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SKY + APHMAU = ULTIMATE HIDING DUO! | Minecraft Mini-Game CAT HIDE N SEEK /w Facecam!

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JOIN SKY, BARNEY, APPPPHHHHHHHMAU, ROSS AND MAX AS THEY PLAY KITTY KAT HIDE N SEEK! Friends Channel Ross - http://youtube.com/RagingHouse Barney - http://youtube.com/ThatGuyBarney Jess - http://youtube.com/AphmauGaming Max - http://www.youtube.com/user/mithzanproductions Follow me on these things! http://zergid.com/Sky http://instagram.com/skydoesstuff https://twitter.com/#!/SkyDoesMinecraf http://www.facebook.com/realskydoesminecraft Music used in this intro is by KevinMacleod at http://www.incompetech.com Music Used NoiseStorm - Airwaves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x9VeneffTM NoiseStorm - Renegade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjOeSzktwJs Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - http://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia I am a founding member of http://www.zergid.com Hey guys, welcome back to another Minecraft video! Today SkyDoesMinecraft is playing Minecraft Hide n Seek Cats with Aphmau, ThatGuyBarney, RedVacktor, and Mithzan! We start off with Red as CatVacktor searching for his friends. Red manages to find Barney after Barney tries to sell out Jess and Sky. Red catches Jess, who’s hiding on top of Sky, but Sky manages to escape – for about a minute. Max is the only non-cat left, and the gang scrambles to stop Barney from doing math before Barack Obama shows up again. In the next round, Jess is the seeker and Sky picks a horrible hiding spot. Jess can’t find anyone for a good while, but she finally finds Sky and Sky tries to divert her by selling out Red. Red sells out Max, and Max sells Red out in return. Jess finds Max and tells him to say something super kawaii to save himself, but he refuses and becomes a cat. Jess finds Red, but Barney is a master hider and no one can find him. Barney is the seeker in the next round as Steve Cat, and Sky, Red, and Jess all hide in a single bush. Max, who’s crashed out of the game, threatens to sell them out. Barney finds Sky first so Sky throws all of his friends under the bus. Sky finds Jess and Max, who are hiding together, but Max is glitched and can’t be tagged. The hiders win by technicality and Sky is the cat next. Max and Jess hide in a tree, but as Sky climbs up they scream and bail. Sky manages to tag Max and Max instantly turns on Jess, and it’s all a very emotional betrayal. Sky finds Barney hiding under a table and gathers everyone to have a look at it, and Max turns him. Everyone is Steve except for Barney, and somehow Max wins the entire game. That’s it for this Minecraft Hide n Seek Cats – and as always, thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (11021)
Aryah Martin (3 hours ago)
Jess is awesome
ssujica (1 day ago)
Terrell Morris (4 days ago)
jess is rossome
Layla Shadow heart (4 days ago)
And when push comes i will send a full armed battalion to remind you of love
Total Cringe (5 days ago)
The good old days
Aliza Contti (12 days ago)
Jess is awesome.
Bluemoonwolf Fire9862 (16 days ago)
The ship name for sky and aphmau is skymau
aphmau is BEAUTIFUL (18 days ago)
We will we will *make aph even more awesome *rock u
Hanna Phe (19 days ago)
Jess is awsome
Kitty Minecraft (19 days ago)
Jess Is Awsome
XAVIER RODRIGUEZ (21 days ago)
Jess is awesome!
*Jeonghan's Aegyo* (22 days ago)
1:16 *Have you ever just looked at stars*
Roseunicorn 5959 (22 days ago)
Landen Metzger (25 days ago)
Jess is awesome
minisamuri47 (25 days ago)
I guess you could say that max is "Cat Max".
Red Cherrys (26 days ago)
Jess is awesome
raynee Thompson (26 days ago)
Jess is awesome
Hailey Ragsdale (27 days ago)
Cats years are 7 by human year
Jess is awesome
Moon Silver (1 month ago)
Jess is AMAZING!
Xx ODD xX (1 month ago)
Max- WaiT barney thinks? Me- that’s why I smelled something burning
jon moreland (1 month ago)
the dino looks so funny!!!!:)
Carter Playz (1 month ago)
Who's here watching in 2018
TheGreat Wyrm (1 month ago)
I ship sky and aphmau
Mystic Wolf (1 month ago)
That description tho
Lauren Tomlin (1 month ago)
Jess is awesome
Mattie Booher (1 month ago)
mithzan: catzan sky: skycat aphmau: aphcat redvacktor: catvacktor Barney: barncat
Mattie Booher (1 month ago)
jess is so coool! 😎
Lily-Grace Kanayama (1 month ago)
I was at the zoo when u said that hahahahhaha I love u I'm a faint fan I watched all your vids over and over again
Phoenix Reichert (1 month ago)
Jess is awsome and super Rosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmeee
_ _Madicorn_ _ (1 month ago)
Jess is PAWSOME 🐾 😁
Gohan Sword Master (1 month ago)
Well if it is my (this is what quote unquote looks like) “” friends
Ermninja Cool (1 month ago)
Who thinks sky has a crush on aphmao
Geerard (1 month ago)
Max: "What are cat years compared to dog years?" My mind: "What are cat ears compared to dog ears?"
