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Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale - Light of The Seven on Guitar + TAB

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MP3s and TABS for all of my songs available through my Patreon! www.patreon.com/nstens1117 Tab Download (Guitar Pro 5 file and PDF included): http://bit.ly/29dQaDn Tab will be up tomorrow (5th July) Apologies if the video goes out of sync towards the end, Premiere Pro has a strange habit of doing that. So the Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale aired last week and it was incredible, I think that was honestly the best episode of any TV show I've ever seen, the first 20 minutes were incredible and the soundtrack to accompany it was amazing. It was such a deviation from normal GoT music and it had that sense of unease and that something big was going to happen. The original song was 9 minutes long so I took some liberties with the arrangement to get it to a reasonable length and to get it to flow nicely. I used my acoustic for this one which hasn't actually been used in about 2 years, I broke a string and then just put it away and haven't touched it so I tried it again for this one. I think it turned out okay, I'm obviously more comfortable with heavy stuff so I'm still a bit rusty with the acoustic production. I also actually tried singing for this one too, I used to be a member of several choirs when I was younger (Soprano, later on Tenor) so I did my best falsetto for this one. Anyway, If you enjoyed please consider leaving a like, favourite, comment or subscribe! Thanks for watching! :) Follow me on Twitter for up to date information on my music! https://twitter.com/nstens1117 I post stuff on Instagram too if you want to check it out: https://www.instagram.com/nstens1117/ I am accepting donations to my Paypal: http://bit.ly/Nstens1117Donate Donations are not necessary by any means, but any donations would be greatly appreciated. Guitars: - Ibanez RG421 MOL (Wood) - Baby Taylor (3/4 Steel) - Yamaha Pacifica PAC112J (Red) - Acoustic Solutions (Black) - Tanglewood TW55 (Steel) - Valencia CG150k (Nylon) Recording Interface: Line 6 Pod UX1 Recording Software: Mixcraft 7 Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro Camera: Fujifilm X-A2 No copyright infringement intended.
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Text Comments (107)
Amer Al Amer (13 days ago)
Halo theme please
John Russel G. Flores (2 months ago)
EPIC!!!!!! I challenge you. Do Stranger Things theme. Hahaha!
Bivash Biswas (2 months ago)
anyone have the choir/ strings part?
Nacho Canfranc (3 months ago)
could you do one of the x men tv show 90 ´S?
FelicisRuna (5 months ago)
I'm dead, this is amazing!!! Omg I could listen to this all my life
DENYS DEGREE (7 months ago)
You are awesome! Keep working, keep make this world better, bro.
Swapnil Sharma (11 months ago)
please do a cover of sherlock homes tv series
NicoAlper (1 year ago)
Thank for the Free Tab. Excellent performance.
Xintian Su (1 year ago)
thanks for the Tab !!! awesome video
AlexisOut Bibi (1 year ago)
fuckin amazing good job, got some chills at the ending climb
Rehman Khalid (1 year ago)
Awesome job brother. Love your adaption of this amazing piece
Bivash Biswas (1 year ago)
Best cover of the song in my opinion , also free tabs and music......instant subbed and liked.
Pe Rozema (1 year ago)
sorry i just discovered this cover now, and i am wondering in what tuning you play on your steel string... can you please tell me because i really want to learn it! :D
Danielle Webster (1 year ago)
Very cool! keep up the great work.
Richard Myers (1 year ago)
Sick cover bro! It took me a month to learn it. Lots of fun, Thank you for the Tabs. Keep up the sick music.
KROSS777RLSH (1 year ago)
very cool very pretty. never seen the show ,but this is awesome.
Jason Rivera (1 year ago)
A man has done well.
Micah Putman (1 year ago)
2:29 Gnar
Man, Cercei's a bitch. Nice cover man!
הני בארי (1 year ago)
woooww !! thanks for the tabs
Eh, Canadian Gamer (1 year ago)
Fuck that theme is so good.
Dayvon Bryant (1 year ago)
Beautiful stuff, man. Very talented.
Danny Duff (1 year ago)
What kind of microphones do you use to record?
