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Forever Stranded - Lost Souls - Episode 9

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Single player play-through of Forever Stranded - Lost Souls Download the pack on the Twitch Launcher
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Text Comments (7)
batman (7 months ago)
takes 9 coal coke and one disappears
batman (7 months ago)
Krishanu Ray (8 months ago)
I believe immersive engineering power cables convert to/from RF automagically
mlindholm (7 months ago)
You may have figured this out by a later video, but once you get more redstone, TD fluxducts work fine with the IE capacitors.
FunshineX (8 months ago)
+1 for someone else using automagically :)
Coolcabbage (8 months ago)
happy you have a way to store power. you only increased your power storage by 20% you dont actually need to use the IE wires, ducts will work fine and the lv cap is bad, the hv one takes steel but is way better since the cloche takes water maybe you want the first one of them to make cactus?
FunshineX (8 months ago)
Yep that battery didn't do much for me :) Cool cloche setup incoming in a few episodes

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