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Super Mario Maker: The Forbidden Story II - PART 152 - Game Grumps

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Arin reveals MORE JUICY DEETS of his most forbidden fruit. Click to Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/GrumpSubscribe Want updates on what's new and coming soon? Our email list! ► http://eepurl.com/cN7syX Merch ► https://gamegrumps.fanfiber.com/ Game Grumps are: Egoraptor ► http://www.youtube.com/Egoraptor Danny ► http://www.youtube.com/NinjaSexParty Game Grumps on social: Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/GameGrumps Twitter ► https://www.twitter.com/gamegrumps
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Text Comments (1101)
Emmortal Sniper (13 minutes ago)
🎶suking on a million bicks, milon bicks, milon bicks🎶
edgyserf (1 day ago)
unrelated to any of arin's wack shit stories but i'm kinda starting to hate in the hall of the mountain king, which was previously my favourite classical (?????) composition so like Thanks Arin
The666VampireGirl (1 day ago)
"sucking on a million dicks, million dicks, million dicks FUCK!!"
troutshooter (1 day ago)
I was eating grapes when Dan explained the D Club............I picked a bad time to eat grapes because I laughed so hard I almost choked to death.
Kratos Aurion Plays (2 days ago)
2:02 So this was d-club era? I could have sworn this was later in his life for some reason.
Lovelyn 2001 (2 days ago)
Clod?! What are you Peridot 😂😂
Obscure Creation (3 days ago)
Sucking on a million dicks, million dicks, FUUUUCK!!!!
"Butt-hole stuff, I'm actually a little uncool with." - Arin Hanson, May 2018
No mention of the D-Club will ever not be hilarious. 😂
KNshooter TV (5 days ago)
This is the episode I wish I had seen first
Ishita Singh (5 days ago)
Astromyxin (5 days ago)
Arin wets toilet paper before using it? That's weird, man. How does one develop such a habit?
La Guapa (6 days ago)
La Guapa (6 days ago)
Not Spoiler At All (6 days ago)
8:20 ok this is the wrong time to have breakfast
Just Peachy (6 days ago)
About halfway through the video, I got an ad in which a father walks into his son's room and awkwardly explains the birds and the bees and how to use "protection". Later, the camera pans over to the son which turns out to be a dog. The ad reveals it is selling pet stain remover. After watching the ad I proceeded to fall to the floor and laugh for about 15 minutes straight until my parents come into my room and ask if I'm ok. In conclusion, Youtube has the right ads at the right time.
Autastic Guitar Spud (7 days ago)
So Arin, nice to know you still care about me enough to mention me and my dad in a Game Grumps video about you and your penis.
KittyKake 44 (7 days ago)
I love how Arin says Clod
Joshua Perry (7 days ago)
does this mean that the time you said you fingered your butthole was a lie?
SlendermanPrey (8 days ago)
9:15 sup bevis and butthead...
Babs likes cartoons (8 days ago)
Send this to your crush with no context.
Oliver Zemo (8 days ago)
Yes we need a Game Grumps try not to laugh
Lord Alexandah (8 days ago)
Can't get enough o' that Darcy Chick, Darcy Chick, Darcy Chick...
gil (9 days ago)
why did I make the mistake of watching Game Grumps while eating dinner
Zackapo (10 days ago)
arin is the best
TheRadiantDehd (10 days ago)
Arin! This is your mom using her 4,497,196th false account! How dare you do that! You're never having a sleepover again! Go to your room now.
Haley Smith (10 days ago)
This is legit my first game grumps and I was not prepared for a story about a penis.
Sean Daily (10 days ago)
I LOOOOOOVE the batsu games!
Mitchy Sassi (11 days ago)
Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep, also known in North America as Endless Ocean: Blue World and Japan as Forever Blue: Call of the Ocean (FOREVER BLUE( 2) 海の呼び声Forever Blue( Tsū): Umi no Yobigoe), is a scuba diving video game for Wii and the sequel to Endless Ocean, previously released for Wii in 2007. It was first revealed at a Nintendoconference held on October 2, 2008.[1] The game was released as part of the Touch! Generations series of games in the United Kingdom and Europe.
MrCowabungaa (11 days ago)
"I'm a kid, I can't afford to go to the doctor." LolAmerica.