Nstens1117 (1 year ago)
+Danny Duff I don't use any microphones, it's all recorded through my interface, a Line 6 UX1, and then I make all of my tones in a program called Pod Farm.
Jeepers Scoob (1 year ago)
I tried learning this by ear but I can't manage some sections, so I thank you for the tab. It's perfect, sounds just like it. So far, I got half of it down, it's just the moments where I have to stretch my hand like crazy that I can't pull off. My hand are sore.
Monty Todieforme (1 year ago)
Awesome interpretation. Congrats :)
Akash Bagul (1 year ago)
Electric guitar sounds lit <3 Best version that i have heard
Vandara N. (1 year ago)
awesome job
Eric Tselovanskyi (1 year ago)
Finally a happy end
Channel Q (1 year ago)
excellent work!!!
Ameer The Ricer (1 year ago)
Straight up can't stop listening to these covers they're amazing. You deserve more subs
Naz Enginler (1 year ago)
i cannot thank you enough for the tabs, thank you so so much ♥ it's such a brilliant cover, excellent job!!
michael turner (1 year ago)
you rock dude. you made it sound so epic. great job
SplitAtom (1 year ago)
Amazing.. great job!!!
Simon Cappe (1 year ago)
I want to know how to play this RIGHT NOW (could you include a tab or how you learned all of thoses great themes. You are very good by the way ;-)
andrew dunsmore (1 year ago)
ur shit rocks dude, keep up the good work.
Michael Evans (1 year ago)
I checked out your channel thanks to your excellent Star Trek Beyond arrangement. After seeing this video, I immediately hit subscribe. You have some serious talent, and this is coming from someone with 23 years of musical experience. Keep going!
Overfiend002 (1 year ago)
this has earned an instant subscription
MEDET (1 year ago)
1:53 the flash?
Julio Vieira (1 year ago)
edgar torres (2 years ago)
hey man!! could you give me the backing track you used, i really liked your cover and i would like to play it as well. (sorry for bad english)
Álvaro Ibáñez (2 years ago)
Just amazing!!! Just epic!!!
Andrea Ndr (2 years ago)
Amazing work man! Great job!!
Viet Gaming (2 years ago)
Brilliant cover, thanks you so much. I love it
Arctic Monkey (2 years ago)
Really cool!
Slim Shady (2 years ago)
MAN THIS IS CRAZY!!!!! amazing work....Valar Morghulis
Chris Floyd (2 years ago)
The Mountain approves!
ROBERBRODER (2 years ago)
Great !!!
Karim Chammas (2 years ago)
Amazing cover!! Great job!
Ledgers Joker (2 years ago)
Jest listened to a few of your songs and now I've subbed! Awesome
Laureline (2 years ago)
Laureline (2 years ago)
Matthieu Millet (2 years ago)
oh my gooood
Madwolfen (2 years ago)
Your interpretation is AWESOME ! You gave me chills ! You did a great reorchestration ! I do love it
Vinay Pothnis (2 years ago)
Goadiroth (2 years ago)
Whoa... :)
hossam ahmed (2 years ago)
that was awesome! can you please give us the backing track for this
Victor Ramos (2 years ago)
Andrea Mallozzi (2 years ago)
do you know a better word than "perfection"? i can't describe such a majestic arrangement like this
Vasil Dimitrov (2 years ago)
That's the best ever!!! WOW! Just So Awesome! I was looking for a proper guitar cover of the Light of the Seven, this video should be the first result in YT!!!
Hodorinmaine (2 years ago)
this is good really it is but the metal genre is so cliche...
TRules MozZart (2 years ago)
Really cool...
Jose Gonzalez (2 years ago)
This is exactly what I've been looking for in terms of a playthrough. Epic.
Midhav (2 years ago)
That was amazing! I'm gonna check out the Magneto theme next. You should cover 'The Winds of Winter' also, which is truly epic; or 'Hold the Door' if you want something more metal.
Pravin Soundararajan (2 years ago)
matching the original!!
This was brilliant man! Great job! I've done a cover of it as well if you wanna check it out. I didn't use the actual song in the background or drums though.
Chris Winchester (2 years ago)
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I can't believe you did that !
