years ago)
Landing WIN ;)
Jarq (9 years ago)
OMG how can a swing catapult a boat!? but still, LOL sweet!!
GeneroEdits (9 years ago)
there are more swingsets u know :P
soulreaver292 (9 years ago)
its teh EVIL SWING SET!! O.O
Dominic James (9 years ago)
i HATE using this word .. but there is a time and a place for it suppose ... ...EPIC !!! ...
planB383 (9 years ago)
are you tht stupid?
Demaniac (9 years ago)
lmao that is fucking incredible
Rainbow Darth (9 years ago)
Brandon Friday (9 years ago)
Its from GTA IV lost and damned
DiamondZDog (9 years ago)
that was awesome
Brandon Friday (9 years ago)
It goes real high for the boats. Killed by the swingset a few times. first i get launched in the air hit my head on a tip of a building and into the water and next into a tree by the Swinset LOL!!!!
Brandon Friday (9 years ago)
I tried that but nothign happened ....the Helicopter only went like 15 feet high!!!!
dark86t2 (9 years ago)
todays weather has a slight chance of falling boats
Brandon Friday (9 years ago)
Like which island. Middle left or right lsland????
David Etheridge (9 years ago)
LMAO, Ill catch it, EXACTLY what i was thinking
Kevin Chu (9 years ago)
Knocked a fat guy down the stairs and killed a guy with falling boats, lol
Coronado G (9 years ago)
lol nice
Coronado G (9 years ago)
jsh020 (9 years ago)
can someone tell me where the swingset is. like all i need to nkow is what island.
Jenny Burton (9 years ago)
JavTheNoob (9 years ago)
nice landing xD
JavTheNoob (9 years ago)
wth it went flying through the roof o_o
MrAnders0n2 (9 years ago)
Hahaha at the end. That's just great.
Katie Holden (9 years ago)
lol at the fat guy. "boo! aw shit!" *falls down stairs* xDD
Poopcopy (9 years ago)
Gotta have me my boats and hoes
sakesakesakey (9 years ago)
Haha at 0:19 pwned
Nathan (9 years ago)
Simply awesome.
GamerKat09 (9 years ago)
that was awesome LOL!! XD
bala400 (9 years ago)
OH SNAP!! lol
Slowgt13 (9 years ago)
you know its the lost and damned right
callmeinstead (9 years ago)
bad ass jacket dogg
Pierre G (9 years ago)
holy shitt he flew lol
bluAsterisk (9 years ago)
ShadowSoldior (9 years ago)
I spawned a boat on a hill when the cops were chasing me and it went sliding down the hill at mach4 and raped them all.
Minja4 (9 years ago)
hahaha!! lulz

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