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This next one is called Bnob wich was used in BFB 1 BFB 5 and BFB 6! This video is requested by MrCrushyy Download the soundtrack now: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qdbitp1033u4k3z/bnob.wav
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Text Comments (119)
Well, you clearly aren't *E G G I N G* me on...
MrRocky (1 month ago)
Gosh, those people really want to get you to talk, don’t they?
BroadcastGrid (1 month ago)
There's nothing afraid of pin
S sandro (1 month ago)
This song plays when character development is happening.
ObjectAnimus (2 months ago)
Bubble! Finally you're ready to talk to me.
The Maloney (3 months ago)
What the hell whys it it like bfb OST:bnob change it to BFB OST: bnob so this for the rest!
The Maloney (3 months ago)
Strahinja Milicevic what does that mean
Strahinja Milicevic (3 months ago)
The Maloney GAMING sorry,the file music is called bnob
NickTheAwesome (3 months ago)
woody will agree
Harry Lynch (3 months ago)
Best song name EVAR
Rober V (3 months ago)
Wheres X!? We need Bubble back!
*Golf Ball hit by Stick and scream like her scream in Take the Plunge Part 2 and Broke Cloudy Windows* Cloudy: HEY!!!!
FrankieTheBFDIFan 2008 (30 days ago)
X: Huh? Ow! (Gelatin makes a 4 out of a fork) Bottle: Fore!!!
Rober V (3 months ago)
Rober V (3 months ago)
*Teardrop scribbles alot of Fours!*
Rober V (3 months ago)
Rober V (3 months ago)
Do Crunkley Please.
game destroyer (3 months ago)
It sounds creepy
Kirbstomper (3 months ago)
Bnob, it's knob with a b
Koopa Kid Productions (3 months ago)
Where have I heard something like this before...
AgentPea1129 (2 months ago)
do you play mr crab 1 because this sounds like the hell level
Koopa Kid Productions (3 months ago)
Rober V no, not that.
Rober V (3 months ago)
Meatbulb (3 months ago)
Come on Teardrop, show some respect!
Music in a horror movie
Pen Pie / Yoylepie (4 months ago)
This is great music for a scary movie
Canvis Thomas (4 months ago)
Request: bfb ost:widge
Flitterwikken (4 months ago)
"When I joined this team, I thought I could put my traumatic killing past behind me. So many of my hours and so much of my willpower was spent on saving instead of murdering! I thought you guys would support me! But I guess you won't! And if you won't, then what's the point in restraining myself?"
"Liy, No!!"
Liy, no!
TheSuperEan300 (4 months ago)
What’s the matter?
Osmani Djamel (4 months ago)
TheSuperEan300 (4 months ago)
Osmani Djamel *sigh* it's just that... Our team is like loser centric right?
Osmani Djamel (4 months ago)
not much of a poker face buddy tell me what's up?
- BITTERBOI - (4 months ago)
Can you play that song in BFB 4, when 8-Ball confesses to Golf Ball?
Rain Drop animates (4 months ago)
heh, 420 subscribers
hugo bialinski (4 months ago)
This song is so calming
Gwenyth Trulock (4 months ago)
this plays when eggy says "I thought, I could glide through the competition without danger, but it looks like *CLOCK* had to mess that *up* for us."
Rober V (4 months ago)
"Not really much of a poker face buddy. C'mon, tell me. Whats wrong."
*sigh* It's just that... Our team is like loser centric right?
Rober V (5 months ago)
Abu Elyasasief (5 months ago)
Good work man getting this amount of views
Petík Georgiev (5 months ago)
Liy: How many lifes has this team saved? Remote: 2763. Liy: And how many am I responsible for? Remote: 2753. Liy: Exactly. When I joined this team I thought I could put my traumatic killing pass behind me. So many of my hours and so much of my time was spent on saving instead of murdering. I thought you guys would support me... But I guess you won't. And if you won't then what's the point of restraining myself?!
*Liy get suck up by Four*
Osmani Djamel (4 months ago)
4 i dont like that can you suck her up?
Toaster Noob (4 months ago)
🅱en: What da flip?!
TheSuperEan300 (4 months ago)
*flips to real form*
BOIO Offical (5 months ago)
That song that plays on ABNTT's elimination when they are on Earth.
MrCrushyy (5 months ago)
That song is called Branchless. Its in on Michael's soundcloud.
Cathy O'Handley (5 months ago)
request that music that was at the begginning of BFB 6
SuperMations (5 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEaeNz74Kr0 bfb ost
SuperMations (5 months ago)
Strahinja Milicevic yea u have permission
MrCrushyy (5 months ago)
Well if they're linking it on your video then I think they are.
Strahinja Milicevic (5 months ago)
Are you giving me a permission?
SuperMations (5 months ago)
Hector Gonzalez (5 months ago)
bfb 1 bfb5 bfb6
ObjectAnimus (5 months ago)
There's nothing to be afraid of, Pin. I promise.
DatSmolBoi (4 months ago)
You Bet!
Osmani Djamel (4 months ago)
Ha its nothing now god wanna go celebrate our favorite cube to rest our losers?
Victor Manuel (4 months ago)
That, That, Really Means Alot.
Boohaloo (5 months ago)
Hope's Not Lost (5 months ago)
Request: bfb intro but everyone is John Cena
Hope's Not Lost (2 months ago)
Homie Blue Yoshi ok
Homie Blue Yoshi (2 months ago)
Hope's Not Lost (3 months ago)
Elisabeth Guerrero so stop
Hope's Not Lost (3 months ago)
Elisabeth Guerrero and 8 people like the idea
Hope's Not Lost (4 months ago)
Elisabeth Guerrero so think before you act
S sandro (5 months ago)
save lollipop! https://discord.gg/8gB6ac3
MrCrushyy (5 months ago)
hell yeah i'm famous EDIT: oh yeah i forgot to mention but consider putting a space in between the ":" and "Bnob" because it's messing with my self-diagnosed OCD thx and DO THIS FOR EVERY OTHER VIDEO
Rober V (3 months ago)
ZeonZ (4 months ago)
Strahinja Milicevic hearts your comment but doesn't change the title
ShadowKirby6000 (5 months ago)
(I like your video) BTW I made one to
Strahinja Milicevic (5 months ago)
Wich means you were the first one to publish
Strahinja Milicevic (5 months ago)
Stikbotfan9120 I uploaded this video like 14 hours ago and you uploaded 22 hours ago
Techno Spyform1 (5 months ago)
The cookie Of the woodys (5 months ago)
I though you guys will support me,but guess you don’t. -liy 2018.
Was Liy is the Light Switch?
TheSuperEan300 (4 months ago)
*four sucks up liy* (happy?)
TheSuperEan300 (4 months ago)
Nah, if we’re going to smile, we’re going to smile real big!
Rober V (2 months ago)
Four, i don't like that. Can you suck her up? Sucks up.
Osmani Djamel (4 months ago)
what the flip!!??
izilifyanimations_ (5 months ago)
Yeah, Number One!!! ~Pen
Osmani Djamel (4 months ago)
NO! NOT NUMBER TWO!! -snowball 2018
Elisabeth Guerrero (4 months ago)

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