Lucia LuvSkullz (11 days ago)
i swear if i hear that song one more time, all my insides will evaporate leaving behind a deflated balloon of human skin and i will rot in a forest and become one with the earth while this fucking shitshow of a song dances in the air above my grave, haunting my restless soul for all of eternity
Cypherus15 (11 days ago)
Is it Max Gilardi
Jerry Lantz (11 days ago)
I had friend's parents that were like second parents to me. One of my friends' mom taught me a recipe that I still make to this day
Kaptn Key (11 days ago)
“It still stank” put that on my grave stone.
Defiant2379 (11 days ago)
America: Where children and adolescence have to show their dicks to their friend's dads because they cant "afford" to see doctors in professional settings. Land of nothings free, home of noone brave enough to do anything about it. A funny anecdote all the same.
Flykope (12 days ago)
This is amazing, this is like older GameGrumps, so much personal information about the Grumps... and Arin’s dick. I could do the not laughing for $100,000
Dude!! Love GameGrumps and Love Gaki no Tsukai!! ..PLEASE make a reaction video or something!! ARIN OUT!! (GNS Joke XD)
Dominick Krejsta (12 days ago)
Suckin onamilliondicks milliondicksFUCK
Swift Boiz (12 days ago)
This was the first episode of the series I watched. .
Trevor Jones (12 days ago)
Does Japanese diets make butt holes more interesting?
Dartanyan Elson (12 days ago)
In the Hall of the Mountain King... Danny meets a terrifying fan and Arin shows his dick to an older man.
Shell (13 days ago)
This Game Grumps episode has changed me.
Nathan Soderblom (13 days ago)
god damn I love this fuckin show. been slipping back into depression lately and glorious episodes like this make me feel like everything’s gonna be okay.
Kayleigh Brown (13 days ago)
Ironically, Danny. This IS the first episode I've watched in a while, so I came into this completely blind....... I'm not as surprised as I thought I'd be.
Sketchy Cosmos (13 days ago)
the music in the background fits so fucking well with this story holy shit
Timothy Symonds (13 days ago)
This was my first episode actually!! Thx for the recap
Bryce Claassen (13 days ago)
When game grumps goes bevis and buthead
Travis Shallenberger (13 days ago)
"That's MY chicken"
FabioniMacaroni (13 days ago)
This was a very hard video to watch while eating
VR Gamer (13 days ago)
Did anyone else get a sugar crisp ad on this video?? Just can't get enough...
stephaniepretty (13 days ago)
So he shown his Weiner to his friends dad.. and then J.O'd near his friends unconscious face.. :/
Trevin Hughes (13 days ago)
"Darcy I need this"
Trevin Hughes (13 days ago)
"I've got all my stuff in the kitchen"
natkatmac (13 days ago)
My mother's most sound advice is "Don't let his ding dong inside your hoo-hah unless he's loyal and has moolah."
Gamist (13 days ago)
DANNY!! This wasn't my 1st mario maker episode, but last episode was! You said this isn't anyone's 1st episode, so I guess even now, you stand correct... But I was close, okay!!
Cartoon High (13 days ago)
“So I showed my friend’s dad my dick.” “What kind of sleepovers were these?!” I nearly choked on my popcorn chicken.
saikodetsu55 (14 days ago)
maybe arin should start a b club huh
petden0 (14 days ago)
Egoraptor is weird.
PirateFoxBox (14 days ago)
I think if you have your own poop on your arm you would still wash it and not just put toilet paper and be like, yea thats cool
Freddie Rogers (14 days ago)
Just so you know this was indeed my first episode in a while - needless to say I wasn't disappointed
Outfield 243 (14 days ago)
Maybe don't move right?
Outfield 243 (14 days ago)
I agree with Arin, I'm a wet wiper as well.
kriggs5033 (14 days ago)
I've learned so much about Arin today. lol
Ken Max (14 days ago)
Oh man I love it. One person misses Majora’s mask = ten people outright bitching that people have personal opinions on GG, gee whose really embarasing here? The game fanboy or the youtube show fanboys xD really all losers
Tristen Walkes (14 days ago)
We all know Arin was trying to fuck that guy's dad, like that game they played The evidence is seriously adding up
KoriKeiji (14 days ago)
2:33 And that was the day a woman walked in on his 40 year old husband watching his son’s friend’s penis. In the middle of the living room.
