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Varus: As We Fall [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] | League of Legends Music

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Witness the incarnation of vengeance. Part 2 of the Retribution arc. PART ONE AND THREE OF THE RETRIBUTION ARC HERE: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/comic/varus/issue-1/ Download available via SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/leagueoflegends/as-we-fall-league-of-legends LYRICS: Tell me where do I go Tell me where do I take us Your heart is starting to slow May the water be safer As I dive in Blood stains washing underneath the waves (As we fall, as we fall) I'll be reaching out to keep you safe (as we fall, as we fall, as we fall) I can’t hold on much longer We’re drifting down to the other side Tried to pull us under Keep holding out for the other side Tell me where do I go Tell me where do I take us Tell me where do I go Tell me where do I take us Your heart is starting to slow May the water be safer As I dive in Your heart is starting to slow May the water be safer As we fall I can’t hold on much longer We’re drifting down to the other side Tried to pull us under Keep holding out for the other side MORE STORIES AND ART FROM THE LEAGUE UNIVERSE: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/ MORE RIOT RECORDS: Tracks and albums from the makers of League of Legends: https://www.youtube.com/user/RiotGamesInc/playlists?shelf_id=23&sort=dd&view=50 PLAY THE GAME: Take control of Varus and over 130 other champions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGtROJeMPeE
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Text Comments (2509)
johny _k (15 days ago)
they are friends ?
i3Dimi3 (16 days ago)
so what did we learn today dont do drugs with your bff
UnBlind (16 days ago)
The Fucc boys with Fucc Ghost -They Fuse Varus:"Taste The Rainbow MotherFuccer"
VagrantStory (16 days ago)
Are they gay as fuck?
Himmler Hendrich (17 days ago)
Every champion have a story and this is one of them
luigi viu coisas (17 days ago)
Dr. Manhattan!
A Black Chair (9 months ago)
Here for my daily 3rd view .
Atagor (9 months ago)
Pls do Story of Zed & Shen
Devan IAM (9 months ago)
I really love this love story and the song.
Frans Alexandersson (9 months ago)
Varus is ultimate manliness confirmed
Ahmed Hassan (9 months ago)
i'd watch that anime
Samuel Vega (9 months ago)
WhO FeD vArUs
Inna Goroh (9 months ago)
That was hella beautiful.
Luckydeath973 (9 months ago)
They must've worked 3 weeks just for the hair physics at the end
Sarah Ragheb (9 months ago)
Sid Santoro (9 months ago)
Franky Dupree (9 months ago)
Thank you Riot. I appreciate this video more than you can ever know.
Jorge Velasco Delgado (9 months ago)
I REALLY NEED THIS MUSIC EXTENDED IT IS SO SHORT!! Plsss make an extended song it is really good :3
Alex Winchester (9 months ago)
This video and backstory are beautiful. Anyone who wants to be a little homophobic bitch about it can leave. These two love each other so much they fight varus's control just to try and get back to each other. So your lonely asses can fuck off.
Kevin Kallas (9 months ago)
thomas kranitsas (9 months ago)
Darkins is so cool!!!
Diego Ribeiro (9 months ago)
From a greatest love is born the greatest evil, amazing
Robert Dutton (9 months ago)
woah i havent checked out leagues actual vids they made in a while..these new champ videos are so cool wow..
chad wilson (9 months ago)
did riot just present a gay couple? I'm truly shocked and praise you for doing so guys.
FB-Tech (9 months ago)
It is trending in Germany <3 Rank 8 at the moment :)
Arcona (9 months ago)
I hope this goes on Spotify
Savon ilves (9 months ago)
will you update his voicelines ?i think that is also great way to bring him up
that guy (9 months ago)
Great video. I love the combination of the animations, music and story.
BakedPotatoYT (9 months ago)
Make a music video of pantheon. That champ is dying.
Ethan Putlack (9 months ago)
Still a better love story than Twilight
Giang Trinh (9 months ago)
I really love the music and the art, especially how the art (including effects) conveys the story and the characters’ emotions. However, I prefer Varus’ old lore...
Giang Trinh (9 months ago)
HyperTrickz (9 months ago)
Those animations are so insane OMG good fcking job i love it!!
djordje kosutic (9 months ago)
As a varus main, riot i love you... This was so good THANK YOU!!!
Toribio Hechanova (9 months ago)
RIOT I love you!!! Truly we've come a long way if this kind of story line is not only accepted but applauded in gaming no less!
Kitsu Neko (9 months ago)
The only sexiest Darkin OwO I love him a lot <3
Brodin PAD (9 months ago)
True love.
Maokai San (9 months ago)
Damn epic, i love it.
Kukazoo (9 months ago)
Treyotic (9 months ago)
I lost count of how many times I've watched this video.
