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LIFE OF A MOB (Minecraft Morph Mod Showcase)

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Text Comments (779)
Hendrian Bryan 175 (44 minutes ago)
2:32 Thats sound my Angry Cow
Do u like mlp cause I do
Jacob Redito (2 days ago)
yeah mlp reaaaaaally sucks
Jacob Redito (2 days ago)
fnaf is reaaaaaaaaaal
GTXGaSteR (6 days ago)
Jerry: No Turkey Turkish people like me: SHOW THE FLAGS BOIZZZZ
Skit Snubbarna (8 days ago)
Omg thanks i have been looking for this mod for ages
Asher Page (9 days ago)
omg i <3 ur vids (i have a computer and im only 9 lol)
Jodi Raquel (9 days ago)
That thumbnail
chase peura (9 days ago)
You can be the other guy
chase peura (9 days ago)
You could have linked us to the trolling video...
Mistoybluechicken 190 (11 days ago)
He wont pin this
Super Blox (13 days ago)
use V
Elizabeth Juan (15 days ago)
Harry Potter
Izza2009 Edig (16 days ago)
Did they say MOOOO!!!!!!
Adijn Sonardized (17 days ago)
can u do in pe ???
Elizabeth Juan (19 days ago)
Trifan Cristi (26 days ago)
Press v and is magic
Fera Mawafati (1 month ago)
What animal Did u like like in da comments! Below
TheATAnomes (1 month ago)
i can make that too
Robert Joyce (1 month ago)
were the noodle sounds edited in?
Tijn maakt Vlogs (1 month ago)
IcyChrysalis (2 months ago)
Dr Bob went to kenturcky
BasarTPC Kankan (2 months ago)
"Where did Dr. Bob go for Vacation" "Uh.. Kentucky?" "No, *Turkey* " XD I Laughed So hard XD
ItsHarry, Why Where You Trying To Troll ItsJerry? You look Like a Spy But its Funny!
JimPlayz912 (2 months ago)
Super minecraft oddysey confirmed
Junerick Baclayon (2 months ago)
I imagined if you two turned into ender dragon
Krzysztof Maruszewski (2 months ago)
0:18 Minecraft Null? Null is one of Minecraft creepypasta Null = Black player
Eupraxiaz (2 months ago)
0:50 TURKEY'S (Türk varmı)
Glaze Dark Craft (3 months ago)
0:18 is null
Joy Landero (3 months ago)
when they torn into zombies and burn in day light I laugh so hard
Tobe Wan Kenobe (3 months ago)
4:04 That’s what she said lololol
Airidas Zaveckas (3 months ago)
What this version?
Superfighter 64 (3 months ago)
Wait what about the dragon
Cat Doy (3 months ago)
thats from crazy craft if you download crazy craft you have that mod
LuckyCyberHex 1337 (3 months ago)
Dave Schoonenberg (4 months ago)
Harry Hi love u skin u 2 jerry
Kinderman Mihaela (4 months ago)
R.I.P Dr. Bob
Best mod ever
Polyjue lol (4 months ago)
What if you kill another player?
Joy Landero (4 months ago)
hahahaha wen they was a zombie and they burn it was so funny hahahahah😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄
Emir Ağkurt (4 months ago)
aMOOzing amazing
Rainbow Cat (5 months ago)
How you get this mod?
OPTIC_ GAMER (5 months ago)
Play hide and seek when using that mod
A HAT IN TIME GAMER (5 months ago)
Moooooeodjeudusudhejejsjs sike it's just me
Brent Angel (5 months ago)
harry:psyche it.s just me jerry:oh harry::)
eduardo brv (5 months ago)
R.I.P Dr. Bob
Endang Yurliani (5 months ago)
hie hie hie
•-• IsThatRico (5 months ago)
2:28 i laughed so hard
eduardo brv (5 months ago)
R.I.P Dr Bob 2016-2016 Died by ItJerry
Harrison Ratcliffe (5 months ago)
Me to
Colin Paubel (6 months ago)
He's 1 years old one like equals a year old
Colin Paubel (6 months ago)
This is coap> ☺
Dave the only one (6 months ago)
U killed him again
dubu (6 months ago)
奈シ唯愛 (6 months ago)
IAteAllTheChocolate (6 months ago)
Good job suggesting Kentucky! I LIVE THERE!
Sauce the tomato kitten (6 months ago)
Is hamburger a country No radar hamburger is not a country Raises hand Or ham
Vincent Michael Comia (7 months ago)
VRGTS PLAYZ (7 months ago)
I wonder what happens when u morph into the ender dragon
Diamond Sackboy (7 months ago)
this should be the TF2 Spy mod XD (Cuz you can 'disguise' as Minecraft mobs and people)
武田恵美子 (7 months ago)
im japanees and thats not true
Quentin Truong (7 months ago)
If you didn't read the description below just do it
Willy Wonka (7 months ago)
lemme get this straight: two grown ass men making chicken noises xD no hate i like ur vids
gligor adrian (7 months ago)
Is it a VIRUS?!
Furkan Doğan (7 months ago)
Türkiyeye laf sokuyor sizde asın bayrakları diye seviniyorsunuz.. yazık..
Sadina Silmi Sasikirana (8 months ago)
Haaaa! 🐱🐱🐱
Vesela Miseva (8 months ago)
can someone help my mod is not working
JmGaming HQ (8 months ago)
How about the ender dragon and wither boss
Lord Sauron (8 months ago)
Did you know that it's rude not to burp after eating a meal.
BaiPotato (8 months ago)
the site where i download the mod is a virus
lexis flora (8 months ago)
rest in peace cow
Boğaç PVP (8 months ago)
Türkler buradamı :D
Aliadnan 2255 (8 months ago)
Angelina Hurst (8 months ago)
Angelina Hurst (8 months ago)
R.I.P Dr Bob
Toogii Toogii (8 months ago)
how to download ???
力Alpha (8 months ago)
I didnt mean either i mean wither
Oyun Evi (8 months ago)
I am from Turkey
RichwellCreeper 1928 (9 months ago)
That was Amazing!
Duckey (9 months ago)
Best intro ever xD
Wilfredo Aspuria (9 months ago)
harry it isn't rude to not make the slurping sound, its fine if you don't make the sound, but if you make the slurping sound, that means your enjoying the noodles
So cool
Erdem Öney (9 months ago)
İ am turkish and do you be rude to TURKEY!!!
Pikachu (9 months ago)
Lachy (9 months ago)
I was watching this while eating noodles
Venom Monster (9 months ago)
Harry: Sike... It's Just Me Jerry: Aww Harry: HARRY POTTER Me: That Made Me Laugh!!!!!
Lorelei Lord Records (9 months ago)
Lorelei Lord Records (9 months ago)
EnRoi Minecraft GM (9 months ago)
RIP Dr.Bob
Lizier Craft (9 months ago)
AJOM 666 (9 months ago)
Mr GG (9 months ago)
Kute KrazyKat (9 months ago)
Why do I always laugh when harry says "sike, it's just me". LOL
the banna (9 months ago)
hahahahahahahahah that so funny to me hahahahahahaha
Mr.E Studios Ninjago (9 months ago)
Im From Turkey
Nancy Zhang (9 months ago)
lol can jerry turn into harry or harry turn into jerry?
jan (9 months ago)
I saw a chicken on tree

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