Chris Krubeck (14 days ago)
Did Arin steal this joke from Conan? o_O
Minus Bros. (14 days ago)
I could only imagine if this is someone's first episode of Game Grumps.
Kratos Aurion Plays (2 days ago)
They picked the perfect episode XD
Arin Jäger (14 days ago)
_Egoraptor sure does like his buttholes alright_ (Dan, if it's your poop or somebody else's doesn't matter, it's still poop) [ I too wipe and wash >:3 have been forever... just wiping and be done with it isn't sufficient and satisfactory ] DON'T DOX DARCY YOU POOPFACE! >x<
Choda Boy (14 days ago)
"I will only wipe wet". To those who now have a mental image of Arin, pants around his ankles, shuffling to and from the bathroom sink to wet his toilet paper, you are welcome!
Ryan Thomas (14 days ago)
I can only imago the reaction someone would have if this was their first episode they watched of game Grumps
Zepyhyr (14 days ago)
this was, in fact, my first episode.
ShyGuyXXL (14 days ago)
Look, Arin, not everyone can afford a fucking butt spraying toilet.
AJ Smith (14 days ago)
Oddly on the toilet while the Buddet story was happening
Lawrence Smith (14 days ago)
"not a fan of butthole stuff" he says, the same man who said he wanted to be skewered between Cillian Murphy and Chris Evans
Lawrence Smith (14 days ago)
i have tears in my eyes from this story, or as arin calls them, ewes,
ToriPlays 757 (14 days ago)
Play a way out again!!!
ABSOLUTE_GHOST (14 days ago)
Wanna know what's funny this is like the first episode I've watched of this😂
Hannah Young (14 days ago)
Where is a way out
James Peterson (14 days ago)
Damn. I think Arin just changed my life in terms of how Im gonna wipe now.
Channing Scott (14 days ago)
"How's it going dude? Staying 4 inches away from your friends face?"
Channing Scott (14 days ago)
Dan. I need a nsp song about your sexual training routine. What do you eat? How much pineapple juice do you drink? How many pelvic thrusts are apart of your fuckout routine? Are cagles easy for you? They are still hard for me. You are THE Danny Sexbang and there is no way you got to be so good without daily practice and and strong foundation of habits to keep those rocking skills going strong! We have to know your Sexbang origin story! Maybe in the form of a song in your next album? ;) Please tell us your secrets oh Daniel of Sex!
TransformGames (14 days ago)
I really love watching you guys just have a awesome time every new video and most of the time I just love hearing you guys in the background so I hope you guys will keep making hilarious videos and will always be legends!
Joel Summers (14 days ago)
Justin Owlbear (14 days ago)
In this episode, Arin describes his own Mr. Hatcher experience
Nj Njhjh (14 days ago)
That Guy (14 days ago)
The return of the d club 😂
bg3929Z (14 days ago)
ya gotta feel the rhythm Arin! only then will you succeed!
The Montage Man (14 days ago)
Name of this instrumental in the episode
Arsse (14 days ago)
Do you not wash your butthole when you get in the shower????? thats just basic hygiene man
Jan Esperon (14 days ago)
“Sucking on a million dicks million dicks FUUUCK!!!” - Arin Hanson, 2018
Ame's Burrito Stash (14 days ago)
...Arin has a brother?
Kevboard Arts (14 days ago)
7:29 wait... did Arin watch that Conan in Itali video where they're on a train? that is literally the exact example Jordan used in that video...
Mmmm Memes (14 days ago)
Wait, Arin has a brother?
C.W. Roederer (14 days ago)
So, Arin's friend's dad...was his name...Mr. Hatcher...?
zeritic (15 days ago)
"it is my poop" Dan. I love you.
"Game grumps had gotten too pc"
Carl Holmgren (15 days ago)
Urologist jr sitting there with his family reunion.
Oivatank (15 days ago)
Current Arin: “I don’t like butthole stuff.” Arin not that long ago: “Let’s go on a butthole sniffin’ adventure!”
Eli Sanchez (15 days ago)
We're that way out man

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