Luís Madeira (9 months ago)
I bet varus skin before the transformation.
Kacper Trocha (9 months ago)
Another ryze rework maybe?
Lili Zsuzsanna Budai (9 months ago)
Read the comic too, guys! Valmar and Kai's story is truly beautiful and sad at the same time.
LordIcedplay (9 months ago)
How could anyone dislike this masterpiece?
Quinn Dayle (9 months ago)
Leo Wong (9 months ago)
Yumiko (9 months ago)
Paul Riedt (9 months ago)
Seems like I need to smoke a spliff before I watch lol videos
Tessemi (9 months ago)
I ship them
yaser khiemi (9 months ago)
Did they just mess with the old lore ?
Renkai Noctis (9 months ago)
CaroDame (9 months ago)
Even hours after i saw it i can‘t stop thinking about it
Blood of Vandal (9 months ago)
new skin ?
Green Cake (9 months ago)
I'm crying (;_;) I'm really crying (;_;)
papaBRIX (9 months ago)
He was not just a man who lost his whole family. Seeking vengeance was his identity. Now.. He becomes just a man who combines a two guys soul inside of his body with power of love. I see.. Good job Bliz.. no.. I mean Riot. Now his vengeance is meaningless. But nice trailer tho.
Riinkz (9 months ago)
You have to read the lore to understand some of this :)
ASZ - The MoonWalker (9 months ago)
"Trinity Force can be key item for Varus" oh really..?
Brazilian Dude (9 months ago)
is he still a darkin? his design looks 100% diferent from the other 2 darkins
lucas soares (9 months ago)
Omofros OMG&3LOL (9 months ago)
So varus is a darkin?
windtunnel (9 months ago)
More generic EDM please Riot! Nobody wants originality!
Nick Vo (9 months ago)
0:23 great, now .... kisses !
Sosrus Destino (9 months ago)
so fucking beautiful...
Philipp Holz (9 months ago)
ADC is garbage so weak
Ares5121 (9 months ago)
Why riot have never made video/cinematic about the war Noxus vs Ionia :c....
StarGTiger (9 months ago)
Feelsbadman, great song and vid. O:! <3
TheTytrackFounder (9 months ago)
Jules Lemuel Katada (9 months ago)
Gad deym, this is the one reason why i switched to LoL
Jeen Yong (9 months ago)
Tariq: Are you even wearing pants?
Shelumia Exeroon (9 months ago)
thats why i love riot
TheLoyd (9 months ago)
pls nerf his Q
Guten Abend (9 months ago)
Awesome Rito <3
Sion Barzahd (9 months ago)
wasn't the well a darkin imprisoned in the lore
Cryotheum (9 months ago)
These are three in one body, the darkiin was orgianlly only going to use one of them, but as you saw in the tunnel witht the shadow people when one was seperated from the other they weren't strong enough to let the darkiin couldn't posses the one.
UkieKooki (9 months ago)
Yahya Zouine (9 months ago)
Varus is love riot is live
Csani Gáspár (9 months ago)
LoL movie waiting room
Porkchopio (9 months ago)
Only 75,000 likes? This video is not getting the rep it deserves. Where the fuck you at Lol community
Arrancabrita (9 months ago)
is this the new WoW expansion?
xYuushax (9 months ago)
Is this a rework?
Leandrow Arrow (9 months ago)
Knight Dark (9 months ago)
So deep..
Aatrox Sama (9 months ago)
I hope they will rework Varus' looks into this one because it looks cooler.
Selman Ciftci (9 months ago)
Varus rework incoming?
Tran Thao (9 months ago)
Yaoi. I love it
Castiel (9 months ago)
Now time for Talon.
Żurecki Mistrz (9 months ago)
Watched it so many times, really awesome job! We are waitin for anime
N1ckkyr5 - (9 months ago)
I am not drunk I am not drunk I am not drunk ....
Darth Invader (9 months ago)
You did good
Kentoss (9 months ago)
wow the song is epic <3
DestructioN Mast3R (9 months ago)
I thought that Varus is getting rework... but hope lost
Noir Noah (9 months ago)
Lodrik (9 months ago)
As amazin as this is, does somebody know the artist of the song? I love his voice!
Myuuzakii (9 months ago)
This video is on the trending videos list :O GOOD JOB RIOT YOU GUYS MAKE AMAZING CONTENT <3 Honestly I f- - - - ing love this song !!!!!
Sulla (9 months ago)
lmao varus is gay 😂
SaintsOps gameplays (9 months ago)
Ryze rework confirmed, or HL3 ??
Holde Mort (9 months ago)
2 guys 1 darkin
Qinghay Chong (9 months ago)
jiajie Sama (9 months ago)
1:14 smog every day
ivcony (9 months ago)
Razz Berry (9 months ago)
better love story than twilight

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