Mohammed Behairi (2 years ago)
this cover should be on the Itunes. Great job man :D
WASDBoss (2 years ago)
Do Pokemon Go theme song
Alvaro Moure (2 years ago)
Best thing I ve ever seen
Bhargav Dowluru (2 years ago)
You nailed it. Incredible.
Maximilian Pochapski (2 years ago)
wait, you don't happen to play blacklight : retribution, do you?
Yaroslav Tselovanskyi (2 years ago)
At the second part I've started thinking that you've confused it with the Flash main theme lol:)
Meir (2 years ago)
Awesome arrangement! You manage to fit the orchestral drama to the electric guitar very nicely. Though I think this one switched to the actual scene too much. Especially, I think it was not necessary to include the entire explosion at end, just the initial conflagration.
Nstens1117 (2 years ago)
+Meir I was thinking that myself but I mostly just wanted to include as much as I could because the whole build up was so epic :P
akshay varier (2 years ago)
AceTerNet (2 years ago)
Can you please do the original Superman theme by John Williams?
Nstens1117 (2 years ago)
+AceTerNet I will definitely attempt that at some point. I have plans for a series of videos that cover all of a characters themes through all of their films so I will do a Superman Film Themes video some day.
SifuDin (2 years ago)
Do Into Eternity from Thor: The Dark World
Gabriel Santos (2 years ago)
god god.
Dangelo Whichard (2 years ago)
Your pretty good may i ask for x2 or Xmen apocalypse main theme or justice league unlimited please also keep up the good work
arham anwar (2 years ago)
this is so neat (Y) cool work dude!! how do you record your audio?
Deyw (2 years ago)
Damn that was awesome
Ercan Bakal (2 years ago)
Anyone felt like that one part was taken from flash main theme song
Abhijay Sharma (9 months ago)
Bryan Koh (1 year ago)
Ercan Bakal YESS
Samuel Enomanna (1 year ago)
huh just a little bit good ear
TheFinal7eVeN (2 years ago)
2:00 ?
TheFinal7eVeN (2 years ago)
timecode plz
Ercan Bakal (2 years ago)
This is amazing keep up the good work man
Adham Mahmoud (2 years ago)
Oh my god. Can you do the last of us' theme? That's if you played it or know about it. Seriously, it's one of the best games ever. Go play or watch a walkthrough. You'll fall in love with the characters, the setting, the plot, and especially the soundtrack. Please, do the last of us' theme.
Nstens1117 (2 years ago)
+Adham Mahmoud I'm actually saving up for a PS4 so whenever I get one I'll try The Last of Us.
TheDanbuddy (2 years ago)
Tab for this would be amazing! You are so talented! Are you in a band?
TheRichestHobo (2 years ago)
+Nstens1117 please release the games
Nstens1117 (2 years ago)
+TheDanbuddy I've done a couple of originals but I don't write that often. I'm actually a qualified game developer so I do write a lot of songs and things for my (as yet unreleased) games but not really that much metal anymore.
TheDanbuddy (2 years ago)
+Nstens1117 I see :) Do you do Original songs? And have you heard the Penny Dreadful theme? That would be interesting on guitar!
Nstens1117 (2 years ago)
+TheDanbuddy I am not, I tried being in a couple of bands when I was younger but it never worked out and I kinda prefer doing it all myself.
Vivek Rajkhowa (2 years ago)
Connor Leno (2 years ago)
I know you just did a video on Frankenstein's monster from first class but could you do the main theme from xmen apocalypse.
Marjorie Fagundes (2 years ago)
Amazing cover,as always.
Ryan Brown (2 years ago)
Just when I thought that this soundtrack couldn't get any more awesome. Great job, always enjoy your videos.
Joshua Varghese (2 years ago)
This was a great piece. Great Job. I recommend the theme from Justice League Unlimited if you get time for it.
Dale Gribble (2 years ago)
He just did & it was amazing!!!
Tyler M. (2 years ago)
Marjorie Fagundes (2 years ago)
Yes please.The justice league unlimited theme is awesome!
Sanjin Masic (2 years ago)
oh man! that's awesome!! I loved this piece in the finale.

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