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[Tutorial] How to fix the import spray error on Counter Strike : Source.

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I've found out that there is a problem when some people are trying to import sprays to their Counter Strike Source. In this video, I teach you how to fix that error. Enjoy! Musics : Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland - Promiscous girl Akon - Belly dancer. (Seems like musicfile got removed in this video, although I wasn't aware of this - Sorry).
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Text Comments (45)
Midaas ulhaq1 (10 months ago)
No Error its a fasle bad bad bad.
Zac B (2 years ago)
LOL scrolling through program files, i see cheat engine. good job.
MLG Gaming (3 years ago)
no errors really fixed...... thanks anyways....
IamVorDee (4 years ago)
hey @okan900!!!! I don't understand :( Does image that will used as "impor spray" must be save to VGUI so that can be fixed (i mean fix the import spray error)???
okan900 (5 years ago)
Hmm they should work! By the way! What language is your steam running in? It may occur issues when you attempt to import sprays on a different Steam-language. Try to run steam in english if it's not default atm :)
Loliu hert (5 years ago)
Does JPEG-Files work x.x?
okan900 (5 years ago)
You're welcome mate! :)
DanneLinofy (5 years ago)
tenks so much
Christian Nilsson (5 years ago)
thanks man
okan900 (5 years ago)
Haha I'm glad it helped you out! :D
Almog Goldberg (5 years ago)
Ty, God i serach all the internet and nobody Help Me so Ty For Helping with this Awsome video :)
okan900 (5 years ago)
Hmm I have no idea how to solve this problem any more because I am aware that lots of updates has been taken into action on the game. In the past year I haven't even played the game. I don't know how to help you any more, sorry :( I recommend FPSbanana (I think they changed name to something else) for guides on how to solve it. Sorry mate, I wish you luck!
okan900 (5 years ago)
Haha yes. :D Svensk dator :)
TheGaming Broes (5 years ago)
Den här datorn :)
okan900 (5 years ago)
Hmm you've got to be more specific. I didn't quite understand you there.
Andzon (5 years ago)
It's not a problem, it's ur config or u have just written the command in console. newfag
okan900 (5 years ago)
How should I interpret this comment?
MultiValcy (6 years ago)
I have the same prob :(
okan900 (6 years ago)
Hey man, sorry for a super late response I was away on a vacation and today I start working again so I found some free time to response. Anyways, have you tried to put in the command cl_allowupload 1 ? If not, then give it a shot. I think it should solve it. Reply back if it didn't work and let me know so I can search for a solution!
okan900 (6 years ago)
Try to type the following command in to the console. cl_allowupload 1 Should fix it. (If it didn't work, I am out of ideas, sorry).
okan900 (6 years ago)
Hmm that's weird.. Idk, you should try restarting or re-installing in worst cases, the game! IF you plan to re-install if, I suggest you move out the folder maps and plugins to a spot where you can easily redrag it in your new cstrike folder. Instead of re-installing, you can just move the two folders I mentioned earlier and just simply delete cstrike folder. Then you extract the files over the new ones in the cstrike. Idk, that's weird man.. :( Sorry, I don't have an easy solution. :/
okan900 (6 years ago)
Haha you are welcome mate! I'm just glad it worked :)
Fidy (6 years ago)
Thanks bro :P after 2 years of owning css I never bothered to figure out why I coulden't import my spray. But after 10 seconds of remembering I coulden't then I find this ;o gj bro
okan900 (6 years ago)
@Masterrick600 Glad it worked! :)
Lt. Soap (6 years ago)
okan900 (6 years ago)
@MrGexacity Calm down mate. Alright, so hmm I don't really know. What you should try to do is to convert your steam into english and try again. Alternative option : Pick out your maps and sound files from cstrike and drag them to a folder somewhere else. Then delete your cstrike file (don't worry, when you start CSS you get a new one automaticly) and put back the files you saved. As I said in another comment, I do not play this game anymore but I do intend to help people anyways.
okan900 (6 years ago)
@danner504 Mate I've kinda quit this game. I have no further solutions, try gamebanana(dot)com, maybe they have the solution. I'm sorry :(
okan900 (7 years ago)
@comrade9191 I was hoping for it to work tho, oh well. You're welcome.
comrade9191 (7 years ago)
@okan900 thanks for trying to help through
comrade9191 (7 years ago)
@okan900 never mind i got it fixed.
okan900 (7 years ago)
@comrade9191 Hmm.. What type picture are you using? (jpg, vdf etc)
comrade9191 (7 years ago)
when i try to import spray my defalt sprays are all purple and black! help!
T-Sound (7 years ago)
@Aapplekid mine too
okan900 (7 years ago)
@tari0048 Uhmm, try this command in console. cl_allowupload 1 If it doesn't work, I got no solution. Sorry :(
okan900 (7 years ago)
@Aapplekid It's a spray made in Photoshop/Paint ? Try downloading a file instead, because corrupted files I have no idea how to fix. Sorry :(
Athletic Sloth (7 years ago)
mine just sais file corrupt..
okan900 (7 years ago)
*Update! If you now have Counter strike: Source on English, it will work perfect. Other languages such as Swedish and so on, you will have to struggle.
Danny Nickel (8 years ago)
Nobody can see my sprays only me!! Help!!
okan900 (8 years ago)
@MrPivotkid I'm glad it worked :D
MrPivotkid (8 years ago)
okan900 (8 years ago)
@beganovic11 That's wierd, did work perfectly for me. :( Well, I'm still researching for a solution, be patient and I will update the description. Be observent too!
beganovic11 (8 years ago)
thannnX! but my spray don't show oO
Arvin (8 years ago)
hahahaha XD XD ! no permission to add spray !
okan900 (8 years ago)
@martinlarsen20 Hm.. on what user did you install your CSS on? On your own, maybe your father's what so ever, now if you registred on your "father's" user then go on it and just import the spray. Might be a problem with your steam, take a good look at the valve info center. Thanks for the feedback , I'll try to solve it.

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