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Minecraft Tekkit V3 Part 24 - Advanced Machines

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Rob and Richard install advanced machines in the new factory. Game Version Minecraft Tekkit version 3.1.2 / 1.2.5 Get the game here http://www.Minecraft.net Download the Techniclauncher here http://www.technicpack.net/ Intro and ending music (theme music) By Edie Murphy Time lapse music by Kevin Macleod Intro & ending background (gears) courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net
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Text Comments (33)
nrcsean (2 years ago)
Is the original Tekkit series still available to watch?
sp3nd Coin (1 year ago)
I don't know I've been looking for it aswell
Chaotic Bean (5 years ago)
ai:kalam (5 years ago)
But in EE you Have to find diamonds and glowstone, but it is overpowered when you have all the converters.
Neil Moore (5 years ago)
just destroy the batbox and replace it so its facing the right way.... or replace the wires so theyre on the right side. its not like you cant do anything.
Poojawa Vynar (5 years ago)
They're using arrays at this point, LV arrays would make tin cables explode.
kaeptndan (5 years ago)
I could watch you guys all day... love it!
Christopher Wells (5 years ago)
Agreed, get rid of the condenser. UU-matter can make most things anyways (for a cost, which is nice). Might as well be playing creative mode. Please!
RadGH (5 years ago)
It is sphax, you download sphax and you need to get the sphax texture pack for all of the mods. It's a pain, some don't have texture packs yet. Google "sphax patch index" to get the ones not available on the main site, community versions.
RadGH (5 years ago)
yeah EE is going to ruin it for this series if they start using it. IC2 needs power which is expensive to get, redpower has blutricity and things which also need alloys and makes it difficult but rewarding, then EE is all "make anything for equal value at no cost~!". Then you get to catalysts and suddenly your quarries, all of your different pickaxes etc. are completely useless in comparison. i got to that point on my server and decided it was not fun. I blew up my castle, and started new lol.
FallingofftheGrid (5 years ago)
Good stuff! :) You aren't the first to overlook infrastructure in place of advancing technology, and you won't be the last! Great series, really enjoying it and looking forward to the next episode!
BalderDK (5 years ago)
Hey Rob enjoy your videos and have followed your single player world as well, one thing though using EE is to easy, i would love to see you and Richard continuing the series with EE disabled on the server frankly you don't need it, and making more use of RedPower, Railcraft and Computercraft :)
galaxypegasis123100 (5 years ago)
Rob! I think you can get power from solar panels even with glass ontop of them! :)
galaxypegasis123100 (5 years ago)
All you do is put redstone in the bottom of the Macerator.
Swan Knight (5 years ago)
YAH!! you found the redstone engines that were already built. No offense but how some people overlook items is kinda funny.
coryman125 (5 years ago)
6:20 That happens to me. I set up my batbox, solar panel, macerator and extractor. I realize the batbox is facing the wrong way, and I need a wrench, but I need a macerator to get the wrench, and I end up unable to do too much.
Sheldon Andres (5 years ago)
@TheJubjubbub it is sphax what you need to do is download the tekkit smp file and drag the zip class files into the sphax texture pack zip file and the textures should work
TheJubjubbub (5 years ago)
What's the texture pack you've got on? It looks like Sphax but i cant find the tekkit version. :(
nolimits2life (5 years ago)
Excellent series Rob and Richard! You certainly deserve more views! Very informative and alot of fun to watch!
CatchMyLemons (5 years ago)
danytnt (5 years ago)
Where is the technic series?
RobinTKD1 (5 years ago)
great series guys!!!
Paul Hackett (5 years ago)
Why dont you guys use a water mill for your power then you can hide it behind the wall in its own room? ps Crackin vids
Challenger303 (5 years ago)
"mob orgy" LOL!
keeper (5 years ago)
i love watch yours videos
keeper (5 years ago)
i love watch yours videos
K1ngHoward (5 years ago)
it would be awesome if there was a richochet vs FMB tekkit showdown where both of you are on seperate sides of the map and have 12 hours to gather as much supplies as possible. At the end of that time you both come to the middle and fight to the death :3
Sir Prew (5 years ago)
Rob, you actually can place Solar Panels under glass and still get power.
Tony Gates (5 years ago)
upload your old tekkit world sace file fmb
joreng26 (5 years ago)
Please post more!
Tony Gates (5 years ago)
gmb upload your save from your old tekkit world please????
Tony Gates (5 years ago)
yay a new video
snap00 (5 years ago)
first haha

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