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lego ninjago rebooted episode 12 legends of the first spinjiztu master

17 ratings | 2847 views
this is episode 12 sorry for the long wait but here it is hope u enjoy it episode 12 of my ninajgo it starts season 2 of rebooted so sit back relax and ninja go
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Green brickman (1 year ago)
Omg I love this song And your videos👍👌✌👏
SamBrick8 (4 years ago)
That was epic.... And one of the characters almost has the same name as me!
legoshowtv (4 years ago)
thanks for all the good comments pick ur fav part 
TLP Pictures (4 years ago)
Nice i love this episodee i cant wait for ep 13
NinjagoDesigns (4 years ago)
dude... how do you do it? this was one of the BEST stopmotions ive seen from your series! +legoshowtv this was beyond AWESOME!
legoshowtv (4 years ago)
TheBrickRookie (4 years ago)
Sweet episode :-)

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