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Game Theory: Batman + Superman + COW = ???

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Join the Theorists! ►►http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 Batman has a MENTAL DISORDER!? ►► http://bit.ly/11gPJEj (This one goes back to episode 7 of the series! So it's old...but it's still a personal favorite) I just got done playing Lego Batman 3, and there are SO MANY CHARACTERS to unlock. Seriously, like 150. And while a lot of the comic book characters I recognized -- Joker, Lex Luthor, Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns -- there was a WHOLE lot more that I didn't, like a half-Superman, half-Batman hybrid, and a robotic Superman, and a Batman COW! So I'm digging deep into comic lore to shed some light on these lesser-known characters, and what I've found is that the characters you DON'T know are WAY cooler than the ones that you DO! Legend of Zelda Theories: What's in Link's Potions? ► http://bit.ly/Zj2FsS Link is Dead Theory ► http://bit.ly/1uwhjtJ Majora's Moon ISN'T a Moon ► http://bit.ly/1DN6lTa Which Link is the strongest? ► http://bit.ly/11pgbvi Nintendo Theories: Can Bullet Bill kill you? ►► http://bit.ly/1lu41Lo Mario is a Psychopath! ►►►http://bit.ly/1nSum0E CoD/Shooter Theories: Call of Duty: Death from Space ► http://bit.ly/1stq1Hs The Warcrimes of Call of Duty ► http://bit.ly/1twsP5J What Sex is Team Fortress 2's Pyro ► http://bit.ly/1xY8yXh Scary Theories: Mega Man: Death by Robot ► http://bit.ly/110OaKY Polybius: The CIA Conspiracy ► http://bit.ly/1EDrFv2 The TRUTH of Five Nights at Freddy's ► http://bit.ly/1u6Lula Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory: http://bit.ly/1zz3t7E Culture Shock: http://bit.ly/1sw7aZ8 Digressing and Sidequesting: http://bit.ly/1rxBUgz Crossover: http://bit.ly/1t9AclA Just so you know, this video was funded by WB Interactive. That said, it's a video I would have done anyway since, as I say in the video, I'm a huge fan of the Lego franchise and comic book lore has always fascinated me. And I'm glad I had the excuse to dig deeper into comics, 'cause this stuff is fascinating. Anyway, rest assured that when I do videos on this channel, sponsored or no, at the end of the day they are on topics that interest ME as a creator and not some corporate entity -- I won't do a video unless I am personally interested in the subject and think you will be too!
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Text Comments (29897)
Dolphin Girls (12 hours ago)
did any body else hear that "we" at the end of the song?😂
Sugar Cube (14 hours ago)
Because reasons!
Derick Productions (1 day ago)
Black hand is a very interesting anti-hero
danny 3xeer (1 day ago)
Back when game theory was bad in a wholesome way
Ninjadog167 Ewan (1 day ago)
What theory is this?
Danielle Lucas (2 days ago)
I did’ny know anyone of those heroes... Because I like marvel (but I still don’t read comics)
Aidan Losak (2 days ago)
Kitty kick (2 days ago)
Intro = infinite cringe 😬
Denis Mehmedov (2 days ago)
orange pelt (2 days ago)
4 actually
Hannah Overholtzer (3 days ago)
My absolute fav is Dex-Starr. He is AWSOME. Reply if you agree, Dex-Starr Fan Club PEOPLE
Mandy Cotnam (3 days ago)
Deck star
Stephanie Lader (3 days ago)
Ima science nerd :>
Thanh Vu Xuan (3 days ago)
Enayatullah Yousufi (4 days ago)
One minute is black hand a racist joke?
Enayatullah Yousufi (4 days ago)
I knew almost all of them I just didn't know black hand
EvyNumberFour (4 days ago)
totally not a paid promotion :P
Mobile Gaming (4 days ago)
As a major comic book fan evrytime he said he didn’t know someone or something I legit said wait what now my parents have banned me from comic books for a week
FunkyMister (5 days ago)
imperium 107 (5 days ago)
Batman : we will call you *teary eyed* batcow Garcia: * cross eyed* moo
Lucas Tornado (5 days ago)
Luca Costantino (5 days ago)
Wait till you hear about the ultraviolet lanterns
Akubar Ali (5 days ago)
Dec starr
Alex plays (6 days ago)
Jackie Newhoff (6 days ago)
Dexx star is my favorite
Joel Miltner (6 days ago)
Criminal: “,Who.... Who are you?” Batcow: “,MOOOOOOOO,”
Toddlers in tiaras are your "guilty pleasure"? *Eww*
J R Studios (7 days ago)
Lego Games are just the games that you could play without liking the theme. I played Lego Jurassic Park at my friends house and didn't even know anything about Jurassic Park
jaydenismagicl (7 days ago)
Syngamerpro YT (8 days ago)
Luv the Intro... Game Theory! Starring MatPat
Jason Pittman (8 days ago)
A cat 😗😛😎💸😛😛😛😛😛 cats and dogs are going to rull us all 😎👻👰💁🔫👰👱🔪👼🐱 but have a good day and night and halluen
Isaac Walker (8 days ago)
Composite Superman is interesting, but I knew about the other people
Iron Burrito Plays (9 days ago)
All the animals are normal for me....I read comics about animals okay!!!
super lukas (9 days ago)
Black hand
Ron Bird (10 days ago)
Watch crap my dad makes me watch
Chloe Turnbull (10 days ago)
That game theory at the beginning will become my ringtonr
mac boi (11 days ago)
Bat cow 🐮
2024 Calvin PICKREL (11 days ago)
we all know that plastic man is the best
nathan prins (11 days ago)
what s the theory in this video?