Dylan Godfrey (1 month ago)
jess is awesome
Blackphoenix (1 month ago)
4:05 anyone watching in 2018
6BøÿÇhåń 9 (1 month ago)
Turn on captions it said IMMA GAY MEN
Lily Deters (1 month ago)
Jess is awesome!!!! I'm already a sub to both you and Jess.
Forgettable J (1 month ago)
Jess is awsome
Harriette :3 (2 months ago)
Jess is AWESOME!!! <3 <3 <3
oziraya games! (2 months ago)
Isla Flaherty (2 months ago)
Jess is pawsome
G-flash 123 (2 months ago)
Jess and Adam otps are disgusting cough my otp couch
jolly Jasmine (2 months ago)
KING OF NONSENSE (2 months ago)
Barney is awesome Not Jess Barney
jimi simpson (2 months ago)
Time 2 look 4 archive
andrei deang (2 months ago)
SkythekidRS found Mithzan! Mithzan Found Aphmau! THE CHAIN OF SEEKING
Kai White (2 months ago)
Jess is soooooooo awesome and pretty and kind and lovely and talented
Thomas Van Wyk (3 months ago)
Jess is the best
Kyndall Jones (3 months ago)
Jess is awesome
Mr Anime (3 months ago)
0:02 me: I want a cat that does that
funtime angel the wolf (3 months ago)
is anyone confused why sky as a cat has sunglasses i mean common what cat wears sunglasses anyway it is cute
Katlyn vlogging (3 months ago)
Jess is awesome
StarStruck Dayside (3 months ago)
Jess is awesome
Zeaella's life (3 months ago)
Just you see in the back ground jess seid hay max in the intro
Jayce DeLisle (3 months ago)
#newspecies Youtubers
GamerBoy _105 (3 months ago)
I'll say something kawaii about Jess Jess! You have really cute chubbie cheeks!
Kuyuminato T.K-ish (3 months ago)
Jess the most awesome yourtuber I don't know yet!
Kanna Chan (3 months ago)
Adam x Jess
Bailey B (3 months ago)
Jess is awesome! 😉
a hidden gamer (3 months ago)
Jess is awesome
Sam The Fox (3 months ago)
Lizzie Chan (4 months ago)
KiuWolf Animations (4 months ago)
Red *cat* tor Aph *miauw* SkyThe *Cat* That *Cat* Barney Sorry xd
G Lily (4 months ago)
Jess is awsome
heySunny (4 months ago)
Who else read the description?
#MusicIsMySoul (4 months ago)
red cactus
Jack White (4 months ago)
Jess is awesome
Kamily Greiner (4 months ago)
hey sky pecka pecka bitch
Peacock lover Veronica (4 months ago)
“So comment down below Jess is Awesome” Me: .......... GLADLY WOOO JESS IS FREAKIN AWESOME
Skyler Cat (4 months ago)
Saw Something In 2:34
Dark Song (4 months ago)
I ship Sky with alpha Cd
baccaraider 2006 (4 months ago)
Alivia Pereira (5 months ago)
Jess: Awesome Adam/Sky: Awesome Max: Mad Max Barney: Apple Red: Apple = SKY ARMY PLUS JESS ARMY
RubyRainbowCat :3 (5 months ago)
Does the title of this vid come from how aphmau always follows someone to their hiding spot
Kyle Ren (5 months ago)
Barney needs to stop doing math nobody wants Donald trump to go to where they live
Alexa Gaming101 (5 months ago)
In chat: Max: Do you have a crack ship Aphmau: Adams butt Max: touché Lol BURRRRNNN!!!!
Comic Wolf (5 months ago)
Jess is amazing
Hello World CCG (5 months ago)
Jess is awsomr
Alex Ruiz (5 months ago)
Jess is awesome
Charles Schuette (5 months ago)
Jess = Dirt
Lee Clarke (6 months ago)
I shipped Jess and Adam back then
Hpblue 4u (6 months ago)
Sky did Minecraft ?!?!?!?!??!?
Tylor Linley (6 months ago)
chancey ahh (6 months ago)
Jess is awesome
Mini pig
[[forced destiny]] (6 months ago)
I wish sky and Zane and garroth meet (T—T')
TrueRavens Playz (6 months ago)
Dark Paradise (6 months ago)
Jesssss is awesome yeah 😄
Steves daughter (6 months ago)
aqua angel (7 months ago)
Jess is awesome!
Hailey Jean (7 months ago)
IF U THINK U ARE THE ULTIMATE SKYDOESMINECRAFT FAN ANSWER THIS: who is the original Sky does minecraft crew?
EpicDude123ish (7 months ago)
Jess is awesome
KayleeTheGamer (7 months ago)
The Wierdo (7 months ago)
Who's watching in 2017?
Nadia Botha (7 months ago)
Adam Aguiar (7 months ago)
Jess is awsome
Ben Griffith (7 months ago)
Candice Guerry (7 months ago)
Jess is awesome!!!!!
adasnow93 (7 months ago)
Jess is awesome.

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