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Dark Souls II: Scorpioness Najka Boss Fight

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I failed once at this boss fight, just take your time, be patient and stay close to her. If you're far away then she'll cast spells, but her melee attacks are slow and can easily be dodged.
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Text Comments (19)
Drsteinification (4 years ago)
Ds2 looks so pretty on pc ;-;
HalcyonFox (4 years ago)
I actually wasn't aware that it looked any different :')
Nykomi (4 years ago)
hey i seen all the things you like and you have colors 3d and stuff and you seem REALLY cool *-* we should add, and become friends n stufff...yawhhh oki xD
HalcyonFox (4 years ago)
+Christi Salas Network error ._. Anything else?
Nykomi (4 years ago)
aye its oki o.o
HalcyonFox (4 years ago)
+Christi Salas Well for some reason mine isn't working ._.
HalcyonFox (4 years ago)
+Christi Salas I do but I won't be sending that on a public comment xD
Nykomi (4 years ago)
your welcommme~ do you have kik???

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