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Text Comments (159)
Bryan hernandez (8 days ago)
In oct, 3 it was my birthday
Kyndall Jordan (9 days ago)
Omg so fancy fam
Aiden Weissman (10 days ago)
Lol I played this game before
Aiden Weissman (10 days ago)
Roblox I mean
Aiden Weissman (10 days ago)
Beakfast I play Robles too
Geraide Da Silva (10 days ago)
I love mustangs
lisa8216 (10 days ago)
moose i played that game i hav eeverything in it
IC3yLandS 213 (10 days ago)
Hi I sent u a freind request pls except it
Noah Thommen (11 days ago)
The bugatti chiron has 1500 horsepower
Everyone Comment on Unspeakables vids PLAY ROBLOX (and shark)
CAPTAIN RAMPAGED (11 days ago)
You do some much for us thank you #MooseArmy
jc168556 (11 days ago)
I love your vids
Jessica Mcmahon (11 days ago)
do mor robx ples
Barmaan Mousavi (11 days ago)
im bige fane ame 11
Aeron Johnson (11 days ago)
quit makeing YouTube videos
Aeron Johnson (11 days ago)
don’t send him 1000’000 rubux
braylin bennett (11 days ago)
hat hap in to the vlogs
Hai Moose! I just wanted to say your videos minecraft Roblox etc is amazing. you can always cheer me up.. I just got my heart ripped out. I love your videos and you! I really needed some cheering up. it'll mean so much to me if u can shout me out on your video. Thank you so much
Nyan Cat (11 days ago)
Did you post this on the wrong channel?
Jackie Brown (11 days ago)
Nuela Bello (11 days ago)
I love moose milk
Mekhi flash p (11 days ago)
Play jail break pls like if you agree
Mekhi flash p (11 days ago)
Play jail break plssssss
Gotta buy dem Lamborghinis
Lars Lake (11 days ago)
Did anybody think that the porche sounded like a pagani zonda r?
Sandy Lee (11 days ago)
haylo moose
Joseph Gniple (11 days ago)
Tashi Forde (11 days ago)
Moose i got all your mercy in roblox
Noewun the Creeper (11 days ago)
Dijar pleyer (11 days ago)
Mose your train to don't send this video to Dijar can't hide anything
Jaylan Roberts (11 days ago)
Moose can I get robux my users jayiggia leave a like and sub
Cyclone gaming 2025 (11 days ago)
Jeremy Kanyago (11 days ago)
Nice intro moose
I'm pickle rick (11 days ago)
Sup moos
Moose this is moose craft not mooseblox
kitkat kitkat (11 days ago)
This is Minecraft not a roblox channel
yectan gaming (11 days ago)
Play bloxburg moose.LIKE IF U GUYS AGREE WITH ME .
Funneh Draco rainbow lunor and gold that's what it probably was the morphs
Tutorial _GT (11 days ago)
Thanks for video
chloé mcflurry (11 days ago)
moose every command use : or ;
Jhonel Conchada (11 days ago)
Add more videos of roblocks
Tatan nan. Najxjkkjzjkkkxkkkkkzkkzkxkfnfmkdkd I a noon
F&P Trains UK (11 days ago)
moose your a noob and your song sucks mate
Be Yourself (11 days ago)
Hi mooae their is a game called gacha studio i think you will like it and plz check it out
Skyy Blu (11 days ago)
I did and complete this tycoon with no robux in 10 days before you made this video
God Speed/Lin Khant (11 days ago)
Dude..this is super duper lit!
Jairo Bravo (11 days ago)
Take kera Jorge be careful from the hurricane take take shelter ok and record
Be Yourself (11 days ago)
116th 😔💯
LC Carp (11 days ago)
i love your vids and have you check your email latly
Zahuvan gaming (11 days ago)
*i am subbing to whoever subs me*
Tenplate LTUX (11 days ago)
Im 114 :D comment yey xd
Kailey dowty (11 days ago)
Musa Bilal Ftro Bilal (11 days ago)
Dennis Dorochin (11 days ago)
If minecraft has cars If you agree:D
NickNoClip - Minecraft (11 days ago)
Love the video Moose!
