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Today we must burn Google! Jen's Channel http://youtube.com/gamingwithjen Our Book! http://bit.ly/AHoleNewWorld Shirts! https://represent.com/store/popularmmos Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/PopularMMOs/327498010669475 Twitter! https://twitter.com/popularmmos Map: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/burning-programs CREATORS! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHIa0O7rdTan1ODQhCRzbHA In this 1.12 Burning Programs Mini-Game: Today we are trying to survive in some of the EPIC structures! I love all these builds so much! Who will in the challenge?! Intro by: https://www.youtube.com/calzone442 Intro song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: https://www.youtube.com/user/playmerecords https://www.facebook.com/playmerecords Follow Spag Heddy: https://www.facebook.com/SpagHeddy http://soundcloud.com/spagheddy Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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Text Comments (16864)
Diamond Golem (4 days ago)
You should do a baldi lucky block challenge
Sylvia Jacobs (6 days ago)
The triangle
Freddy Fazbear (6 days ago)
kenzy Mohamed (6 days ago)
chesca ramos (7 days ago)
*Chrome, Internet Explorer, uhh.... uh... Triangle and Ghost Mask*
Wa tie (8 days ago)
Pat! why not go into the water
blackglitterball (12 days ago)
ghost= snapchat
squishy Duckinz (17 days ago)
Ad sence
NoShoutout Kid (17 days ago)
4:34 says "we love when you leave these notes" but then throws the book on the floor
Nick Finneman (18 days ago)
donate with me! #GunnarRules
SuperSabie21 (20 days ago)
Drive And Discord -_-
Fat cat Games (21 days ago)
The ghost was a power outlet
Iris Leija (25 days ago)
hi pat i been waching u for 5 years
Mohammed Faheem (27 days ago)
; ]
Mohammed Faheem (27 days ago)
good day
Mohammed Faheem (27 days ago)
can anybody say good day to me
Addy Gamer (27 days ago)
i think the 'Ghost' is Discord
tagreed shabsough (27 days ago)
Umm the "ghost"is icloud duh by the way i love your vids
MagmaMusen Gamer (28 days ago)
Kritical Toxic (29 days ago)
* Chrome in thumbnail *
Addison and Chloe (30 days ago)
Lilmike1137 (30 days ago)
I want your videos inside for about 3 years now I had a game and there was this thing it was all pink and it's a horse pin Jen it was called Jen's pink fluffy horse pin and yours Pat you are so awesome I've been watching for about four and a half years and you're build with your face I love it I love your skin and I've seen you play fortnite in Roblox I meant I meant a Minecraft for Minecraft and y'all actually speak English just telling you please stop making fun like when you make those funky
Chocoloxx (30 days ago)
I also think "The Ghost thing" is diskord
Daniyal Choudhry (30 days ago)
Everyone's saying that the white one is discord, it looks nothing like discord.
Lily the Gamer (30 days ago)
P Pa Pat Pat a Pat an Pat and Pat and J Pat and Jen Pat and Jen a Pat and Jen ar Pat and Jen are Pat and Jen are s Pat and Jen are so Pat and Jen are so f Pat and Jen are so fa Pat and Jen are so fab Pat and Jen are so fabu Pat and Jen are so fabul Pat and Jen are so fabulo Pat and Jen are so fabulou Pat and Jen are so fabulous Pat and Jen are so fabulou Pat and Jen are so fabulo Pat and Jen are so fabul Pat and Jen are so fabu Pat and Jen are so fab Pat and Jen are so fa Pat and Jen are so f Pat and Jen are so Pat and Jen are s Pat and Jen are Pat and Jen ar Pat and Jen a Pat and Jen Pat and Je Pat and J Pat and Pat an Pat a Pat Pa P
Yu Angelina (30 days ago)
PARKERTHEMANN -Awesome Gaming And Vlogs! Omg I was thinking about putting Devan from Collins Key that face tho XD
Greta Blackwell (1 month ago)
This is exactly how I feel towards Google’s capitalist tendencies and -stalking people without their awareness- information collecting.
SmolKatStalker of 2018 (1 month ago)
Im trying to hold onto the top of this comment section. Plz, let me float.
Nova Schimdt (1 month ago)
were do we get  a hole new world
rezzi rez (1 month ago)
Brett Mackie (1 month ago)
Anime Trash (1 month ago)
The white ghost-mask thing is Discord i think?
Maxwell Sutton-Parr (1 month ago)
I love you
ZekeYT (1 month ago)
I want to make you a burningmap
GDZ- Fortnite & more (1 month ago)
pat it's onion
Alexis Miller (1 month ago)
I love you guys.