Peanut Butter (11 days ago)
I'm playing lego batman 3 and can't wait to see all of these characters
Robbie Powell (13 days ago)
nointresting name (13 days ago)
I already knew about the blue and red lanterns coz i watch te cartoons
shadow foxy (14 days ago)
Matpat is a M.S.T.F.H.C.C.V.
Imoen Bradley (15 days ago)
Is anyone slightly mad at mat pat for being so newbish. I love comics, they are good
Matthew Burns (15 days ago)
Green is the best because they have...DETERMINATION (undertale reference)
Hilary Hamm (16 days ago)
this video got my memories coming back when from i played this
Orange lanterns have the best oath
Dominic DiDomenico (16 days ago)
So glad i watched this, i completely forgpt about Composite Superman. When i was a kid i had a comicbook coloring book with diff superheroes and villains and he was in it and absplutely everyone i asked said they had no damn idea who or what he was supposed to be... Now i truly know thanks MatPat
Julia cordnwr (16 days ago)
dex star
Antoine Liang (17 days ago)
That s wy mi hero academia is si good
Freddy night guard (17 days ago)
#teamnerds I love comics I'm also a nerd sadly people don't respect us and call us geeks but at least I am surviving the time
JsonicX YT Gaming (18 days ago)
I can imagine some lightning bolt passes and strucks Nintendo Amiibo and turns some guy into a smasher that had a sword and a gun arm, throws fireballs and summons lightning, has a gun, super strength and can do falcon punches and has pk abilities
I legit cried about the cat being thrown off a bridge
You should do something like dyatlov pass or cicada 3301
Dox Odd (19 days ago)
You should just do a deep dive series since you do so much research in the first place.
Calum L-J (20 days ago)
Black lanterns
Chara! (20 days ago)
Manda Kat (20 days ago)
I love how happy you sound when you're talking about the new heroes you've discovered.
just me (21 days ago)
But Grodd does come on tv in the series of the flash
Nin H (21 days ago)
In that game my favourite well known villian is killer croc
Kaytie Miller (21 days ago)
I know all of the rings but I’ve never heard of the comics
BLT Player (21 days ago)
Why is the ruler of the Dead Zone in need to be revived in the first place? Doesn't sound legit.
BLT Player (21 days ago)
And we can't forget Stilt Man. He was never tripped, as far as I know. That's impressive with 60- foot stilts.
Austin Hill (22 days ago)
Bat Pat
687Gaming (22 days ago)
Who else cried at dextar's backstory?
Farfetched4 ! (24 days ago)
First a murder killing a cats owner Second getting kick out of ur home by police Three getting captured by strangers Fore about to be thrown of a bridge to drown WORST WEEK EVER dex-star my fravorite
NerdOut (24 days ago)
smcof3 (25 days ago)
I like astronomy (25 days ago)
Rip Comics
Pixel Pirate22 (26 days ago)
Oh I remember dex star and grodd
bob marley (26 days ago)
batman + superman = superbat
Ferno Dude (26 days ago)
#N3RDPR1D3! Homophobics beware the dank bassdrop!
ZeldaisBae 27 (26 days ago)
Two words for you matpat. Hope. Corgi
Maria Wright (26 days ago)
Liam Casey (27 days ago)
B-Bat... COW!?!?!?!?!?!? Seriously, though, you're not the only noob; once upon a time, I thought Howard the Duck was a Donald Duck ripoff.
Tom Walker (27 days ago)
the first one
Mark Tisdell (27 days ago)
11/10 INTRO
john fog (27 days ago)
Spencer Anderson (27 days ago)
Ready for the weird I love bat cows original story
MEME POTTER (28 days ago)
For a second I thought in the intro you said gay theory XD
Cieran Therrien (29 days ago)
Smithsonian smith (29 days ago)
Naenae NUNYA (29 days ago)
Matthew Patrick is the name of my father first and middle
Pawsibly Cool (29 days ago)
Me, someone who doesn't know anything about comics, three years too late: "Is he drinking his skin? wtf?" "But why is it a rainbow?" "Aww what a cute cat!" "Nevermind it's a demon"
JakLeB (1 month ago)
I remember trying to play LEGO Batman 3 but because the map was so different than LEGO Batman 2 I just gave up
the kawaii Fox (1 month ago)
Umm this is odd....
the kawaii Fox (1 month ago)
the kawaii Fox (1 month ago)
2014 this is 4 years old DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anne owen (1 month ago)
Cat lantern boi
Lunala Girl (1 month ago)
PotbellyGhostBoy (1 month ago)
This video made DC cool.
Yandel Perez (1 month ago)
Black ring because he revives the dead we will never lose war and the falls can fight once again
Dimitri NerdRocks BR (1 month ago)
i knew all 5 of them and everything of what you talked because i watch comic curiosities channels
Under Lined (1 month ago)
Dawid Drobina (1 month ago)
I was playid batman3 too
Ali vlogs/gaming (1 month ago)
love your videos
Intruder Cat (1 month ago)
Deck star is my favourite
Intruder Cat (1 month ago)
Deck star
Zachary Arcand (1 month ago)
I have a question. Why are the subtitles in CHINESE?!
Andrew Mitchell (1 month ago)
Wow I commented in trumps first turm were after his 2rd in 2025

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