john stein (11 days ago)
what mins the star at hes name
Raymond Pellino (11 days ago)
I was finally top 100
Chanut Chanut (11 days ago)
#moosearmy moose,please add friend me in roblox plz:) (If you add friend me in roblox my roblox name is TSGgaming and thank you for you add friend me 😍😍😂😂
Eve Plays (11 days ago)
Cool video moose #mooseforthewin #moosearmy #mooseblox
Joan Han (11 days ago)
YOU are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Evan&James Gaming (11 days ago)
I've subcribed and turn on the notification bell and like😀😊😛
The Wolfman 18 (11 days ago)
Moose can you. Make a new fnaf series with everyone back on your team
Jordan Mclaren (11 days ago)
everyone who likes george subscribe please for more awesome content
Evan&James Gaming (11 days ago)
Im just a bacon man if you see
Evan&James Gaming (11 days ago)
My username is loganpaul90121
Evan&James Gaming (11 days ago)
Can you give me som robux
Evan&James Gaming (11 days ago)
I love your vids
bns gaming (11 days ago)
XSwiftKill103X (11 days ago)
1. get a haircut 2. don't act like ur a gangster, you play roblox
Mysterious Mouse (11 days ago)
Why the fc are u saying him to do? Its his choice how he should be
Hi moose I have I question? Why do yu love cars? And how did ou get the RAINBOW WINGS??!!!
Certified G (11 days ago)
*sees title of this video* Holy crap! *plays same game, buys $100,000,000 and buys 100 $10,000,000 supercars*
Jimrex Detera (11 days ago)
hi moose
MARKS Plays (11 days ago)
Can I get a like and I love milk
Dakota Smith (11 days ago)
hey moose I love your videos
ANGEL SHANE Cudiamat (11 days ago)
moose blox yirre
Luisa Sinclair (11 days ago)
74th comment #my creation of this comment type
CrazyMDis GG (11 days ago)
Moose i hate u why u no friend me huh pls friend me my name is SavagetheNooby
CrazyMDis GG (11 days ago)
Moose i hate u why u no friend me huh pls friend me my name is SavagetheNooby
xOmq ForsakenClxtch (11 days ago)
Coltrane Smith (11 days ago)
You are a savage
The pug bro (11 days ago)
Moooo snap
Coltrane Smith (11 days ago)
I love you and you should get Fortnite
Certified G (11 days ago)
If this comment gets 1.2k likes I will donate 1,000,000 R$ to MooseCraft Most of you are probably gonna say I just want likes, and the answer is yes, but I'm also doing it for fun and also doing it to see how people react. And yes, I liked my own comment. Also, I like MooseMilk and Jeff The Moose. Mkay, bye! And yes, I like Wassabi Productions! And yes, I like Guava Juice! And yes, I like Marlin as well! Also, Project Zorgo sucks! Okay, bye! Also, feel free to post on this comment and feel free to tell me that I just want likes. Okay, bye!
Mekhi flash p (11 days ago)
Wow just wow
shotgaming girltheyt (11 days ago)
I do like guava juice i know hes youtube cahnnel
The Architect Gamer (11 days ago)
Project Zorgo sucks! I hope his channel is terminated!
the derp guy (11 days ago)
Omg its moose one of the best youtuber at roblox I don't like zeph he is too weird
Paula Reez (11 days ago)
I love u vida
Paula Reez (11 days ago)
Hi moose
Jadee Crisostomo (11 days ago)
129 views and 92 likes
Trey Anthony (11 days ago)
Moose I friend requested you can you please accept it
The Mad Commenter (11 days ago)
This isn't minecraft, u cunt
miguel yt (11 days ago)
Nicholas Hoi (11 days ago)
Wrong Channel again Moose
Kat TheMystic (11 days ago)
I'm early now
Epic Shovel (11 days ago)
Soo... Nobody else realizes he's still uploading rblx in his main channel?
Camlovesbatim 247 (11 days ago)
BowserBoy (11 days ago)
Moose you are the best Moosemilk for life
No he's the only moose milk for life 😎
QQAD VLOGS (11 days ago)
Can u make a private server
QQAD VLOGS (11 days ago)
GILGUCCI YT (11 days ago)
Wow you have a lambo.. That crazy..Unspeakable had a Lamborghini hurucan performante 2018 but the coolest thing is shark boy he has a gtr 👍👍👍
Guys I'm actually 2nd

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