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The Oldest Server In Minecraft (MinecraftOnline)

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Today we take a look at the oldest minecraft server that's public. You can read more about it's history here http://minecraftonline.com/wiki/Timeline#2010 Worth mentioning you should join the server in the version 1.7 This probably won't be a server i play on regularly but something i though was worth showing off :) I asked members of the server community about my thumbnail too so i don't upset them prior to uploading. They had no problems with it. ───────────────────────── ➤ As always, thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed feel free to drop a comment, i love to read them! Is there anything i could improve on? Let me know! ───────────────────────── ➤ IGN : mines ───────────────────────── ➤ Server IP: MinecraftOnline.com ───────────────────────── ➤ Contact me: Want me to visit your base or have a cool base you want me to visit? Message me the coords and a screenshot of the base! Any history provided for the base would be much appreciated :) I will give you credit for the location in the video! (Please note that i may decide not to visit your base for multiple reasons). Go to youtube.com/c/hawwy/about and then click 'send message' Alternatively https://twitter.com/Solatune ───────────────────────── Music Credits: all credit goes to C418. Purchase his music here https://c418.bandcamp.com/ ─────────────────────────
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Text Comments (4085)
John Rafael (1 hour ago)
Minecraft changed, You changed aswell,
Wablto Acamar (7 hours ago)
Tobin Judd (10 hours ago)
I thought 2B2T was the oldest server in Minecraft!?
wren dooley (13 hours ago)
I hate all signs
Charlie Sjöström (14 hours ago)
Dai Jeffery (15 hours ago)
Lol nostalgia
Xxfaggot69xX (23 hours ago)
I see an interesting title I click on the video I spot an anime profile picture I dislike, and leave
HawkGT (1 day ago)
*looks at Duestch* says "dutch"
Nicholas Johnson (1 day ago)
When you realized that you got banned from this server in 2012
JuanWKING (1 day ago)
First Minecraft server is 2B2T
Alex Girard (1 day ago)
Man this brings back memories
Cindy (1 day ago)
Anyone here stoped the video and joined the server?
FangLeone (1 day ago)
7:38 youve been friendzoned
Anthony Good (1 day ago)
This is the father of all the big servers that exist today like Hypixel, Hive MC, Cubecraft etc.
BlurryFaceFin (1 day ago)
I'm trying to add the server on mobile and xbox but it isn't working... any help?
BlurryFaceFin (1 day ago)
Comment with the details of the server or reasons why it might not be working on this reply
aarmou travylin (1 day ago)
CallMeSxphie (1 day ago)
I wanna go back to being a kid 😞I used to love mine craft but nowadays all kids are just addicted to Fortnite, although I play Fortnite I’m just so happy I grew up as a kid playing an actual good game.
Lina (1 day ago)
7:19 "that creeper like there" had a mystery gift is his box it said so in the sign you fool 😂
Ethan McNally (1 day ago)
You have a very gay voice
Jurek Łopuszański (1 day ago)
The owners are some real nerds for sure
I wish Minecraft was still like this
Mikael Mart (1 day ago)
2b2t is the best
missAnniething (1 day ago)
2b2t is the oldest 'Anarcy' server
lePardal (1 day ago)
This was literally the first server i've ever joined and played for a while, i'm pretty sure that my dirt house will not be there though.
Anubis The Rapper (1 day ago)
You sound like stewie from family guy
LastGamer 64 (2 days ago)
Wait could they add one for Nintendo switch?
Bruce_its_mE (2 days ago)
I haven't played minecraft game yet, but watching this video and reading tons of nostalgic comments, it felt, it really felt crying. I wish I could play this great game. It's so painful to see things fie years after years.
Alos (2 days ago)
This server's existence makes me wanna pick up Minecraft again.
spazzical (2 days ago)
I just wanna go back.
Batdogduke (3 days ago)
This, my friends, is the PERFECT server.
