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NEW 100% Flans Mod Guide Episode Two: Simple Parts Pack | Minecraft

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Today we are looking at one of my favourite mods Flans Mod this series we will be looking at all of Flan mod packs then at viewer chosen ones keep a eye out for polls on youtube or on Our google + page. In the video I said that I will have a complete parts list but that won't be available. P.s Sorry for the lack of videos there are going to be much more in the future. Subscribe and make sure to click that Bell button to be notified when new episodes are out. Follow us on Google + here for teasers and more https://goo.gl/fOQVoX Download a folder of the recipes here http://www.mediafire.com/file/oz9q33br1d116ol/Simple+Parts+Pack+.zip
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The British Emerald (8 months ago)
Hello we are closing this channel subscribe to out New channel The Opposites YT

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