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Minecraft Ultimate Survival Islands Part 4: I'm On A Boat!

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A Minecraft Server: http://www.Uberminecraft.com This is episode 4 of the ultimate survival islands series. Hope you guys enjoy! Texture Pack is called "Old Faithful" Map- http://www.mediafire.com/?08ah3kmff61onx6 *Challenges* --------------------------- Post all of your completed challenges in the comments -Find an island suitable for your first house (Done) -Deforest an entire island -Find a strange pyramid -Figure out North, south, east, and west (Done) -Find the Southern shoreline (very mountainous, you'll know it when you see it) -Connect 5 or more islands via bridge -Find 5 diamonds (Done) -Discover the massive volcanic cave -Don't die (Failed ;) ) -Build a boat -Make a map and fill it all in -Discover and conquer 5 caves(the big ones, small caves don't count) ( 1/5 )
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Text Comments (1044)
ZombieKiller26 (1 year ago)
They cheated at 8:23 pause it then
can I join you guys one day
Read more (1 year ago)
Lap piece lasu lie
Daniel Blanco (2 years ago)
Would you look at that cheaters 8:23
NOOTY NOOTSTER (2 years ago)
wait this is 1.8 but this is 2011 when minecraft came out dah fuck
DDub04 (1 year ago)
NOOTY NOOTSTER this is Beta 1.8
NOOTY NOOTSTER (2 years ago)
oh and i just googled when minecraft came out its was October 7, 2011
NOOTY NOOTSTER (2 years ago)
and cave game came out 2009 i mixed it up
Valu Red (2 years ago)
the good old days!
igloos† (4 months ago)
It’s fun going back an finding stuff that you never noticed before. Like how they used to spawn stuff in to help them lol but I miss the old days
Mason A. (6 months ago)
Jerry Grima (1 year ago)
Valu Red so fucking true i loved this video
Aiden Potter (2 years ago)
Sun rises east sets west
Brandon Chad (3 years ago)
Danny:oh creeper oh god!oh god! They just raped me for both sides
sadhhours (3 years ago)
Max is funny
ItsTaven (3 years ago)
Wich ones max
Jerry Grima (1 year ago)
PhantomDunks the purple one
Misty Bueno (3 years ago)
They go east
Ethan Flynn (4 years ago)
Max and Danny are super frutiy
finn lada (4 years ago)
kaiden harris (4 years ago)
if a skeleton shoots a mob it doesn't drop music disc only if skeleton kills a creeper
Taryn Allen (4 years ago)
Yes they do
DALILAH WISEMAN (4 years ago)
Make a enchantment table!!!
Naser Safiyari (4 years ago)
They go any direction if u die they change
James Greg (4 years ago)
it dropped the music disc because the skeleton killed it
BruiserKC (4 years ago)
Sometimes it'll go north and sometimes east,south and west.
Gta5Playa07 (4 years ago)
It goes north
Finn Cleary (4 years ago)
In the description it says * don't die * FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melody Pinto (4 years ago)
My dog name is Nina as well !!
magdala allen (4 years ago)
Check out 16:52 lol
magdala allen (4 years ago)
Check out 16:52 lol
minecraftsisters09 (4 years ago)
they go north
Presley Quirk (4 years ago)
they go n
Jenna Beattie (4 years ago)
Keep putting torches up
Jenna Beattie (4 years ago)
The clouds go north
Jenna Beattie (4 years ago)
I love your skin is it Patrick out of sponge bob
Jenna Beattie (4 years ago)
I love the survival island u are so so SOS cool
Jenna Beattie (4 years ago)
You guys are awesome
Derek Wong (4 years ago)
I am jaden
JJoodlers (4 years ago)
JJoodlers (4 years ago)
Haley K (4 years ago)
Hey don't yell at Nina! Lol
DATISNOTMANAME (4 years ago)
If a skeleton shoot one of the mobs and it dies, you get a music disc! Like if dat is cool!
Ajdin Seho (4 years ago)
i love youre intro guys!
Yes they do go north
danny ayala (4 years ago)
they go north like the video
lucas the epic (4 years ago)
i love that song ! !!!!!
Franklin Vasquez (4 years ago)
Nina lol
Toot71331 Plays (4 years ago)
no the go nowhere
Makayla Klein (4 years ago)
Jo Taylor (4 years ago)
They go south
meaghan haley (4 years ago)
HA Jordan lives with his mom!
Sleepy Malo (4 years ago)
yes the clouds go north
Sleepy Malo (4 years ago)
danny why are u naked
xXMakeMeMoistXx (4 years ago)
Dylan Baker (4 years ago)
Laila Omar Adly (4 years ago)
XD Jordan i hava a Job 4 u Yolo man !
Elisha Parkes (4 years ago)
Creepers only drop music discs when skeltons kill them
Elisha Parkes (4 years ago)
They go north
FallenWaffles (4 years ago)
Go to the nether
FallenWaffles (4 years ago)
go to the nether
rafboats (4 years ago)
thay go north
Foxx Redd (4 years ago)
They go north
TigerEth (4 years ago)
clouds go north (I am pretty sur that they go north
Rona Campbell (4 years ago)
they do not look at the at comments anymore and i am putting this up cause it is true
Fadedkitten (4 years ago)
TheAwesomenessBoy (4 years ago)
TheAwesomenessBoy (4 years ago)
Look at 11:00 hackers
Emil Granberg (4 years ago)
do you haw mobbs on
E-J Thompson (4 years ago)
7:49 you scream like a girl!!!
Shonte Middlebrooks (4 years ago)
ALVROZ (4 years ago)
well tell dinerbone that and he may fix your problems
Wowgrab Gaming (4 years ago)
Creepers drop music discs when skeletons kill them.
Meme -Star (4 years ago)
please join server please
Meme -Star (4 years ago)
server address [email protected] server name moo
Sebastiano Ragusa (4 years ago)
pretty sure
Sebastiano Ragusa (4 years ago)
i love there videos
GALACTIC PLAYS (4 years ago)
Lenny Cepeda (4 years ago)
Yes they do go north
Lenny Cepeda (4 years ago)
I love this
Seth Wade (4 years ago)
Can I have the seed or the download
James (4 years ago)
Wait did he really fart in the episode?
CHEILA GONZALEZ (4 years ago)
Ben Sifert (4 years ago)
they go north
Gizu (4 years ago)
What quest did you fail?
SMITTYxKING (4 years ago)
Love how this whole series is fake and didnt do anything legit
Murdoc Niccals (4 years ago)
they have a c.r too
dis is soooo old
trewan whaley (4 years ago)
you guys got along well back then wow
NewJerzyy (4 years ago)
when you get in warter and you pres space you go faster
CCG -CUTE CRAZY GIRL (5 years ago)
Great video guys can't wait for the next one
David Mullens (5 years ago)
Abby Mahoney (5 years ago)
oh, sorry
Abby Mahoney (5 years ago)
Did you find any diamonds yet?!
Denise Bell (5 years ago)
Make a farm next to your home
Jenny Luu (5 years ago)
Zackary Newport (5 years ago)
Epic FAIL!!!!!!
jay heggerty (5 years ago)
cloud go west.
Lincoln Le (5 years ago)
Clouds go west
YaaBoi Tariq (5 years ago)
north yes
thefishingman12 (5 years ago)
clouds go to the south
NuclearGamingScience (5 years ago)
I just realized this series got me hooked on minecraft. Way to go finest
eryl rafael (5 years ago)
this is very amaizing
eryl rafael (5 years ago)
i like this video :) :d :D
Deborah Acuna (5 years ago)
Sgt_Cookie (5 years ago)
Awe cheaters

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