Julius Savrouan (3 days ago)
2b2t is the oldest
Carlo Carnevali (3 days ago)
I'm filled with nostalgia right now.
the hadster (3 days ago)
Man ever since I got my ps3 i got this game I loved the old version still miss it
Unreal Panda (3 days ago)
*when he reads German / deutsch as dutch*
Joshua Oliver (3 days ago)
The server is joinable now.
Marwanmagdy 2211 (3 days ago)
mines how to get to the google map
Constantine Bowden (4 days ago)
Minecraft is for creative people to display their talent, and skills, I loved ur vid and i subed
Nicee! Time to pick up Minecraft again!
RoRvlogs (4 days ago)
I own the oldest finnish server cald RolloCraft
Leatherface (4 days ago)
Deutsch is German in German and not Dutch fam
The Majestic Mr. L (4 days ago)
I don't particularly care much for Minecraft but this popped up in my recommended for some reason and I thought it sounded fascinating.The digital age is mind-blowing sometimes. Knowing that something like this exists and is extensively kept and preserved to this very day, every day for 8 years(going off of him saying it was made in 2010) is absolutely insane and a testament to the dedication of the Minecraft community.Godspeed you crazy bastards.
KingDwarf46 (4 days ago)
Ah, this reminds me of the old days. Back when I used to play on a server, formally called, Duncsweb. I used to be so creative and had a group of friends, that, sadly, I don't talk to anymore. But, I had so much fun.
Colbite Blaze (4 days ago)
Minecraft was way simpler and more kid friendly. But now...
Dutch Santa Claus (4 days ago)
Sign says : Deutsch U say: Dutch... I'm Dutch and im triggerd...
Kerstin Staschewski (4 days ago)
Not dutch , its Deutsch or German.
Der Zohan (4 days ago)
1:38 „dutch“ = Deutsch? Bro?
Bell Boii (5 days ago)
You should do the furry server furatex it’s been around for a while
ERC Skeie Nicolaisen (5 days ago)
EmeraldExos (5 days ago)
All the Minecraft OG’s in the comments, so happy to see more of my kind
Zhander Drake (5 days ago)
I think MCO should create a server like this again but 1.13 version
Zhander Drake (5 days ago)
Is this where hermitcraft originated but with building contest and etc.
Kidd Lixr (5 days ago)
*sees this* *Gets back to minecraft after having stopped to play for like 3 or 4 years*
Jackson Dias (5 days ago)
Minecraft art online
Minecraft Overlord PE (5 days ago)
Wow, this server is older than my account. Not my first file, that was about as old.
Brandon krick (5 days ago)
Can you access it from any platform
UnderAStair Case (5 days ago)
I wonder if the owner still remembers this server.....
Genaro Cerban (5 days ago)
Is premium?
Lululipes (5 days ago)
This isnt the oldest server man, ive never played beuon 1.5.2 and there were MAAAANY servers from that ver. And b4 Know what u are yalking and dont clickbait kid
Lululipes (5 days ago)
Suppen Glück (5 days ago)
1:41 I feel insulted, its german not dutch oml
Thann Banis (6 days ago)
Umm. that's not an IP address :/
FaDeD_x_sNiP3z (6 days ago)
Am I the only German who got triggered when he called us ‘dutch’
xX_M33DSW0K3R_Xx (4 hours ago)
Ne ich tu nur so.
FaDeD_x_sNiP3z (9 hours ago)
xX_M33DSW0K3R_Xx Sie sind Deutsch?
xX_M33DSW0K3R_Xx (19 hours ago)
Nicht nur du
Dompan • (6 days ago)
Thats not the oldest
lxgitdzn. (5 days ago)
2b2t is the oldest anarchy
Fabio Nettis (6 days ago)
Excuse me? "A nice IP address" ? Boy an IP looks like this: "" this is a domain "MinecraftOnline.com"
BasicHydra (6 days ago)
I’m crying inside I miss this
Rey The penguin (6 days ago)
Pls make another video
SwagHazal (6 days ago)
Damn I remember the old x box 360 minecraft days nostalgia asf
John Prodman (6 days ago)
4:29 is that the disaster hotel?