Jessica Nanney-Corso (1 month ago)
Ghost mask is the dark web
SINOMON ! (1 month ago)
2:32 Discord G.Chrome G.Drive Internet Explorer
Roast Pork (1 month ago)
Jordyn Delisio (1 month ago)
lol was any one else like yes pat it is discord
The White 'Darth Vader' as Jen said is Discord. i know this because i have Discord
Llama Lova (1 month ago)
Llama Lova (1 month ago)
poo i eat it and i like vids and me mr lonely CRISPS ARE YUCKY MUCKY NOT HAHA I AM FUNNNNNNNNY
Mohamad Albadr (1 month ago)
Hard Game
Ult Prince Vlogs (1 month ago)
Chrome explorer drive
Ava Hunter (1 month ago)
Thats Chrome..
Brophie Mophie (1 month ago)
And I just realised that they found outs,
Laura Laurka (1 month ago)
the ghost is snap chat
Sunset Plays Roblox (1 month ago)
Laura Laurka Read the other comments..
Sunset Plays Roblox (1 month ago)
Laura Laurka No it's discord
Brush Bargs (1 month ago)
I loved you since 2015
Kayleigh PS4 Divagirl (1 month ago)
At the beginning when pat talked to the viewers was so funny. I liked
Abby Mae (1 month ago)
It’s a plug-in .
PixelMation (1 month ago)
Discord is not a ghost!
Ayla Martinez (1 month ago)
Its not a ghost mask its the hacker icon
Metalica (1 month ago)
there is 1232141242135 videos of IS THAT *THING*?!?!?! BURN IT!!! we dont love it pls record something else! its too much of it
AeroNot (1 month ago)
do a harry potter burning map
Flaquita Pascual (1 month ago)
It was my birthday on July 9th
Barbara Mayhue (1 month ago)
Can u make more burn it maps like a snake one
pat is the killr
kanidy kauffman (1 month ago)
i have been whatching for 5 years
Zaref Farhaan (1 month ago)
Jen was discord at first.
Chelsea Divel (1 month ago)
The white one is discord and the 3rd one i think is drive? It’s hard to tell in Minecraft.
Uriel c (1 month ago)
Jessica Kratzer (1 month ago)
jens first class (the ghost) might be apple or Wikipedia
Poke gaming (1 month ago)
Am pretty sure the ghost thing is discord
Nora Madden (1 month ago)
When I’m crying this make me smile and stop crying
TheDragonExplorer37 57 (1 month ago)
I think the white thing is iCloud
Kristen Khoury (1 month ago)
Gakobie Jones (1 month ago)
White ghost is discord
Tj Ty Tobias (1 month ago)
Drive = Illuminati
Lqwi Guy (1 month ago)
The ghost is discord XD
Gamerstrike mick (1 month ago)
Discord,Chrome,Internet Explorer and a stick
Gamerstrike mick (1 month ago)
It is Chrome guys
XxninjawolfxX (1 month ago)
Jiaxi hao (1 month ago)
you get the drive plate before you prees the botton.
It's Simply Gabbie (1 month ago)
Jen it was a plug to connect
Phoebe is da best (1 month ago)
Person:is it a bird? Other person:is it plane? Jen:it's Darth Vader 😀
Harley Fowler (1 month ago)
I love jen
Ethan Miranda (1 month ago)
It’s drive
Josie Hirst (1 month ago)
The triangle is drive lmao
Lilly Saunders (1 month ago)
i think its cloud
Breezie Lund (1 month ago)
Do a pug next
Mina Kamg (1 month ago)
Mina Kamg (1 month ago)
thats good drive and the ghost mask is discord
saggarwal0180 (1 month ago)
Reagan McKay (1 month ago)
I think 🤔
Reagan McKay (1 month ago)
The triangle is recycle ♻️
Reagan McKay (1 month ago)
Love you guys
Bas (1 month ago)
Here for the tea (1 month ago)
It’s discord, that’s why don’t you diss on me
4:11 i said, "is that kid even 4?" since he has such bad grammar
Domestic pigeon (1 month ago)
/\/ / /\/ _/ /\ Colin Wright Two can play that game. The letter I should be capitalized. There is no period in the second sentence and the first letter of the first word isn't capitalized.
Jill Perry (1 month ago)
I love this map
Drayton Martinez (1 month ago)
Pictcher looks assomm
discover :/
christian searcy (1 month ago)
Jacethebaws2000 (1 month ago)
Jen is discord
Lau囡囡 (1 month ago)
And everyone just keep bullying me :(
Lau囡囡 (1 month ago)
I really sad I have no friend :(
Kim Smith (1 month ago)
The ghost structure is a plug in and No offense but I LUV YOU CHANNEL
Alicia Payne (1 month ago)
I am your biggest fan my mom doesn't like me watching you make a Pokemon wolf
Athena Davis (1 month ago)
I think the white the is the cloud

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