Ugly (7 days ago)
I miss minecraft, I remember joining the same world every day for like 5 years. Now kids are growing up on fortnite
lxgitdzn. (5 days ago)
+Maurice Pielok minecraft 1.14 wont be good cuz it will have the same things like 1.13 but with new things maybe nothing more
Maurice Pielok (5 days ago)
Fortnite is dying. And I hope Minecraft will do his comeback with 1.14 in Germany you have many Minecraft videos in the YouTube trends
lxgitdzn. (5 days ago)
Youre right,today fortnite is taking over minecraft and all those small kiddies play 24/7 fortnite and forget about all other
scuttle06 (7 days ago)
I start seeing Minecraft when Minecraft was still on 1.0 beta. I saw many Survival Islands series back then. Oh man I wished I could go back when bows were that OP.
lxgitdzn. (5 days ago)
The bows where miniguns
Dlyan Floyd (7 days ago)
Got a Minecraft mobile ad
muf muf (7 days ago)
I think I was banned for using an x Ray texture pack back in 2013
Master Of Dizaster (7 days ago)
I cried
fat (7 days ago)
how in the fuck am i here
FreeformBlock58 (7 days ago)
Mine craft was better when the gold block was orange on one half and yellow on the other
Akopakabra (7 days ago)
me and my friend got banned in a timespan of like 15 mins
The Brodster (7 days ago)
Akopakabra everyone on the server is dickheads
KobeDropped81 (8 days ago)
You sound so gay
Rj Pena (8 days ago)
wayyyyyy better than 2b2t!
hi Im Lucky (8 days ago)
Its like visiting an abandoned Jurassic Park
Tim Bull (8 days ago)
Anyone else notice the Nazi building?
lxgitdzn. (5 days ago)
John Ashley Pural (8 days ago)
can i play this at mcpe?
Berkant Balci (8 days ago)
Deutsch means german numbnut
i want like that. so very nice player and communities always care of you. i guess
mr pinky (8 days ago)
i turned 5 on the same day this server was made
Crazy Chris (8 days ago)
I remember I burnt down a building in it. A hotel actually. I got banned. Good times indeed
yaboycade (8 days ago)
My cousin has a 7 year old MCPE world that still have stonecutters and huge nether reactors and nether reactors and the deactivated reactors they don't work but its amazing!
Ash (8 days ago)
Dude you know how some Minecraft players are 7-8? The server is older than them...
Maurice Pielok (5 days ago)
Minecraft is getting old
Corman (8 days ago)
Rosi Delimeat (8 days ago)
kitty toe
RedFireRex RFR (9 days ago)
It’s a great server, I’ve been on it. But, it’s to laggy, and I don’t like how they track your information on their website..
delantine (21 minutes ago)
It's probably to prevent bots and they probably use information like your IP to perm ban people.
Nitram (9 days ago)
Here, started one of the spain best minecraft youtubers... His name is Vegetta777... at 2011 he had 10k subs now he had +20 millions. Also there he has a world, but he don't play this server anymore.
ElmHak YouTube (9 days ago)
I got perm banned cuz I broke a deadbush xD
D3FAULT (9 days ago)
Wow, this is art. It's beautiful! I'm about to load up my Minecraft and leave my mark. 🙂
Zoruzer0 (9 days ago)
7:25 hides the fact that the creeper blew up x)
Michael Davies (9 days ago)
Never really liked minecraft, but I still have respect for the time that goes into it. This server reminds me of Limbo from Inception
Arthur (9 days ago)
Arthur (9 days ago)
7:15 I will beat every single pixel out of this creepers, if he thinks of exploding
Arthur (9 days ago)
5:50 my eyes were as big as this hugeously huge map, oh my gosh
Jordan Lamb (9 days ago)
Oldest? Multiplayer server? Tf back in my day when Minecraft first came out, we had to port forward our servers from a second dedicated computer that we used as a server. These kids will never know what it was like...
Sp4ng3 (9 days ago)
I remember playing on my brother’s Minecraft account back in 2012. I never used servers, as I was too pure and naive at the time lol. This was before all the hispanic kids joined mc.

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